Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2020/21 NFL Season Journey Video!
A recap of Tom Brady & The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl run!
A lot of footage from plenty of different places so I do recommended keeping an eye on your volume. I tried to level it as much as possible but some videos were very soft compared to others. I hope you can still enjoy! What a year!

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  • don dark
    don dark

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  • Phu Le
    Phu Le

    All the so called haters analysts eat your own f##king words. Brady is your DADDY...

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    Daniel Blue

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  • Mellow NES Superstar
    Mellow NES Superstar

    Bill proved that he was a great coach, but definitely NOT the best coach after the 2020 season. Guy made HORRIBLE choices. If I was a N.E. fan I would be furious AND hurt. No Tom. No Gronk. Then they go get a SB with Tampa!?! Eww.

  • Robert Randolph
    Robert Randolph


  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones

    Love this bro good job

  • Norman Dauphin
    Norman Dauphin

    Nick, I love how every time you open your mouth, you show how little you know about football. You might want to try dodge ball, maybe you could call something right for a change.

  • Neil MacKenzie
    Neil MacKenzie

    Is Maxine Waters Shannon in drag ????

  • Jason Thai
    Jason Thai

    FK Max whatever he say about Tom Brady...he always wrongs

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    trxp tub

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    Bui Sy Dan

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    Great great great Job. The working must have put in to get this done. Thanks a lot

  • Mark Krok
    Mark Krok


  • HarleyQuinKills

    Nick Wrong was wrong all year f him and the chiefs. Especially with mahomes and his squeaky voice.

  • Big Blue-Nation
    Big Blue-Nation

    3 of those guys just sound like clowns 🤗.

  • Scott Fairbanks
    Scott Fairbanks

    Why does pencil neck Nick have a job analyzing football when he's never played a down in his life? Dude's predictions are embarrassing.

  • Terry Arista
    Terry Arista

    Just wondering, why didn't you include the following days comments of all the media personalities that choose the Chiefs?

  • Jet Dragon
    Jet Dragon

    Those analysts that bet on Brady and proliferated stories that he's washed up all look like fools after SB LV

  • PEPEdela110

    Nick not Wright

  • John M. Adams
    John M. Adams

    Can you squeeze in a few more ads?

    • Tom Brady Fans
      Tom Brady Fans

      Feel free to use an adblocker or download it. Not my ads, just all the NFL copyright :)

  • BeeBop Gaming
    BeeBop Gaming

    48:39 what a THROW and CATCH.

  • Corey Bryant
    Corey Bryant

    Too much firepower mixed with an awesome defense......yup.....hi buccaneers

  • clifford yawn
    clifford yawn

    The next Tom Brady...MAC JONES

  • BucsFan1976

    So happy to see Shannon's dumbass in the beginning of this video rofl. SUCK IT!!

  • Jimmy Lynch
    Jimmy Lynch

    Shows how pointless these talk shows are. Especially Kellerman and Nick Wright. These cocky assholes so sure that they’re OPINION is fact.

    • BeeBop Gaming
      BeeBop Gaming

      I always laugh during the Regular season when Brady get shit, and my buddies talk crap if he has a bad game. I always say, “I remember when I used to care about the small things like the regular season. Wake me up when the playoffs come.”

  • Dennis Pfeifer
    Dennis Pfeifer

    Hell, this is interesting...I may buy a TV just for football...Ain't had one since 2010 since I don't like the liars on the TV news programs like O'Reilly and AC360...just got disgusted with them since I saw 47 story WTC7 fall to the ground in 6.5 seconds.

  • Dennis Pfeifer
    Dennis Pfeifer

    Tompa Bay!!! LOL

  • Dennis Pfeifer
    Dennis Pfeifer

    That opening is hilarious!!!! The experts are full of shit!!! LOL Just like when Brady was the #199 pick in the 6th round...in the year 2,000...

