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Originally on Lockdown 23&1
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Part 2
Part 3

  • End Of Sentence
    End Of Sentence

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    • John Graziano aKa REAL
      John Graziano aKa REAL

      Isn't Big Sandy in Kentucky? There's also one nick named Big Sandy in Colorado but I could be wrong is that the one your referring to Jake the one in Kentucky?

    • Bianca Kaye
      Bianca Kaye

      You are so beyond this stuff now. Time to expand your horizons. News station intern, radio News, podcast covering international prison systems and cultures. You are too good for this little stuff anymore. Go big!

    • G H
      G H

      What part of Boston are you from?

    • triple 7
      triple 7

      Why leave the web in the car?? The dog would most likely find the wep too if he ditched but still.. at least try

    • J Shotz
      J Shotz

      Do one on hsm

  • Randy Lanhart
    Randy Lanhart

    You and Jay Williams keep it real on life behind bars. Stay safe stay free.

  • Mel 'Beze
    Mel 'Beze

    You are the Police!

  • nynative137

    Oh well, bye

  • Beau Amoureux
    Beau Amoureux

    All the extra curricular dumb shit that y’all be doing out here is embarrassing! Firstly, you ain’t scaring your “opps” by showing guns, because they got guns too! Secondly, you ain’t even supposed to have a gun, so why the FUCK are you brandishing weapons for the world to see?! 🤷🏿‍♂️ Thirdly, you’re fucking up the real money, because none of the big bag sponsors want anything to do with this foolery. Fourthly, you’re risking your family’s financial security, because you are the meal ticket for all of your loved ones! Whole time, who loves these dudes, bruh? It really seems like nobody loves them! 💯

  • Appallo Kelley
    Appallo Kelley

    Anyone see that white crip on 23&1 call this guy a fake blood? That white crip was the fakest gangster ever.

  • Debbie Beasley
    Debbie Beasley

    I know the vids have a lot of cussing but I can’t take all the profanity and taking God’s name in vain by the host on here... I’m sad.. I do agree with what you say and I respect your right to speak as you wish, just as I am free to get the story elsewhere.. ☮️

  • Traw Wilson
    Traw Wilson

    prison is different from the feds

  • K

    "But when they have a 100% picture of you holding the gun...." 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 THAT was funny!

  • Calvin Payne
    Calvin Payne

    Bet he wish he would have sit his a** down. They done got dude on some Suge Knight sh**...😬

  • Bone Bone
    Bone Bone

    Young talent losing everything

  • Joshua miranda
    Joshua miranda

    On m me

  • Tracy Yates
    Tracy Yates

    100% picture of you holdin a gun.... I lost it there. I died a little inside lol

  • Jeremy Robinson
    Jeremy Robinson

    1090 Jake brother i love the channel but as a ex CO for a prison mental hospital who had to actually go sit in these hearings and deal sessions a plea deal is a admission of guilt and THEY HAVE TO SIT AND TELL THE JUDGE exactly what happened and they can still give you the max on the deal but now a charge bargain now that’s a good one because you don’t have to admit to anything and the deal is to lower the charge they just can’t give him the max for the charge

  • SinSA 210
    SinSA 210

    Don't get it there is an endgame in chess why dudes scared to win.U survived the streets when others died or got locked up, u (were) living the life alot of us ninjas dream of and was under 30, now u gonna throw that all away. He needed someone on his team to say homie this street shyt is what we do now on behalf of u, u earned ur stripes. Retire ur high school jersey, u in the NBA now youngboy.Tyme to b grown man,and if ur team r allstars then they should know to protect they star player from this.He was in position to change y'all lives,but y'all just around watching him throw away his.To the yung homies it's ok to embrace the rapper and retire the trapper, that means u won realize it.

  • Big Nobeli
    Big Nobeli

    Don’t be having guns or around them in your music videos if you are a convicted felon! What do mfs have to prove STAY AWAY from people who have something to prove

  • Dennis D Menace
    Dennis D Menace

    Youngboy gotta change his name to Dumbboy.

  • blackanimatrix

    My thing is that he’s a rapper. Like him holding a fire arm in his car is a pass in my opinion because he’s a target for someone trying to catch a him lacking. You gotta remember his house did get broken into that one time.

