Building a $500 AMD Gaming PC
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Building a wallet friendly Amd Ryzen 3100 based gaming rig to get you or someone you know started gaming.
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  • UçAnKeDi

    İts not amd pc

  • Michel Janssens
    Michel Janssens

    Linus talking about him being in sales instead of tech for some reason, ..drops the side panel.. It's not going to be an hour build he said .. haha, love the way you do these video's.. I' am actually getting ready to build my sons first own rig together, if prices of GPU's drop sometime this decenium.. he loves computers and gaming, i will soon see what departement he will be in :P

  • That One
    That One

    Another fantastic video but just a note to anyone wanting to try building this PC as of today 16th April 2021. You’re going to be spending about 6-700 rather than the about 500 that Linus talked about. I guess with time the prices changed a bit but still really good quality if you ask me. Fantastic video and would recommend it to anyone who wants a decent PC for games.

  • NeedsNurfing

    3:12 Dawid has left the chat.

  • Choco Coffy
    Choco Coffy

    1:43 “We’re not gonna speedbuild, but I’m also not gonna take an hour build this computer” 😐

  • Omar The Gaming King
    Omar The Gaming King

    My friend has 4 channel memory each 4 gb so he has fast 16gb

  • Julian

    totally understand PTSD having to witness those CPU atrocities yourself

  • Wreckticle

    Think the title needs to be changed to $1000 AMD gaming PC


    I have decided. If prices haven’t gone up by my birthday (august) I will build a pc. If they have gone up I will wait until Christmas. Either way I’m building a pc in 2021.


    I wish you wouldn’t leave out peripherals because they really are a nessecity and take a lot of dough

  • Latuk Zanile
    Latuk Zanile

    М0жет ктo знaет, где ЕnotGlobal мoжнo скачaть крякнутый?

  • Felicia Wu
    Felicia Wu

    that is basically just a bunch of parasites envious of others.

  • Kenneth Mancia
    Kenneth Mancia

    She loves cougar nice.

  • spencer x
    spencer x

    He.said he would not take 1 hours to build it.but it's a 1.15.hour vid

  • lurtzy

    AMD Gaming PC with Nvidia GPU?

  • M B A
    M B A

    David: Ah uh I just focus on focusing rofl

  • Mentally fatigued Seagull
    Mentally fatigued Seagull

    This video is going to be what helps me build my pc

  • TyRobot

    One of the most underrated motherboards ever tbh

  • Carlos David
    Carlos David

    It isn't Linus Tech unless a component hits the floor. 🤣

  • biel andrada
    biel andrada

    He is like the bob ross of gaming PCs

  • Quarzarquarzuuwie

    im gonna try and build an old school windows xp machine to go back and play the old stuff i miss

  • jared applehans
    jared applehans

    I love these videos but cant stand how long they are to be honest

  • mecha _m
    mecha _m

    bro this is such a big help cuz my curent pc is trash and this fits my exact budget

  • Jacob Long
    Jacob Long

    "And we are not going to take 1 hour to build it" 1 hour and 14 minutes later

  • Youre_Geii

    spend: - $500 for a pc without graphics card - $500 graphics card without a pc

  • Pummel Man
    Pummel Man

    This 500$ pc build is around 800$ -900$ right now

  • Latuk Zanile
    Latuk Zanile

    Никт0 не знает где ключ En0tGl0bal дoстaть, в гугле ничегo нет ((

  • Sprays FN_-
    Sprays FN_-

    Can't i not have a graphics card in this build?

  • krigar_b

    Sound tuning is awful is this vid

  • Micky Mouse
    Micky Mouse

    lol cant build this now for $500 gpu high a** prices

  • no

    This is no longer 500

  • Eun Oh
    Eun Oh

    'Building a $500 AMD Gaming PC' That graphics card alone is over $600 here😂

  • StormbreakerYT

    My pc is only ryzen 3 no rtx and 2pcs of 8gb ram but my pc cost 618$ which is 30,000 to philipine peso

  • StormbreakerYT

    Why pc parts in us is more cheaper than philipines i hate philipines


    Can it beat the Xbox series X??, 😎

  • No u kys
    No u kys

    Uh can someone tell me what the parts do because I'm trying to build the same pc off of this vid


    ME LIKE PC IS 300 dollar and the graphics card cost 250 dollar

  • Axurez

    see him reading the script at the beginning

  • RPK

    What was that crash? That's why they didn't let you build PC's. From a 1980's Main Frame multiprocessor systems, Field Service Engineer. But electronics is fun.

