Zero Point Story Trailer for Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 5
The Zero Point is exposed, but no one escapes the Loop, not on your watch.
The hunt is on in Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 5: Zero Point. Join Agent Jones as he enlists the greatest Hunters across Realities like The Mandalorian to stop others from escaping the Loop. Battle for honor in an ancient arena, take on bounties from new characters and try out new Exotic weapons that pack a punch. Your targets are waiting. Join the Hunt.
Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.


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  • David Sharer
    David Sharer

    Plz bring fortnite to mobile plz plz plz plz plz plz plz like if u agree



  • Alfie Playz fortnite
    Alfie Playz fortnite

    Fortnite please can you do an extra style for kit can you make so theres no robot I just want the normal cat no robot body please

  • The Thabin
    The Thabin

    I love playing fortnite

  • Assassin_Mafia Gaming
    Assassin_Mafia Gaming

    Jon Jones recruiting hunters and stabling the zero point The seven: allow us introduce ourselves

  • Chance Iaea
    Chance Iaea

    fortnite may i play the galactus event. may i have the permisson to replay it again.

  • Chance Iaea
    Chance Iaea

    wait the seven no ways the seven is comeing back yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees thank you thank you thank you

  • Aydin yousif
    Aydin yousif

    Can you tell us a video about Seacrets in new creative please

  • Liam Rodriguez
    Liam Rodriguez

    My user name is lliiaamm13

  • Liam Rodriguez
    Liam Rodriguez

    Can you gift me renegade raider and the worm and ride the pony and the black knight and the purple scope trooper

  • 123blackcurrystreat

    Hey epic: great job on this season. for the next season chapter2 season6 so saint Patrick’s day can you plz do a challenge set thing it is going to be on the 17 March the day after the season finally finished set a reminder have a great one on the new season see you there

  • bianca brisebois
    bianca brisebois

    Pls can you tell me the id of this video for the lama tron?

  • Lordroboslayer

    heh you cant fool me epic.... I've got you figured out. the new drift..... and the others...... kevin....... heh theres one thing every body missed but i didn't they are all connected to..... the storm!

  • Henley Cook
    Henley Cook


  • Yeety Muffin XD
    Yeety Muffin XD

    How much of a detective I am I wrote down all of the audio files and all of the words of this trailer and description. And put them down in notes.

  • Christian Salerno
    Christian Salerno

    Can you pleas add pro 100 back to the ltm bc evry one loved it it was the best agent yet can you make it a permenit game

  • SnakeSlayer

    For April fools they should bring us too the old map with old weapons

    • Cool R3ckz2
      Cool R3ckz2

      No food fight

  • Noahryanderek Cowley
    Noahryanderek Cowley

    I sub

  • DREW Nutt
    DREW Nutt

    0:49 hey the end event music remix maybe for this season's live event?!?!

  • Karrar Badar
    Karrar Badar

    I love fortnite id parallelOFFSET

  • Kuky JR
    Kuky JR

    Please get back strak industries energy rifle

    • Cool R3ckz2
      Cool R3ckz2

      That was great

  • Inna Talaba
    Inna Talaba

    U removed my pump give et back in the next seison ok

  • kzlrealme

    i dont know why i cryin

  • Clowning 69
    Clowning 69

    Honestly they should use this zero point to make the og map and u can pick both maps

    • Oscar Ayala
      Oscar Ayala

      I'm going to remember this message when this happens

  • TheDrLudwig -
    TheDrLudwig -

    I just noticed. He definitely got the seven involved. At 0:57 it resembles the black hole and at before he enters the music is and altered version of the end.

  • Timi Horvat
    Timi Horvat

    Old map old map fortnite pls I spend 100$ pls

  • robakidze

    Back old fortnite 😢😢 plssssss

  • Pullo 107
    Pullo 107

    You guys have to do a movie

  • M Denver
    M Denver

    I Love You!!!! Me To I Have UZload Channel

  • jensen boyd
    jensen boyd

    Your game is dead briing back the old map

    • Meme Graveyard
      Meme Graveyard

      I thought it was dead, why do you care about the old map huh?

  • Lockbit Productions
    Lockbit Productions

    Where's coral castle and why does the shark look like the agency

  • andrea y clever1.0
    andrea y clever1.0

    Vamo fortnite

  • JJGames


  • BABYmatics lightning
    BABYmatics lightning

    Add performance mode on switch

  • hellcaster gaming
    hellcaster gaming

    Excited 😍

  • Kira Graham
    Kira Graham

    As back guided misiyls please

  • The one and only Bob Ross
    The one and only Bob Ross

    0:27 I just realized there is a llama at the building in the picture

  • Kieran Smith
    Kieran Smith

    When ist the next elite screen update coming??

    • Kieran Smith
      Kieran Smith

      I mean when is the next split screen update coming?

  • ꧁gacha life men Player꧂
    ꧁gacha life men Player꧂

    Can you make a attack on Titan skin plsss in being good

  • Crazy Codman
    Crazy Codman

    you should have a crossover with subnautcia.