  • Austin Jones
    Austin Jones

    In all honesty bro the way them still pics look it look like whoever's was workin the camera was 12 fr or a rat

  • Juan Leal - Miami Beach Luxury Real Estate
    Juan Leal - Miami Beach Luxury Real Estate

    And if you’re going to have illegal weapons just make sure you have a bunch of fake ones of the same model in your possession when the feds come knocking as long as they don’t see the real ones you can say all those videos were made from a fake weapons There’s no way they can prove otherwise.

  • john gotti
    john gotti

    Kinda dope liked and seen the video go from 12k to 13k, keep up the grind bro you come a long ass way

  • mrbrown0629

    For me to be from Louisiana... This dude has to be the stupidest rapper to ever witnessed overall This reminds me of Boosie 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Ian puglia
    Ian puglia

    Free Yb🐍❤️


    Yall ready for that yb clone

  • 26th ENT
    26th ENT

    The amount of kids that this man influences is sad and ridiculous they think they are little thugs smh its just sad i feel bad

  • Agent 47
    Agent 47

    Masterpiece Arms makes THE BEST Mac-11 & Mac-10 clones. You can bump fire a 32rd mag in less than 2 seconds. I have a 1st gen mini mac 11 (mpa-930t).. love living in a free state. I get stopped with an ounce of A grade bud and a loaded mac11, cop has to weigh my weed and disassemble my gun before handing them right back with a warning.

  • Hope



    U can bend the shit made me chuckle

  • April Owen
    April Owen


  • Daddy Dollaz
    Daddy Dollaz

    If it was just the State. He would just do the a few years

  • Proph 99
    Proph 99

    NBA Young boy is a very stupid boy. This goes to show you that no amount of money will change a man’s behavior.

  • ProAudioMastering C
    ProAudioMastering C

    Its like cheese on a sticky trap. Its gone cost you if you go for it. Learn from the ones that came before you. Its a setup.

  • D Cuzucant
    D Cuzucant

    Shittin me those were replicas prove they not ....period made to look like the real guns you recovered from people I was associated with ....why didn't we find replicas ? Because you weren't looking for them ....just like no one called you to this abandoned house to harass us during a music video

  • Jay Æ
    Jay Æ

    One of the only new rappers who actually bout it

  • Kin Burke
    Kin Burke

    Name should be dumb boy millionaire!

  • PHILL Gates
    PHILL Gates

    This all facts

  • Kori Neal
    Kori Neal

    He really might be over wit smh

  • Shane Keen
    Shane Keen

    This is the second time Jake has said "he complied by throwing his keys out of the window, and then hit the gas and took off" TF he do that?

    • Kay Jay
      Kay Jay

      Push start 🤷🏾

  • Larry Sampson
    Larry Sampson


  • god body
    god body

    Why have the guns all in the videos in the first place 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Dill Pickle
    Dill Pickle

    Its called doing a life sentence on installment plans... and felon in poss of a firearm is MANDANTORY time.. day 4 day. No good time. Nothing. And yep. If you get the Rico that's DINOSAUR time bruh

  • Jeff Jr
    Jeff Jr

    SMH rappers are always out here doing some dumb shit to get themselves locked up.

  • michael davis
    michael davis

    Sooooo dudes can't just use fake guns in the videos. Stupid af

  • Doug Parker
    Doug Parker

    What I don't get is if you gonna name yourself never broke again,you involve yourself in dumb shit like that.

  • Jay Casteline
    Jay Casteline

    Good to see him locked up

  • Joel Hemmings
    Joel Hemmings

    These rappers all b snitching on themselves man shit weak.

