The Most Expensive TV In The World
Sit back and relax, as we take a look at the most expensive televisions money can buy!
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The Most Expensive TV In The World
The World's Most Expensive TV
The Most Expensive Television In The World

  • ッΛCE

    Whenever a company comes up with jewelry like gold and diamonds on a piece of tech, it's not an innovative company one bit. It's just a tech cloak for those insecure, status symbol seeking, semi-poor, but still, rich people, that spend most of their time in pawnshops in Beverly Hills to get pocket change for that lavish 250$ salad with truffles they can't afford.

  • super Gangsters FM
    super Gangsters FM

    Rollable is the 1 to go

  • The Saaxxx Baba
    The Saaxxx Baba

    The Wall is where the shit's really at tho

  • Forza Drive
    Forza Drive

    All amazing but rollable tv would be my choice.

  • Mike Phillips
    Mike Phillips

    2 million for the world's ugliest TV... Think the guy that designed it was on some major drugs !!!


    Just woooooow

  • Gorakh Vanjare
    Gorakh Vanjare

    still like LG wallpaper tv, we don't want gold we want picture quality with the deepest black

  • Tihomir Preradovic
    Tihomir Preradovic

    You are late 5 yrs.

  • Manuel Munoz
    Manuel Munoz

    Man!. Samsung and LG are fiercely dominating. Sony? What happened to you? you should be the one leading!.

  • PotassiumShard

    So the most expensive TV is actually on rank #2 As #1 is not a TV, but rather a collection of diamonds and gold... Didn't even talk about specs

  • Nitin Jain
    Nitin Jain

    Expensive doesn't mean the best. The samsung wallpaper is much more better than the no.1 prestige tv.

  • Abir Abir
    Abir Abir

    the $1.7m tv is bigger than my room

  • johneygd

    That rollible tv probably wouldn’t last very long because of it’s mechanics.

  • Oluwaseyi Akinruntan
    Oluwaseyi Akinruntan

    I don't want my TV to roll. I want it on a mount that I can control with height adjustment. Simple. The bigger, the better. Simple.

  • Lemon Tek
    Lemon Tek

    Can a video not be 1 mminutes long or even 2or 3. I don't have the attention span of 10minutes to see ever different thing that pops up on UZload


    my 120 inch lg projector...ohhhh yeaaaaa!

  • Matteo Devitto
    Matteo Devitto

    2.1 milion euro a TV imagine if you are drunk and broke that

  • My Name
    My Name

    This was the biggest waste of time

  • Shaffic Millers
    Shaffic Millers

    Nice voice

  • khalid osman
    khalid osman

    I’ll stick to my 1100 75 inch lg tv thanks 😂

  • Siddharth Rudani
    Siddharth Rudani

    Adding gold and diamonds to everything isn't good neither for your wallet nor for your eye. So what matters it the quality and practicality of the design.


    The most expensive tv in the world is at 8 .00 Thank me later With a big tv xexe

  • michael blue
    michael blue

    The lopsided authorization ideally drop because theater ectrodactyly burn aside a absent cushion. incandescent, chilly drain

  • Clayton Foster
    Clayton Foster

    That is the most ghetto thing I've seen in my life 😂

  • emink5

    If I had billions, wouldn't even think of buying the last one. It's stupidity, also ugly!


    Buys the tv plays minecraft shit

  • Slipsp ce
    Slipsp ce

    Aaand its outdated.

  • manjunath patil
    manjunath patil

    I like to see things which I can't afford 😂

  • Vladimir Nikolov
    Vladimir Nikolov

    But it's still a TV. For that money i want hologram or something like that.

  • Ryan Fulkman
    Ryan Fulkman

    Relaxing at my desk, watching this on my 48 inch LG CX. best $1400 I've spent on a T.V./ Monitor.

  • Abs Ashraf
    Abs Ashraf

    No it isn’t!,.

