I Surprised My Girlfriend for Valentines Day.. (SHE SAID YES)
I went all out for my girlfriend on Valentines Day and at the end I had a special proposal...
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  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug


    • Jiya Patel
      Jiya Patel

      Happy Valentine's day FaZe Rug!!!!

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      Leo Llacza


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      godpro hacker

      give away 25 ps5

    • Israel maya
      Israel maya

      Happy valentine's say

    • Dylan Ononiwu
      Dylan Ononiwu

      @DannyX cool

  • AceDivyansh

    7:40 Look at that kid lol

  • Hailey Stanley
    Hailey Stanley

    its my b-day on feb 14

  • DSG Toasty
    DSG Toasty

    Ayooo 😂

  • wanjikuk

    Like rug always has to eat something on valentines .... Last time it was cake and this time it was the cupcake

  • Daniel Hahn Conradsen
    Daniel Hahn Conradsen

    “Vlog rug” it sounds like a good name for a vlog Channel

  • not brad
    not brad

    FaZe Rug: I love this house 1 month later: I didn’t feel comfortable there

  • Paige Line
    Paige Line

    One side of UZload - too young to get married but I’m 20 Another side of UZload - we got married at 18

  • Hotany

    Hi. Can you give us some tips, when it comes to be financially successful.

  • Dominat0r _
    Dominat0r _

    I don’t have the phone yet so yeah I am I have a tablet

  • Iam Babyash
    Iam Babyash

    U wore the same shirt u wore to ask her out🥺thats cute

  • Iam Babyash
    Iam Babyash

    Yess noah we shoott our shott for a livinggg😌😂

  • Iam Babyash
    Iam Babyash

    Why did he chose paintings bruhh 🤣 talk about rugz closet and his Lambo😂he's just dumb

  • Its Leach
    Its Leach

    It almost seems like she’s a paid actor

  • Derek Wallace
    Derek Wallace

    Faze rug I saw your tik tok and kaylen was whereing her green fur jacket and it looked so soft on her

  • Felisha Correa
    Felisha Correa

    It was so romantic that he put that ring pop on her finger than gave it a taste😂🥰 what a keeper

  • Jiya Patel
    Jiya Patel

    I love these videos

  • Alyaa Almadrahi
    Alyaa Almadrahi

    ya yeet better not lie

  • Kathy Magana
    Kathy Magana

    Hiiiiiiiiiii 😊🙂😺

  • Katalina Rodriguez
    Katalina Rodriguez

    She was like hello

  • Speakable Woofer
    Speakable Woofer


  • The Santiago family
    The Santiago family

    “I sleep here I wake up her right”? Haha rug your so funny😂



  • Not-Evil


  • lalremsiami 21
    lalremsiami 21


  • Amee Janice Rivera
    Amee Janice Rivera

    Wow that’s so sweet ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Suhail Nayyer
    Suhail Nayyer


  • mango garcia
    mango garcia

    Omg they kissed on cam

  • Tardu Cengiza
    Tardu Cengiza

    Rug: *lives in a multi million dollar mansion with 3 Lamborghinis in its garage* Random kid: 22$ pAintIng hAhA eXpoSeD

  • Nicole Kienzle
    Nicole Kienzle

    I grew up eating sugar cookies with my dad. We used to have one every night after dinner. I always get so exited to eat one.

  • Evelina Kulmane
    Evelina Kulmane

    Who else though rug woud propose to Kaeyln

  • Nicole Flete
    Nicole Flete

    Ok ok ok

  • Aaditya 69
    Aaditya 69

    It potcast guys

  • Aaditya 69
    Aaditya 69

    How he will be broke he make so much money from youtube only

  • Tain Ramirez Diaz
    Tain Ramirez Diaz

    We would never know what happened with Noah with that girl from the malls

  • Demilee Penrose
    Demilee Penrose

    Hey rug you make my day you are a great person don’t mind those haters they are just jealous because your successful ❤️❤️❤️

  • Jessica Garner
    Jessica Garner

    Stop cussing

  • OneZ_RTap _
    OneZ_RTap _

    Happy Valentines day :D

  • Mr Gamer SHEILD
    Mr Gamer SHEILD

    Aren’t you like 24?

  • Karla Contreras
    Karla Contreras

    I'm so lonely🥲

  • John Sage
    John Sage

    NISSAN MAXIMA!!!!!!!!

  • Jacqueline Hall
    Jacqueline Hall

    You guys are super cute 😊😘

  • Cam’Rynn Collins
    Cam’Rynn Collins

    To faze rug:I am one of your biggest fans I found you about two years ago and you were the first person to have a video that made me actually cry laughing and I was just wanting to win a iPhone 12 I know I probably won’t because you’re gonna have 20 mil but it’s worth a shot even if I don’t get picked still going to watch and rewatch your videos

  • Pepito Grillo Cuando Perdió El Gorro
    Pepito Grillo Cuando Perdió El Gorro

    2 years ago Ex 2 years later Your married with her

  • mathew campbell
    mathew campbell

    You've met Daniel mac

  • mathew campbell
    mathew campbell

    It's ok guys he's smart he's good with money

  • mathew campbell
    mathew campbell

    You said it in a vid where you go to the ice room to relax your muscles

  • mathew campbell
    mathew campbell

    Are you married

  • Amy Brockney
    Amy Brockney

    Awww so beautiful ❤

  • Airsoft Airspace
    Airsoft Airspace

    This is what I love about rug he is so humble

  • Mazen

    Mr faze rugy I saw you don't has a camera man so I is pro with the camera snippets recruit me to your family and think about is this decision

