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  • Mr Feast
    Mr Feast

    Why remove the C75 ?! These dumbass developers don't realise most Dokki mains " Even pros " use the C75 in close quarters combat? ... stupid asf

  • Tricky 69
    Tricky 69

    When is nokk getting rework

  • Samuel Desmarais
    Samuel Desmarais

    Can someone confirm if recoil feels different or got changed...?

  • NightSkyACC /\
    NightSkyACC /\

    Blackbeard 😔😔

  • ExplodinMidget

    like honestly just fucking delete blackbeard from this game at this point i swear

  • Jacer445 U
    Jacer445 U

    Poor Blackbeard

  • Mochi The PooH
    Mochi The PooH

    We need that Nokk buff, it make sense with her kit.

  • redwed6

    I hate how they remove a side arm option for this new gadget secondary. All the changes ubi is making to this game is just driving me further and further away from it and I've been playing since beta. It's not the same game it used to be which is a shame.

  • Da Marschel
    Da Marschel

    I really dont get why ubi hates frags so much.

  • Sall Schoenmaker
    Sall Schoenmaker

    Or they finaly make her a 3 speed

  • Aidan Corderio
    Aidan Corderio

    and now i wish to play seige

  • Yee

    Seriously? 20 hp on nerfbeard? There's only 2 weapons that I know are picked often that deal less than 20 damage. That means most of the time he's 2 shot, with smg rate of fire it might as well not exist. At this point they should just rework him. This is because if you can have clash be completely immune to normals fire without ever having her shield break, why does black beards? Does he purposely do this to screw himself lore wise?

  • Brian Wisse
    Brian Wisse

    BB players: NOT AGAIN!

  • Zeno Sherimaza
    Zeno Sherimaza

    So black beard went from cant be headshot to a peice of plastic to literal paper

  • Avocado

    I dont think the G36 needs to be improved ,although it has low damage. If it must be improved I prefer to add its damage rather than the recoil, cuz the recoil is easy to control.

  • ً

    I want some of whatever the fuck Ubi's balance team is smoking 'Cause they made a sniper with a 6x and a 12x scope that can kill in 3-Speed ops in one shot, DBNO everyone else in one shot, and the only way you won't get killed by her in one shot is if there's a Rook in your team and you had time to get armor. She has a fuckin' Autopistol too, so why even pick Glaz anymore since he's so inferior, Ubi's on some high drugs and I want some.

  • J Halofan360
    J Halofan360

    Might as well just give blackbeard a new ability at this point

  • revenent slaughter
    revenent slaughter

    Lemme just say this even if the devs rework bb people will still complain and he is an op they will never get right. Also bb isnt that fucking hard just pay tf attention and use ur brain u have one for a reason and adapt to your situation its what human are good at

  • DB Mack1
    DB Mack1

    Nokk with P90? Yes or No? And why?

  • Terra Erde
    Terra Erde

    1:27 you missed sometime it says that 2 and 1 speed ops will be DBNO after 2 bodyshots when wearing rook armor not 1

  • Diego Brando
    Diego Brando

    Poor Blackbeard

  • Liquid Tony
    Liquid Tony

    Melusi about to be very useless, especially since they're introducing a new secondary to take out bullet proof gadgets

  • Alex Petley
    Alex Petley

    I really can’t understand why they would replace the secondary’s with the Gunn 6 I mean it doesn’t make an operator op just they have 3 options for their loadout

  • That1GuyWhoSaidFuckIt

    I feel like if nokk can do it vigil should have the same for claymores

  • The Micropenis Maniac
    The Micropenis Maniac

    why the hell would they make the Gonne replace the C75 on dokki she now just has a very bad smg or a one shot gadget destroyer

  • Nameless Man
    Nameless Man

    Could they make vigil so, that he doesnt get called from dokkebi? It sounds stupid enough that drones can see where you could possibly be, get called or tracked down by IQ or Jackal at the same time, while nokk can skip all of these with the defenders.Not complaining about the buff, I just want Vigils gadget to be more versatile.

  • Matthew Tindale
    Matthew Tindale

    here comes the barbed wire meta

  • Dawn Of Terror
    Dawn Of Terror

    This ain't fair how does iana have frags but not finka

  • Emy Greenland
    Emy Greenland

    Jesus who even has grenades left..? I know Nokk, Maverick and Sledge has them but is that it?

  • Bradley Bailey
    Bradley Bailey

    Just take Blackbeard out or just rework him to be friendly to newer players

  • Echo 5-0-1
    Echo 5-0-1

    Blackbeard is like; Why are u bullin me🥺

  • Chaotic Neutral
    Chaotic Neutral

    That's great but give her a different fuckin gun PLEASE. The p10roni, or mp5sd, or jackals smg with 30 rounds, or SOMETHING. Please just not the fmg9...

