Adam LZ's JZX100 Toyota Chaser is the Perfect Luxury Road Tripper for Drift Week 2020
The legendary Toyota JZX chassis cars: Crestas, Mark IIs, and Chasers, were luxury highway barges of their time. Think of it as a JDM BMW M5. But somewhere along the line, they became extremely cheap to buy in Japan. So all the hardcore seat time drivers at places like Ebisu circuit fell in love with the price, power, and durability of JZX cars. So after many trips to Japan and Ebisu, Mr. Adam LZ figured he really needed a JZX100 (or two) stateside. While this one has been crashed and smashed around, it was the perfect candidate for a car that you can drive with reckless abandon. Which is exactly what you need for something like Drift Week 2020.
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  • Euann Ramirez
    Euann Ramirez

    Fast forward to this year, and this man is Roty in pro 1

  • Frvst

    The chaser is my dream car

  • Jacob Lopez
    Jacob Lopez

    Yo Adam, what up with that daddy long neck? Lol

  • Jared Van sensie
    Jared Van sensie

    What wheels are on there

  • Dutch972

    How was he able to get a jzx100 in the states??? I thought they started production for the 6th gen in 1996, don’t cars need to be at most 25 years old to import?

  • Lewis Bobby
    Lewis Bobby


  • derPetunientopf

    Ebisu Circuit??? Thats so JDM. Mad Respect.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    People think Mike from devine makes sick shots and edits which is true but Larry is on a whole other level. His work is 10 out of 10

  • andi vatar
    andi vatar

    Wow what a great car

  • chris papa
    chris papa

    should be rules like drag week you have to tow your wheels and gear make it more interesting

  • Roger Miller
    Roger Miller

    Does anybody know how to import these cars to the USA? I still want to import my crown to the USA that is still in Japan at the in laws house. I have already tried to apply for show and race it is impossible to do.

  • Silver Cocaine Aristo
    Silver Cocaine Aristo

    How do you get away with driving that legally?

  • Krook

    What a collab! I’d love to see a whole garage tour on Adam’s cars like you did with that perfect garage in Atlanta.

  • Dillon

    Adam acts so gay lol

  • TurboDieselDan

    10:02 [We are going to assume he's running Pro 2 again] Adam smirks cuz he's stepping up to Pro 1

  • Daniel Ibrahim
    Daniel Ibrahim

    Luke Fink’s G-Banger in the back there. Ooft! 👌

  • Northeast Subie
    Northeast Subie

    Why didn’t hert host this video? It would’ve make it so much better and I wanna see hert and Adam driving more that’d be sick

  • Samsonian

    I think Chen needs to just suck it up and get a sombrero and a bandanna. Y’know, go full bandito. The grandpa sun-hat has been done since before he got it.

  • Dugard Lucas
    Dugard Lucas

    You had to film his car the one day the car was dusty lol.

  • Triple_0_gee

    $4,500 for a straight stock ass x100 in Japan, $4,500 for a pick n pull special in MERICA!!!

  • Dylan Haselhoff
    Dylan Haselhoff

    Anyone know what wrap that is?

  • Chocolate dragon
    Chocolate dragon

    Have you been to drag week"?

  • DaGoofsMeister

    The car sits way too high for how aggressive the aero and fitment is

  • wash

    Who else started following Adam from his bmx days

    • Keenan Davis
      Keenan Davis

      I didnt even know who he was until 2 years ago lmao. I was at work and people were leaving early that day saying Adam LZ was going to be at Ebisu and they wanted to go see him. Had no idea who he was until he came here

  • _francis .r
    _francis .r

    its brown

  • Pyreeh

    that's so sick but still so "simple"

  • Joey Wahl
    Joey Wahl

    U ever think about putting a V8 in there

  • Krampus

    Hahahahhaaaaa! :D

  • Manufalket

    Top car 😀👍

  • RichJuan123

    8:54 woah what was that Adam😂😂😂

  • Krynis

    Great video on a great car, it's been a lot of fun seeing this car come together.

  • Lxma

    Can we get a larry chen signature hat please?

  • leo senpai
    leo senpai

    Adam Lz is my senpai

  • Fredrick Rourk
    Fredrick Rourk

    Still think a Nissan President would make a better luxury drift car.

  • Fredrick Rourk
    Fredrick Rourk

    Build a beautiful car to trash it on a drift track. Love it!

