The Young Thug Interview
I have always dreamed of interviewing Young Thug. I finally got my chance last week at Wireless fest in London. I just asked and he shrugged and said okay. We discussed some new artists he's excited about including Juice Wrld, Lil Keed and Lil Nas X, if Thug would really make a good president, what it's like having succeeded on such a level, thoughts on his early record deals and much more. Enjoy!
Recorded at Wireless Festival in London, UK.

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  • No Jumper
    No Jumper

    subscribe we getting close to 3 million!!! SHOUT OUT TO THUG THE GOAT

    • Bloc boi JDBB
      Bloc boi JDBB

      Y’all know thugga modeled for the clothing line “Revenge” them clothes Juice Wrld and XXXtentacion be wearing lmao 😂

    • Michael james
      Michael james

      did future jus ignore your or didn't even acknowledge you ???

    • bughouse weirdo
      bughouse weirdo

      Wow almost at young thugs net worth, jp

    • NBA FirstMan
      NBA FirstMan

      I know why he don’t f with bitch homie Quan anymore

    • NBA FirstMan
      NBA FirstMan

      I see why he don’t fuck with bitch homie Quan anymore

  • Foster Bogard
    Foster Bogard


  • Ben M
    Ben M

    Trump is the realest, fuck Young Thug

  • ShtackNShtarve

    Mfkn Gizzoat❤💚

  • A C
    A C

    this man is a genius in his own way lmao

  • DJ Cole
    DJ Cole

    Had to wear the dress, cuz I had a stick.

  • Freshboi Nate
    Freshboi Nate

    Bruh is geeked lol

  • Freshboi Nate
    Freshboi Nate

    Too loose w the Wayne comparisons, I fuck w thug tough too

  • o deezy
    o deezy

    Seem like a chill ass dude

  • 1k Nateo
    1k Nateo

    he cant sit still he gotta chill off them percs


    Thugger too deep

  • Ace Pilot
    Ace Pilot

    I need what he's taking 😂

  • Magic Cookies
    Magic Cookies

    Does bro have ADHD or something he can’t sit still

  • Bryan _
    Bryan _

    Called anxiety most artists have it

  • David D Aronne
    David D Aronne

    He got emotional at the end

  • svddxnly _
    svddxnly _

    im high asf watching this and im getting anxiety

  • Somellow

    He was off the molly fashoooooooo

  • Mr. NLR
    Mr. NLR


  • Noyum Sge
    Noyum Sge

    Why homie can't SIT STILL 😂😂

  • Mummy Napkin
    Mummy Napkin

    I thought my video was stuck on 2x speed lmaooo

  • Brayden Bishop
    Brayden Bishop

    idk who’s adhd is worse, his or mine. cannot sit still 😂

  • Mwape Chishinge
    Mwape Chishinge


  • Jihad Toom
    Jihad Toom

    I only came here to hear what his normal voice is like

  • Dee Mayjor
    Dee Mayjor

    3:20 your welcome 🙏🏾

  • Dee Mayjor
    Dee Mayjor

    The real goat walked in

  • 404 Mar
    404 Mar

    Thug gotta lay off the drugs man 🤦🏾‍♂️


    “but he got a Chance to stay in that place for like 10 years” - Chancellor


    Slatt💥 slime 🐍 king

  • Anthony Felter
    Anthony Felter

    Adam: "U wanna do an interview?" Thugger: *meh* 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Jason

    he tweakin lol

  • PerplexZ

    this man need a comfy chair bro

  • Liam Gray
    Liam Gray

    Yeah man Tarzan and shit

  • Gareth Howe
    Gareth Howe

    Why is he wriggling like a worm looks like he smoked heroin


    Adam's the man for this! Thugger's so real no wonder he rarely does interviews. Honesty can be a big ol' downfall and the media takes things out of context and makes something out of nothing.

  • Enoh

    No one : Thugger: probably like 2009 lil wayne

  • Jay Bron
    Jay Bron

    Move like a crack head he can’t sit still

  • Davide Kenos
    Davide Kenos

    Thanks for the subtitles

  • Brayke

    Someone let me know what drug Thug is high on

  • illest Vic
    illest Vic

    3:17 ( future part )

  • Jermaine Khalil
    Jermaine Khalil

    Big up the goat changed the game

  • Albert fish is A real jerk
    Albert fish is A real jerk

    Oh man young thug and future in the same room. Who would've thought the two "rappers" who killed hip hop.

  • znkd

    Thugger itchin off dat perc

  • Moritz R.
    Moritz R.

