Tribute to Trebek | King and the Sting w/ Theo Von & Brendan Schaub #95
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The gang pays tribute to Alex Trebek by playing a KATS Jeopardy Special, and talk Woah Vicky, Shake Weights, Ladyboy Jugglers, The History Of Bow Ties, Minority Cartoons, Celebrity Election Conspiracies, Theo Threatens to Bed Us All and much more!
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  • King and the Sting
    King and the Sting gang gang buzz buzz

  • xcdinglygudbake

    If woah Vicky is the future of music then please give me corona! Chapel knows his tunes

  • Jonathan Saylor
    Jonathan Saylor

    Theo is so fucking hilarious 😆 your fieerd!!!

  • Antman29714


  • Levi Johnson
    Levi Johnson

    Bad Friends is “basically they wake up this Asian kid and bother him every week.” That’s the most accurate review of that podcast ever

  • Cole Small
    Cole Small

    Brendan looks like he pees in his own swimming pool

  • Cole Small
    Cole Small

    Brendan looks like he's one gyro away from becoming a superhero

  • Cole Small
    Cole Small

    Brandon looks like a janitor at a fashion School

  • Cole Small
    Cole Small

    Brendan looks like he pumps gas at a bike shop.

  • Cole Small
    Cole Small

    Brendan looks like an SJW pro wrestler

  • Brando Boyer
    Brando Boyer

    Nick needs a shower and a shave

  • Turry Cruise
    Turry Cruise


  • Nathan Speas
    Nathan Speas

    brendan looks like he goes to dunkin donuts just to get strabucks coffee

  • Nathan Speas
    Nathan Speas

    nick gotta stop smoking weed before the shows...

  • Darin Allen
    Darin Allen

    None of these assholes are putting it in the form of a question. They're all in the negative= no Final Jeopardy!

  • Green Eyez
    Green Eyez Song of the South. Its a racist as fuck Disney movie bro. Its not reaching at all.

  • Jesse Balderas
    Jesse Balderas

    hahhahah he said she'll come back as a love seat an the crew just didn't acknowledge it lmao

  • Jesse Balderas
    Jesse Balderas

    Dayummm all that rubbing off Theo does to Brendan finally got Brendan funny, instead of just jocking Theo's vibe!!#Facts

  • Neil Bowman
    Neil Bowman

    Theo looks like the bastard lovechild of a minor league hockey player and Orville Reddenbacher.

  • Neil Bowman
    Neil Bowman

    Brendan looks like the Waldo nobody searches for.

  • Jj Johnson
    Jj Johnson

    "It tastes like elbows" - Theo Von

  • karen blanco
    karen blanco

    The dead fish distinctly inject because zoo conversly trick against a hapless party. hoc, adjoining wholesaler

  • Graeme Healey
    Graeme Healey

    south park do a shake-weight episode , its so furkin funny gang gang buzz buzz

  • JTD472

    Damn Brendan actually made a good joke but nobody told him it doesn’t count if you’re the one laughing the hardest

  • Travis Moore
    Travis Moore

    Brendan looks like a DJ at Weinerschnitzel.

  • cbogolo

    The only good thing from Canada besides alex trebek is tom Macdonald

  • Cambo Rambo
    Cambo Rambo

    King and The Sting was hit HARD DUE TO COVID, your “ MEXICAN DIVERSITY HIRE “ is a Dog named “ CHEWY “ damn you guys couldn’t afford to hire “ CHELSEY LATELY’S MIDGET MEXICAN CHEWY “ ?

  • Brad R.
    Brad R.

