Black Ops Cold War: 100 Tips and Tricks to Learn EVERYTHING!
Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War 100 tips and tricks to learn everything! Here are 100 major tips and tricks to get better at Black Ops Cold War. Leave a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more Call of Duty tips and tricks. Second channel@TheCh0pper
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      These tips are awesome but it’s sad that most of these tips don’t work cuz a lot of people don’t know how to play this game (even tho they are level 30) so like half these tips don’t work

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    What? flinch isn't visual it actually moves your model and will indeed knock you off center mad true

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      @Tom Wilding it definitely in turn moves your aim

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      It moves your feet but not your aim

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    "odds are your go-to gun isnt going to work for every map" Excuse me but my bullfrog and m79 would like to have a word with you

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    The muzzle flash reduction is the time your dot is visible on the minimap not neccesarrily the flash of shooting itself

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    "...a twitch shooter like call of duty where the time to kill is super fast" Bro the ttk in cod has never been fast, that's why they have hardcore gamemodes. The ttk is pretty on par with it's competitors like battlefield and always has been. If you think cod has a fast time to kill the you should never play something like insurgency or squad or post scriptum or any other games like that, cause you'll get destroyed by one handgun bullet to the toe or something. Also there's an audio and visual que for the armor breakage. Other than that, good video

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    Changing Mantling to on second press makes it really difficult to hop through windows especially on Armada so I'd recommend on press

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      It really does, there's a lot of weird little spots where it messes you up

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    Cold War ps444

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    How to be good at cod...step 1: aim. Step 2: shoot. Boom you're good at the game

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    Enjoy all your vids, great work 🏌️🏌️ Just one thing, tip 21 I believe. Score streaks do carryover, unlike MW 19. So you don’t have to die to cycle thru them again.

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    18. 30:00 there is actually a sound and a visual cue, when armor breaks

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      @Andrei Cebanu their is but its buggy

    • Andrei Cebanu
      Andrei Cebanu

      @Optic Edge pretty sure I heard a sound cue

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      That’s for zombies for multiplayer there isn’t a sound yet I’m pretty sure

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