  • Arthur

    Adam have destroyed such a nice car :(

    • Arthur

      @Domanic Taylor did look clean before someone hit Adams door

    • Domanic Taylor
      Domanic Taylor

      How? He literally picked it up as a messed up shell basically and fixed it up

  • E

    I don’t hate on anybody,except guys with Chasers in the USA 🇺🇸 super jelly.

  • Kirk Moore
    Kirk Moore

    This dude owes the bmx community a huge thank you

  • Tim Morgan
    Tim Morgan

    Where’s the Luke fink video?

  • timothy berry
    timothy berry

    Yeah yo you never put in a picture of the car when it was totaled

  • Phil Gudet
    Phil Gudet

    That JZX100 isn't federally legal :/

    • Phil Gudet
      Phil Gudet

      @Shaiyan Hossain Because Adam is at very high risk of getting into serious legal problems with that Chaser nevermind crushing the Chaser

    • Nikbawker

      I care, not reporting it but it does bother me that he's able to lay out content on the car in USA prior to anyone else not that USA specific content on them is something anyone was expecting, still somehow to me the fact that he did seems double wrong more than just driving it on the streets which is the part I don't care about but then again I always come back to the fact that overall I like mx83s better once they have a 2jz, 1jzgte vvti and non vvti in em.

    • hazza


    • Shaiyan Hossain
      Shaiyan Hossain

      whooooooooo caressssss

  • Ferdinan Yu
    Ferdinan Yu


  • nao

    hell yea bro been waiting for this one

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones

    Love watching Adam’s growth from pro BMX to a domestic JDM baller on the track!

  • Kelvin Chatyaredana
    Kelvin Chatyaredana

    Hey guys, i think larry has been to drag week

  • luke fink
    luke fink

    How sick is my g35 though!

    • DJ Kelley
      DJ Kelley

      Only the way you drive it.

    • Sessh _
      Sessh _


    • Daniel Ibrahim
      Daniel Ibrahim

      The G-Banger is epic! 🇦🇺

    • Jason Lowther
      Jason Lowther

      Fully sick

    • Matthew Joseph
      Matthew Joseph

      Pretty sexy

  • bildillamagasin

    Love the Chaser 100. Nice lines!

  • Afeef Roslly
    Afeef Roslly

    ebisu spec stance!

  • 153kars

    Andy grey is a beast !!

  • C. Temple
    C. Temple

    All comparing drift week to drag week and saying it’s similar but drift week actually races more and they don’t just make one pass like drag week is a incomparable statement, while that is the case but the difference is, drag racing is a max effort style of racing and harder on more critical parts of the car. The majority of Drag week cars also do NOT have stock engines like the cars participating in drift week. Now there are slower stockish classes in drag week that do race more than one pass. The difference between running a stock mild horsepowered engine compared to a high horsepower engine that is designed to only run anywhere from 10sec to low 6 or even 5sec at a time is huge! But needless to say, both events are equally great. one is not better than the other, just unique in there own way.

  • Kieran Jackson
    Kieran Jackson

    I seen you at the gas station just off the freeway the night of Slammed Enuff. I was in the slammed 2002 Infiniti Q45. The Chaser was lookin slick!


    Yo I send you Chaser from Japan,.If you send me a GNX LOL

    • Keenan Davis
      Keenan Davis

      I've seen more rare classic American cars here than I ever saw back in the US 🤣

    • Chris

      Id say the 3 hes got are probably enough

  • solid snake
    solid snake

    would love that there are n+any chasers in Europe

  • 1991CALYPSO

    Larry, I've been to Drag Week!!!

  • bigmak093

    Always like videos Adam is in, he’s so down to earth and a genuine person. Great spotlight on a fun JZX

  • Anthony Martin
    Anthony Martin

    Reno 911 heada$$ lol

  • Alexandre Fauchon
    Alexandre Fauchon

    Adam you should do some informative videos like this on your channel !

  • Bogfinken

    Drag week be like 7 days of wigs handbags and high heels.. 💃

  • hoursauto 1
    hoursauto 1

    Where did you get the window light up visor

    • Nicholas Rodrigues
      Nicholas Rodrigues

      He had a vinyl banner made and just put an electroluminescent panel behind it

  • Thump3r22

    i wonder if you can re-align the strut towers but using some adjustable strut bar but meant for this and forcing it back out.

  • Jeff Stein
    Jeff Stein

    drift week > drag week

  • JZX World
    JZX World

    Yeah, JZXs aren't too bad, eh?! 🥰😍🤘

  • Japs Caballes
    Japs Caballes

    Best segment from Larry!

