Trying to Stop Cancer Cells From Spreading in the Body | Inside the Cell
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Iamdices Cells at work
Iamdices Cells at work
Iamdices Inside the cell
Iamdices Inside the cell
Iamdices Cancer cell spreads
Iamdices Cancer cell spreads
Iamdices Iron deficiency tik tok
Iamdices Iron deficiency tik tok
Iamdices stubbed toe tik tok
Iamdices stubbed toe tik tok
Iamdices Red blood cells tik tok
Iamdices Red blood cells tik tok

  • Matthew Noybn
    Matthew Noybn

    Gets quit smoking ad.

  • Quack

    Cancer cells get popped when white blood cells encounter them. It's kinda freaky. It's like they have intelligence. They puncture the cell, and kill it.

  • SeekingJesusChristWholeHeartedMinistries

    To everyone who see the message, you are beautiful just the way you look! You are important! You are valuable! You have worth and meaning! You are special! You do not need abs! You do not need to be skinny! you are beautiful just the way you look! Always find nice, kind hearted friends! Always be nice and kind towards everyone! Never forget that you are loved!

  • Bird Tweety
    Bird Tweety

    🤣funny. I love

  • Jackie B
    Jackie B

    My mom died from cancer nine months ago. I did not think I would laugh at any cancer jokes but I just did

  • Rizism play 1000
    Rizism play 1000

    Nobody: Tiktokers: 2:11

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      Svcc scvv


  • Toes

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  • Cheryl Johnson
    Cheryl Johnson

    🤣🤣🤣🤣I’m dead hit that man with that broom stick

  • 0verseer Family
    0verseer Family

    My favorite anime

  • nickyboy22071989

    Well how about that. You made cancer funny.

  • Michellae Harmsen
    Michellae Harmsen

    And then Chemo walks up and drop kicks em

  • Ara Ara
    Ara Ara

    Every people. has cancer cell it just not active

  • Fox & friends
    Fox & friends

    The ones who disliked are cancer cells

  • jenny madden
    jenny madden

    Going on your own terms then gonna see you in the next life seeya

  • xxGen Gacha_Artxx
    xxGen Gacha_Artxx

    Shigaraki is like Cancer cells?..... Nvm- it just reminded me of that

  • Knight Sight
    Knight Sight

    I just saw his stranger things poster behind him, lol

  • Lollypop :3
    Lollypop :3

    *And so this series was turned into an anime*

  • Rainbow Kitty
    Rainbow Kitty

    When u realize this dude likes Dragon Ball Z

  • Danish mapper
    Danish mapper

    Bruh I got 2 cancer ads before watching this

  • Keumani Roston
    Keumani Roston

    He is so handsome that’s what made me start watching his videos 😂😂😂😂❤️🥰

  • Re- Blitz
    Re- Blitz

    When cancer cells kill cancer what would that be animated as?

  • Nyamochir Gereltsetseg
    Nyamochir Gereltsetseg

    Hmmm😕 can t cell kill the cancer cell? Or The NK cell(natural killer cell) will kill the cancer cell?

  • Blue Router
    Blue Router

    Do something on brain tumors and brain cancer, so we can see the brain character in a funny story like so

  • Slayer Gamer
    Slayer Gamer

    Who else is the fan of dbz

  • Derp Turtle2
    Derp Turtle2

    Dan and John do be vibing tho

  • Mermer blessed
    Mermer blessed

    "Cancer turned Dan and John..." Dan and John vibing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • sincere

    KILL THE CANCER CELL Brain cell: nope

  • Random STUFF69
    Random STUFF69

    64, Only minecrafters will understand this

  • Cheese King 99
    Cheese King 99

    Who knew cancer can be so nice

  • Adventist

    You forget the Parr where the cancer gets cancer and kills itself.

  • Jaxcraft 28
    Jaxcraft 28

    I love how the cancer cells doesn't even mean to cause harm and just does it involuntarily. 😆

  • HarlotxxDancer

    Cancer cells are having a dance party in the corner lol

  • cassandra vailus
    cassandra vailus

    your the most funniest dude!

  • Ryan Jagpal
    Ryan Jagpal

    Use gamma ray but it can create some cancer cells as well

  • Rakshita Singh
    Rakshita Singh

    The only good thing that came out of tiktok is this guy who I'm glad is on UZload because I never downloaded tiktok ...

  • Caleb Jordan
    Caleb Jordan

    Quick! We need Chemo!

  • Evil Potatos
    Evil Potatos

    He forgot natural killer cells

  • Bread after 4am
    Bread after 4am

    2:11 John and Dan vibin

  • Voxility

    this man needs more subs

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    San Hasan


  • Julez Valencia
    Julez Valencia

    they literally look like the broken sims

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    Loyd Paranoid

    if you can't beat em, join em

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    Bronsonwealtaccount gaming

    Work 💼

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    jmoney the penguin

    The super mario bros 3 pro controller

  • Hruaitei Lailung
    Hruaitei Lailung

    Nice outro bro

  • Xx•_Boba_Tea_Eri_•xX

    Oh my lord I feel like this is a loop

  • Emily Diaz
    Emily Diaz

    This is wrong you shoulda made it like them saying they can't touch him because in the brain nothing it wrong, they are healthy cells in the brains mind so it doesn't send t cells to attack it.