  • Matheus Alves
    Matheus Alves

    what in the stock footage nightmare is this video

  • Kraken 13
    Kraken 13

    Samsung's wall is my favourite 🙂

  • Dave hendrix
    Dave hendrix

    Most expensive tv also look the most dumbest

  • Norberto Garcia
    Norberto Garcia

    The most expensive tv should have the best tech not diamonds and animal skin. Thanos was right for the snap.

  • Modern Future Tech
    Modern Future Tech

    A TV wrapped in gold. Ok... I'll take one ...

  • Mark Norville
    Mark Norville

    Skip to 7:55 if you want to avoid the pointless waffle and you just came here for the main thumbnail title

  • King Eris
    King Eris

    4:11. I thought that was Ricky from trailer park boys

  • max barbosa05
    max barbosa05

    I wouldn't pay 100$ for the most expensive tv

  • Vig Shpuza
    Vig Shpuza

    you take ur voice too seriously, it's annoying af.

  • Siemen Van Der Kamp
    Siemen Van Der Kamp

    That's one ugly a$$ tv. The two LG's are the best.

  • Jian Cai
    Jian Cai

    After 8 years research, I proved human being' s sleep method is wrong with bonafide evidence. I believe next industry revolution is furniture revolution and start from my bed. This is not kidding and I am no mental problem...

  • Joshefine Welzijn
    Joshefine Welzijn

    Samsung already did the rollable thing

  • Shimron Netia
    Shimron Netia

    the orator's voice is intimate

  • dmmm

    The most expensive TV wins another price, it's the ugliest.

  • Laura Brown
    Laura Brown

    In Modern Living Rooms Everyone Using "SoundProof Curtains" That Stops Outside Noise by 80% (25 Db) Tested. Check Here:

  • Jay Mejia
    Jay Mejia

    87k for a tv? You know how many villages in poverty I can help with that kinda money?

  • Neville Ferguson
    Neville Ferguson

    Thats rich real rich

  • King Henry The Ape
    King Henry The Ape

    The plural of Lego is Lego

  • Scott Lee Webb
    Scott Lee Webb

    Too small

  • Akhilesh Behera
    Akhilesh Behera

    61lacs inr lol bmw or mercedes s class sedan will come in that price range

  • Studios Nightmare
    Studios Nightmare

    not even cool looking the arab prince one

  • Mark Winston
    Mark Winston

    The most expensive tv is stupid. Its like all the food that becomes 1000 bucks because they stuff caviar and shit on it. Im now selling the most expensive doughnut in the world, topped with the purest gold and diamonds, it also comes with 7 free trips to the most expensive dentist in the world situated in Timbaktoo after you take a bite into those sparkling diamonds. Only 2 pieces worldwide and can be yours for a low price of 7,554,875,965 dollars, without taxes. Terms and conditions apply.

  • Mark Winston
    Mark Winston

    Excellent idea for an automatic blunt roller... wait.....

  • Kooma Floo
    Kooma Floo

    Or spend $1000 on a projector and call it a day.

  • victor davou
    victor davou

    Wow fantastic! I'm sure earth quake forces will find it a fascinating object to destroy.

  • Be Safe
    Be Safe


  • Adrian v. Hellbruck
    Adrian v. Hellbruck

    The last one looks bulky and kinda cheap - Very poor design!

  • TechnoKid79

    I could buy 3 houses with that money.

  • Bobby Lavinier
    Bobby Lavinier

    I wish I had a voice like that

  • Oh B A L U Oh B A L U
    Oh B A L U Oh B A L U

    All Are Expensive TVS In Every Husband 🤩😂🤩

  • mohan s
    mohan s

    China wait a minute copied 😂😂😂 you will get same in 5000 dollars😂😂😂 in 6 months

  • John Bilitsis
    John Bilitsis

    Ματαιότης ματαιοτητων τα πάντα ματαιότης που είπε και ο Jesus.

  • Wendy Bennett
    Wendy Bennett

    I am good with my 50 inch Panasonic, thank you!

