Ranked Among Us Perfect Impostor Record
This is the greatest ranked among us of All Time

  • Ossama Abdusalam
    Ossama Abdusalam

    Train: reports body Charlie: I might be fucked here Train: hear me out adept faked a task

  • Hanna Stenson
    Hanna Stenson

    dude youre not even a god tier impostor, this lobby is just doing all your work for you

  • Unironic Irony
    Unironic Irony

    They really out here playing with Logic

  • Abby Donaghy
    Abby Donaghy

    his ecstasy oml

  • killbunny

    i found that "YOU VOTED SUMMIT?????" so funny for some reason

  • lexii

    i had to click off this one cuz xQc drives me nuts.

  • SeriouslyDamnage

    These Dummkopfs are lucky they are friends with GOD, because if not they would've been dead before the game started.

    • SeriouslyDamnage

      @YellowBunny It was a joke.

    • YellowBunny


  • Keir Mahon
    Keir Mahon

    i swear to god, when Charlie isn't the imposter everyone susses him, but when he is NO ONE DOES

  • Element _
    Element _

    I bet Charlie could beat that GreaseBall guy

  • Imnajungshi jamir
    Imnajungshi jamir

    Gibi is bae

  • Suitric

    what is adepts discord icon wtf

  • Mr. Night
    Mr. Night

    I thought Charlie had a long beard for the first 3 seconds

  • KM5K

    xQc is the most annoying person on the planet dude drips in sweat playing this game. Tries to take over every single lobby hope everyone just stops playing with him

    • A1SCX

      Cool, can you watch the latest among us vid on his channel? And uhh he changed

  • Anton Herder
    Anton Herder

    4:47 he went corpse mode

  • Ree Ree
    Ree Ree

    The banana hat with dark green or brown color equipped gives me imposter 99% of the time.


    Charlie chilling coz every one is 3rd imposter 😆😆

  • fruitypeebils

    i will never understand why he chooses to use wired apple earbuds with only one earbud in

  • The Goner
    The Goner

    they killed xqc first round and ngl i wouldnt try to frame anyone,xqc doesnt count if dies we losr nothing

  • Tea & Clickbait
    Tea & Clickbait

    If you're reading this, I hope you'll have an amazing day! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

  • Sahej Sodhi
    Sahej Sodhi

    I like PewDiePie a lot but I just really get irritated by the way he plays this game

  • Joshua Kapustin
    Joshua Kapustin

    stop killing logic :(

  • B ruh
    B ruh

    Imagine if there was comp among us

  • HappyShrew ImHappierThanMost
    HappyShrew ImHappierThanMost


  • captain custard
    captain custard

    who can kill a pro impostor in among us? A DISCORD CHEATER

  • sniper gaming
    sniper gaming

    i bet i could beat charlie

  • G_gamer 31
    G_gamer 31

    Haha that's what she said 12:46

  • Arman Terrell
    Arman Terrell

    Are they playing with Gibi ASMR?

  • Skurz

    How to play ranked among us?

  • wq31

    Nobody: Gyrips: LET ME IN! LET ME IIIIN!

  • original content
    original content

    this is the greatest among us video of all time

  • XeroDollars

    3:14 me when my dog starts to puke on the floor

  • Who Knows
    Who Knows

    Oh shit after that third imposter he sounded like hank hill said “ oh god”

  • Who Knows
    Who Knows

    Dude that double kills was crazy smooth holy shit I keep rewatching it

  • WeShouldHaveNukedJapanAThirdTime

    I never know what xqc is saying but it always sound really important

  • 1cetea

    on god

  • Dr SpeedBuilder
    Dr SpeedBuilder

    So serial killer like and sneaky it is so scary...

  • CopingVessel 95
    CopingVessel 95

    How do you play ranked?

  • Lord Bumbonius
    Lord Bumbonius

    Imma be straight up xQc makes this game so painful to watch. He always just yells and screams with the evidence strength of a sheet of tissue paper.

  • Vipture

    xqc is the most try hard third imposter on the planet besides Nogla

  • Patrick

    I love how once charlie got imposter for the third time he just nuts instantly

  • ashton loves corpsie
    ashton loves corpsie

    love this guys reactions lmaoo

  • Fluffy

    damn bro i didn't know you could play with 10 imposters, that's crazy

  • Chimera Black
    Chimera Black

    Why is he calling it "Ranked" among us?

    • Chimera Black
      Chimera Black

      @wesley bishop Are they just calling pre-made groups "ranked"?

    • wesley bishop
      wesley bishop

      @Chimera Black well its a thing i guess

    • Chimera Black
      Chimera Black

      @wesley bishop I don't see any option for ranked play in the game

    • wesley bishop
      wesley bishop

      because it's a lot more competitive and when you play one of these games, you gain ranks and might become the #1 among us player

  • Clab

    Pewds shits on XQC so hard lol, definitely a Felix rivalry

  • RedDeadTryhardBichFromGTA Yuh
    RedDeadTryhardBichFromGTA Yuh

    Every time in imposter now I kill someone away from anyone and off cams. I'm always voted as soon as it happens. These cheaters are getting out of hand. How do they have fun?

  • Thangmalsawm Guite
    Thangmalsawm Guite

    The holy editing saves us from most of the toxic xQc rants

  • Pedro Valentino
    Pedro Valentino

    XQC is not that good as detective... at all. Very disappointed.

