Get Flanked lied and Macie Jay corrects his previous comment
After I released my video exposing misconduct by Ubisoft staff, Get Flanked responded with his own statements on the matter in a video titled: "The real reason the Hot Breach Podcast ended"... Except that he didn't actually address any of the serious issues I mentioned but instead, he tried his hardest to harm my credibility by publishing details of private conversations we had had in the past. And if it had stayed at that, I would have probably just left the matter unanswered but the problem is that Get Flanked (whether through sheer incompetence or on purpose) ended up making some very serious false statements. In this video, I will be setting the record straight and I will also be responding to a comment that Macie Jay left on my original video.
Get_Flanked's original video can still be found here (unlisted):
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  • Macie Jay
    Macie Jay

    I couldn't find my part in the video but I assume this is referring to my comment on the last video, of which I did in fact make a mistake. So I'm pretty sure I've participated in every single showmatch at the pro league events and was merely commenting from my personal experience with these events. Shortly after though it was brought to my attention that this particular instance of match fixing was referring to a non pro league event which I was not a part of so I had no knowledge of what went down. I made the mistake of assuming I've participated in them all.

    • Jeremiah Baugh
      Jeremiah Baugh


    • Jacob Hobson
      Jacob Hobson

      @Ethan Shelton famous?🤣 lol shut the fuck up

    • lukas hollcraft
      lukas hollcraft

      I think russian badger spawnpeeking with the lord was not fixed, this mad lad suprised the world that day🤣🤣🤣

    • Jesus Duarte
      Jesus Duarte

      Covering his ass.

    • Revierie

      Oi macie.....

  • Pyredox

    It’s been 2 years since I’ve watched you guys and played siege... this is really sad to come back too 😞

  • Syed badsha
    Syed badsha

    i'm just bored

  • Semere Tereffe
    Semere Tereffe

    rogue 9 I know you're still reading comments. notice me sempai. drop a ❤️

  • Đạo Triệu
    Đạo Triệu

    im sorry you had to experience such horrible people around you.

  • C N
    C N

    Just saw this post. Rouge.... just let it go. If you analyze your rejections and come back with videos on how you might be right on technicalities for the rest of your life it’ll be a lonely one. She wasn’t into you. Ubi staff is unprofessional. Flanked isn’t your friend. People make mistakes. Don’t go suing people for minor things like this. If you had let this go sooner your life and channel would have been more productive since. I know you probably won’t listen to this advice because I’m sure it’s not the first time you’ve heard it. A little more positivity in your life will go a long way. I hope this finds you well and that your vids pop up in my feed one day.

  • Luke Strauss
    Luke Strauss

    Rouge 9: “I want nobody to target him” Everyone watching: “We are going to pretend we didn’t hear that”

  • That Creepy Reading
    That Creepy Reading

    Drama in the Siege community is nuts. Considering this is the game I log into to hear people yell the Nword at me and ruiin my day I can see why. Rogue, you seem chill, don't let people get you down and keep sticking to what you know to be the truth. Thanks for coming forward.

  • Evitan

    Never mess with british text to speech.

  • Evitan

    My boy Rogue got rejected...

  • Ben

    sounds alot like money farming and drama to me.

  • lachlan furse
    lachlan furse

    if the phone was at the other end of the table far far away from you then why is any of it a problem and if hes lying then just let it be and hes lying because you made an issue out of it in a video. and it makes it sound like you are just being untruthful along side get flanked. it truly sounds like everyone here is just being childish.

  • chlorr1n3

    What is this winy shit?

  • Prezi's PlayHouse
    Prezi's PlayHouse

    And tbh it just sounds like ur mad no one wanted to hang out with you cuz u sound like buzz killington

  • Korbin Michaels
    Korbin Michaels

    Hurts me to see hate going flanks way

  • Brian McMillan
    Brian McMillan

    Rogue 9 is just a fucking liberal... all u need to know

    • O'Hara

      And Get_Flanked looks like a capybara 🤡

  • William McAdams
    William McAdams

    Ya know, use what legal options you feel is appropriate. Some people may think its silly, but there needs to be recourse for dishonesty.