    Young thug is probably the greatest trap artist of all time

  • jayh

    7:52 yoo wtf he doing 😭😭

  • Julian Wind
    Julian Wind

    Today on Adam sucks off rappers: young thug gets throated unwillingly

  • C Judah
    C Judah

    He high off that white girl

  • Bianicman Epic Videos
    Bianicman Epic Videos

    13:08 When you realize Young thug got his super powers before Dec 21st, 2020


    Lmao nigga just stopped the interview

  • Sky Blue To Luna
    Sky Blue To Luna

    He’s absolute trash

  • Anthony Ortega
    Anthony Ortega

    This Nigga said simplarize

  • Sam Batson
    Sam Batson

    Future aint shake his hand cause he thought adam was vlad.. 😂😂😂

  • Ahsek Shahid
    Ahsek Shahid

    Adam is sus towards thug

  • Mozzo Rella
    Mozzo Rella

    Damn thug slow down off the molly

  • DagobahDave

    Dude literally can't sit still, and is hungry to return to 2006, uh, 2009, uh, 2009, 2009, uh.

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama

    “Lean is a helluva drug” - young thug in 10 years

  • Yashpreet Voladoddi
    Yashpreet Voladoddi


  • Yashpreet Voladoddi
    Yashpreet Voladoddi

    "rap about Pikachu"

  • Alex Guzman
    Alex Guzman

    That snippet from the juice wrld track The man the myth the legend 😞😞😭😭 rip

  • Ehis Fortune
    Ehis Fortune

    The comment got me crying and rolling for real🤣🤣🦦

  • Stephen Jonesey
    Stephen Jonesey

    This is crazy Adam always wanted one

  • Awaken King
    Awaken King

    I love how he talked about Gucci and Keef at the end

  • Lil Yung Toaster
    Lil Yung Toaster

    young thug: im a thinker also young thug: s i m p i l i z e

  • Tobyyy

    Bruh ion think people get it bruh this guy thug has found 40% of the biggest rappers out rn

  • deeze nuts
    deeze nuts

    can somebody tell me when tf future was here. time stamp gotdamn

    • Mystic_x_ Jay
      Mystic_x_ Jay


  • Don Jones
    Don Jones

    nigga on them drugs heavy

  • Honey Bun
    Honey Bun

    I thought yung thug was spiritual sol for a sec lol


    Kanye gotta be somewhat smart he made hella bread

  • Drip Boy
    Drip Boy

    He's on meth fr lol

  • King Kobra
    King Kobra

    adams weird

  • Bright side Ent
    Bright side Ent

    Thug ❣️

  • ken smnz
    ken smnz

    He lookin at you like “aint no way this 40 year old man is geeked out meetin me “

  • Hamza Haroun
    Hamza Haroun

    Young Thugs one of my fav rappers he’s so chill and actually has a good heart 🔥

  • Anthony Sciotti
    Anthony Sciotti

    7:20 simpilerize

  • rarefuku

    biggest inspiration video for the comment section

  • Kana Percy
    Kana Percy

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  • Lamar

    Why was thugger stroking his dreads so goddamn dreads

  • Mike Brown
    Mike Brown

    Its clear that he is gay in real life.

  • daniel penrod
    daniel penrod

    They both high as fuck on coke i love it

  • 12:AM

    3:25 adam looked so sad that he didnt get dapped up by Future

  • Donny Delawar
    Donny Delawar


  • Max Brennan
    Max Brennan

    thug loves 2009

  • billy thekidd1618
    billy thekidd1618

    Thug low key admitted that he IS gay when he was questioned about Lil Nas X

    • Humberto Ramos
      Humberto Ramos

      Bitch how 😂

  • Tehgreatist

    Jeffrey gonna be 33 in 2024 someone gotta tell him you need to be 35 to run for president lol

  • Patrick H
    Patrick H

    weird af

  • Tuke/Luxurious Films
    Tuke/Luxurious Films

    "Simplarize"thug makes his own words i see lol 7:19

  • Rockin Hawks
    Rockin Hawks

    Lil pump interview would be fye

  • Rockin Hawks
    Rockin Hawks

    Do a interview w pump bro

  • Diamond Murphy
    Diamond Murphy

    Thug is a real genuine person & is so humble. I literally love young thug!! I hope I get to work with him one day.

  • Tess W
    Tess W

    Thig is actually intelligent and seem like a very cool man

  • Od Hood
    Od Hood

    Lmao Adam is obviously star struck. He’s so uncomfortable compared with his other interviews

  • That Guy
    That Guy

    Am i wrong in saying that "lowkey" adam22 is the most akward interviewer ever? Sorry adam, you seem like a nice guy, maybe more casual conversation and less detailed pre-planned questions that are totally off topic from what the artist is saying at the time?

  • Daanish bhatti
    Daanish bhatti

    safe to say thugger can now say those things

  • Dis Foo
    Dis Foo

    Ohh fooe gay frfr

  • Kinda bored Ngl
    Kinda bored Ngl

    What about keed? Thug: my son?

  • Sergeï MKV
    Sergeï MKV


  • Jacob Campbell
    Jacob Campbell

    Revenge is a form of self destruction

  • Joey Perez
    Joey Perez

    Keeps talkin bout Wayne 😂

  • Zero X
    Zero X

    Thug is so socially awkward

  • Young Lewi86
    Young Lewi86

    What drugs is he on? Like seriously. Sheesh.

  • Dante Christ
    Dante Christ

    Slatt 🖤