PigTrudy: Down and Out
Pig Trudy's recent bump had us pretty worried. Dr. Priestle came out in a pinch and saved the day, as usual.

  • Christine Robinson
    Christine Robinson

    Hamish and Kyloe. Hamish the highland cow developed these lumps on his side and jaw. Poor Trudy! Good thing you didn't have to put a cone of shame on her!

  • Debra Olsen
    Debra Olsen

    Glad you got her taken care of so sad she mush have got kicked poor baby

  • Julie Rogers
    Julie Rogers

    Aw truly poor little girl you get better 💗 💓 💕 💛 💖 ❤ 💗

  • Candace McCabe
    Candace McCabe

    Beautiful Lance and Penrose Drain! Used in the Veterinary AND Human Medical Communities, both to which I belonged! ❤️❤️❤️😎✅🙏🙏✅

  • Melody YOUNG
    Melody YOUNG

    In April when she is a year old..would be cool to see her visited by your nephew who originally rescued Trudy. She is not that little "little " anymore 🐖

  • Phil Teves
    Phil Teves

    Blood blister?

  • High Mountain Mama
    High Mountain Mama

    Poor sweet Trudy! I'm so glade to hear that it wasn't something to serious. Sending lots of love and warm healing prayers to Miss Trudy.

  • Cynthia Riddle
    Cynthia Riddle

    I was so grateful to see it was just a blood blister. Daddy looked so concerned when he arrived! Bless her heart she was so groggy and fussing when she finally came to! She's such a good girl, we all love her so much! Wishing speedy recovery to your beautiful Girl Trudy, and yes "daddy does indeed love his girl!"

  • Lauri Kohlmeyer
    Lauri Kohlmeyer

    How is pig Trudy?

  • tina ampadu
    tina ampadu

    I'm worried. Please give me an update on pig trudy?

  • Debbie Carpenter
    Debbie Carpenter

    So happy Pig Trudy will be ok. I just Love this Lil Girl. It just shows you that she was a wild Pig, and with Love and tenderness, she is a friendly Lil Farm Pig with such a personality 🥰💞💗💞

  • Jan

    Hi ! How is miss pig Trudy DOing ? Hope all is well with everyone !!

  • Petra Rabbit
    Petra Rabbit

    Poor Trudy. She just sounds so upset at the end...

  • Nicole

    I hope pig trudy gets better and when I saw the pimple pop and the doctor put the tube in I thought that it would be more discussting but it wasn't that bad.

  • grandmavs2011

    So happy to see she will be alright

  • Lynn Ross
    Lynn Ross

    Want an update on little miss pig trudy. She is very animated.hope the little gal is much better. Love watching all the videos.have to admit lester is Very funny.very down to earth. Just love it.

  • Sharon Gerard
    Sharon Gerard

    Excellent narrative-good job Jammie

  • Amanda'stakeonit

    It's ironic that Cornholio LOVES feet, he has a foot fetish, but his girl Gloria has messed up, jacked up feet hahaha

  • debra mosley
    debra mosley

    Hope Trudy is feeling much better by now... Glad it wasn't anything too serious... Many Blessings to you and yours from Upstate NY

  • Van Deman Ferrets Tasmania. Nikkie
    Van Deman Ferrets Tasmania. Nikkie

    Love Dr Sandra Lee!

  • Ma Bell
    Ma Bell

    How's pig Trudy healing since her surgery need an update on how her wound is healing

  • lorraine dixon
    lorraine dixon

    Amazing video Jami. Who of thought that one of the most hated animals in America the farel hog that one of them would be so loved she is one of a kind love pig Trudy

    • lorraine dixon
      lorraine dixon

      Also your vet is brilliant I'm not many would deal with a farel hog

  • Tammy Baker
    Tammy Baker

    My prayers go out to miss pig Trudy. Xxooxx

  • Stacy Ellison
    Stacy Ellison

    I'm do happy that pig Trudy will be ok!! I so love her!💖💖💖

  • Jessica P
    Jessica P

    It always amazes me the difference between human and animal medicine. Human surgery suites are sterilized to within an inch of their life, have tons of staff, and are meticulously organized. Veterinarians? Clean-ish straw, maybe gloves, kneeling in/sprayed by *something*, fairly sterile working area.

