$500 RC Monster Truck = LUDICROUSLY FAST / Traxxas HOSS
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New RC video! This time we unleash my new truck the new HOSS that is so insanely fast! I of course broke it but we had a great time in the process haha. I hope you guys dug it. More videos are always on the way so stay tuned!

  • Scotty Oi
    Scotty Oi

    The intro was like Mr. beast

  • Your Mama
    Your Mama

    The other nob on on the controller is like if you car goes side ways in air it will self correct

  • Grayson Bowser
    Grayson Bowser

    the knob is tsm or traxxas stability management on most traxxas models

  • superxracer37

    My $260 one goes 70+

  • Exoiz 2.0
    Exoiz 2.0

    The truck went flying like a bird lol.

  • Hyperion Oppressor
    Hyperion Oppressor

    The multi function knob if for stability control. Kind of acts like a gyro and keeps you going straight all the way to the left is 0% and all the way to the right is 100%.

  • Devon Davis
    Devon Davis

    Do not let the battery flowing out or that thing will explodeAnd I drove an RC car for like at least a few years now maybe to actually no one and keep making videos keep on getting RC cars and like if you break them you can buy parts and all that stuff because I’ve broken a lot of stuff

  • Maher kahala
    Maher kahala

    You should get an Xmaxx

  • Hunter Collins
    Hunter Collins

    Hey Andrew, in order to get the truck to do 60 mph you need to run it on 3s and install the optional gearing in the box. Have fun!

    • Hunter Collins
      Hunter Collins

      @Antonio Aguila huh that's odd

    • Antonio Aguila
      Antonio Aguila

      Mine didn’t one with one..

  • Phillip Gomes
    Phillip Gomes

    Me and my son (2 years old) love all the content!!!!!

  • Josh Newman
    Josh Newman




  • LandShark40 Lol
    LandShark40 Lol

    you know get the stronger Traxxas maxx

  • Daniel Townson
    Daniel Townson

    Get an Xmaxx. That shit'll blow your mind.

  • Eli Carter
    Eli Carter

    the multi function on the remote is the TSM. (Traxxas Stability Managment) it helps keep the car straight even when the rear tires are fish tailing

  • shaneplayz

    Kevin talbot's 203 mile an hour rc car: hold my beer

    • shaneplayz

      @LandShark40 Lol same

    • LandShark40 Lol
      LandShark40 Lol

      hahaha i agree i watch kt all the time

  • Green Iguana
    Green Iguana

    KT would have broke it taking it out of the box.

  • Colleen Evans
    Colleen Evans

    go outside

  • Amy Sleeman
    Amy Sleeman

    It does not go 60 yet because you half to get a 3s battery

  • Melanie Roy
    Melanie Roy

    Traxxas slach

  • Christine Brophy Tan
    Christine Brophy Tan

    There are one that go 70 and one that can go 65


    i race those kind of rc cars and u could add upgrades and stuff just for it could go faster u just get a diffrent battery and motor to make it go faster also there r also some that r cheaper and like just as fast so u did not have to spend so much

  • Jondog Plays
    Jondog Plays

    @traxis look at dis mans channle

  • Jeremiah Hayes
    Jeremiah Hayes

    My dad has an RC car that he's fixing up just for me and it goes 100 miles per hour


      Traxxas XO-1 or arrma infraction

  • Bens Gaming
    Bens Gaming

    this made me cringe sooooo hard

  • Bens Gaming
    Bens Gaming

    hey Andy you are probably driving on a 2s thats not fully charged do thats why its not going 60 maybe get a 3s or if it can take it a 4s but make sure it can taker a 4s

  • Ayaan Shaan
    Ayaan Shaan

    Bartholemew huh ,someone has been watching the flash

  • Ben Kuhl
    Ben Kuhl

    Are try running 2s or 3s?

  • Galaxy J7core
    Galaxy J7core

    Why did the Nooooooooooo sound like donald trumpxD

  • SleepRCRepeat

    The thing on the remote is a gyro so you can drive in a straight line

  • Gary Atkins
    Gary Atkins

    I have that my body is green thow

  • Kyle Gibson
    Kyle Gibson

    You should put a go pro on it

  • Noah Hall
    Noah Hall

    by the x max

  • Spectre TV
    Spectre TV

    The nob turns on tsm which automatically keeps the car going straight and recorrects it if you start to lose control

  • Evan Duncan
    Evan Duncan

    I Would suggest checking out the ARRMA Senton it’s a short course truck that can really take a beating and goes 50mph it’s about $320

  • Matthew Eames
    Matthew Eames

    As an RC hobbyist, this is hard to watch 😂😅

    • 69dtspaz

      Yeah cringe. I wouldn't ever do my new car this way. I reserve my slash to beat up. But to be fair i wouldnt buy the hoss. Maxx maybe.