    Brendan looks like where's Waldo after a 4 year heron Bing. Where's Waldo? Waldo was chasing that dragon

  • Clare Matthews
    Clare Matthews

    “White music and senior citizen laughter.” 😂😂😂😂😂

  • CRU2150

    That clip at first was weak

  • Keith Rozeski
    Keith Rozeski

    Just so you know. Every time you guys slam your fist down on the table it sounds like a 12 inch subwoofer going off in my ears. Please stop

  • Goozle

    theo looks like tom brady if he worked at a zoo

  • logan mcniece
    logan mcniece

    B looks like he fixes desktops for whey

  • tecno powa
    tecno powa

    The only thing i knew was the chemistry question for 400 what is uranium? But they didn't confirm it so i don get my money:(((

  • Darren Krueger
    Darren Krueger

    Cat looking right in the plaid pants. Get at your boy on Twitter. @bigdk622 aka sexy potatoes

  • Phil M
    Phil M

    Triple c's where a different thing when I was growing up lol

  • Dale Fick
    Dale Fick

    Cattien Le. is so beautiful..Inside and out...

  • FlinttownGaming

    You a pervert dawggg

  • Theo Von
    Theo Von

    gang gang

  • Kim Ferguson
    Kim Ferguson

    Can’t wait to check out some of your other videos!! You deserve more views! Do you know of FollowSM . c o m? You could use it to help get your videos higher in the search results!!

  • B47 ANCE
    B47 ANCE

    I propose you change the name of the show to Steve and Fat Patrick

  • Alex Darnley
    Alex Darnley

    i see the fighter...wheres the kid?

  • Michael Choi
    Michael Choi

    I’d say Brendan’s Bobby Lee costume is better than Chin’s.

  • Herik Aguilar
    Herik Aguilar

    11:25 haha

  • Miles Deep
    Miles Deep

    Cat so sincere "have you had elbows before?" LOL so cute

  • pecks821

    Too much hype on cats feet I feel we’d be disappointed

  • Jeremy Farrell
    Jeremy Farrell

    This comment section looks like an unemployed calwmidy writer's room.

    • Tyler Novak
      Tyler Novak

      Yo! I wondered how anyone could watch this, and then i read the top comments and I was like "oh"

  • jfoot81

    Yeah Nick, the game show didn’t really hit 😂 I felt your pain and regret through that haha


    If Chapel doesn't say suh doo once a week, I'll actually buy a HIMS product.


    Theo is the illest roaster to ever do it.

  • Cameron M.
    Cameron M.

    yoooo the lil brows song coming in at the end of every episode never fails to get me hyped , alwayyyys bump out to that, song is dirrrrrtyy hahaha

  • Chris_redd24

    “Since Alex left jeopardy sucks” Theo: maybe we should use an ouiji board💀

  • Carlos

    Love how they don't even wait for Chin to start reading the question, let alone finish reading it, before they answer.

  • Justin Brown
    Justin Brown

    Omg there. Not playing rght at all.....lmfao...everythi g. The main rule is ya goyta say who is or what is before your answrr lmfaoo

  • Cole Wiggins
    Cole Wiggins

    Imagine if they made a game called Hipster Souls instead of Dark/Demon Souls. Brendan looks like he’d be the final boss to that game lol

  • Jesse G
    Jesse G

    Brendan looks like a raccoon hipster.

  • Bplusification

    Theo looks like a bathroom attendant at a county fair

  • Bplusification

    Brendan looks like he’s working at a zumiez to pay his way through community college

  • Real_CaseyB

    Crunch Bars... are made by Nestle....

  • Scott 1982
    Scott 1982

    Theo looking like Kiwi Herman

  • yaboycapone 96
    yaboycapone 96

    Brendan is slowly transitioning

  • t0talimm0rtalz

    Chin lookin like Wang Bond 007

  • t0talimm0rtalz

    Brendan looks like a hipster ass Where’s Waldo

  • Shawn Hoover
    Shawn Hoover

    Chin trying to get Brendan cancelled

  • Marcus Medlin
    Marcus Medlin

    After theo called him fat patrick he was literally going to cry lol

  • bisso

    Kat is bad man. She bad, bruh.

    • bisso

      @Tyler Novak I respect your opinion

    • Tyler Novak
      Tyler Novak

      She's really not though.