  • Adam Neulander
    Adam Neulander

    I have gsh black ice... Needless to say, I'm furious that finka is losing it.

  • Tandarines !!
    Tandarines !!

    I like Blackbeard

  • Cebola

    Yall remember when bb was playable?

  • Artist._.

    If nokk gets this ability, shouldn’t Vigil be able to bypass claymores then??? Just so it can make sense

  • Capybara Capybara
    Capybara Capybara

    Great, another anti-skill change to Siege. I wish they would stop trying to force unbalancable ops like Nokk into relevancy when there are still Ops like Goyo, Clash and Castle that are just left in the shitter.

  • Manitaropitas

    I have an idea for mute give him r4c with acog three speed three armor. Honestly with the new changes he is gonna be a must pick in every level of play

  • Washington

    Ubisoft back at it again doing absoultely nothing for the balance

  • Gavin

    me a nokk main happy

  • Steven Roberts
    Steven Roberts

    If nokk somehow can’t get frost they would be a near instant pick for roam clear

  • 8x.i.x8

    I ALWAYS found it stupid that Nøkk would trigger proximity/trap gadgets this buff is what nøkk mains needed🙏🏾

  • edr

    I now assume that ubisoft regretted making blackbeard exist

  • Addapp

    “We’ve noticed that blackbeard gets on average 1 kill a game and we believe this is a bit too high. We removed his gun and shield from the game, and replaced his pistol with a bulletproof cam”

  • R. Perez
    R. Perez

    * sad Blackbeard noises *

  • Dr. Eevee59
    Dr. Eevee59

    tbh, we could change Black Beard to have an under-mounted grenade launcher as his gadget, to help with the utility meta, and then we could do something rare, buff his weapons

  • Myles Donovan
    Myles Donovan

    New ability for nøkk: she can now step over the kapkan traps

  • Ephemeral

    They need to just give Blackbeard a new gadget at this point. The shield is down to saving you from half a bullet. But at the same time, it's practically a seige tradition to see him in patch notes and watch people play him anyways.

  • Bryan

    i miss launch blackbeard

  • Tyrell Pasley
    Tyrell Pasley

    c75 why omg

  • Jakob

    Can’t believe they are nearfing black beard again


    Y dont they buy a rank test team of like 100 people or 500 or 1000 to see the r6 win Delta before it even come out cause all these changes it killing me u can even get use to a op cause change thing due to it being op just get a test team a real one not a lil test

  • jackabob 365
    jackabob 365

    And can mozzie catch rcxd

  • jackabob 365
    jackabob 365

    Does jager catch gonne 6 shots

  • BlackDog3522

    Give bb the short trailer shield wich goes on the sides of the weapon and doesn't protect the head. make that thing invincible

  • vvMAETYvv

    When will they buff the mpx it’s damage is so bad and rof is not fast enough

  • Just an egg
    Just an egg

    Please don’t just use the Nøkk buff on test servers, the metal detectors always gets me ಥ_ಥ

  • R6 Joeskull65
    R6 Joeskull65

    i used to be a nøkk main and i had 1.2 kd with her but it got boring but after this buff i might main her again

  • Prof. Pie
    Prof. Pie

    I honestly hate the balancing team "lets take Doks frags. Ahhh she has low pick rate! Add em back! Noo she can't have em, pick rate too high!!" Monkeys slapping the keyboard would be better. Now theyre removing the CZ75? Piss off, I loved that damn gun, these balancing teams need to be replaced or reworked themselves

  • Gummeey

    why do they keep taking dokks frags ??:(

  • RoamingDarkness _
    RoamingDarkness _

    The gonne 6 is trash

  • Cole

    It's so fucking rare to score a hit with Kali's sniper rifle, because most of the game takes place indoors. Jesus Christ, just leave her weapons alone.

  • Mist_Unit

    Blackbeard's shield takes only a bullet to get destroyed lmao

  • Matified

    *Kali gets a elite skin* *also kali* *gets balanced*

  • Matified

    Why tf is Blackbeard have a high ban-rate. He’s cheeks why would you ban him? You can single handely kill him lmao

    • coreross

      Well those ban rates are for plat and above on pc. So the high ranked players are doing the banning

  • Rogelio Franco
    Rogelio Franco

    Nokk buff*

  • Simone Antibelli
    Simone Antibelli

    BB nerf? AGAIN?

  • Amadeus Mozart
    Amadeus Mozart

    Me as a Kali main is crying tears of joy either

  • StarBright

    Great now I can’t use my GSH-18 black ice on Finka. It’s my only black ice

  • CodeNamePasta18

    Bro what the hell at this point take everyone’s frags

  • Reeferside 420
    Reeferside 420

    Dogshit... this game has already been completely ruined. Let's just make it worse so no one wants to play the game anymore...