  • Jadeyn_


  • ashlyn p
    ashlyn p

    2:45 bro we burped at the same time

  • Red Was Sus
    Red Was Sus

    Wait, he said Jesus. You can pray about something to yourself? That's like God praying to God

  • Sxuceee

    *me being the only one wondering if BobbyBoy was Logic the rapper👁👄👁*

  • xed

    Gyrips would like to watch your broadcast

  • nicolas ambrosio
    nicolas ambrosio

    Wow these games are such shit shows

  • Sarfex

    Gyrips would like to watch your broadcast

  • XmasFN

    8:19 enter code pewdiepie on gfuel xD

  • mewmew mewmew
    mewmew mewmew

    Oh baby a *Triple*

  • Andre Romani
    Andre Romani

    Love how xqc stays quiet

  • B rad
    B rad

    I can't play this game anymore, the cheating going on in public lobbies is insane. Literally killed somebody and got accused of it, his reasoning was "my sister told me you killer her".

  • dylan shearree
    dylan shearree

    Woah that black dahlia murder is the craziest shit. Never heard of it before until I just looked it up because you mentioned it

  • SJ218P


  • Kamuii城

    Charlie has a huge brain both in crewmate and as impostor

  • Babz M
    Babz M

    Why the fuck did this sound like a Destiny Stream? Lmao

  • bighead456

    charlie just casually plays with logic

  • Falxie_

    Call Gyrips he's crying

  • Gh0styy9

    Imagine CORPSE and xQc being imposters together with these exact set of people

  • Physma

    Whole chat was cumming in unison

  • Physma

    4 in a row 9-0

  • Physma

    Whole chat was "Gyrips MonkaS"

  • Igras Almasfika
    Igras Almasfika

    The video when i near my mom 14:05

  • Bucs Fan
    Bucs Fan

    Wow xqc plays like an asshole 5:40

  • valerie bailey
    valerie bailey

    I watch you when I piss

  • Richard Gesegnet
    Richard Gesegnet

    There is a grease ball jesus among us

  • Sam Gardner
    Sam Gardner

    The XQC group is so bad. They always 3rd imposter so hard

  • Lukas Jordon
    Lukas Jordon

    xqc is so persistent its annoying dude, like chill dude this isnt among us tournament world championships its friendlies

  • KissMyAspergers

    Oh man, I am SO HERE for the xQc Hate Train. Yesssssssss. I feed on spite. Btw is xQc like French or something or what

    • KissMyAspergers

      @wesley bishop Ha! I thought so. Nice to have confirmation though; not knowing for sure was driving me nuts!

    • wesley bishop
      wesley bishop

      @KissMyAspergers he *is* french.

    • KissMyAspergers

      @LewisM97 about me not liking him, or about me wondering at his accent? Or is it just a speech impediment? I know one can sound like the other sometimes. Like that one TikTok: "I think your speech impediment is cute!" "...I'm Welsh..."

    • LewisM97

      Please be joking

  • KissMyAspergers

    I actually managed to catch this live and all I can remember for absolute sure is that I wanted to smack Train upside the head and break xQc's jaw. Like holy fucking Christ they were annoying. And they speak in staccato??? for some reason????? xQc was definitely the most annoying and frustrating. I wanted his internet connection to fail so bad. I woulda left if it hadn't been for Charlie, Felix, and Gibi.

  • Nick Urban
    Nick Urban

    I like how quiet xQc got after he was wrong.

    • Eliekira

      @Marko Nikolic it's satisfying seeing xqc realise he's wrong, cause he's super toxic and thinks he's the shit.

  • IrishSoyBoy

    Charlie and xQc. Divided on the battlefield of chess (6 moves LULW) united on the killing floor of Among Us.

  • MeDzanix

    Among us makes the craziest collabs happen

  • Luca Valentine
    Luca Valentine

    This group is so bad

  • Spooky Ghost
    Spooky Ghost

    That reaction at 13:40

  • Ronald Luque
    Ronald Luque

    If toast was there it would be a completely different story

  • Jamobile

    I've never seen a lobby with so many imposters

  • Dillon Meyer
    Dillon Meyer

    If you are impostor and you kill XQC, you get a free pass for one round of voting even if there's indisputable evidence that you're the impostor, like if you killed him right in front of the other 8 people. That should be the rule, and he should know about it.

  • LunaWolf98

    This video started off well. 20s in we see xQc already dead 😂

  • King Bernard
    King Bernard

    If xqc is in crew with you, you lose.

  • King Bernard
    King Bernard

    My Starting Five: Spedicey-Greaseball-Toast-Corpse-Pewds

  • KarkyDoesGaming

    lmao no cap 😂😂😂xqc do be bein sweaty bro😂😂😂😂 on god😂

  • Maar Lok
    Maar Lok

    TUTORIAL uzload.info/fun/gqOmYJ_crp921nU/video

  • kayle true
    kayle true

    Playing with logic.. Dope... Dope

  • NoFear

    this groupe is in great need of toast bruh

  • icem113

    Pewdiepie literally never talks

  • bradley1

    Xqc is annoying as shit omfg why do you guys play w him

  • nelly

    is bobby logic?

  • Stupid Stuff
    Stupid Stuff

    Please how much for some hair i’ll pay you up to 500 to start

  • Chonkimus

    How to win as imposter in that lobby just kill and get the fuck out and say nothing until your name gets mentioned and you win

  • Cameron Chambers
    Cameron Chambers

    Gyrips wants to watch your broadcast!

  • leo mendoza
    leo mendoza

    There's ranked?

  • Tannaka

    why was xqc kill cd ready before yours charlie ??

  • Soot The Conductor
    Soot The Conductor


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