  • Rumaisa patel
    Rumaisa patel


  • Mayra Alas
    Mayra Alas

    Why y’all look so Awkward but y’all been knowing each other for years? Anyways like you said HAPPY LATE VALENTINES DAY LOVERS

  • Hala Dirham
    Hala Dirham

    Iphone12 plz

  • vicdurrr

    Don’t diss 1-800 nipples 😡

  • oggaming

    Ur the best bro

  • Harnifer Perez
    Harnifer Perez

    Your house looks sick bro 🔥🔥wtf were they even thinking

  • Alexis Pereira
    Alexis Pereira

    Congratulations faze rug, keep staying positive and being smart with your money

  • Morgan Welch
    Morgan Welch

    I want more vids like this. I am trying to invest in Real estate and don’t know how to get started.

  • Lynneth Salas
    Lynneth Salas

    It was funny when he said I am still a baby 😂

  • Manase Lavalu SILINU'U
    Manase Lavalu SILINU'U

    keep being remantice

  • Jeremy Greer
    Jeremy Greer

    You git a big heart bro keep it up

  • Adelynn Plays
    Adelynn Plays

    Faze rug I’ve been to that target before

  • Stephanie Alvarado
    Stephanie Alvarado

    @FazeRug you should do a video on getting to know kaelyn! we don’t know her at all! you should do a huge birthday party for her and post it on youtube so we can see you two! i’m a huge fan of kaelyn but i want to get to know her literally! ❤️

  • Shandre Menzies-Richards
    Shandre Menzies-Richards

    Yes! More financial stuff especially during this time 🙌 some tips & advice would be banging!

  • Remy Sol
    Remy Sol

    This dude has all the money in the world and he gets her that???

  • Ericka Watson
    Ericka Watson

    Happy Valentine's

  • Marijo Mutavdzic
    Marijo Mutavdzic

    I would like to know when people lie more - April 1. or February 14.?

  • BeazTxZ_Yt

    Popularity lvl Rug=Drake


    8:55 hahah im still a baby

  • beast boy krish
    beast boy krish

    Lol he proposed her in a funny way 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Aboud Attal
    Aboud Attal

    it dose not matter if your pics are cheap you need to follow your heart and mind be yourself dont change you are the best youtyouber

  • Jemma Chapman
    Jemma Chapman


  • cassidy sherfick
    cassidy sherfick

    Pleas get him that 20mill not because I want or need anny of that stuff just because his videos got me through some hard stuff love you faZe

  • Jamie Lee Ashton
    Jamie Lee Ashton

    Happy Valentines Day ☺️

  • Bronagh Hamill
    Bronagh Hamill

    I am subscribed

  • Diego Chavez
    Diego Chavez

    I Love you videos so cool and blessing you 💕

  • Diego Chavez
    Diego Chavez

    Let Goooooooooooo

  • David R Pletcher
    David R Pletcher

    The thing that I am mostly happy about is... NOAHS FINALLY GOT A GIRL

  • Dennis


  • Himanshi Porwal
    Himanshi Porwal

    Heyy Faze could just start shoutout...I'd appreciate that❤❤

  • fire clips
    fire clips

    plzz me I love cars and your my favoite UZload alsoI have liked all yours videos

  • NotClyde09

    you're 2018-2020 vids keep me from being bored without you i would probably just sleep all day

  • Sialkoti Boy
    Sialkoti Boy

    We don’t care about your money will care about you

  • J.R Baits
    J.R Baits

    Nigga really said 👁👅👁 when he put the ring on her finger

  • Julie EmilySongs
    Julie EmilySongs

    Omg she took the ring pop 😂

  • Adriana Thomas
    Adriana Thomas

    Hit 20 Mil!!!!!!

  • Flexx

    Baby rug?🤔🤔

  • Nattalie Swift
    Nattalie Swift

    omg i love that you expressed your feelings toward LGBTQ, made me feel accepted to know that!

  • • izabele •
    • izabele •

    the ending is the best

  • Erlinda Bautista
    Erlinda Bautista

    Awww 💖 So Sweet I can't believe that the year went by so fast and your still together *Brian 💖 Kaelyn* So Cute your such a Sweetheart . 💖💖💖💖.... Rug Rat 4 Life ...

  • Octaviano Pérez
    Octaviano Pérez


  • Dino NUGGETS
    Dino NUGGETS

    Hi rug i love your vids they make my day :D

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    Lonerr Flix


  • Lonerr Flix
    Lonerr Flix


  • AB Nations
    AB Nations

    FaZe Rug you have inspired me to do my own UZload channel ❤️❤️

  • KidMessi10 Kobe
    KidMessi10 Kobe

    I had the worst valentines day ever because i broke a window and if my parents know this im grounded😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

  • Jesus loves you 2
    Jesus loves you 2

    Happy valentine day!!! Sub and like to rug

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    Johnnyblow11 Rodriguez

    Yes bro