  • Nic

    Make America gay again 🤣😂🤣😂


    Brendan looking like Waldo's troubled youth...Gang


    Chin Wick over there...🤦‍♂️🤣🤙

  • oliver twist
    oliver twist

    That was great. R.I.P Alex Trebek

  • omerta

    Dam it chin

  • Harry Hasselhoff
    Harry Hasselhoff

    I really hope Brendan doesn't dress himself...

  • Zac Robinson
    Zac Robinson

    Nick:" in this climate chin?" Chin: " I wanna get to know the other story better"

  • JrM

    What time does the new weekly uploads premier?

  • Po boy Fishing
    Po boy Fishing

    Brendan looks like the kinda guy who sits at the Starbucks in Barnes & Noble and reads by himself.

  • Ste Lo
    Ste Lo

    Nick works so hard! Seems like there were easier ways to do a trivia show, but respect!

    • JrM

      Been watching these two forever and still can’t keep up when the premier is released help! lol What time does is premier released each week?

  • Ste Lo
    Ste Lo

    Brendan didn't press it first btw

  • Zac Robinson
    Zac Robinson

    Idk why but cat just seems hella monotone and not to be a dick but kind of slow to

    • JrM

      I noticed this, but it seems to only be in reaction or projected towards Theo rather than Brendan. 🤔

  • Zac Robinson
    Zac Robinson

    Lmao goddamn all these comedians going down left and right Brendan better hope that story chin was talking about doesn't see the light of day

  • jacob spurrier
    jacob spurrier

    When Brendan said “name another composer” after Theo said Motzart I died 😂

  • Texas Red
    Texas Red

    Shake weights work though

  • Tom Morgan
    Tom Morgan

    Brendan changed gender..fought in ufc then changed back and now here we are..

  • Liliam Gracia
    Liliam Gracia

    "If you wear a bowtie in the 50's you were a racist." "Really?" "Oh yeah, it's science."

  • Danny Sage
    Danny Sage

    I love getting an ad in the middle of an ad read

  • Rangus

    9:53 wow, Brendan being an actual role model for once.

  • Rangus

    And my old pal “jet” bought a shake weight one time He walked around using it all of the time in residence. Probably walkin sideways through doors these days.

  • TheGray Matterz
    TheGray Matterz

    Whys brendan look like hes bouta write a screenplay

  • C hucked.
    C hucked.

    Bill Nye the science guys gay cousin

  • Marcos Garza
    Marcos Garza

    "Yall want this white-dark you gonna get it daddy" hahahaha 😂😁😂😂😂

  • GO fan Man
    GO fan Man

    Someone else get ear cancer when Kat talks

  • Rolando Olivas
    Rolando Olivas

    Lately I’ve been feeling like there’s a low-key feud or beef between Theo & Brandon.. Theo been lighting Schaub up! Gang

  • Rob Cartwright
    Rob Cartwright

    This episode is just a brilliant disaster!

  • Second American Revolution
    Second American Revolution

    "If you wear a bowtie in the 50's you were a racist." "Really?" "Oh yeah, it's science."

  • Second American Revolution
    Second American Revolution

    Who's excited about the Beavis and Butthead return?

  • Al Aguilera
    Al Aguilera

    Watching some of the first episodes reminded of why I subbed to this podcast , theo and Brendon used to be funny as fuck. They have completely abandoned their base and now are trying to appeal to high-school kids...letting nick run the show was their down fall. Unsubbed.

  • GBLynden's RC
    GBLynden's RC

    Without Theo and Kat, this ship sinks....

  • Bm124 124
    Bm124 124

    I bet Brendan dresses his girl up like a man before going to pound town just so he can call her Daddy #Timetocomeout

  • Alex E
    Alex E

    They do have botox for ur butt theo, it's called buttox lol

  • Dr. Weird
    Dr. Weird

    Those glasses don't fool anyone Brendan, you can't disguise a 60-70 IQ with a prop like that, dude....

  • Tyler Gwynne
    Tyler Gwynne

    Brendan looks like a genie that lives in a Mountain Dew bottle