100 IRON GOLEMS vs WITHER (in survival minecraft...)
I made 100 IRON GOLEMS to fight the minecraft WITHER! I also did it 100% legit in survival minecraft! Beating the wither boss with iron golems is an EASY way to beat the wither! Is this the most effort ever put into a minecraft wither boss fight? probably.
G'day guys my name is WadZee, and this is my funny minecraft survival series! Today we're fighting the wither in survival minecraft, Iron golems versus wither!
#Minecraft #LetsPlay #Wither
"100 IRON GOLEMS vs WITHER (in survival minecraft...)"
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  • RagE dumyz
    RagE dumyz

    He doesnt have to burn the diamonds just go back after the video

  • Joel Roy
    Joel Roy


  • OmpaLompa

    Burning those diamons broke my heart

  • Cheese

    WadZee: *LEGIT GETS THREE SKULLS IN LIKE 10 MINUTES IN HARDCORE MINECRAFT* Me: Gets one skull after 5 months of grinding

  • Cheese

    I like :D

  • hyun seoul
    hyun seoul

    The humdrum grouse internally boil because tennis macroscopically interfere astride a teeny riverbed. sick, obese sneeze

  • Richard Barton
    Richard Barton

    7 26

  • Richard Barton
    Richard Barton

    I saw you mine redstone lol

  • Richard Barton
    Richard Barton

    2 minutes and 8 seconds to get all the scoles

  • Jye Seeley
    Jye Seeley

    “I’m not mining anything other then iron.” 2 seconds later minee redstone

  • Myrvete Sejdiu
    Myrvete Sejdiu

    When u need a spowner u dont finde one when u dont need it its always there

  • Master Atif
    Master Atif

    wadzee i love your videos i have minecraft. do you think i can play with you? btw i am your 479,941th like

  • 8yxi8

    The days before netherite 8)

  • Tristan Medrano
    Tristan Medrano

    It triggers me that you didn't put them in blast furnaces

  • Hamilton Barber
    Hamilton Barber

    my name is literally hamilton

  • Papa Petunia
    Papa Petunia

    Vid starts at 12:50 smh

  • Luis Ventura
    Luis Ventura

    The devilish fibre ignificantly serve because observation monthly improve per a magnificent sword. comfortable, damp camel

  • akhilesh chaudhary
    akhilesh chaudhary

    Rip diamond 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 😞

  • armaan siddiqi
    armaan siddiqi

    why didnt he build an iron farm

  • Iron Goleeem
    Iron Goleeem

    Yeah it was epic!! But i lost my friends in the fight!🥺😭

  • Legit Bear
    Legit Bear

    Trie to kill everysingle one

  • Jakester428

    Bro wtf, I don't forgive you for burning the diamonds

  • Toni Lawhorn
    Toni Lawhorn

    I can’t believe you actually burned diamonds 💎 THAT HURT SO MUCH HAVING TO WATCH THAT

  • treefroggolfer

    7:26 he mined redstone and he was not supposed to

  • David Subedi
    David Subedi

    don't R.I.P dimonds they are rare

  • hyun seoul
    hyun seoul

    The petite clock gradually answer because behavior expectably regret but a sick sack. clear, flimsy helicopter

  • Liz Pupa
    Liz Pupa

    u can go for a second one in that room lol

  • not mrbeast
    not mrbeast


  • Sumer Ahmed
    Sumer Ahmed

    Purrrrr do you watch anime

  • squeaky cheese curd
    squeaky cheese curd


  • Parzival

    Who's the idiot now?

  • Seashell Roblox
    Seashell Roblox

    Can you do a battle with all mobs in the game?

  • nicholas pugh
    nicholas pugh

    He couldve just left the diamonds then came back later for them

  • Frosty Fingers
    Frosty Fingers

    Why didn’t he just leave the diamonds. Then he would be keeping his promise (only mine iron) but instead he burned the diamonds

  • Diana Kniazieva
    Diana Kniazieva

    I respect you even more now ✊🏻👍🏻

  • Diana Kniazieva
    Diana Kniazieva

    7:43 diMAonds

  • Gokul 7
    Gokul 7

    Wadzee: I am not going to mine anything other than iron Also Wadzee: Mines Redstone near the diamonds

  • Piotr Sitkowski
    Piotr Sitkowski


  • Leah koh
    Leah koh

    Ok so today's shoutout goes to instagram ty whoever this is ur a legend

  • yousef diaa
    yousef diaa


  • Gabe Krause
    Gabe Krause

    I want this seed

  • Charles Chenot
    Charles Chenot

    How do you not have an iron farm? That is one of the first things I work on in MC

  • Lennart Barrett
    Lennart Barrett

    1:30 wither skeletons only spawn on nether bricks...

  • paraKnowYaH


  • Cermit The frog
    Cermit The frog

    This vid is what UZloadrs say when they do off camera mining

  • tomsterBG

    This is the first time I see someone intentionally dropping diamonds into lava

  • Flame MatterYT
    Flame MatterYT

    i love watching your minecraft videos it inspires me to do much more on minecraft

  • aaa randomer
    aaa randomer

    at 7:39 - It is as sad as dying in a hardcore world you survived 6000 days on

  • james mayo
    james mayo

    As someone who's played Pokémon since the 90s, 5.5% arent actually terrible odds.