  • Rohan Arora
    Rohan Arora

    shannon sharpe funny as hell for that prediction at the beginning

  • Nick

    Only in this twisted universe can a supposed professional like Max Kellerman be totally and utterly wrong consistently, yet still remain an expert, without any sense of irony. If all your years of following sports leads you to such inept assertions, what is the point of your input? Kellerman would need to be 100% right over the next 5 years, in order for me to give his opinions any credibility.... Even then, after 5 immaculate years, I still wouldn't bet $1 on his predictions.... It is painful to watch him talk in retrospect...

    • BeeBop Gaming
      BeeBop Gaming

      Those guys are on tv shows for men. It’s just a tv show with actors to create drama for you to tune into.

  • jonathan hurley
    jonathan hurley

    Skip flat out called it every single time. How Bout that Scotty Miller call? 2 6th roundrs hook up at 1 second left in the 1st half....against GB....wow


    1:49:48 the girl is they only one who knows her shit.. TBs front 7 seven... 1:51:14 and this guy

  • Aaron Williams
    Aaron Williams

    All these haters

  • Justin Gardner
    Justin Gardner

    They scored 30+ the last seven games. They had 26 in only 20 mins vs Minny. Or it had been 8 straight after the bye.

  • Justin Gardner
    Justin Gardner

    Once we beat New Orleans , the SB was ours!!! They had the best defense we would face n we’d have to play very smart on offense and make a big play defensively. They did just that. I didn’t think Arians would let Bucs play NE style football in that game.

  • Anthony Giesegh
    Anthony Giesegh

    Idiot after idiot after......except a couple of guys! This is the reason why I quit watching all of these ridiculous shows! If a guy can put 2 words together they get a TV show, they have no sports knowledge! Max Kellerman should be cancelled the guy NEVER get's it right!

  • Tony Rivera
    Tony Rivera

    And winstons career ended just like that

  • Terrance Mann
    Terrance Mann

    1:41:50 this screen to gronk was probably my favorite play of the season

  • Shadowboost

    14:45 is the funniest shit ever. Max writing Brady off after one game with no preseason in a brand new system and all different pieces

  • TJ G
    TJ G

    The bucs play great, the talking head haters don’t give credit...they play bad, Brady is done blah blah blah. Sports media has been destroyed by social media and the desperate need to clickbait headlines and sensationalized arguments based off nothing.

  • PoPo #123
    PoPo #123

    Just proves these guys have no idea

  • peko peko
    peko peko

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  • William Jolly
    William Jolly

    Why does anyone care what Shannon Sharpe has to say. The man is a overbearing blowhole.

  • Zed Earl
    Zed Earl

    This IS the best NFL video I have ever seen. Shannon “End of the Road” Sharpe needs to watch this especially from 2:03.22 and all the TB haters who thought he was was washed up. 😂😂😂💍💍💍💍💍💍💍

  • James Adrian
    James Adrian

    Its nice and a lot of theres a lot who doubted Tom Brady and the Bucs... I wish theres a voice over to add more interest in their journey! Congats Bucs!

  • Simon Wang
    Simon Wang

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  • Laury Leclerc
    Laury Leclerc

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  • Vince

    shannon always running that dumb mouth of his.

  • joe pimental
    joe pimental

    Always a Patriot fan, then more of a Tom Brady fan since the split, (going with cam my most disliked player made me anti Patriots) it took only 10 minutes of this video for me to click the 'like' button. Great documentation of know it all's Shannon and Max putting their feet in their mouths.

  • Sören Borchers
    Sören Borchers

    As a non american who just enjoys the sport without really being a "fan" of any team i can't stand these TV presenters before/after the match. How is anyone enjoying these opinion-pieces, where they just shout and scream their opinions, often being more wrong than right? They act all sassy and cool as long as their predicitons are right, but refuse to accept when they are wrong. I can't stand these reports, its like discussions in a bar where two drunk men scream at each other, far away from what i would consider good sports reporting or well made entertainment, they are just big-mouthed people who act like they are the smartest. Yes predicitons are hard to make, and often wrong because you never know how someone will perform at a certain day, but why do they have to load them up with so much emotion and sassy show-off behaviour? It just takes away so much of the production quality. Rest of the video is great though, interesting to watch how the season progressed as i can't really manage to view all games live because they are mostly at night where I come from.