  • James Mullins
    James Mullins

    This guy is pretty cool he should make a UZload channel

    • James Mullins
      James Mullins

      Thatbajancarguy I know 😂 I guess sarcastic jokes don’t translate well through a screen 🤷‍♂️

    • Thatbajancarguy

      @James Mullins he has a youtube channel

    • James Mullins
      James Mullins

      Thatbajancarguy Lz lol

    • Thatbajancarguy

      Are you talking about adam lz or larry

  • idontcare2562

    Come to the freedom factory

  • emanh4keem _san
    emanh4keem _san

    Gokarters: 'why we cannot driving gokart right now?' AMP: 'well there's some big karts sliding on the track right now'

  • jordi MARCO
    jordi MARCO

    Music intro ??

  • JT Sneaky
    JT Sneaky

    Can’t believe you forgot to put the picture of the car when it was wrecked, and when they did a burnout as soon as the got it rolling 🤣🤙

  • Kira Aurora
    Kira Aurora

    11:10 we never got the picture huh? Lucky i seen the vid where he picked up that car.

  • Dustin Juell
    Dustin Juell

    Great video per usual, too bad that Vette C4 went up in flames, hope you got a video or that one before hand. :(

  • FamilyMan Racing
    FamilyMan Racing

    Since Adam was taking some shots at Drag Week,,,,you have to bring your tires and spares with you in the car or trailer pulled by car on drag week, not have a chase vehicle bring it all with helpers ;) A dig the Drift Week idea though. Have fun and travel safe.

  • JayRab179

    Yoooo! do Brandons is300 next!

  • Connoisseur Of Cars & Tig Ol Bitties
    Connoisseur Of Cars & Tig Ol Bitties

    This car is a state titled hot potato Adam can never register this car outside of Florida

  • Connoisseur Of Cars & Tig Ol Bitties
    Connoisseur Of Cars & Tig Ol Bitties

    This car is a state titled hot potato Adam can never register this car outside of Florida

  • Connoisseur Of Cars & Tig Ol Bitties
    Connoisseur Of Cars & Tig Ol Bitties

    This car is a state titled hot potato Adam can never register this car outside of Florida

  • Captain BDP
    Captain BDP

    Adam Lz a snitch major thumbs down.

    • Shaiyan Hossain
      Shaiyan Hossain

      what did he do?

  • Rune Andre Bergtun
    Rune Andre Bergtun

    I think the chaser is very similar to the BMW E39 chassi . Their 5 series from 95-03. Both in size and looks. Especially from behind. Which was in my opinion the best looking 5 series to date. This Chaser looks really good also.

    • John C
      John C

      Shaiyan Hossain 1jzgte 5peed with handling package and sport shocks. M5 is faster in a straight line, but the Chaser would smash it on a road course

    • Shaiyan Hossain
      Shaiyan Hossain

      @John C which version? E39 M5 would have left this in the dust

    • Rune Andre Bergtun
      Rune Andre Bergtun

      @John C Thank you mr President 🤣

    • John C
      John C

      Rune Andre Bergtun yes the Chaser was the competitor to the M5 back in the early 2000’s.


    such a sexy body style, I love these cars

  • Izaac C
    Izaac C

    Please check out Adams garage you gotta please!

  • ClutchkickPJ

    Adam is definitely doing pro 1 this year

    • Brandon soto
      Brandon soto

      ClutchkickPJ he says he’s staying pro 2 this season

  • D F
    D F

    Man you gotta due what you gotta due that window fix!

  • Alexander Zoubul
    Alexander Zoubul

    His jzx100 is like my ideal jzx100

    • Chris

      @TakeNoShift Its that nice its made all the others look meh tbh, such a clean looking car, sweet as fuck.

    • TakeNoShift

      His white Chaser... i would literally just copy the whole setup, its so fucking clean. Maybe not stance the car so it would be more reliable as a daily, but other than that it's exactly what i want.

  • Brandon Brando
    Brandon Brando

    We get it Larry, you’ve been to Drag Week.

    • Benjamin Franklin
      Benjamin Franklin

      @Larry Chen sneaky sneaky.

    • Larry Chen
      Larry Chen


  • RA.The.Pew. God
    RA.The.Pew. God

    Yes you should shoot his others cars as well and thank you for this video . Adam really is a crezzy inspiration too use his fans

    • Brendan Reid
      Brendan Reid

      JDMEXforme 8uubb

    • Sessh _
      Sessh _

      His own video was over an hour.