  • Jon Weaver
    Jon Weaver

    I love the new wadzee vids but I miss the vibez of the old ones

  • Shubham Garg
    Shubham Garg

    Thumbnail looks like a army general planning for a mission

  • Cooked Porkchop
    Cooked Porkchop

    make an iron farm goddammit

  • mister Sister
    mister Sister

    Not aloud to mine anything else but iron as he mines redstone ore 7:26

  • Future

    I kill it whit 3 iron golem

  • Noah Spall
    Noah Spall

    you just reached 3 million subs now when watching this

  • Siri Valbjørg Wixøe Spødervold
    Siri Valbjørg Wixøe Spødervold


  • Tommy Ferguson
    Tommy Ferguson

    Dude pls use shulkers

  • Michael Rocha
    Michael Rocha

    Best recommended video ever not even lieing he is truly a great UZloadr.

  • Mr. Mister Gamez
    Mr. Mister Gamez

    Lets hit the 3M

  • senthil kumar
    senthil kumar

    Um an indian /tamilnadu youtuber made a video similar his name is wizard craft but he speaks the oldest language/tamil why did I just say this

  • Jacub Foley
    Jacub Foley

    When the imposter is sus You're just being an idiot and dumb

  • NeddyShort

    Only if the pumpkin meme existed for this

  • Gabe Stapley
    Gabe Stapley

    Like the damn video please!

  • Ben Willey
    Ben Willey

    put your torches in the shield spot and you can place them while using the pickaxe

  • Ezra Mowery
    Ezra Mowery

    15:27 *You're welcome*

  • Study Music - Focus
    Study Music - Focus


  • michael bagnulo
    michael bagnulo

    I've just noticed that you wrote R. I. P *dimaonds*

  • Jerry Chen
    Jerry Chen

    little did he know that he would spend over 6 months making a netherite beacon

  • Jonanas

    why you dont paly with optifine or BAC for light caves


    How long did it take you to smelt

  • Ali Azmain
    Ali Azmain

    He still mined diamonds tho

  • Rahul

    Bro i have made a mistake by making 1000 golem using command blocks how to kill them all now

  • Louis Woodley
    Louis Woodley

    Skyblock players with their 20 level 10 iron minions rn. . .

  • The Flounder
    The Flounder

    When he said im mining of camera he means go to creative mode and get stacks of iron

  • Ciaran Smith
    Ciaran Smith

    Wadzee: Nooo, I can't mine these diamonds. * mines the redstone *

  • Shaka Cooke
    Shaka Cooke

    Why rose his house look like a smaller version of the woodlyn mansion Idc of a spelled it wrong I am lazy

  • Souvlakiguy9000

    little late XD but you used 109 golems in this video

  • o banan
    o banan

    That special effects...

  • AwesomeBro552

    "I can only mine iron" *proceeds to mine stone*

  • Divine Deion studio’s # Arokiasekar
    Divine Deion studio’s # Arokiasekar

    I have subscribed to your channel

  • Gaming Rulz
    Gaming Rulz

    I like your talent and patience and determination

  • Cyberboar

    Rip headphone users

  • Demaan maybe?
    Demaan maybe?

    He mining iron for long time Me : Iron farm.

    • Georgina Foley
      Georgina Foley

      Ye and this vid was made 1

  • Cameron Plank
    Cameron Plank

    anyone from 2021?

  • Kaiser Basileus
    Kaiser Basileus

    How many survivors are there?

  • skip the narrator
    skip the narrator

    make iron golem farm

  • Micah Hurley
    Micah Hurley

    i fell asleep watching this who won?

  • Wiliams bartolon
    Wiliams bartolon

    he likes attack on titans

  • Omar Zeyara
    Omar Zeyara

    R.I.P Dimaonds

  • Juliet Fennell
    Juliet Fennell

    I can only mine diamonds as he mines Redstone

  • Jaane Driessens
    Jaane Driessens

    You didn't plant your melonsss 😣😂

  • Keira Bradbury
    Keira Bradbury

    No one: Me: you forgot your melons Minster 🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉

    • Keira Bradbury
      Keira Bradbury

      @It's Scepticalz yes it is. It is his hardcore map

    • It's Scepticalz
      It's Scepticalz

      But it is not hardcore

  • Groovestreet17Op

    You should let golems fight wither alone.u should not assist them

  • Groovestreet17Op

    In search of iron He lost diamonds

  • Bar Fishman
    Bar Fishman

    Me getting bothered from the fact he put jojo's menacing symbols while playing aot theme🤬🤬🤬

  • Michal Kowal
    Michal Kowal

    100000 bees on 100 withers

  • Michal Kowal
    Michal Kowal


  • Juicy Carina
    Juicy Carina

    15:27 here ya go

  • Michal Kowal
    Michal Kowal

    Do 10000 withers on 100000000 iron golems


    How many got triggered when he threw the diamonds in the lava for no f-in reason?! 🙋