  • raingeart1

    This is a very enjoyable video it is a reminder of how great NFL players are and how hard it is to get to a super bowl

  • Jack Reacher
    Jack Reacher

    Just noticed this, Brady scored the first touchdown on his first drive as a Buccaneer with a Quarterback Sneak. Wow.

  • wrestling Times
    wrestling Times

    They did win though

  • Nowell Ona
    Nowell Ona


  • Jay Sharp
    Jay Sharp

    Gotta love the 137 Brady haters (insane leftists) that gave this video a thumbs down

  • Jay Sharp
    Jay Sharp

    Shannon is such a racist

  • JackydChemist

    One day we're going to find out Max Kellerman has been secretly getting checks from Brady's agent to make sound bites just to fire up Tom Brady 🤣

  • richard segura
    richard segura


  • Alex Mejia
    Alex Mejia

    Max Kellerman and Nick Wright should give the fucking weather forecast for how much they know sports

  • Gil Edwards
    Gil Edwards

    "Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr.. Does Tom Brady really have 2 middle names?

  • Wes Chancellor
    Wes Chancellor

    If it hadn't been for Belichick Tom would have just won his 19th ring

  • Richard Chong
    Richard Chong

    They're All Laughing at that Moron Kellerman because Brady wins his 7th Ring. BELICHEK will never win another SB.

  • Patrick Lemire
    Patrick Lemire

    It’s especially enjoyable watching Shannon Sharpe eat s*** throughout

  • clifford yawn
    clifford yawn

    Remember this name! MAC JONES! The next tom brady

  • Thegamebred Ramon
    Thegamebred Ramon

    There is one man in sports you do not bet against... Thomas Edward Patrick brady!!!!

  • Philip Carthy
    Philip Carthy

    My God the Americans are very dramatic ,and loud

  • Smex Dmx
    Smex Dmx

    Nick should legally change his name to Nick Wrong

  • Robby

    Media when A. Rodgers gets to play Detroit 2X a year his whole career: Media when Brady/Bucs put up record setting beatdown on Detroit: bUt ItS jUsT dEtRoIt tHeYrE tHe WorSt tEAmOfaLLtIMe

  • Ed Simons
    Ed Simons

    How many times can Max Kellerman be wrong? I guess as long as let him keep talking.

  • Talks With Dante
    Talks With Dante

    I thought Tom Bradys magnum opus was leading a 4th quarter comeback win against the legion of doom. Then I thought it was leading the greatest comeback in sports history against the Falcons. Then I thought it was winning an unreachable 6th superbowl. But heading to Tampa Bay leading them to 3 road wins, against a top 5 D then Brees and Rodgers before dismantling the newly crowned king of the NFL Mahomes may be his best yet. Appreciate the history we have witnessed

  • Bobbie Hayden
    Bobbie Hayden

    How can sports commentators be wrong so often and still be paid so much and still have a job?

  • OG Bobby Knuckles
    OG Bobby Knuckles

    Wow for once Skip is actually speaking facts! It’s so shocking because 99.9999% of everything he says is usually bullshit.

  • Collin88

    The push to make Mahomes the face of the NFL, IMO, is simply just because of the whole debacle of “getting minorities” in leadership positions. The Commissioner would LOVE to be like “we have the greatest black QB ever, Mahomes”

  • Freddie D .Richburg Jr
    Freddie D .Richburg Jr

    DONALD TRUMP and TOM BRADY are the greatest of all time!

