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Ok so I found the cheapest RC Car I could find om. Amazon and we took it for a spin in the skatepark. It wasn't quite a Traxxas haha but we had tons of fun either way though! I hope you guys got a kick out of it. More videos are always on the way so stay tuned!
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  • Timothy Cunningham
    Timothy Cunningham

    The rc car did a kilpflip

  • Ugu

    What happened 🤣

  • Jonas King
    Jonas King

    dude everytime there is something cheaper it’s better

  • Jace Parks
    Jace Parks

    I got that car to

  • AVQ

    It’s called Lamborghini veneno

    • Jace Parks
      Jace Parks

      Corret because I HAVE THE SAME ONE

  • Tanuja Pershad
    Tanuja Pershad

    can you send me one i live at calmari 6204 place 33578 pls

  • Takeela Bates
    Takeela Bates

    Ghhhbhbbhbhhbhbbh bb b. hhbbhhbhbbhbhbhbhbhbhbhbhbhhbbhbhhbbbbbgvvbbhbhbhvgbhhbhbhhvbhbbhhhbhhbnbb

  • Ryan Wequ
    Ryan Wequ

    Nano rc car next? Adventure Force brand (basically New Bright) has them for around 10 bucks.

  • Amie Lowry
    Amie Lowry

    Can you do a live stream

  • blake stoner
    blake stoner

    What brand is the car

  • Ernie Beaubrun
    Ernie Beaubrun


  • arryn Marseilles Munsayac (am7180)
    arryn Marseilles Munsayac (am7180)

    bro he rc drifts better than me 😢

  • Griffin R. Shorts
    Griffin R. Shorts

    I literally just bought the traxxas stampede but in green

  • Okaj

    I got that like 4 years ago, it was 🐕💩




    Rod to arsy car🚗

  • T. J. Wooldridge
    T. J. Wooldridge


  • Achie Gonzaga
    Achie Gonzaga

    My rc poilce car or broken

  • jovan jovanovic
    jovan jovanovic


  • Niya Wilson
    Niya Wilson


  • Crazycars35

    It’s toygrade

  • Curran Chubb
    Curran Chubb

    Please get an xmaxx

  • kawhi alleyne
    kawhi alleyne


  • Cedric H
    Cedric H

    that's a lamborghini veneno

  • Bakhar Gokadze
    Bakhar Gokadze

    One time I dropped my rc car a 50feet drop and it survived somehow.

    • Achie Gonzaga
      Achie Gonzaga

      Oh no

  • Jayden Rider
    Jayden Rider


  • Cracker Witharc
    Cracker Witharc

    Can’t wait For him to find out what Traxxas / arrma rcs are

    • 222_blaze_ 222
      222_blaze_ 222

      Lol can’t wait

  • Isaac kwabena Senkyire
    Isaac kwabena Senkyire

    I have some of that rc car but is big and orange

  • kidboi123


  • Meer Patel
    Meer Patel

    Rc cars have cheap controllers that is not true professional ones do

  • isam hussein
    isam hussein

    Happy new year Andy!

  • La Keisha Martin
    La Keisha Martin

    Boob hello my friends hate me too boo boo oh boo my cartoon changer are you are you hate your friends help me do you are you are you wanna go to the Lab theater shake it really hard I got lonely chick me how do I lovely are you a Ryk Cait

  • Kienora Cooper
    Kienora Cooper

    The name of the car is speedy

  • kinsly yR
    kinsly yR

    I love your videos

  • Lucio Guzman-Pacheco
    Lucio Guzman-Pacheco

    De q

  • Beeran Freebs
    Beeran Freebs

    Shoulda turned the lights out and watch them headlights zip around the warehouse

  • travis Higgins 10
    travis Higgins 10

    Travis higgins and puggy

  • Trevyy

    Andy get an arrma kraton v5 or a traxxas maxx

  • Ubaid Mehmood
    Ubaid Mehmood


  • animalfourlegs

    If you don’t know what that car is called it’s a lamboghini veneno

  • Hudson plays
    Hudson plays


  • Gabriel W
    Gabriel W

    my freind got the worst rc car it was a stupid pink truck and it went almost 1mile a hour so bad for price!!!!!

  • April Brockman
    April Brockman


  • Jessica Keely
    Jessica Keely

    It’s a Lamborghini

  • Amanda Cartrette
    Amanda Cartrette

    What Are You Doing For Super Bowl Sunday 2021, Andrew Shrock?

  • Samina Mehmood
    Samina Mehmood


  • Matthews Motorbikes
    Matthews Motorbikes

    Is this the Andrew that grew up in Harrisonburg va?

    • Matthews Motorbikes
      Matthews Motorbikes

      @Majestic motocross Kawasaki Superfan I grew up on dirt bikes and quads, but never raced them.

    • Majestic motocross Kawasaki Superfan
      Majestic motocross Kawasaki Superfan

      Do you race dirtbikes I do

  • Conor dowling
    Conor dowling

    Ryden cude play with that

  • Jodi Lawson
    Jodi Lawson

    I have one of that rc car

    • Jodi Lawson
      Jodi Lawson

      I have that rc car

  • Danika Donoghue
    Danika Donoghue

    The camera man from all the running:🥵😪

    • Danika Donoghue
      Danika Donoghue

      @JMS3 thanks for telling me!