  • L H
    L H

    That was amazing. Thank you for showing us. Sweet Trudy....

  • Tiffany Barnes
    Tiffany Barnes

    Get well soon Trudy

  • Cheryl Kaake
    Cheryl Kaake

    Poor girl

  • Diane Meyer
    Diane Meyer

    Get well Pig Trudy we all love you.

  • Lynn Simpson
    Lynn Simpson

    I am so glad she's going to be okay. Pig Trudy for the win.

  • Celia M
    Celia M

    Glad pig Trudy doing better Trudy get better soon

  • Lois Arrowood
    Lois Arrowood

    So very glad that Pig Trudy will be ok and that it was just a hemotoma.

  • Margaret Pierce
    Margaret Pierce

    Glad she is on the mend💕

  • Nancy Gibson
    Nancy Gibson

    Glad it was nothing super serious. Get well quick Pig Trudy.

  • Sandra Martin
    Sandra Martin

    yall need to make a PATREON PAGE ! it wont hurt to try.. it allows ppl to give monthly to u $$$.. hey it cant hurt rite?

  • Gaz Cunningham à Alba
    Gaz Cunningham à Alba

    So glad pig Trudy got rid of that lump get well soon

  • Sandra Martin
    Sandra Martin

    Ohhh good! i was thinking and worried shitless yesterday and last night.. checking every couple hours to see if there was a new video about her! WE LOVE HER! thanks for letting us know to we all love her like she's one of our fur babies too!

  • Mrs Tena
    Mrs Tena

    So.... how's the lil princess this morning. Worried she's going to pull those drains. I'm recently familiar with this due to cancer surgery. Its hard to not accidentally pull them. I can imagine her trying to rub the fence to rub whatever that weird stuff is in my side.

  • Mama B
    Mama B

    Time to heal Pig Trudy! Get well quick 💞

  • ileen D
    ileen D

    look at these 3 Ladies rockin' it! wouldn't have seen this even 30 yrs ago

  • Tommie Colaw
    Tommie Colaw

    Bless you Pig Trudy. I am glad it was not a tumor.

  • Dawn Lee
    Dawn Lee

    I'm so relieved to see Pig Trudy is in your good hands. She sure was loopy. It was like watching those videos people post of their kids after they get their wisdom teeth removed. Hahaha if only she could talk. Glad to see she is on the mend. Poor baby. Hugs to Y'all

  • Cynthia Fitton
    Cynthia Fitton

    Love you pig Trudy! Heal well

  • Susan Hurst
    Susan Hurst

    She had to have been kicked pretty hard

  • Susan Hurst
    Susan Hurst

    Poor Lester, suprised he even went to work.....

  • angela sheppard
    angela sheppard

    Glad to hear pig trudy will be better

  • Rita Dela Rosa
    Rita Dela Rosa

    Yeah! Pig Trudy gonna be okay!!

  • Katherine Uribe
    Katherine Uribe

    I'm glad the vet came out. I wonder how she got that. I'm relieved to know it's nothing serious. I love Pig Trudy!💕🐗💕 I'm thinking she got kicked. I'm thinking Ima Jean protecting her baby is a likely suspect. It's natural for a mother to protect her babies, especially newborns. However, there was a rainy day when they were all crammed together, so someone might have gotten irritated then. Pig Trudy LOVES belly rubs, so getting her to lay down for treatment should be a no-brainer!

  • Denise Diaz
    Denise Diaz

    OMG, I was getting cautious watching the procedure, get well my Pig Trudy 🐖I love 💘you

  • Roni Vee Florida
    Roni Vee Florida

    So happy Pig Trudy is okay... Praying she heals up fast...

  • Deborah Shingleton
    Deborah Shingleton

    Glad it wasn't something more serious... Poor thing you could tell she was in pain,,,,,,, Thanks for updating us....