  • Liam Ashton
    Liam Ashton

    All parts out of stock - UK.

  • Daniel Tapia
    Daniel Tapia

    Me: Looks at the PC case's box Also me: Realizes that it's the same case I have

  • basstedson

    That isn't why they didn't let him be a tech. I'd be willing to bet he was a fantastic salesman.

  • Pranav Bhagat
    Pranav Bhagat

    Thanks for the video, got inspiration for building my own PC Saw this video last year and bought same components for around 600$, and I'm happy about my build 😁👍

  • EZ English with Altyn
    EZ English with Altyn

    “I’m not gonna take an hour to build this computer “ Video is 1 hour and 15 min long

  • mahdi

    Nobody watch this in 1x speed


    Linus Tech Tips,Can This PC can install RTX 3090?Please Reply

  • Terry Jones
    Terry Jones

    what the best motherboard rgb am4 under 200

  • Frank Blomberg
    Frank Blomberg

    4k 30fps is the best

  • Gal Blažič
    Gal Blažič

    2021 be like buillding a case for 500

  • Mohamed Rayane Kaddouri
    Mohamed Rayane Kaddouri

    linus : i don't want to spend an hour to build it video lenght is over 1 hour

  • TheTallestLeaf

    "And I'm going to take an hour to build it" Video length: 1 hour and 14 mins

  • Gromran

    But who wants to buy AMD? Except for unsuspecting fanbois

  • Just Out Here Tinkering
    Just Out Here Tinkering

    I was looking at power supplies and the one I bought is a 600w EVGA 80+ white certified and didn't even realize there were other certifications... but if you do research online, they will tell you you NEED a Gold, but prefer platinum... the 80+ white they wouldn't recommend to power a childs barbie phone, and without 80+ certification they just put a facepalm meme.... glad they are overreacting seeing you use this PSU lol

  • Mando811

    My motherboard, psu, cpu and storage are amazing. But my gpu, and ram are more budgety because im upgrading them later

  • SynTaco

    a 1660 ti from my country cost 500$ (Rm 2000)

  • Poop

    $500 gaming pc GPUs as of now: Are you sure about that?

  • Marto 10
    Marto 10

    We all know that 90% of the people that watch that video gonna play minecraft on thic pc

  • barn cat
    barn cat

    16:57 lol Andrew would be proud

  • Christopher Brookwood
    Christopher Brookwood

    Get tha best *game* hacks,softwares,files & upgrades from my boy *boctech* on Instagram His a really cool *Gamer and Hacker*

  • Christopher Brookwood
    Christopher Brookwood

    Get tha best *game* hacks,softwares,files & upgrades from my boy *boctech* on Instagram His a really cool *Gamer and Hacker*

  • Major Paiyne
    Major Paiyne

    Well this won't fly today. The current prices on even a cheap used GPU (normally under $200 new) is about 3/4 the budget of the build if not MORE than the entire build.

  • David L.
    David L.

    16:21 I’m open for donations

  • Bradley Scheurich
    Bradley Scheurich

    Linus: "but not take an hour" Video: 1:14:00 Me: "Hmmmmmmmmmm🤔"

  • John Williams
    John Williams

    The uppity marimba enthrallingly memorise because authorisation accordingly peep before a sad bait. evanescent, sore buzzard

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover

    Linus should sell gpu's on ltt store for the original or msrp prices

  • Ace Hatchet
    Ace Hatchet

    Love the show, given you many thumbs up in the past and will in the future, but not this time, sorry...come on....$500??? (Takes deep breath) ?????? (More breath) ????? $500???

  • Baap

    You forgot the amd graphics card

  • hirokazi

    Linus: $500 AMD PC Build Amazon: *Well yes, but actually no*

  • brxidxn ヅ
    brxidxn ヅ

    “AMD PC” nvidia GPU

  • specky szn
    specky szn

    I was 45 mins in and realized it was 1:15 mins lol

  • Jakob morgan
    Jakob morgan

    I use Type-C on my laptop for usb tethering because it's slightly faster than hotspot wifi or using a traditional USB port. Plus it keeps the rest of my ports free for usb peripherals like external drives, mouse and keyboard. But then again that's also on a laptop not a desktop PC and I would ideally be running ethernet on a desktop 🤷‍♂️

    • Mr Anderson
      Mr Anderson

      Ethernet is the best but Wifi 6 has come a long way and is really stronk, not really lagging or anything even playing csgo.

