Dream Job
Fresh of off finding love on Match, Satan finds his dream job. Guy is on a hot streak!

  • MyGames Cyou
    MyGames Cyou

    Cool video!

  • minus_zero

    0:11 Sears Tower, I mean Willis Tower :)

  • John Doe
    John Doe


  • David Gomez
    David Gomez

    so you see actors and Scientists after making a pact with the devil for fame

  • Bigrig Cookin
    Bigrig Cookin

    this has to be a verizon wireless ad, lmao

  • Abhimanyu Mani
    Abhimanyu Mani

    this should be a movie

  • the'one' spesial
    the'one' spesial

    Hell boy 👍

  • LoremasterTsurugi

    Am I the only one that thought this was a dungeon keeper 3 add?

  • Nyall Morrow
    Nyall Morrow

    Nice 4th wall break with the let's start an ad campaign

  • McAmber


  • Lobster


  • omen

    lucifer's long lost brother

  • Soli Bozorgmehr
    Soli Bozorgmehr

    Fun fact: He has now quitted his job and has joined a university and works as a Ph.D. supervisor exploiting his students :) He has received several awards for research and has been promoted to full professor...

  • Blok 420
    Blok 420

    thats awesome commercial :)))

  • ThatChair

    wait didn't he buy mint mobile *gasp* its all a ad

  • Tasty Jaguar
    Tasty Jaguar

    Now this is cultural.

  • Lxveq rs
    Lxveq rs

    Not y’all putting shade on big wireless,s name

  • Eclipse

    I love that the song fits this ad very well it's called danse macabre which means the dance of death composed by saint saens.

  • Ben Ferrison
    Ben Ferrison

    Cool. Dungeon Keeper anyone?

  • Kriegboss

    Advertainment is the future, I swear. When the world is so flooded with just an endless stream of garbage, creative ads like these are going to be the only way to standout.

  • Lonely Voice
    Lonely Voice

    why is it korean or smthin in subs

  • Semaja Williams
    Semaja Williams

    oh satan



  • mary nassuna
    mary nassuna

    wait did they summon him and he was like: this is nice i could work here they do what i do

  • madero2025

    I'm glad King Yemma got a new job.

  • superkoax

    There is a couple of hedgefunds that are looking to hire. If he has the time.

  • JNay JNay
    JNay JNay

    What a dark world! Everything about this ad is demonic and sick. Then advertising 5g that’s going to kill us and everything breathing. SMH

  • Philippines Unfiltered
    Philippines Unfiltered


  • Rawan Mohammed
    Rawan Mohammed

    Is there going to be a new Deadpool

  • Noho 2000
    Noho 2000

    Bet he goes to work for Comcast next.

  • D A
    D A

    +Ryan Reynolds In the video description, it says: "Fresh of off finding love on Match, Satan finds his dream job. Guy is on a hot streak!" Shouldn't it be: "Fresh ***OFF OF*** finding love on Match, Satan finds his dream job. Guy is on a hot streak!"

  • Gamer 123
    Gamer 123

    Wait are you the devil guy?

  • Andrea Newton
    Andrea Newton

    *OH MY GOD A, AAAAAAAAA-* 0:35

  • Doom Slayer
    Doom Slayer

    I’m WATCHING you 👀😠

  • Robert Gill
    Robert Gill

    This reminds me of an obscure comic book character written by the late Doug Miers, a couple decades ago, one called 'BeelzeBob' (yes, that's exactly how it's spelled). Like this Big Wireless demon in Ryan Reynolds' commercial, he was a devil dressed in a white shirt and a tie, a down-to-Earth- looking guy in demon form, with a home in the suburbs, as well as a wife and daughter. When we see him in the bathroom, I just lost it, because that's how BeelzeBob sends people (or other demons) to Hell. First, he swallows them whole, then he goes to the toilet, where he (ahem) expels them--and flushes them down to the Afterlife. That would give anyone using the toilet after him a reason to scream, just like the poor sap in this commercial.

  • Highlord91

    Celebrity UZloadrs - Vlogs and Behind the Scenes Ryan Renolds - Makes content Love your Ryan :D

  • MrViral20

    idk if any of you know this, but it reminds of the Gloffice from Legend of Neil....

  • Weta

    satan has an inbread chin i can never unsee that

  • Fumbly_Figs

    Lil Nas X is awaiting your presence

  • Barrack Obama
    Barrack Obama

    Kid 1: "My Dream Is to be a FireFighter" Kid 2: "My Dream is to be the US President!" Kid 3: "My Dream is to be a Superhero" Kid 4: "My Dream is to work at Big Wireless" Guess which one came true.

  • Geekgirl616

    Now this is Mephisto

  • Jellyfish Bloo
    Jellyfish Bloo

    some musically knowledged people, whats the song?

    • glowworm2

      That's Dance Macabre by Camile Saint-Saens. It's a great classical piece.

  • Marie l.
    Marie l.

    Just like Adult swim! I really like this!

  • Sebastian Butler II
    Sebastian Butler II

    Nice to the devil getting so much work

  • glowworm2

    He didn't wash his hands when he came out of the stall!

  • sus

    Doomslayer would like to know your location.

  • C C
    C C

    Definitely this should be a movie!