  • Angela Mallinson
    Angela Mallinson

    So pleased pig Trudy is ok and she has been treated she will be fine with you looking after her , poor Trudy but thank god it wasn’t anything too serious 💕💕

  • Eve Kankam
    Eve Kankam

    So glad she is a lot better

  • allybama07

    Poor sweet girl. I hope for speedy recovery.

  • Natalie Lear
    Natalie Lear

    I'm so grateful PigTrudy is your baby, I don't think she'd be loved as much anywhere else. You guys are the best farm parents ❤

  • Janey C
    Janey C

    Oh wow, your vet team are so good with all your animals, and the way they handled Trudy was amazing to watch. I would never have thought such a blood blister could be so large, but thank goodness that's all it was. I'm sure Trudy will recover from this so well with all the love, care & support you give her. xx

  • xvjuy77

    Glad to see that P. Trudy is going to be better !!!!

  • Heather Mohamed
    Heather Mohamed

    Poor punkin. I'm glad she will be ok.

  • OneofakinD

    Sorry to say but Ringo headbutting every one all the time could cause this

  • Belinda Milner
    Belinda Milner

    Thank you sooo much for sharing Pig Trudy's 🐖 surgery!! That was fascinating! 🙏❤ prayers and thoughts of love for fast healing!! I feel sooo bad for her! We have all had a procedure done, and woke in that surreal world!! I Love you, Pig Trudy!!❤❤ Sooo happy that you and Lester had her taken care of, I was really worried, but it got there so fast, I knew that it wasn't something insidious like a cancer, Praise God! Love to ALL of you Bigs, Littles, feathers and wiggles!

  • Dalton Blackwood
    Dalton Blackwood

    Pig Trudy the best pig on UZload

  • William Lewis
    William Lewis

    Had one of those things ( Hematoma)myself know what that feels like! Bless Her Heart!

  • Heather Earnest
    Heather Earnest

    I bet she didn't get stepped on I bet she got kicked by the donkey or something. If the baby beverly is out with her she could of been playing an gave Pig Trudy a little but harder kick then she meant to. Prayers for healing an comfort for Pig Trudy from Preston, Oklahoma.

  • Nina Gutierrez
    Nina Gutierrez

    Get well pig Trudy. I will be praying for a speedy recovery.

  • Rita Jock
    Rita Jock

    Possibly did mama jean kick her, over the baby 😪

  • Steffanie Ropicky
    Steffanie Ropicky

    Sending hug to lester and pig trudy! Pig trudy will be better in no time at all! So glad you cought it in time! Hope it heals fast pig trudy!

  • Angela Baker
    Angela Baker

    I just wanna get my blanket and stay out there with her. My pig Trudy ❤️❤️🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • steven r
    steven r

    Oh man Lester and Jamie I’m so glad to hear that it was nothing really bad on pig Trudy. That it was only like a blister. Can’t wait till she’s like her old self again.

  • susan miller
    susan miller

    You have yourself a nice young vet! Did she specialize in large farm animals? Where did she grad from?

  • Steffanie Ropicky
    Steffanie Ropicky

    What happened, cornholieo was walking on her

  • Betty Mosley
    Betty Mosley

    Poor Pig Trudy! She just does not understand what is happening to her.

  • Kathy Bronson
    Kathy Bronson

    So happy to see Pig Trudy is going to be ok.

  • Theresa West
    Theresa West

    Love seeing all the animals worried about Trudy, bless their hearts! Praying she is ok !

  • Leigh Ferguson
    Leigh Ferguson

    I am so glad that the bump was just a hematoma with no infection and not a tumor or something worse!!

  • Mary Verdeyen
    Mary Verdeyen

    I was so worried about her. Sending hugs to Trudy . 💕

  • Cindy Gierisch
    Cindy Gierisch

    So glad she’s going to be ok 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith

    Good deal !! get well soon pig Trudy

  • Barbara Wilson
    Barbara Wilson

    Awww so happy you got her taken care of sweet baby. She couldn’t have better people to take care of her and love her. Thank you so much for sharing. Love you all.

