Call of Duty Warzone - Using NEW Loadouts!
COD Warzone testing out some new loadouts today. Can RAM-7 with SPR be competitive in sweaty squad games? Let's find out! Use code JACKFRAGS in the store. Become a member - uzload.infojoin Playing with @Stodeh @Westie @TheTacticalBrit
Is this the best RAM7 build?

  • Burgher Town
    Burgher Town

    For some reason I wasn’t subscribed when in fact I’ve been watching your channel Since BF4, sooooooooooo

  • Terry Jackson
    Terry Jackson

    Everyone else is getting into the action and only thing you're doing is running around you're not doing anything everybody else is getting killed I guess you're afraid not a very good clip only thing I see you doing is running around and taking a couple of Snipes here in there should I give you a thumbs down I'm not even going to give a thumbs up

  • Samuel Clark
    Samuel Clark

    @ 2:35:58 'Shout out to Martin and Tabitha, in the pen for tax evasion, free my jiggas!' Westie Quoting Unknown P - Fire in the Booth?! xD

  • Wyatt Shelton
    Wyatt Shelton

    @37:50 was fuckin hectic with the marking lmao

  • Rothbardo

    are jackfragss and mrprowestie reverse boosting?

  • Jayden Angotti
    Jayden Angotti

    Why do you begin as Adler

  • Sergio Gamboa
    Sergio Gamboa

    I AM CALLING HAX ON 2:29:26 I mean like WTF Jack? Explain that. I already saved the video locally.

  • Florin Balaican
    Florin Balaican

    question, who can tell me why with cold blood and ghost, enemy heartbeat works, but not mine?

  • Michael Vaughan
    Michael Vaughan

    I wanted to get this game..but I would get killed after 1 minute

  • JC Machinehead
    JC Machinehead

    Keep praying on kid mate Pretty sure thats paedophilia

  • Young Reefer
    Young Reefer

    thank god youre on PC

  • Annual Leopard
    Annual Leopard

    I know it helps with frames, but dam those textures r fugly

  • Roger Johnson
    Roger Johnson

    What’s up with your textures

  • Kristen Gemma
    Kristen Gemma

    The able death simplistically regret because zipper eventually form than a possessive success. irate, tested withdrawal

  • Γιώργος Ρακκας
    Γιώργος Ρακκας

    Is jack running on low textures max fitering and tesselation?

  • Jason Wolfe
    Jason Wolfe

    I bought the battle pass but I'm not gonna buy any coldwar bundles for warzone.

  • Eric Anderson
    Eric Anderson

    Did they buff the spr recently? Because the kar98 is the best sniper by far. It’s fast super mobile and 1 shot head shots with full plates.

  • LokesProduction

    so excited to get my 7k euro rig early january, so I can finally play Warzone! A bit late to the party.


    the norma rounds on the spr have less drop over range

  • jiggly whiteboi
    jiggly whiteboi

    What is your livestream schedule id love to catch one of them

  • mushahid miah
    mushahid miah

    jack is a Hacker you guys

  • Snick

    I decided to change it up. Noticed I had the SA87 fully leveled from using it as floor loot lol. Tricked it out and it’s pretty badass!

  • Peter Mahony
    Peter Mahony

    sorry - not worth worrying about new loads outs as the game is all over - just cheats and bots playing now

  • Young Reefer
    Young Reefer

    i seriouslyy can't wait for this new season to drop its going tro be insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jared #Douchenation anderson
    Jared #Douchenation anderson

    I really enjoy watching yall play. Yall have fun first and get competitive as an afterthought. Although yall are competitive yall always make sure to have fun. That to me is amazing. Much love from Texas!

  • Coopdawg 720
    Coopdawg 720

    I love the grim heaper skin

  • chrisdotdash

    The RAM-7 IS A BEAST. It's such an underrated gun.

  • Ponyシ

    id say change the merc with the ranger forgrip

  • chenrayen

    It’s a shooting game, but jack’s gameplay commentary soothes and can put me to asleep

  • MrMultiKill

    The textures look like shit in this video. Is this a deliberate settings choice for visibility or something?

  • Sativa Fever
    Sativa Fever

    Has a 3090 Runs everything on low for " more fps" Ok Jack, not like that card can't handle 1440p maxed out

  • Coupon Queen
    Coupon Queen


  • Mike Hare
    Mike Hare

    Jack, take that watch off. There is a glitch where the oramge and green watches that you are wearing can be seen though walls! On the other side of the wall they can be seen as a little green or orange dot. I haven't seen anything in any patch notes about a fix as yet!