  • Danky Kang
    Danky Kang

    I feel like they need to just completely rework how Blackbeard is played, i feel his place in the meta is in a kinda spot where he will constantly either get buffed or nerfed all the time. Like, make the shields as weak as they can be, but give him the ability to give 2 other operators shields on only AR weapons. Just anything at this point. Like, make the shield a mask instead of an attachment. I feel like for some operators, their concern shouldnt be how far an operator is in the meta ladder, but how well he synergies with the team. Like, not only does he not provide any utility advantage to the team, he's also not good at giving information. I guess that was the intention of Blackbeard, but I'd rather have anyone else in my team. So they shouldn't nerf or buff stats. They should rework him.

  • Sadiq Mubashsir Khan
    Sadiq Mubashsir Khan

    no worries, she'll get her frags back later.

  • Cyber Crakin
    Cyber Crakin

    I hate how they keep talking like kali is too strong in theese updates, like why are you spending time nerfing an underplayed underperforming character? Was anyone ever complaining about her? not that i ever heard?

  • Rordon Gamsay
    Rordon Gamsay

    Even Nøkk's name is reworked. :/

  • ImTrashAtEverything

    Seems like they hate Blackbeard. Next thing you know he won’t even have guns anymore. Just send him in with a brick and tell him good luck.

  • Cristobal Alvarez
    Cristobal Alvarez

    Dude then remove the the mk14from defense and let black beards shield at 150hp make the enemy rethink their strategy and let em complain if they can't use their brains to shoot him in the body they just want to get headshots at least let them earn it by facing black beard with its face shield.this fucking dev's are gonna ruin the game

  • Leone Senpai
    Leone Senpai

    Nerf a op cause they're played a lot... The fuk type of logic is that? Its literally counterintuitive since people will find a new op, play them a lot, win a lot and then Ubi goes nerfing.

  • Senpai3027

    Big rip for the black beard mains

  • Keevyn Benitez
    Keevyn Benitez


  • Not My Name
    Not My Name

    getting real tired of them always taking away the frags.

  • Alejandro Antunez Muñoz
    Alejandro Antunez Muñoz

    What the actual fuck did they do to my boy bb

  • Max Peterson
    Max Peterson

    I miss icycat

  • Cuka

    dok about to be op though imagine hacking maestro cams and echo drones

  • Consoler plays
    Consoler plays

    It’s been a long time since they nerf or buff a operator

  • I have More dads than you
    I have More dads than you

    I get what they’re trying with Nokk but some of those buffs don’t make sense. Her device doesn’t drop all the metal on her so why would metal detectors be affected? Doesn’t make sense. Especially when her metal gun goes through before she does. Zero sense. Also, Kapkhans traps have a (now) invisible trip laser wire that detects large clumps of matter (I.e an operator). I don’t see how her gadget would all of sudden make her invisible to laser wires. Again, doesn’t make sense. The other devices I get. But instead of saying “MAKE HER INVISIBLE TO ALL THE THINGS!!!” Maybe slow down, smoke a J, and chill out. Make her invisible to the things that make sense and not the to things that would be physically impossible. Hopefully they don’t also make her invisible to Pulse. Because you know, her heart is still beating.

  • monke man
    monke man

    BB is just a punching bag for ubisoft

  • Luis

    they will never terminate the frustration of blackbeard until they completely remove his gadget. The problem is that you’re getting punished for being drilled and trained to have good aim, that is the frustration. A rework would be fitting

  • Luis

    no one is going to use the gonne 6 on dokkaebi bec you need the full auto alternative that lacks in her primarys. bruh well done ubi

  • Luis

    delete an operator or keep him working, but something in between is just frustrating for both players and developers.

  • Eggsrgey

    *Just remove Blackbeard from the game at this point.*

  • The Original Sam
    The Original Sam

    Can someone explain why my kali always made Hitmarkers even before the change? Was she bugged or was it a feature?

  • TitanMaster X
    TitanMaster X

    Well blackbeard is just fuckin useless now

  • mìstērwérwølf672

    I swear I feel like that old tiktok I seen back then is the cause of these new buff for nokk this is only my opinion on this but it's dumb it's gonna piss off more people then the people who wished for it in the first place are gonna wish it never happened (this is my opinion so don't get mad at this😒)

  • Lynxsies Lynx
    Lynxsies Lynx


  • Goose

    It's about time she could do these things holy shit ...damn metal detectors killing my vibes

  • Q Tain
    Q Tain

    Yay nokk got buffed but I would just honestly love her to have a better gun

  • nazareno moran
    nazareno moran

    "Operation make defenders always win"

  • NightFreeze

    If they’re gonna nerf BB then they might as well remove him completely. The point of the operator is to be able to take a couple extra headshots and LIVE

  • Ronan Randomness
    Ronan Randomness

    Honestly frags are probably better than the secondary weapon. You get two of them, and you can kill with them. Flashes are cool and all but when have you picked them over frags.