  • Nick V
    Nick V

    As of April 3rd, 2021, if you were to buy all of these parts from Amazon and build yourself a PC, it would cost ~$1100. Keep in mind, this is ONLY a tower. No peripherals, monitors, nothing. How depressing.

    • Jose Javier Flores
      Jose Javier Flores

      Pretty much all PC build videos on YT are just for the computer itself. Its assumed that you already have your peripherals or will buy them separately.

    • Heinz Gilbert Denoyo
      Heinz Gilbert Denoyo

      Don't be depressed, all will be well


    That gpu is 800 now wtf

  • Erik

    17:20 This would have been hilarious if he had picked the one with the window. Not the I'm the type to get a laugh from others misfortune but I know they too would laugh it off.

  • hiram esquivel
    hiram esquivel

    I built a gaming pc for 100$ lol yes it can run star citizen

  • PCarba

    Linus: building a 500$ AMD pc Me: * sees a new in case 1050 * nope,maybe 1000$

  • THS Jeison • 3 years ago
    THS Jeison • 3 years ago

    why is the gpu 530 dollars now?????

  • Knil Cross
    Knil Cross

    what the frick Linus ???? where the crap is the LTT store Link ?????? love the video

  • Micro P.
    Micro P.

    miss the days when a 500$ pc with a graphics card was possible now its 1000$ for just a graphics card

    • Micro P.
      Micro P.

      @Mr Anderson ik i sold my 5600xt for 1050 on ebay

    • Mr Anderson
      Mr Anderson

      And not even the latest GPU, just some older recycled GPU selling for that kind of price :(

  • Gamix

    The pc is now worth a fortune lol

  • DiaSin562

    Okay.. I've clearly missed something somewhere... whats supposed to be wrong with him using that screwdriver?

  • Echo

    love how nowadays only the gpu sells for 500$ lmao

  • Noah Sokolnicki
    Noah Sokolnicki

    the pc market during corona is trash. like a 200 dollor graphicscard is 1000 dollors

  • Patrick Mercier Viens
    Patrick Mercier Viens

    Seeing the gpu for a pc that ''cost 500$''. Me crying in 8800GTS

  • Arad Naderi
    Arad Naderi

    Now it cost about 1000$ right now

  • TheeYoLo

    Can someone give the price of the products the actual mrp not the intended amount because of corona

  • Nathan Wilson
    Nathan Wilson

    Cost over $1,100+

  • Solruc

    Fun fact: building this PC today would cost 5 million dollars

  • Pupaak

    And now this setup in Hungary is 1500 USD

  • alya Youssef
    alya Youssef

    I want this pc😭😭😭

  • Everyweek Astronaut
    Everyweek Astronaut

    Even the graphic card used here is more expensive then the entire computer these days

  • BlueLightning Videos
    BlueLightning Videos

    he did it he finally did a cheep bulled that I can bye THank u Linus

  • Jesse Johnson
    Jesse Johnson

    "SpEnDiNg ThAt [$5 pr $10] On A gRaPhIcS uPgRaDe Or A CPU uPgRaDe" show me where I can upgrade my 1050 for $10 (jk dont block me ily)

  • 21.Muhammad Fajriani AP1
    21.Muhammad Fajriani AP1

    Let's Analise this video boyy 😵

  • ThePureKnight

    Linus: today we're going to be building a $500 gaming computer Graphics card: you underestimate my power

  • Noah Roberts
    Noah Roberts

    I built this pc :)

  • Benny Jammin
    Benny Jammin

    I love you man, keep on building and testing and so on, we love it :) NO REGRATS

  • FoamyButter

    In my retail tech store the same specs except from the cpu it's a core i5 locked also its £800

  • Ronarudo Link
    Ronarudo Link

    Thanks God i still have food on my freezer

  • Poyraz

    good old times that you can build gaming pc for $500 now only gpu is higher than 500$