  • SanDiegoConfidential


  • Zodiac Stop
    Zodiac Stop


  • Ntb S.A
    Ntb S.A

    100% picture of u 😅😅😅

  • Real Nice
    Real Nice

    Young boy got guns to fight the government lmao

  • Negro Mando
    Negro Mando

    Fake guns cost more than real ones.🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Ian Girard
    Ian Girard

    He pretty pussy tho..?..😂 and You ain't even know how many years somone gets from firearms for felons.. Ya years are off and all over the place... Your view on what "may happen" Are off...if u wanna talk bout what's going on with people, do ya thing.. But if you ain't been threw shit like ya talking about.. Or really know these situations or what actually happens.. You Should prolly stick to the drama you can prove. 👍🏻

  • La'Darrian Bowman
    La'Darrian Bowman

    Damn why I feel like you a federal investigator

  • The Dwight Mamba
    The Dwight Mamba

    If your friends are on the payroll as security, they can have all the guns. These new rappers aren't clever at all.

    • The Dwight Mamba
      The Dwight Mamba

      @Jack Ruby NeverFreeAgain Youngboy

    • Jack Ruby
      Jack Ruby

      Smart man!! I don't understand why they just dont hire some homies they know who are not felons now you can walk around with your homies with guns and it dont seem like you have a real security guard

  • paintup46


  • David Collett
    David Collett

    In all honesty ,they could get this kid today and lock him up for the rest of his life and he would have still been lucky to stay out as long as he has while be completely wreckless,kids always into some crazy stuff,so young that they don't realize that they can stop living that way ,it's like they love the credit so much that they receive fr there own people for being nutcases... stupidity...been there done that ,got the rap sheet for God bless this kid

  • !MUSHU

    He’s gon buy protection. Whoever stepping behind him in the feds he’ll have they ppl straight while he there........if he’s smart. He ain’t gon survive without respect or money..idk which of it these rap niggas got more of. So that depends.

  • SeedyN Greedy
    SeedyN Greedy

    This literally proves you can be rich and stupid as hell at the same time. With all that money you think he would pay someone to keep his shit in check to cover his ass. But no he just likes showing off his shit and wonders why his locked up now. His ego was his undoing, not the first rapper to do this and dare i say not going to be the last. Lessons never get taught in some classrooms i guess.

  • Lashawn Arrington
    Lashawn Arrington

    Lmao . gheee i love yours fcking video. !! 😂🙌🏽 " nawl the feds aint got 100% conviction rate, but they gotta 100% pic of you hold 2 different type of fckin guns" 😅 but i agree. He might be fcked!

  • Kemar Vernon
    Kemar Vernon

    Yow bad man love to watch your video I'm from Jamaica respect me don

  • Rico411

    i hope he is as tough as he says he is. they not going to care in fed.

  • aeMKei2850

    for the next video he needs chief keefs nummer to get that rubber gun 😂😂😂😂

  • Juan Thotti
    Juan Thotti

    Clout chasing...smh this new generation is so wack. Girls don't care about that shit. They want likes from other men. Btw bet he snitchin.

  • jon richard
    jon richard

    Imagine lookin at yo window seein young boy peekin around the corner hidin lol

  • Hero Kid
    Hero Kid

    Nigga caught that case lol

  • Twin 6300
    Twin 6300

    Lil durk told on nba young wtf i knew it

  • show2ime

    These dummies will never learn. Lock this dummy up

  • C D
    C D

    Jake out here eatin good

  • Lucas Bracken
    Lucas Bracken

    Youngboy is my grandparents favorite artist! Release him so we can see him in concert!

  • Dominic Ross
    Dominic Ross

    This guy wishes he was black

  • Judha 12
    Judha 12

    That privileged idiot is done 🍴 🍽 🍴

  • Gloosh 1
    Gloosh 1

    Goat Lucy goons chase him down. Haha selling your soul is a thing. Dont let these people be your idolize

  • Joshua Hlubb
    Joshua Hlubb

    So let me get this straight, the feds said throw the keys...he complied....then he took off???? After he threw the keys?

    • Jack Ruby
      Jack Ruby

      Push to start cars can drive without the keys you only need the key to start it up

  • rere mincey
    rere mincey

    They have no evidence than unless the can see serial number on gun he carring in photo. That's a prop gun that looks like the one the found.