    • JDMEXforme

      They would have tons of content filming all of Adams cars.

  • Big D Fitness
    Big D Fitness

    Thats my home town track, I got them to start allowing drifting there. That track would probably be out of business by now if it wasn't for drifting.

    • Big D Fitness
      Big D Fitness

      @ClutchkickPJ lol not trying to flex. Those guys are barely staying in business as it is. Hard to tell in the video, but other than the track surface that place is pretty run down.

    • ClutchkickPJ

      Weird flex but ok

  • According To Kevin
    According To Kevin

    An episode I won’t be watching. Y’all keep it up tho

  • Damian Hans
    Damian Hans

    A missile car that’ll be better than any vehicle I’ll ever own. Adam’s JZX100 is rad 🤘

    • ValleVaan

      that thing has major frame damage.

  • Automotive Anatomy
    Automotive Anatomy

    Awesome to see Adam on the west coast.

  • Ira Green
    Ira Green

    i want a jzx100 so baddddddd hnggg

    • Michael

      @Hamboozled or if you don't have IG, I can give you my email

    • Michael

      @Hamboozled sure. DM me on my Instagram, star_dropper

    • Hamboozled

      @Michael is there a way I can contact you?

    • FredoMovin

      @Michael I'm 15 and this is my dream car !!

    • Michael

      It's next in line for me, unless a stagea makes its way into my hands. Jzx100s will continue to be importable at decent prices I imagine, everyone will be focused on the R34s coming in. So you'll have a chance :-) if you ever seriously want one, hmu. "I know a guy" lol

  • Wojciech Zadworny
    Wojciech Zadworny

    I’ve been waiting for an LZ feature for the longest time. My prayers have been heard 🔥

  • Justin Snock
    Justin Snock

    Yay! Adam! Great shots with Luke too

  • Simeon RF
    Simeon RF

    Yesssssss thank you so much

  • J. D.
    J. D.

    That was cool, but i still don't know how he drives a JDM car that's not 25 years old in the USA

    • Shaiyan Hossain
      Shaiyan Hossain

      @TheEpicCrumpet considering how Larry joked about it being a camry, it probablus is registered as a camry in FL lol

    • Jacobi Miller
      Jacobi Miller

      @TheEpicCrumpet I wouldn't be surprised I've heard of some people registering GTRs as Maximas

    • TheCajunGaijin

      @ClutchkickPJ yumadtho? You know it's illegal. He knows everyone knows. I'm mostly impressed he's got the balls to drive it across so many states. But then it is a totaled car so it's not like he is losing much.

    • TheEpicCrumpet

      @Jacobi Miller judging by what I've heard of florida it's probably rego'd as a camry or sum but you wouldn't be getting away with his cars in cali fs 😂

    • StrangerOfficial

      Jacobi Miller Florida has different laws man. They can pretty much drive anything, it’s crazy 😂

  • Mario Subasic Media
    Mario Subasic Media

    Adam is a great guy

  • Hillbilly Hippie
    Hillbilly Hippie

    Adam looks like he is in police academy with that mustache 🤣🚓

    • Samsonian

      bjarneku I was thinking Officer Dangle...

    • Keenan Davis
      Keenan Davis

      You better leave Magnum PI alone lol

    • bjarneku

      I get annoyed by the stash, I feel like I'm looking at 13 year old, that is really proud of the few hairs he have gotten on the lip.... But I probably take facial hair too seriously. Lol

    • I’m a dog with a Japanese bandana
      I’m a dog with a Japanese bandana

      The dad stache

    • Marios Tabajen
      Marios Tabajen

      more like Tanner Foust

  • Dillon Smith
    Dillon Smith

    "Look at that funny brown Camry with the guy driving on the other side" Larry Chen humor is the best.

  • Dillon Smith
    Dillon Smith

    The drift week series was fun to watch from the drivers' own channels. LZ and Mike made some damn good vids.

    • Sessh _
      Sessh _

      Lukes videos were really good for someone who hasn’t been vloging that long.

    • StrangerOfficial

      Dillon Smith facts!

  • Greg

    Adam lz and Hoonigan in the same place? What is this, a crossover episode??

    • Greg

      ​@ClutchkickPJ Apparently you don't watch bojack horseman ...

    • ClutchkickPJ

      Apparently you dont watch lz...

  • Richard Whittaker
    Richard Whittaker

    Yee Yee! love seeing a JZX on Autofocus!