  • Karate Fight Fitness Drills
    Karate Fight Fitness Drills

    Nick Wright is one very salty and very bitter of Tom Brady cause Brady kept in beating his Chiefs. And Brady and Tompa Bay Succaneers exposed how bitter these analysts. 🤣🤣🤣

  • King Eris
    King Eris

    Matt should be banned from giving any opinion of The GOAT. Actually they should just fire him. All he has is the gift of the gab but everything he says is so wrong. Hey Matt. Say it with me. Tom Brady is the GOAT

  • aspenrebel

    Question:. How do ALL of those so called sportscaster experts have jobs at all? They are so ignorant, incompetent, immature, unprofessional, biased children!!! Total Brady haters!! Had it all wrong thru out season. So bad!!

  • aspenrebel

    Seriously, most TDs by QB Receiver Duo in playoff games is only now 14? Brady to Gronk. All the playoff games they've been in together? What about Montana to Rice,? I'd have thought it'd be more like 20.

  • thaisoul

    Obviously all these analysts (well 95% of them) are eating a heavy and I mean heavy....dose of crow over the Bucs and I'm loving it. Lol!!!! ESPN should be ashamed...lol

  • Rick Brenner
    Rick Brenner

    I’m not even a Bucs fan and I really enjoyed this video.

  • Delicca Tollner
    Delicca Tollner

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  • Smex Dmx
    Smex Dmx

    how in the hell some of these clowns aren't fired ? if anyone messes up at their job or makes say wild wrong shit like them they get fired !!!

  • James Hubacher
    James Hubacher


  • wade5941

    Can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm kinda warming up to Skip. Don't know what happened to Shannon, but he just seems to get goofier as time goes on.

  • Jed Propeck
    Jed Propeck

    There will never be a Tom Brady

  • Geist 85
    Geist 85

    This tells you that once again half of these guys don't know what they're talking about half the time. Idiots lol. Go Bucs !!

  • MCM 1331
    MCM 1331

    This was just inspiring!





  • FDosty

    Notice the TD at 22:00. Reminds me of the two point conversion with Amendola vs the Falcons.

  • Christian Rodriguez
    Christian Rodriguez

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  • Ty Shiroma
    Ty Shiroma

    It was a Great Team effort but for every Coach, former player commentator, professional commentator and talk show blowdart that doubted one Tom Brady and crew! He says F@#%-¥o# to all who doubt his Love for the game, competitive Spirit that is second to NONE!!!! Like Micheal Jackson " JUST EAT IT"!!!!Lol 😅🤣😇😝

  • Blake mf Browne
    Blake mf Browne

    Collin hit the nail right on the HEAD with his predictions

  • Shiva Ho
    Shiva Ho

    Never Bet the Farm on a One Trick Homie, when You can Bank on the GOAT Assassin getting the RING!

  • Ty Shiroma
    Ty Shiroma

    Brady’s pass is like Mahomes?....SMH!!!? Giving the highly talented young man WAY too much credit!!! That very talent will be his demise? It will take him places like Favre but will take too many gambles that will cost him in the future! JUST WATCH!!!! Lol Don’t get me wrong, I love Mahomes’ play and the excitement he brings. Brady is a Loving psychopathic gridiron serial killer!!!!

  • Adam Renfrow
    Adam Renfrow

    I can't believe Brady gets so much disrespect.

  • Federico Canducci
    Federico Canducci


  • Maurizio Spagna
    Maurizio Spagna

    - SEVENBRADY© - The sports show is now; beyond the boundaries of a line and its touchdown, beyond protagonism and a way of living life beyond the borders of welfare. TOM BRADY is an authentic and continuous SHOW, it is the biting sense of victory ... and that "down by contact" on NFL money and business. -------------------------------------------- Lo spettacolo sportivo è ora; oltre i confini di una linea e il suo touchdown, oltre il protagonismo e un modo di vivere la vita oltre i confini del benessere. TOM BRADY è uno SHOW autentico e continuo, è il senso pungente della vittoria ... e quello "giù per contatto" sui soldi e sugli affari della NFL. (di Maurizio Spagna©2021) lavocedellanfl@gmail.com - The signature of American sport in Italy -

  • John Harris
    John Harris

    Where do these pathetic Brady haters come from? How do they face their family and friends after each decisive slap in the face by TB12?