  • Daniel Gagnon
    Daniel Gagnon

    Mfers tell on they selves

  • Tell Malcomb
    Tell Malcomb

    "Whys he say we recovered the real guns you a cop son"

  • Aydin

    he prolly ran outta gas

  • Benjamin Breeg
    Benjamin Breeg

    Would be too bad while in prison if he shanked a gang-member wearing the other gang color so that he will get another 25 years

  • Michael Whitty
    Michael Whitty

    I'm a old head I've never been a street Dude and never wanted to be a street Dude damn it seems you have a little fun and your Arse end up in the big house all for what Yeah it's a Hard pass for me I'll stick with my 9-5, my House that's paid for and my 2020 car that gets me from point A to B I'm good 😉😉

  • SlabAllStarz #ChoppedAndScrewed
    SlabAllStarz #ChoppedAndScrewed

    I appreciate u homie, u seem like alot of my Dawgs that I kick it wit. Id Kick It Wit Ya, I'm A Felon Myself 💥 🔫 I subscribed wit the Bell 🔔 ON Much luv to u, keep bein R E A L

  • Jacob Ramsey
    Jacob Ramsey


  • SmileZ ThaGOD
    SmileZ ThaGOD

    🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ i thought the feds did have a 100% conviction rate? Idgaf i aint chancing it anyway 🤷

  • aarondekanter

    Philosophical rule here: you cannot PROVE negatives. you can only prove positives. You can't prove that something didn't happen. You can only prove that something DID happen. Much love!

  • Master N Media
    Master N Media

    I just want all my youngbulls to learn from these mistakes so when y’all get rich enjoy your life

  • Tre Williams
    Tre Williams

    ME: NBA is that you?! NBA: 🤫, 👉🏾🐷🚔, ME: 👌🏾😏, 👉🏾 🏡 THE 🐷🐷: OINK OINK OINK? ME: ... THE 🐷🐷: OINK OINK? ME: 🏃🏾☁️

  • J DeVita215
    J DeVita215

    Basically what I got out this is we ain’t gotta hear no bull shit ass music for a while

  • The random stuff
    The random stuff

    Found you from the interview on 23&1 glad you got your own wicked channel from ontario brother

  • Mad Max
    Mad Max

    He tossed the keys out the window n still pulled off 😂😂😂 bro ridin with the spare just for this situation

    • Jack Ruby
      Jack Ruby

      Push to start cars only need the key to start it up not drive off

  • Quique

    they couldve been props id he ha a good laywer

  • Taylor Thruelsen
    Taylor Thruelsen

    He’s correct on all the fed time and convictions. When you do fed time you learn.

  • Shawn Kloter
    Shawn Kloter

    I've never heard one song from this NBA dude but looking at the clips of his music videos it just proves my point that 90s rap was the best ERA ever. In 2021 every rapper is flashing guns jewelry stacks of money in every goddamn video. Lame.

  • Dez Anime
    Dez Anime

    “ when they have a 100% picture of you......... you fucked it up”-1090 jake 😂

  • Jared Sheldon
    Jared Sheldon

    Fed marshals kicked my door in 2 weeks ago for some dumb shit. But sounds like u gota mass accent and I'm from fall river mass. Done state time in Walpole and Shirley med. And obv county bits in plymouth, south bay, dartmouth, ash st. But good shit turning a neg into a positive w channel my dude.

  • Vlad M
    Vlad M

    He better hope Trump gets reelected in 24 for a pardon

  • Jose Medinas Gamefowl page
    Jose Medinas Gamefowl page

    Floyed is laughing his ass off right now!

  • NH Sosaa
    NH Sosaa

    I was fw 1090 jake til duse start taking ppls content and not giving credit.

  • Joanne J
    Joanne J

    I lowkey feel like he is most at peace prison, minus not seeing his kids. Too many demons on his back and too many grown ass men to take care of in my eyes. Could be wrong, but that smile on the inside was so genuine . Hopefully he goes to a facility where he can just do his time

  • J.acencc

    Stupid... If your a felon.. why go out that easy..

  • Trise Sanders
    Trise Sanders

    Why the hell people get famous to f*** it up crazy ass hell.

  • Adrian De Nava
    Adrian De Nava

    yoo that nigha nba youngboy was doing way too much. i mean i understand he a youngin and still wants that adrenaline rush so he stays up in the mix and stays with that drama. I think he really finna go down in history and be thenleader and creator of his gang. fuk it keep ut head up. free that nigha till is backwards