  • Landon Cube
    Landon Cube

    I keep seeing GF in comments and I'm like "who the hell is Girl Friend" then I always remind myself wait that's Get flanked

  • 014

    The whole dinner/tinder scenario was meant to belittle you. Really childish on their part

  • Rose Puker
    Rose Puker

    Why are americans so worried about being 100% professional

  • Exhilirous

    This whole drama event was madness

  • The ledtogo 1982
    The ledtogo 1982

    It sounds like after flanked hit 20, he started going down in age since he’s literally acting like a 10 year old.

  • TheButterAnvil

    Since all of this is pretty much hearsay, my take is that one of the two is lying, or rouge is a little autistic. It would explain most of it tbh

  • ARBUKY 343
    ARBUKY 343

    Quit fighting like children Jesus Christ

  • The Medicine Man
    The Medicine Man

    Sorry they did you so wrong. Especially you asking them for dinner and they all just ditched you. Sucks to get ganged up on. You are good for staying humble and not using your platform to take them down. Good stuff plus 10 respect

  • Wal Martian
    Wal Martian

    20:31 so people should always bring things to your attention when its bothering them but you dont have to extend the same courtesy when you claim that others were making you feel unconfortable the whole time

    • Sub2MyOnlyFaas

      the thing that bothered Rogue was about Ubisoft employees. You don't have to care as much about some random people. But among friends it's important to communicate any problems you might have with each other. By going behind Rogues' back instead of talking to him about it they betrayed his trust as friends. There is a difference, you're just blind to it.

  • No Name
    No Name

    I kept trying to scroll up to watch the video thinking i was looking at the comments looooooool

  • Evan Jula
    Evan Jula

    Get flanked has been shady for a long time and has multiple videos about how he is untrustworthy and can’t be trusted

  • William Vance
    William Vance

    Here is the problem, you are UZloadrs and mid-level game staffers hanging out outside of work. You have to understand that there are always cultural differences and that unless people are trained not to do certain things around certain groups then they are bound to offend you. I get that you clearly had two different ideas of how the night was going to go. whether it was your ego or their unprofessionalism could both be the case, but you sound like you are just a very posh old lady clutching your pearls because someone jaywalked across the street. Also, since he is making these videos in the US it would be very hard to sue because of how extensive our freedom of speech is here. I get you expected black-tie, wine, dine, and discussion of figures, but instead got Vidcon meet up. But you are dealing with non-execs for a game studio and you are discussing a very non-important podcast. It's not like you are solving the global energy crisis or world hunger. It might just be, what I assume is, you British culture but I would not have made this big of a deal about it. It just comes off as pearl-clutching. Also, now that I have really digested your video I have a few more points. You make a big stink about how they were behaving at one of the early nights out and you are surprised they decided to exclude you? You said you were tired and then are surprised they decided to privately converse, while you rested? I have half a mind that you got snippy with them before they got snippy with you. Whether verbal or in body language, I bet you made it seem like they were either disgusting, disappointing, or beneath you because they were not being serious enough. You sound like the buddy that makes it hard to hang out. Let's go out? No, it's too hot, or I am too tired, or I don't like that activity. When the remaining friends go off and do what they wanted to do as a majority, because the world is not to just cater to you, you are shocked they would do such a thing. So I stick by my words, you sound like a pearl-clutching old lady, so no wonder you got excluded. I don't even know why you are mad, you should be happy to be away from them but instead, you are making it seem like they wronged you for not giving you a good enough reason to stop associating with the group you clearly hated being with.