  • Crys Gauthier
    Crys Gauthier

    Poor baby Trudy Thank you to the vet for rushing out to help her I wonder if Trudy got kicked?? Lots of extra loving coming for Trudy

  • Pamela Skwat
    Pamela Skwat

    I.m so happy pig trudy going to be okay pray answered

  • Lynn Cooper
    Lynn Cooper

    Awww... pig Trudy ☹️☹️ Glad feeling better. I’ve seen where a couple other people have posted glad you are making videos. I agree. I like the guys, for sure, but something about a girls point of view is a nice change. And it’s positive stuff too. Obviously this one is about pig Trudy, but I’ve learned a ton about your feather family too. Thank you

  • Sandra Agus
    Sandra Agus

    Love Trudy. So glad she will be be okay. I was so worried for her. Can’t believe she had been stepped on. That had to hurt!! She is so brave! Such a good girl.

  • Beth Henderson
    Beth Henderson

    Aww poor Trudy, I’m so glad she is going to be ok. It’s so sad to watch when our babies are sick but it’s amazing when they feel better. SHOUT OUT TO YOU DR. PRIESTLY!! Amazing job!

  • Fred Daily
    Fred Daily

    Sitting here eating dinner while watching this, lmao

  • Rebecca Byrne
    Rebecca Byrne

    I fell in love with Pig Trudy since when I saw the video of Lester’s niece and her husband handing her over to y’all. I have since enjoyed watching her little antics around the Sanctuary. Lester did an excellent job of portraying her wonderful personality. I’m so glad that lump was not an abscess or tumor. I’ve had a hematoma in the abdomen before and it was not fun. Bless y’all for taking such good care of all your babies small and large, furry and feathered. I cannot wait to see Pig Trudy up and at ‘em again. 🙏🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤🙏

  • Roseann Mulkey
    Roseann Mulkey

    I'm a watcher of your video's and I love them. Poor Trudy hopes she gets all healed soon. But part of the reason I'm writing this message is to let you know your intro music is way louder than your video. Not trying to be a pain. Love you all. O Lester keep being you.

  • Bryan 0'Neill
    Bryan 0'Neill

    Hard to eat pizza and watch this. No ham on my pizza Pig Trudy.❤

  • Nikki Braconier
    Nikki Braconier

    Thank you so much for taking care of our girl! Poor pig Trudy. Rest and heal quickly. So glad it wasn't something more!

  • Kendra Zysk
    Kendra Zysk

    Thank goodness that little love is OK!! Pig Trudy, you had me so worried! Jamie, fabulous commentary and thanks for the bonus “pimple pop!” ❤️🐗

  • Michelle Williamson
    Michelle Williamson

    She’s oinking, that’s a good sign. 🐷 ❤️

  • debblez1

    Poor pig Trudy ♥️ love her 🥰

  • Karen.S.W

    Id bet she got kicked by someone. I've had that happen with horses before.

  • Michelle Williamson
    Michelle Williamson

    Pig trudys last bath was when she had her procedure getting fixed. She was 69lbs.

  • MelloD H
    MelloD H

    Happy that she's going to recover.

  • Paula Bull
    Paula Bull

    Prayers for continued healing. Thankful it wasn't more serious

  • Roxanna Bloom
    Roxanna Bloom

    That was much larger than it looked! I'm so glad to know that she's gonna be ok though. A little irritated, but ok 👌

  • Linda Plumbley
    Linda Plumbley

    Poor baby

  • Linda Plumbley
    Linda Plumbley

    Thank you for getting the stars out of her eye

  • Debbie W.
    Debbie W.

    I'm so happy she is going to be ok! Praying for her for a speedy recovery. 🙏❤🙏 Thank you Jami for explaining what was going on during her procedure! 😊❤😊

  • Cindy Paling
    Cindy Paling

    So glad she’s going to be alright what an ordeal for her to go through our sweet sweet pig Trudy. Prayers for complete healing 🙏❤️❤️❤️