  • Mannie Fresh
    Mannie Fresh

    Super recoil reduction!!!

  • Diarmuid Doherty
    Diarmuid Doherty

    The snipe on your team mate was me, I have the clip of me hitting him.and getting confirmed by a thermite😂

    • tariq

      post lol

  • Ricky Hall
    Ricky Hall

    7:13 'no duof duof' everyone else... Hmmmmmmmm

  • Lahiru Yasas
    Lahiru Yasas

    If jack, , acculite , drewdog played trios every match thay will win for sure

  • FadedOnTop_

    Jacks voice is a deeper version of westies

  • N S
    N S

    Spent most of this just wishing Westie would shut up.

    • N S
      N S

      Completely jacked on Adderall or caffeine

  • jbush____

    I could watch this all day, it's so satisfying, and great to watch you guys having an awesome time!

  • Littlerock1371

    Don’t Forget BF5! Your squad stuff is very entertaining regardless of the what I call proners who have taken over.

  • James Walker
    James Walker

    Its cool

  • George Lawton
    George Lawton

    That RAM loadout is great, i've tried to use the RAM before in WZ but couldn't quite get on with it!

  • Ryan B
    Ryan B

    You guys are fun to watch

  • SuperToastBoi

    Jackfrags i thinks its about time you brake out the ebr for run. second that a close quarters fal just for the memes.


    i have the same bug jack when the gun is different to what it says it is but for me it fixes itself after a few seconds

  • Fuzzyblakeman

    Just a question, why don’t you slide cancel?

  • Hermoine Granger
    Hermoine Granger

    Watched Jackfrags video for 5 mins. Me: *Opens up COD* . . Every single time!

  • Alex

    Did he play on low graphics settings? Textures seem low res

  • travi

    Does that code give a discount?

  • Nelson Matos
    Nelson Matos

    2:17:11 i dont care what anybody says that gotdamn a.k does not shoot that good with no attachment even with attachments it doesn't shoot that good no recoil at all AT ALL come on man

  • Nelson Matos
    Nelson Matos

    Jackfrags i love u man but it's just so funny how none of your gunz have any recoil whatsoever even when u first drop and pick up an A.K ABSOLUTELY NO RECOIL AT ALL its funny how all these big streamers gunz have no recoil i know for a fact that all these streamers are using alot of help

    • PayneKiller75

      I bet you fall down a lot, huh?

  • Todd vanderwerf
    Todd vanderwerf

    The dream team

  • Mark Oelschlager
    Mark Oelschlager

    SWEATY AF!!! Great Matches... Great Squad!

  • Rodrigo Matos
    Rodrigo Matos

    Smooth af gameplay.

  • knut Lavesson
    knut Lavesson

    Try the ranger foregrip on the Ram its a beam

  • Mr.Piggles

    Wow that looked insane Nice clutch at the end

  • brizzelsprout

    has a 3090. Plays on low for "frames"

    • James Walther
      James Walther

      ive noticed all really good players do this. its not only good for frames but allows you to focus in on your objective and not get distracted by how detailed everything is.

  • Jefferson Derrickson
    Jefferson Derrickson

    Draws left, turn sideways, pulls up only?

  • Linda De Paiva
    Linda De Paiva

    hi jack

  • No Name
    No Name

    Nice stream. Please do more :D

  • Edward Qiu
    Edward Qiu

    lovely ending

  • Rasul Avtorhanov
    Rasul Avtorhanov

    Fkn ProWestie is one of the most annoying youtubers to listen to..

  • tonfakid11

    SUCH as UNIQUE game play. ALL that META loadout and skin. Plus your whole squad running meta shit guns and skins. You definitely set yourself apart from all the other UZload kids here jack!

  • Matthew Grant
    Matthew Grant

    Great video 👌

  • Saggy Chunks
    Saggy Chunks

    “Dice please” 🤣

  • akush55

    that last player (float) standing work like subway car play safe (from bug bomb gas)

  • 3030 CEDAR
    3030 CEDAR

    This guy moves so instinctively & compassionately.. quite a wonder to watch

    • 3030 CEDAR
      3030 CEDAR

      @Mr Dr Prof Steve thinks about team & self at same time

    • Ezekiel Liwerant
      Ezekiel Liwerant

      @Mr Dr Prof Steve I think he means he thinks about every step, but that’s the closest thing I can think of

    • Mr Dr Prof Steve
      Mr Dr Prof Steve

      He moves compassionately?