  • Darthj02

    First off, when traxxas says 60mph it means with optional gearing... so it will probably go 45 at most. Also, the dial that you don't know about is for traxxas stability management (tsm). Tsm allows you to get more in air stability.

  • نوف النقبي
    نوف النقبي

    Nice ceiling shot🤣😂🤣😂

  • GreatWhiteGamer

    4:03 boom 5:02 Boom 5:45 BOom 5:55 BOOm 6:20 BOOM 6:29 BOOM *rides pipe* BOOOOM BOOM 7:01 BOOM *battery falls out* 7:24 BOOOOM *wall jumps from ceiling* BOOOM 7:36 *rides wall and hits pole* BOOOOOOM 8:11 *flys like a bird and hits ground* BOOOOOOOM 8:47 *hits pole* BOOOOOOM *drive train falls out* *lands it* 9:16 *flys like a bird and lands it!*

    • patrick disalvo
      patrick disalvo


  • Anna Cooper
    Anna Cooper

    I like the RC car, I have one like it. Mine goes fast. Would love to race them!

  • Blayke Cernius
    Blayke Cernius

    The button on the controller is turbo

  • Eva Gonzalez
    Eva Gonzalez

    So epic

  • Eva Gonzalez
    Eva Gonzalez

    That was so cool

  • jeremy harris
    jeremy harris

    Get the erevo 2.0 it is really good

  • RCclassactionlawsuit

    Need some wheel time...you suck at driving RC cars.

  • Shubhang Rathore
    Shubhang Rathore

    get the traxxas rustler 4x4 vxl, it has a lower cg and its more stable on jumps and stuff

  • Barry Williamson
    Barry Williamson

    Multi function is the Traxxas stability management tsm

  • Shania

    Andy:Did we break it yet Alex:Not yet Andy:Okay then let me just try to wall ride but instead I bash it into a ramp

  • whole new level
    whole new level

    Haven't watched your videos in so long I loved watching your videos because you all did all these toy boxing and you did all these cool father bottle flips it was awesome

  • Dusty

    If you get a 3 cell battery it will go faster and have more power

  • marek sondej
    marek sondej


  • Brandon Crawford
    Brandon Crawford

    You should make a fast and the furious drift RC car video

  • Panther Plays
    Panther Plays

    My RC goes 80 mph

  • Eraxels on pc
    Eraxels on pc

    Multiplefuction means what you drive half way for dirt or grass



  • Thiccest Of the thicc
    Thiccest Of the thicc

    THAT BATTERY IS A 2s liPo if you really want double the power you got put in a 3s LiPo battery

  • barrett schmidt
    barrett schmidt

    i have a rc obssestion and have like 30 rc cars and a xmaxx that can go 80+ mph and drives on water

  • subie_2.0

    get a 3 cell lipo battery

  • dacko

    To go 60 mph you gotta have a 3 cell battery

  • Genesis Vang
    Genesis Vang

    My go too 70

  • joshjunior66


  • Roxann Keenan
    Roxann Keenan

    Cc z

  • BeamgamingHDシ

    and when they are new there seems to be no resisants on the battery stuff

  • BeamgamingHDシ

    multifuntion is tsm which makes it not spinout bassicly

  • Curtis Snapshot Short Films
    Curtis Snapshot Short Films

    The traxxas RC cars are a freaking blast! Awesome too see these videos from you guys! :D

  • Chad Davis
    Chad Davis

    I dig the new hoss Andy and all of your content not just the rc stuff. Been watching since you started and love seeing your channel grow into what it is today. I've secretly wanted to drive rc's at your park for quite some time and my plan to get you all involved in this infectious hobby is now taking major hold starting with my good buddy Mr. Alex Buening. I love it when a plan comes together lol Let's all have some rc fun this summer!

    • Chad Davis
      Chad Davis

      P.s I hope you like the Darth vader rc I gifted to you. I know you and Ryden are huge starwars fans!