  • Toni Horn
    Toni Horn


  • Mark Howard
    Mark Howard

    I need a full movie

  • Robby Robot
    Robby Robot

    I have that same Controller lol 0:11

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    Landon Beck

    Love your dbz poster my g

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    Shadow man


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    Slogo Man

    Look down 👌🏼 oh yes I see the dying man

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    Elmer Antonio

    Keep up da good work m8

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    That Girl

    259k subs

  • Abha Mohapatra
    Abha Mohapatra

    What is this? The live adaptation of Cells At Work?

  • LegendMarioBros

    scp 49 in a nutshell 1:53

  • No Name
    No Name

    This is real representation of how human immune system works When it comes to concer It just doesn't care about mutated cancer cancer cells it just completely ignore it lol

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    daesean perry

    I see that Dragon Ball poster who your favorite Dragon Ball Z character

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    Eric carl bato

    Destroy em

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    Lafadil go follow my twitch for daily content

  • Sixto Ruiz
    Sixto Ruiz

    Cancer is actually when your cells divide to much or over multiply

  • Artsy CatAngel
    Artsy CatAngel

    I misread the title as gamer cells and I accepted it

  • Ninamochii

    Just me... watching my fav guy in the universe

  • shorts

    How about back pain? Lol cus I have it I thought it would be fun to watch it ahahhahsksksksmkd

  • General Kenobi
    General Kenobi

    Did those damn zombies just dance 🤣🤣🤣

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    Lóuise Productions


  • PeruPlayz • Gaming
    PeruPlayz • Gaming


  • Cosmic Wonderhoof
    Cosmic Wonderhoof

    Cancer cells cant turn other cells into cancer cells like a zombie. But they can brain wash other cells, like convincing other cells that it's not a threat. Or telling red bloods to give more nutrients than anything else through out the body. Alright cancer cells art not zombies, there cellular psychopaths.

  • {•_shadow_•}

    Next video:what happens when you nosebleed

  • Icey_Emiły_ Aftøn•.•?
    Icey_Emiły_ Aftøn•.•?

    Pfft- I love theseeeeeeeee

  • JoJo With no Adventure
    JoJo With no Adventure

    This is Cells at work but better

  • Spector_gaming 2
    Spector_gaming 2

    What is the song of the outro

  • Gacha Donutzz
    Gacha Donutzz

    Cell: "What are you doing!?" Cancer cell: "It's just getting fun at this point"

  • Frank axe
    Frank axe

    That's it shut down the body!

  • Frank axe
    Frank axe

    Chosusu time 100 nevermind I thought they explode them self's to stop them

  • AGeneric_ _Gamer
    AGeneric_ _Gamer

    How cancer works in a nutshell to my knowledge: Human cell almost dead, uses self destruct to prevent itself from turning into cancer, but if that fail your dead but then comes the micro cancer that is a cancer to the cancer, and then another cancer to that cancer and so on. Cancer is such a dangerous thing because it cna disguise itself as human cells

  • Ruza Hel
    Ruza Hel

    Blue shirt cell needs a raise for all the crap he has to go through for the body. No one ever listens to him smh

  • Kingimhill 55
    Kingimhill 55

    Can I do 10 min videos cause I like these videos but it's to short

  • Gregory Rafas
    Gregory Rafas

    Idiots lol

  • MuffinMurderX_X

    And so the doctor had to put legit poison in him to kill the cancer cells Not drug poison, but legit, POISON THAT KILLS CELLS

  • Tyrese Jeffers
    Tyrese Jeffers

    What song is this

  • Sxcm

    Idea can you do a what a haircut feels like

  • Mateo Pucevic
    Mateo Pucevic

    One of the only good tiktokers

  • Mandives

    am sad. there are no natural killer cells present :C

  • II_k0dy

    so thats how my granddad died

  • Dave Arce
    Dave Arce

    This dude should have his own show

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  • Uruphina

    **reaches half a yard to touch shoulder**

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    Verónica Vas

    Ah well that was quick-actually I think I’m fine😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂-cancer

    • diyrhea

      Ah well that was quick-actually I think I'm gine😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂-cancer 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 - I dont know

  • Aractno

    The Plague Doctor be like

  • Kirstein Becerel
    Kirstein Becerel

    This guy be talking about Motivation like he's Vergil.

  • Delicate Disaster
    Delicate Disaster

    Dan and John just flailing in the background 🤣

  • Delicate Disaster
    Delicate Disaster

    Just give him some gloves so he cant touch anyone and send him back to work.


    if cells smart they could beat cancer with chili beat with hot

  • Azlucky

    Honestly, if this guy made hundreds of videos, I'd binge watch & like them.

  • Gerrard Alvaro
    Gerrard Alvaro

    Why not use the modfidy t-cell is real truse me its real

  • Imposter

    Me when my mom see's my "homework folder" 0:21

    • K Sharma - 007
      K Sharma - 007

      @Arati Ram Yeah but someone ruined it now

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      Arati Ram

      @K Sharma - 007 70

    • K Sharma - 007
      K Sharma - 007

      YO 69 LIKES * N O I C E*

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    stephanie Gonzalez

    What happens when your to cold or hot?