  • Abdo Batal
    Abdo Batal

    BOMB IS Achra

  • Shooting_ Comet
    Shooting_ Comet


  • onaizi82

    Free jarvis

  • savage pencil
    savage pencil

    The girl in the bottom right picture kinda looks like sidewinder from season 8

  • Gaming191 Hi
    Gaming191 Hi

    Please bring mobile back actually put the vbucks back to £9.99

  • Cxpty FN
    Cxpty FN

    Season 1: Defaults😐 Season 2: Medieval Knights 🏰 Season 3: Space🚀 Season 4: Superheroes🦸‍♂️ Season 5: Summer☀️ Season 6: Spooky🎃 Season 7: Chilly🥶 Season 8: Pirates🏴‍☠️ Season 9: Future🤖 Season X: Rewind⬅️ Season 11: New Map🗺 Season 12: Secret Agents🤫 Season 13: 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊 Season 14: Marvel🌌 Season 15: Zero Point🔮

  • Professor.P

    Quest completed:Jonsey learning how to sky dive

  • LeandroxMonster1

    as collaboration with Friday funkin night

  • Fire Brothers
    Fire Brothers

    That was the same fraz in chapter 2 season 2

  • Kulusik 11
    Kulusik 11

    Please FattyPillow skin

  • Cameron Cahill
    Cameron Cahill

    please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! epic please i beg

  • Jayden Bannister
    Jayden Bannister

    Why don't you add back bosse

  • Bandit

    Fortnite mobile

  • Bandit

    Fortnite mobile

  • AutiW00Dy_

    I think jonesy will be stuck on the island


    dead game lmao

  • Devin Walker
    Devin Walker

    Let next season be dragon ball z

  • Claudia Sosa
    Claudia Sosa

    And depredador is fortnite

  • Rose Canady
    Rose Canady


  • Sebastian Sumiński
    Sebastian Sumiński

    Epic Games is asking you to add a skin for some phone, please

  • Cameron Cahill
    Cameron Cahill

    plz add npc's in to battle lab i love doing rolplays with my frends

  • Tucana Gamer
    Tucana Gamer

    Free fire é bem melhor que fortnite FREE FIREEEE 😁😃🏆 I'm from Brazil

  • AK7679

    There is a picture of the agency on the wall so Midas is probably returning this season

    • GalaxyFox

      He is in the agency

  • Luke Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker

    Remove the challenge to get the predator skin and make it to where it’s a easier challenge to get the predator

  • Damir Horvat
    Damir Horvat

    At 0:48 why does it remind me of the end event

  • Latanya Bolden
    Latanya Bolden

    Fortnite epic games can you please give me what the pony what can you please give me ride the pony


    Fortnite if your seeing this can you guys please bring back super hero skins for 1 last time

  • стич

    Что будет в 16 сезоне?

  • rexruh Oh
    rexruh Oh

    Now this a fortnite season

  • Ilir Ziso
    Ilir Ziso

    Whell will go out a LACHLAN in the item shop

  • Anthony Strangio
    Anthony Strangio

    At 0:50 when John Jones goes into the loop you can hear the song from The End event

  • Fallout X mods
    Fallout X mods

    F u change predators challenge instead of killing him 🖕🖕

  • Anči bananči
    Anči bananči

    Whats PREDATOR location

  • ali tariq
    ali tariq


  • Jesse Vermaas
    Jesse Vermaas

    Hi fortnite cane you do the predator in battle lab pls

  • LazyRare

    At 0:00 you can see Jonesy in the season 8 jungle

  • Adomix

    I got banned from fortnite for nothing, my game is just blocked if you can unban it. My name from fortnite: Adomix ツ

  • Dellayed Clan
    Dellayed Clan

    Bring trading items like skins in to the game like rocket league but u can trade cross platform

  • Jacqueline Radet
    Jacqueline Radet

    Salut fortnite sa roule mal

  • Turtle Master
    Turtle Master

    Epic games when is fortnite mobile aloud to play with other platforms because Rn it won’t let me play

  • eagle096

    Im Guiting this for club penguin

  • eagle096

    Oh so what is supposed of this being connected with ghost

    • Josue De Haro
      Josue De Haro

      Ego is part of IO

  • Divine WyFi
    Divine WyFi


  • Sukhjit S
    Sukhjit S

    Can We ThrowBack Day Where We Can Play on the old map old cosmetics and old weapons let’s see if fortnite actually listens to there fans * 🤷‍♂️💤

    • Josue De Haro
      Josue De Haro

      You and millions of others complained that they wanted a new map. Anyways the have been preparing for so long they won't bring it back

  • sonicfan69


  • sonicfan69

    You guys should add a sonic skin

  • Mike Beale
    Mike Beale

    Never bring the pump back ever again because tiktok and tiktok Guy and tiktok said we want the pump back but no I don't want the pump back

    • Russell Elton
      Russell Elton


  • Juicy Steak
    Juicy Steak


  • 演劇V

    O epic games , I saw your art of Kevin in the gameeee

  • apoffe apoffe
    apoffe apoffe

    coment avoir l a2f

  • Branson Nesselrodt
    Branson Nesselrodt

    Don't you all get it, Brace for impact. Because when Worlds Collide and Darkness Rises, You Better Watch Out, because X Marks the Spot. The Future is Yours, but we are Out of Time. Its all Coming together.

  • Camilo Castro
    Camilo Castro

    We love you

  • akareng8

    Since their like merging places with other places I want Shao Kahn cause he is a character that to merge places I feel like he would fit in well

  • Ahtziri Barrios
    Ahtziri Barrios

    Can you bring Back travis scott

  • Shanoj

    My favourite game is fortnite my add is KidChaos447 I spent a lot of money on fortnite like over 1000

  • Mirella Ruiz
    Mirella Ruiz

    When is the Travis scoot coming back

  • Devour_ben

    New season the best season🤣

  • Tommyinit

    Can't wait tell the game dies

    • Brennan's Channel
      Brennan's Channel

      its already dead

  • Gert og William pro,s gamer Huus
    Gert og William pro,s gamer Huus

    hi fortnite is you all fortnite gyes Can give me the mancake skin i wil be so so happy and wil play fortnite every day!

  • Tilted Nova
    Tilted Nova

    when will we get a season like chapter 2 season 2