  • Meredith and Ian Autrey
    Meredith and Ian Autrey

    you need a LIPO BATTERY FOR IT TO GO 60 mph. YOU NEED A DIFFERENT BATTERY FOR IT TO GO FASTER BECAUSE THE BATTERY YOU ARE USING ONLY MAKES IT GO 40mph YOU need a different battery ok believe me I have one of my own.

  • XRY Animations
    XRY Animations

    More rc!!!

  • Tina Vazquez
    Tina Vazquez

    I have a 50 mph one it really cheap it’s 125

  • Jake Thole
    Jake Thole

    By a maxx it’s really derubol

  • Jake Thole
    Jake Thole

    That’s the steering Angola and the better control

  • NML Pancake
    NML Pancake

    I love your skate videos

  • Rusty Tool Restorers
    Rusty Tool Restorers

    Buy a arrma typhon 3a I've got one there amazing

    • Rusty Tool Restorers
      Rusty Tool Restorers


  • Mason Stotler
    Mason Stotler

    Mine goes 75mph

    • Mason Stotler
      Mason Stotler


  • Lucia beniamini
    Lucia beniamini

    The fan is a motor I saw it on another channel

  • Conway DeGroff
    Conway DeGroff

    Cool man

  • Peyton Kotalik
    Peyton Kotalik

    You gotta get the bigger battery

  • Destini Binford
    Destini Binford

    X. !

  • thatskaterwithacamera

    at 4:10, when it hits the ground, there was a big flash of white light. (you can see it better if you slow down the playback speed from the settings in the video) RIP to the battery

  • Wade Kendall
    Wade Kendall

    the nob means the traction meet the arow with the dot

  • Cameron Knight
    Cameron Knight

    If you brake the trucks, you can by replacement parts

  • Danyelle Delucia
    Danyelle Delucia

    Yes you also need to run it on4S you’re running it on to us

  • Danyelle Delucia
    Danyelle Delucia

    It only does 40 out of the box you can gear up to 60 I believe

  • Brady’s Rcs
    Brady’s Rcs

    Get a xmaxx

  • Chayna N
    Chayna N


  • Sean Pearce
    Sean Pearce

    You should get the xmax

  • Ian Hernandez
    Ian Hernandez

    I’ve had seen 100 mph crazy car

  • Adam Abissini
    Adam Abissini

    For the money I would recommend a kraton 6s, so much faster, stronger, and better built. Not to be a traxxas hater, but I would 100% choose ARRMA. Doesn’t look like you are a hobby guy, but I’m guessing you walked into your local hobby shop and asked for a fast car. Don’t mean to hate on your vids, but come on.

    • Adam Abissini
      Adam Abissini

      @Brady’s Rcs nothing against traxxas, I have a couple myself, but I'm just trying to say that this guy doesn't know what he's talking about, also nice icon brady.

    • Brady’s Rcs
      Brady’s Rcs

      Sounds like a arrma fanboy has entered the chat

  • PJ

    Stop promoting Traxxas. They literally close local hobby shops they see as an online threat with shitty business practices and strongarm tactics. You could have gotten a Losi or Arrma which is a much better quality vehicle for the same $$$ as well.

  • Néstor Ferrer Rosa
    Néstor Ferrer Rosa

    The traxxas hoss have 40mph you need the optional speed piñón for 60mph

  • tj yola
    tj yola


  • thelegend 27
    thelegend 27

    Pa if you want to hit 60 get the 3s battery I have the hoss my self and the first thing to go is drive shafts, they make steel one if you want the most durable.

  • Jason Good
    Jason Good

    Can i get a shout out

  • Rex jr Bisenio
    Rex jr Bisenio

    Iam your bigest fan

  • Osvaldo padilla
    Osvaldo padilla


  • Erin Hall
    Erin Hall

    $60 DOLLARS

  • Kolten Simonds
    Kolten Simonds

    You can buy any part on a traxxas rc:)

  • Braden James
    Braden James

    For it to go 60 you have to put in a 3s LiPo and upgraded gearing

  • PaperShred Films-MCN
    PaperShred Films-MCN

    The Traxxas Hoss can only do 60 MPH on the correct gearing and on a certain LiPo battery pack.

    • PEZ 0921
      PEZ 0921

      Shut up

    • Blake Ruhe
      Blake Ruhe

      Yeah out of the box it’s right under 40mph

  • djdiabeetiss

    Thats literally not even the fast good or durable one from that company

    • djdiabeetiss

      Traxxas is and always has been that one company that makes excessively stong rc cars