    • William Vance
      William Vance

      @LudoPhobi4 Nope, but two wrongs don't make a right. If they did something he didn't like, he should just leave and also not expect them to change. The best move would have been to just leave the podcast if Ubisoft was going to be having a heavy hand in the future and he knew he didn't like them. But if you huff and puff because things weren't "professional" at a dinner, then it's not really a dick move to not invite you to future outings. Also, if you were showing that you just like to complain a lot, I can see someone just dismissing your complaint as they did with the bees. Ultimately I see it like this. Nobody tells you how bad they truly are and you can assume that whatever they tell you is the best possible way of presenting themselves. So if we assume that him being a bit whinny is the best version and him being a complete hassle as things went on was the worst version, then reality is probably in the middle. So I believe he most likely complained enough to where he turned his being offended to Ubisoft employees now being offended or at least fed up. Could their work culture be wrong, probably. But it is not his place to flip tables about how they interact on and off work hours, it is management's job to determine there is a problem and resolve it. Instead of making a scene at dinner, which I would bet money he probably did, assuming the truth is in the middle of both stories, then he only made things worse. If he was being as professional as he claimed, he could have just asked them to stop with that and that we are here to discuss business. If they said no, then he should just leave without making a big scene and report the lack of professionalism to their managers. But him pacing the room and metaphorically wagging his finger at them is not professional either, it was him losing his cool as well instead of maintaining composure and behaving like an adult. Mature behavior is not storming out of the room or dragging someone outside to complain, it's asking them to stop and if they refuse, you excuse yourself from the issue and report it.

    • LudoPhobi4

      So that justifies the ubisoft montreal team being complete dicks?

  • Billy Yip
    Billy Yip

    Game tagged: R6 Siege; man this drama is even more dramatic the siege gameplay itself

  • Recondo Gohome
    Recondo Gohome

    Yo Rouge you come across as a straight bitch that I’d never trust to have my back.

    • Sub2MyOnlyFaas

      Yo Recondo, you come across as an ignorant idiot that I'd never trust to be able to see reason in anything.

    • Matthew F
      Matthew F

      You mean flanked?

    • LudoPhobi4

      Are you talking about get flanked?

  • X-zellent

    Absoluter eherenmann der rogue!

  • Matthew F
    Matthew F

    I asked flanked on stream if he was going to make an apology/response video to this. A mod deleted my comment, told me not to mention that, and that he has nothing to apologize for. Flanked is a piece of shit.

  • DisguisedZ

    Rouge-9 Deadass just used Flanked's Video against him.

  • DisguisedZ

    He responds to the get_flanked is toxic but doesn't want to respond to Rouge 9?

  • Brandon Rocha
    Brandon Rocha

    Imagine agreeing to volunteer your time & efforts, then asking to get paid. If you were looking to get paid, than you should probably do your due diligence to “ASK”

  • Mark Meier
    Mark Meier

    Sorry Rogue-9, this really reflects poorly on you, regardless of whom is right or wrong. I think you should let this go and move on with your life.

    • LudoPhobi4

      The man defends himself, and now that's bad? He was accused of sexual harassment. He should just let that go apparently

  • Silver Fangxx
    Silver Fangxx

    Gods I'm late to seeing this, I hope this shit never happens again. Love the content, and always appriciated Rouge's humor and analytic work. Not a loyalist, but you didn't disserve this flak

  • Dapple

    it's amusing to hear Get_Flanked talk about how toxic the siege community is in 2021 when he perpetrates deception and manipulation as a siege influencer and content creator.

  • Chigodd

    I got blocked by flanked on Twitter for saying LOL to a video of him running 4 flores drones into a electrified wall

  • Cooper CZ
    Cooper CZ

    LOL, legal actions against another "content creator", previously known as UZloadr. What a drama to be a wittness of :D The world is burning and a bunch of butthurt youtubers create drama here and act like girls :-) Unsub from all involved for acting like a 2021 snowflakes.

    • LudoPhobi4

      Imagine unironically using the word snowflake in 2020

  • benjamin

    Hey bro this reeks of high school drama clique shit. The kids working at Ubisoft are high off their own fumes and flanked so desperately wants in for some godforsaken reason. I mean I used to love siege but i doubt it's gonna be that popular in the next few years and he's just burning bridges for what lol.

  • benjamin

    Flank the type of guy to talk shit on you Infront of a girl or group of people to fit in

  • Inferno_Origin

    Well looks like he stopped doing yt so...