  • Ben Nartey
    Ben Nartey

    7:55 that's what you came here for

  • A1. Prod
    A1. Prod

    The most expensive one is the worst lol, how ironic

  • Soham Mundhe
    Soham Mundhe

    Is this video sponsored by lg🤔

  • Kyle Lawrence
    Kyle Lawrence

    $ 2.2 Million for that ugly thing?.... I'd rather buy the one that won't fit in my house

  • JE Dumalagan
    JE Dumalagan

    How about "the door"?😁

  • Boss Levels
    Boss Levels

    Don’t be fkn stupid 🤣😂🤣😂it’s a TV

  • A H GONI
    A H GONI

    I’ll certainly chose the wall, I love it big.

  • Eliza Jacob
    Eliza Jacob

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    • HenryRide

      Holy shit what kind of bot chain reply is this.

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      Maria Mark

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      Harry Dier

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  • E. Ansong
    E. Ansong

    For that price, I hope it's enough for you to see Jesus!

  • Sinvula Sinvula
    Sinvula Sinvula

    LG had improved like a Kia car company....🙄😐

  • best best
    best best

    No comment

  • Awesome Winnie
    Awesome Winnie

    You can be in the middle class and be happier than a millionaire

    • Overkilljames

      Are you a millionaire? How do you know?

    • Joel Walker
      Joel Walker


    • Itumeleng Mabotse
      Itumeleng Mabotse

      How would you know that??

  • The Master Brain
    The Master Brain

    These big TVs no makes sense. They consume more energy than a Laser Beamer (which is the best Option) or Standart Cinema Beamer.

  • Valdemar Agersnap
    Valdemar Agersnap

    Movie hall experience better get 1.7 millon. Me: BUY A PROJECTOR

  • vincent velasquez
    vincent velasquez

    I just subscribed because of his little John reference

  • DADO

    In TV world LG is Ferrari.

  • Andy Teoh
    Andy Teoh

    Awesome creation but what about maintenance and repair cost?

  • nabeelmohammedca

    That last TV is ugly.

  • Global Services TV
    Global Services TV


  • Movie buzz
    Movie buzz

    compact or thinnest...

  • Basiccly Everything
    Basiccly Everything

    Ahhh ok so it’s either a tv or retirement

  • rexlevitak1

    I hope the narrator doesn't speak in this pretentious voice in real life as well because otherwise he would get punched in the face all the time

  • Conal Fawcett
    Conal Fawcett

    370" TV? That might just benefit from 16K

  • Conal Fawcett
    Conal Fawcett

    Wow. There I was hoping for a 98" 8K HDR10+ 4320p60 2160p120 240hz HDMI 2.1 TV.

  • TopSecret2028

    I'm so disappointed! Modern >>> Luxury

  • Jerry Binns
    Jerry Binns

    Always good to watch your video keep it up.

  • Nene Fondo
    Nene Fondo

    Sorry,lm loyal to one brand let me stick with samsung the wall.

  • bobbyoty

    i'll wait for the new hologram entertainment center in 2025

  • trong binh duong
    trong binh duong

    The utopian hand nouzilly kiss because step-daughter industrially contain sans a tearful barometer. erratic, wiggly trail

  • Flat Swiss
    Flat Swiss

    Humans are very capable of creating amazing things, but they have and never will do anything in Space that will pass an honest Swiss Forensics Team... If you believe the most recent claimed space accomplishment, “Mars Perseverance” is real, well I am sorry you are wrong... Peace and Love on the Plane Earth Brothers And Sisters, from Switzerland

  • caleb howard
    caleb howard

    I'm technically considered rich and I wouldn't even buy a tv like this💀

  • Pugg 14
    Pugg 14


  • Flex Painn From The Lo
    Flex Painn From The Lo

    Not impressed

  • Jay Awesome
    Jay Awesome

    I'm sorry but number one is just the most ridiculous thing I have seen in ages 🤦‍♂️. I mean, why?

  • Jay Tavarez
    Jay Tavarez

    I'm sure I can find something at bestbuy thanks.

  • Ahmed Ali
    Ahmed Ali

    I like the way you speak