  • armr6

    *DoomSlayer angry noises*

  • christian mccotter
    christian mccotter

    I worked for this guy once. Good Times

  • psilocybin mushroom
    psilocybin mushroom

    i kept seeing this damn ad

  • Gordon Blunt
    Gordon Blunt


  • Bluntly honest
    Bluntly honest

    Wait, i didn't even notice it was him but... Did Ryan Reynolds actually just make me willingly watch an Add campaign?

  • Devindra Megbaran
    Devindra Megbaran

    the ears is under the freaking horns how

  • Ardee Blancas
    Ardee Blancas

    Meanwhile Jack and Lili are the interns. xDD lol

  • Glenn Rainey
    Glenn Rainey

    I swear that is The Rock.

  • Friendy Frienderson
    Friendy Frienderson

    Those are your people Ryan. You're Luciferian or Satanist I presume? I mean You work in Hollywood...

  • Daniel

    This video is amazing

  • Absolute Longplay
    Absolute Longplay

    Now this is how you do advertising.

  • king dragon 13
    king dragon 13

    lilnasx seeing the devil: oh yea

  • Coyote Gamer
    Coyote Gamer

    I watched a fucking add with out being forced to

  • Jenkins Family
    Jenkins Family

    Perfect music choice. Editors know what’s up!

  • Alexander Rivera
    Alexander Rivera

    It's probably already been said but this devil was based on an actual movie that came out in the 80's called " Legend " same devil less funny but played by a different actor. So if you want to see more of this guy and have loads of fun then go watch Legend !

  • Harl Windwolf
    Harl Windwolf

    "Videos stream at 480p." ;)

  • Snow and Wet Leaves
    Snow and Wet Leaves


  • belzedk

    He didn't wash his hands D: He is pure evil.

    • belzedk

      @Tom The cat Even The Devil should have standards xD

    • Tom The cat
      Tom The cat

      He's the devil, what do expect 🙄😈

  • allyour base
    allyour base

    I swear this music play when I feel my work is being stolen by the job I work at. Lol

  • GameplayUploaded

    Our boss should wear this costume everyday, very suitable. The managers should follow too.

  • Katana Nature
    Katana Nature

    As a customer service rep.... yeah, that sounds about right for my company doing that type of stuff. Super shady, and likes to put fees in without telling the customers.

  • miami

    Riding demon , Remind me of Montero

  • Christian Kamman
    Christian Kamman

    "guy can get a job anywhere he want, dmv ,irs, congress"

  • Trek Cannon
    Trek Cannon

    he's a LEGEND. lol ok dad joke

  • Johnny

    Yooo lil nas x's boyfriend, its so nice to finally meet you!

  • Moony2k


  • Hratluf Odinsøn
    Hratluf Odinsøn

    Looks a lot like "The lord of darkness" from Legend :D

  • Павел Яковлев
    Павел Яковлев

    Real Satan: "Well, I just wanna say that I'm a huge fan."

  • Brising Conan
    Brising Conan

    0:56 mg xD

  • Elia : Project Lazarus
    Elia : Project Lazarus

    I need to pee, bye

  • nightrazer85

    although just an ad campain, well.. damn well done.

  • fluoride brain
    fluoride brain

    Luke warm comment section not calling out how they tell you who owns big businesses.

  • Jachin Boaz
    Jachin Boaz

    I recently switched to Mint from T-Mobile, the quality is better, more data, cheaper. I paid $180 for the year.

  • Livid Snacks
    Livid Snacks

    i feel like.....someone threw shade at mint and they threw back hellfire.

  • KillSwitchNY

    Darkness vibes from Legend. R.I.P. Tim Curry. Best portrayal of the devil ever.

    • Jarkko Hietaniemi
      Jarkko Hietaniemi

      Tim Curry is still much alive.

  • Joseph

    Barely memorable character from an obscure 80's movie? Couldn't have gone with the hot goth chick? ,...well, I guess its better than Tom Cruise in a skirt.

  • joud nameh
    joud nameh

    made me chuckle

  • yeetflow

    lil nas x explain this

  • 0Ld 2PoRT
    0Ld 2PoRT

    Dream job is speedruning

  • Maks Michalak
    Maks Michalak

    This place is hell on earth! xDDDDDDDDD

  • Technoaxe

    Doom guy when he sees it: smiles with murderous intent

  • Azazel-Mistake

    is this normal o_o

  • Brian Canady
    Brian Canady

    O satan m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=284523840039986&id=100054471160657&sfnsn=mo

  • Чуй Сгоры
    Чуй Сгоры

    Only people been in Ukraine can tell you about hell on Eaarth, dressed bitches

  • Jnate

    So where’s 2020? If u know this u saw the match ad

  • Bookworm_of_Heaven

    instructions unclear. got big wireless because im a satan simp.

  • victor costa
    victor costa

    Isn't that the guy from montero

  • boom

    People saying that this ad is awesome are really some of the stupidest on Earth

  • j phillips
    j phillips


  • Daniel Kavanagh
    Daniel Kavanagh


  • Rob C
    Rob C

    Reebok/Lester Speight called...they want their residuals.

  • Mr R
    Mr R

    So that's what AT&T looks like on the inside.

  • Max Tyler
    Max Tyler

    Fee Hiking

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