  • Jack Toner
    Jack Toner

    What is the difference between Norma and lapua rounds on spr

  • Josh Gonzales
    Josh Gonzales

    Why does that one guy you're with sound like Richmond from The IT Crowd? lol

    • 3030 CEDAR
      3030 CEDAR

      Seems like you’re asking why they’re intelligent & coordinated

  • EricTheBoringOne

    You can get much better range on the SPR than what Jacks build. You can almost max out the range. I’ll edit this post in just a bit with my build.

  • JaYk0413

    Is it just me or is Jacks game Textures not loading in? Looks all muddy an terrible

  • Karl

    That 3rd game tho

  • blazing Phoenix
    blazing Phoenix

    You should try this CR56 Amax class I've been using for the muzzle monolithic suppressor barrel XRK zodiac s440 tak laser you can use sniper scope but I use the variable zoom scope and then the M67-10R mags also I love your content and you you're the best keep them playing love you and your channel

  • DC17

    1:23:00 why wouldn’t you used the Airstrike before jumping out the window. Smh

  • Jack Pickering
    Jack Pickering

    Anyone else getting hideous skips and stutters? Last two streams have been really jumpy, sometimes it's 5 seconds, other times more than a minute. Watching in 1080 as per normal.

  • Jones Texas
    Jones Texas

    play on ps4 manco

  • Reggie Salt
    Reggie Salt

    Modern warfare runs like ass compared to cold war. But it looks better.

  • Szymon Szor
    Szymon Szor

    That last game was absolutely mental! Great stream overall

  • silakkas

    Lapua is a place in Finland (reason for name)... said no one as no one cares

  • Atlas Bryson
    Atlas Bryson

    Is anyone else seeing the screen tearing?

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Denzil Washington and Morgan Freeman XD

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    @jackfrags Your sniper shots at 19:28 Wow, amazing!


    Why the game is not in high graphics quality ? , Sir. 🙄 Higher quality will let us feel good about game😍😋😏.

    • Trevor Machia
      Trevor Machia

      Dude it's cuz ur device can't handle 720p or 1080p or whatever he is on

  • Naka Mishi
    Naka Mishi

    Tac laser instead of merc 😉


    Whats happened to Discord 😢 what potato started being stupid, cos inknow it was someone bein a k**b and writing horrible stuff or something, theres always one, spoiling it for everyone, watched you for years Jack and will until your sick of us 😉 keep goin mate all the way to the top 😁 one question for them, y tho?

  • Lucky Verri
    Lucky Verri

    `yOUR RANK IS 141 How cool!


    pls battlefield5

  • DeFrancis Plays
    DeFrancis Plays

    Good stream GG WP, that last game was messy as hell 😅

  • Tom Fraser
    Tom Fraser

    Man said 13 mid rolls

  • iTs YungStew
    iTs YungStew

    Damn the first game took 28 mins to play that kinda crazy

  • The Jetta Knight
    The Jetta Knight

    You all had to work really hard for the W in that last round, GG boys👍👍

  • stacey vieira
    stacey vieira

    Imagine call of duty incorporated destrucability to their maps and environmemts.

    • Chezuz_Krytzt

      That call of duty game would take up at least 12 Terrabytes of storage

    • noah hladik
      noah hladik

      @stacey vieira yes he is. And he doesnt even know that Cold war is using BO4s engine but modified even more. There is such a stark difference between the graphic fidelity of Modern Warfare and Cold War not to mention the sound engine in Modern warfare is miles ahead of Cold wars

    • stacey vieira
      stacey vieira

      @noah hladik i figured he was talking shit

    • noah hladik
      noah hladik

      @stacey vieira because they arent incompetent and can put more features in their games while still holding 60fps

    • stacey vieira
      stacey vieira

      @Reggie Salt how does battle field get by with destruction??

  • joelquinn98

    I'm sorry i can't watch your videos right now Jack, I just cant concentrate or have any motivation to watch anything. One glimmer of hope is that soon ill be as to see all the videos you've posted lately, especially these longer ones, I just hope I can get the motivation to soon. Your videos really make a difference Jack

  • Co

    Love love love this

  • Ethan Jaxon
    Ethan Jaxon

    Can you make a Cold War settings video, really helped me out when you did it for modern warfare

  • Chip 1528
    Chip 1528

    Hey Jack. Newly subscribed and im curious as to what headset you use. Thx for all the great videos and can't wait for more

  • Sebastian Bancroft
    Sebastian Bancroft

    Finally a warzone vid

  • Daniel Moolman
    Daniel Moolman

    Hey jack try the other mag on your spr 208 it is better

  • Doom

    That last game was incredible!!!