    • JMS3

      His name is Alex btw

  • tsai campbell
    tsai campbell

    Can you Spiderman truck is bigger player

  • Momma Bass
    Momma Bass

    I love the shred quarter don’t telw my mommy

  • Bentley Fenske
    Bentley Fenske


  • Kaylen Vanslambrouck
    Kaylen Vanslambrouck

    Buy the bigest rc car on Amazon

  • Enoch 33
    Enoch 33

    This takes "ACTUAL" batteries lol ok....

  • Rebeccah Chege
    Rebeccah Chege

    It is not a must u brake it but cool vid though

  • Laura Calderon
    Laura Calderon

    I am a fan of the blue blue red yellow purple green green yellow purple green blue band

  • Speedspace Girl
    Speedspace Girl

    i love watching you and ryden together or apart you should do another face swap vid

  • Arc 247
    Arc 247

    Wow. I remember when $15 would get you a remote with a wire going to your car, and forward would go mostly straight, and reverse was reverse and turn. Electeonics have come so dang far!

  • NateDawg 1709
    NateDawg 1709

    You should get pocket racers😂😂😂😅

  • Krishaun Somaiah
    Krishaun Somaiah

    It's a Lamborghini Veneno

  • Pellagia Eichhorst
    Pellagia Eichhorst

    That is not the cheapest RC car ever

  • jay bennett
    jay bennett

    you should get a gas powered remote control car and do the same video

  • kristy deloe
    kristy deloe


  • Zane Sifuentes
    Zane Sifuentes

    Now we need a expensive one on amazon

  • SamNSoph Smart
    SamNSoph Smart


  • Anita Baylor
    Anita Baylor


  • Jeff Sawyer
    Jeff Sawyer

    I like your Sunny does coccyx

  • Filip Cheaga
    Filip Cheaga

    You look like Eminem

  • Maniac nerf
    Maniac nerf

    Oh cool, a lamborghini Veneno

  • Kareem Ndiaye
    Kareem Ndiaye

    love lol

  • Monica Maertens
    Monica Maertens

    it is a lamborginy

    • SK8 progression
      SK8 progression


  • Ben

    You should buy a gas RC car

  • Jacob Gregory
    Jacob Gregory

    7:34 50/50 kick flip and then a bounce to kick flip

  • Gerardo Fierro Vlogs
    Gerardo Fierro Vlogs

    You just break things 😕

  • Ayaan Mir
    Ayaan Mir


  • Stiles Gaming
    Stiles Gaming

    They destroyed that car

  • Bruce the Moose
    Bruce the Moose

    Fail why did you you try that in the intro. But it was funny

  • Giuseppe Tringale
    Giuseppe Tringale


  • Stephanie Yeboah
    Stephanie Yeboah

    I haven't watch your videos in a long time this is probably like my first time watching will it's my 15th time watching you you guys are the best do more hide and seek videos with Rhydon

    • Surprised Pikachu
      Surprised Pikachu

      Is his pre evolution rhyhorn

  • Surendra Raju
    Surendra Raju

    yo wow oyu baby but not baby me love your cool vids


    What is that rc car called

  • KawwiCosplayer WolfyTheCosplayer
    KawwiCosplayer WolfyTheCosplayer

    My name is phoenix

  • Luis francisco
    Luis francisco

    Its a lamborgini venano

    • SK8 progression
      SK8 progression


  • Nada Ahmed
    Nada Ahmed


  • Tina Whelan
    Tina Whelan

    Where is Riordan

  • Archie Fred
    Archie Fred

    Get a know now one

  • William bird
    William bird

    Andrew that car is cold a lamboghini

    • SK8 progression
      SK8 progression

      Fun fact: there are only 13 Lamborghini Venenos in the world.

  • Charles Chisale
    Charles Chisale

    I have a big one

  • LYS cool video
    LYS cool video

    Me too

  • Dan 58603
    Dan 58603

    Pls make skateboarding with ryden

  • Landon Morton
    Landon Morton

    Why does he look like a Eminem clone

  • Jennifer Campbell
    Jennifer Campbell

    There's a song called and stoppable that I think you'll really like you just posted this video so I thought I just get it out there good video by the way

  • Keith Skates
    Keith Skates

    Feeding the "Monster that is Amazon", feeds my family. Those sound-effects though... hahaha

  • Jamiewright62 hi
    Jamiewright62 hi

    Buy a expensive one

  • red

    there is a cheaper one in New York

  • OTTO Rocket HD
    OTTO Rocket HD

    We have to be honest riden can not skate I know 3 and 4 year old that are better than him I’m not trying to be mean or trying to discourage him I just think your being to nice in the future throwing the board up into the air and waiting for it to roll over then jump on isn’t gonna impress anyone instead he’ll get made fun of I’m just trying to say he needs to learn real tricks

  • Slushie

    Try arrma rc

  • Drew Camp
    Drew Camp

    You should the force 1 tornado RC car off of Amazon

  • Jaime Martinez
    Jaime Martinez

    Andy that car is the best thing ever.