  • Inferno_Origin

    Wait. So they both have their versions. Zzzz

  • Muhummad Khan
    Muhummad Khan

    Ill be honest to me, i cant believe really anyone in this case, Flanked's points seem very far fetched and rouge seems to be putting a fuss over minute details, like flanked being on the other side of the table, we cant really belive either on of you because unless where was a picture, we cant and well have to take your word for it?

  • A Pop Of Vegan
    A Pop Of Vegan

    I honestly never followed get_flanked and watched rouge but this honestly sounds like a guy who's butt hurt that a girl didn't like him and it made his whole trip sour

  • Jay Love LC
    Jay Love LC

    In america your boss can say, shit isnt fair do the work or leave. Professionalism is a cultural thing. Talking about girls is everyday, tinder like conversations is normal here sadly enough. Sexual harassment is just now being taken seriously for us. It's all perspective, we have the wolf on wallstreet not, the kitten in a cupcake.

  • M Tauf
    M Tauf

    Wow not surprised how ubisoft acted... About sums up the work on the game lol

  • Mr N A
    Mr N A

    A woman aggressively hit on you? That is disgusting! Please do share her contact details so I can tell her off over candlelight dinner with some wine. She will be set straight the very next day. Hey I got your back!

  • bennyboiioo

    He responds to all the little minor allegations but still won’t respond to this video, he knows that getting people to see this would just make it worse for him.

  • ApolloOnMars

    Wait, yall are grown men, and cant settle this out for yourself. This some sad shi

  • Jon Dough
    Jon Dough

    Yk they bangin out there n u 2 scared n they cut yo lozard tail off its that simple walk away already

  • Diss3mbled

    I seriously like you better than getflanked, I always have. But you are very clearly, and were very clearly acting emotionally. You overexaggerated SO many different things (specifically things about Get_Flanked and his actions, statements, and behavior.) Yelling around that you are going to sue him and PrEsS lEgAl AcTiOn made you look so petty. Unsubed, disliked, and truly disappointed in you.

  • Op4Eliminated

    Get flanked is such a douche. You did the right thing parting ways

  • Jon Loch
    Jon Loch

    wow. late to this whole thing thing. sorry this happened. i’ve always liked flanked but this is just so disappointing. thanks for clearing things up

  • the internet police
    the internet police

    Is it just me or was it everyone's falt in the situation it rouge9 and get_flanked falt for not back up any of there claims(although rouge9 proved something's). And it was ubisoft falt for being unprofessional about the situation.

  • Griffin Feichtinger
    Griffin Feichtinger

    ITS NOT GOING TO BE A PROFESSIONAL ENVIRONMENT IF YOU GO OUT TO DINNER WITH EMPLOYEES OF UBISOFT AFTER WORK HOURS YOU ADULT CHILD. and the fact that you're pointing out these miniscule technicalities just shows further how immature and UNPROFESSIONAL you are. Which is ironic considering you try to act like you're such a businessman compared to everyone else on this trip.

  • Griffin Feichtinger
    Griffin Feichtinger

    Bro you're all out at dinner there is nothing wrong with having a good time jeez man

  • fuad ahamed
    fuad ahamed

    people at Ubisoft are as toxic as a ash main in the game

  • Lord Tachanka
    Lord Tachanka

    Never really liked the guy too much, he seemed to always have something to complain about.

  • Shadow Shadow
    Shadow Shadow

    Get flanked just uploaded a response video to the get flanked is toxic video. What are y’all’s opinions on this ?

  • Adam Sauceda
    Adam Sauceda

    It seems like it boils down to whatever you told that employee before all of this

  • The1 AndOnly
    The1 AndOnly

    I'm listening to the story and it doesn't even sound that serious man. You were about to sue this man over this dumb $hit??? Society has made men so damn soft these days. Come on, you a grown @ss man. We've all encountered situations where we were around people who made a situation uncomfortable for us. Just remove yourself from it. All this back and forth $hit is childish dude. You a lame for this.

  • McShizzle

    Dude his subs in the comments suck him off so hard 🤣🤣

    • skaro

      goes both ways

  • Dynamic Gorgon 39
    Dynamic Gorgon 39

    It's clear you have the truth on your side. And it seems youre using it well.

  • Dynamic Gorgon 39
    Dynamic Gorgon 39

    "-That story is so full of inaccuracies, that I can only call it a lie" this is the most civil ass tearing I've ever bore witness to👌😂

  • Czarny Husarz
    Czarny Husarz

    762 people have no brain 🤦‍♂️

  • Sick Blazer
    Sick Blazer


  • Temdee

    These videos are such an embarrassment or the community. Threatening to sue a guy for his interpretation of a story is laughable, the texts were creepy, And to make hours of monetized content of personal bickering between two major content creators is so silly. The most embarrassing thing is that I spent over an hour of my life listening to a guy complain that people didn't like him.

  • Daryll W
    Daryll W

    why did pete delete his yt account?

  • Daryll W
    Daryll W

    25:29 in other words, if you come at the king you best not miss

  • Santorium Origin
    Santorium Origin

    I came here sftef playing with "an" rogue-9 a session of insurgency sandstorm and he got asked if he's the real one. I must say at sn absolutely neutral person: Ubisoft acted really unprofessional and like child's. Also get flanked seems like a person who wants to keep his last bit of integrity he has also hr seems like, he made the video(s) shown here in haste and with the absolute minimal on information for the watching party. Rogue here tells a full story and seems belivable do I'm on rogues side and that's my point at this moment. Last words from me to rogue, I really don't know the relationship between you all BUT!!!! you should ignore people like that. You got your community and you defiantly aren't responsible for them. It's your channel and your life. Go on forward ignore such stuff and keep going your way. And ya, I knew already, EA, UBISOFT and all the other publishers are... Meh... Never bought a game of them in years... Just because, most of them are garbage at launch. Okay, I got drifted a bit... My REALY final point... Push away such persons, never mind, how long you know them or whatever, such ppl just have they own good in mind. Not yours... So ban them our of your life. Sorry for bad Englisch and greetings from Germany :3

  • Mila T
    Mila T

    I never much liked that guy anyways..

  • The Goat
    The Goat

    Dang I never knew rogue smoked

  • The Goat
    The Goat

    Stop getting butthurt flanked right you wrong

  • Attractive Champ player
    Attractive Champ player

    Macie got flanked

  • TheRobinsonson

    Just going to point out that he replied pretty fast after the first video... This one directly targets him giving him more reason to respond but doesn't... Why? You threatened him with legal action and he knows he doesn't have a leg to stand on

  • Cosmin Dumea
    Cosmin Dumea

    Get_Flanked... more like Get_Backstabbed.

  • TheRobinsonson

    The charity match before The reveal over the weekend were clearly scripted tbf, it were blatant as hell, at no stage would 4 veteran siege players stand on a soft hatch for longer than 5 seconds when they all know a pulse is on the other team. That quad kill were clearly set up

  • TheRobinsonson

    Get_Flanked is so far up Ubis arse tbf, most of the things he says are purely to keep him tight with the devs and he doesn't seem to have much knowledge about the issues with Siege at all. He's a total waste of space

  • Link Hckr
    Link Hckr

    Hold my spreadsheet


    I don't watch get flanked but literally looking at him talk for 10 seconds he seems very dishonest

  • Darshan Bhambhani
    Darshan Bhambhani

    The most credible Siege UZloadr vs some filthy casual

  • Darshan Bhambhani
    Darshan Bhambhani

    Don’t ever work for free Rogue, take care

  • connor 31556
    connor 31556

    Fuck I loved the hotbreach podcast

  • Zowdie

    He banned me from his Twitch chat yesterday because I simply asked "Could you see the chat in the reveal event?". Dude is toxic asf lmao.

    • Yang Xiao Long
      Yang Xiao Long

      A lot of people were calling him a snake 🤣

  • Mister Delco
    Mister Delco

    Sounds like some immature drama. You guys all do well. Hard to see this other than drama for the sake of views. “He said this she said this” “look at the like to dislike ratio” Come on man. You guys make videos about video games. I know this is your world and you have your own problems. Best of luck to you. But this is a waste of most people’s times.

  • GenericOrochiMain


  • FrederickApollyon

    I have a great friend with your character type. When that guy speaks up he makes ABSOLUTELY SURE he's in the right. That's why I have absolute confidence in your side of the story. Also Ubisoft and misconduct seem to go hand in hand and that's no secret.

  • Fluffy

    Lmao, i got an tinder ad

  • P B
    P B

    fk flankt, keep it real ore go away, im so mad about diss story and diss EPI he is just terrible for the game,

  • Hyper Okami
    Hyper Okami

    Me, watching this video again while seeing "somebody's face" on twitch stream for the new season reveal

  • CrazySmash Vlad
    CrazySmash Vlad

    14:37 Because you said: "I'm REALLY TIERD". Gosh I so hate immature people that do this shit, u ask them once and instead of giving u an alternative they just say no and then when u decide not to include them they transform in little drama queens. 16:11 Grow up, no one will hold you little hand. The fair-play thing from Flanked should have been a Tweet saying "Good job mate you got me!", not cry like a little b1tch and try to force the poor guy out the podcast.

  • Albert Epureanu
    Albert Epureanu

    What happened? Sorry but I'm kinda new to siege and just found out about this

    • Albert Epureanu
      Albert Epureanu

      @幸運な Wow. Thanks... I guess

    • 幸運な

      Rouge meets this girl Ubisoft employee, they chat it in DM’s she leads him on and then says the doesn’t want him, he was obviously upset but got ever it, a while after they had a meet at the r6 invitational and the girl was there, they spoke (not about the situation) just talking and left, later on the girl said she felt uncomfortable or whatever, so he got taken aside a bit after and they told him he made her uncomfortable and he was mad because he didn’t do anything he was just talking to her, later on they travel to Barcelona and with a couple content creators (flanked and rouge 9) they go out to eat, and the girl is there at the table with them with a couple other Ubisoft employees, after a while the girl goes on tinder for some unknown reason and is being disrespectful acting like it’s a vacation, after a bit one of the other employees takes to phone from her, obviously that was awkward so Rouge 9 gets up for a smoke and invites one of his friends over with him, they talk about how rude the girl was acting and other stuff, they go back to the hotel after, make a podcast, and that’s where all the drama started, Flanked stated throwing Rouge under the bus saying he did stuff he never did and was being a two faced dick so he called him out and that’s where this lead to all the videos being made

  • SaintKillah88

    Sounds like ur girl was a hoochie and didnt want you. And who gives a darn man.just keep makin gaming videos and not whatever you call this

  • BloodRecon21

    Damn, been away from Siege (and Siege UZloadrs) for so long that I missed all of this. I guess what I want to know is what exactly is Pete’s hand in all this? I had already drifted away from Flankeds content due to other issues, but is Pete also sus, because seeing this video it kinda seems so.

    • Jon Loch
      Jon Loch

      same here

  • X

    keep your head up king

  • The Aussie Ninja
    The Aussie Ninja

    Full on trying to gaslight you. Jesus. Literally all he had to do was not make that video

  • byrdreciever

    To me the biggest question is why would they make rogue 9 a scapegoat ubi and get flanked have nothing to gain from doing that and its not like rogue is the biggest streamer or biggest content creator what do they gain from this

    • Nameless Nobody
      Nameless Nobody

      Well, for starters, GF will stop at nothing to ensure the steady flow of Ubisoft cash into his pocket (even if that means throwing Rogue under the bus). Rogue raised very legitimate concerns about the behaviour of certain influential Ubisoft employees on the R6 team and endured a terrible trip in which he was practically bullied and consistently left without any knowledge of the nature of engagements etc. Ubi of course don’t want any dirt on their ‘good name’ so it is only natural that they would cease partnership with Rogue in order to ensure the silence of those still sponsored by the company. It makes perfect sense, and frankly smacks of financially driven, abject corruption.