This is radioactive uranium glass
Watch me make uranium glass:
Main channel:
I made this uranium glass myself and it actually contains uranium. What's cool about it is that it fluoresces under a black light, and it lets off a really nice green color. Because it contains uranium, it's radioactive, and this can be detected using a Geiger counter.
Nile talks about lab safety:​

  • NileRed Shorts
    NileRed Shorts

    Watch me make uranium glass! Link in the description

    • Jonah Faulkner
      Jonah Faulkner

      What do you do for work? This? This is so neat!!

    • Comrade Dog
      Comrade Dog

      Oh yes the fun parts also the very dangerous part with serious implications concerning long-term health

    • Comrade Dog
      Comrade Dog

      @ツmordon no don't it's 20 billion calories

    • Mila Sparaco
      Mila Sparaco

      @100wyyy plays uh ohhh

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      100wyyy plays

      Just imagine a kid got a hold of your uranium glass thinking it was a cookie…

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    Donnie Azoff

    This guy has got to be on a watchlist making all this stuff

  • Rollie

    how does one get ahold of pure uranium

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    Catsdogs woof

    Everyone gaster till till the beeps turn to to deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Cam Washington
    Cam Washington

    Where did this man get PURE uranium Nile im pretty sure your on a FBI watch list

  • Rohit

    Nile red :- owns something having 81862 CPM radio action Me:- So , you have chosen *cancer*

  • Ramya Sharma
    Ramya Sharma

    Sir where do you work?!

  • Anushka Gupta
    Anushka Gupta

    I love this man’s passion to destroy the world

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    Non-Agricultural Memes

    _so thats how they make night vision goggles..?_

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    Canyonero CZ

    Eat it

  • Anti Wolfer
    Anti Wolfer

    Diamond testing (science edition)

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    He will unlock the obamium soon

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    Cee Tillman

    This man just gave himself cancer for a tiktok vid😎

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    k zh

    If those were sunglasses and you wore it to a rave 😂

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    Osmil Oe

    That glass thing is exactly what i’d emagine radioactive stuff would look like

  • aare pelaa
    aare pelaa

    I wanna eat it because it looks like sugar

  • Richard Lawrence Rogers
    Richard Lawrence Rogers

    Who.lets this kid post these videos. So now we know he has access to unstable chemicals. Were watching all the pre videos of the next big terrorisy

  • Kaithai Sayarath
    Kaithai Sayarath

    I wonder if you can contain the radiation in a magnetic field

  • Aaron Lowe
    Aaron Lowe

    Are those gloves enough protection?

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    not great, not terrible

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    AR _l_ RV O.O

    Well how do we detect vibranium

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    roblox powering censorship

    Thought it was a condom for a sec lmao

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    I be like: joke He be like: hold my joke

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    He is like so this is where I keep the deadly stuff 🤣🤣

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    Just who are you

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    So you just have fucking uranium lying around


    Dude you are scary.

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    Reynaldo Heradi

    Completely normal phenomenon

  • Kid Viking
    Kid Viking

    Couldn’t you use the uranium as a power source I’m pretty sure it would be very power and less damage to the environment

  • Infratutos 25
    Infratutos 25

    Some is gonna for the cancer...

  • Sadnoize

    Give us a cancer update in 13 years please

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    Brian Arnold

    Ive always associated a lime green color to uranium. Apparently its the color of piss....

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    Do I even want to know how you own so much uranium?

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    Little Tree

    How tf does this man just own this shit

  • mrgw982

    Knowing the nature of his previous videos, I was scared he was going to throw the bottle of Uranium against the wall.


    FBI wants to know your location

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    Lilly Pad

    Casually say this is my radioactive cabinet

  • iM0b!Le

    FBI: *Where does he live*

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    milk steak

    *Detects uranium* Device: beep beep beep beep *Over pure uranium* Device: that's fucking death my guy

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    adfaf adfaf

    Now that's ICEEEEEEE

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    Jamie Moore

    3.6 Roentgen: not great, not terrible.

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    Yellow Devil

    Forbidden lollipop with no stick


    This looks like melted sugar and solidified.

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    "This is my radiation cabinet. It's full of cancer"

  • Sokka

    Good now make it go boom boom

  • Kosova is Albania
    Kosova is Albania

    Lets make nukes 🤣

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    Sidharth Kumar Menon IN

    Everyone gangster till the geiger counter flatlines

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    Remzzy boi

    Forbidden drink 😳

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    Your radiation cabinet is one gust of wind away from being a regular cabinet

  • Lordi

    "Nice Green color" *Actual as saturated as green can be to the point where it looks toxic af*

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    mxp official


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    Phantom beatz

    So this is my radiation cabinet said no one ever

  • FBI agent #3356
    FBI agent #3356

    Make meth

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    Simply -living

    That hurt my eyes

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    şant pirol

    Yo boys anyone wondering who skipped the chemistry class? CPM is Cell Per million while CPB is for the billion, you're welcome.

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    Jerome Plays

    I wanna eat it lol

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    jay__ shephard_

    How did u get uranium?

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    Assassiner 358

    What if I lick some uranium?

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    phonvoli ormogwey

    This man is a supervillain. He's just showing off his cool suppervillain experiments to people to have fun and possibly fund more experiments

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    Looks like an edible or resin 😅

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    I guess cartoon radiative is real

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    It's just 3,6 röntgen

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    bruh he got a uranium tester. iceeee

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    Dragon Sage

    did anyone else’s eyes hurt when he shined the black light on it?


    Scientists: Uranium isnt bad bad. Governments: lets call it a vaccine

  • Babar Iqbal
    Babar Iqbal

    3.6 roentgen… not great, not terrible.”

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    Max ebers

    Light it on fire

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    Andrew Matiowsky

    What does pure uranium glow like under the black light

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    Canadian Albino

    “This’ my radiation cabinet” *sticks his whole fuckin head in there*

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    Virtualy frf


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    Why do you have uranium

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    Free Memes

    *children of atom Fallout four flashbacks*

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    Anole Juice

    my brain screamed "DONT DROP IT" when he pulled it out

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    This is not uranium it’s the camo from BO2

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    Holy crap! You have friggin uranium bro!

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    What's the lethal amount on the geiger counter

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    The forbidden rock candy

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    Uranium fever has gone and got me down!

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    Why are you getting your hands on that?!!?

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    Uranium glass aint that bad, its barely radioactive... But this PURE URANIUM here in the other hand.....

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    I like that you have a radiation cabinet. Yknow... For storing your radiation.

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    guys, what happened next? when he took out the uranium, it became dark in my eyes and I do not see anything


    Cancer glass 😳

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    Kutlwano Mokgele

    Someone sock under a blacklight😂😂 be like that

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    Drink the pure uranium

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    I hope you don’t have that shit in your home!

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    Eat it.

  • CamTizzle

    Do you need some sort of clearance or paperwork or forms on file with the government in order to obtain and/or possess radioactive materials? I mean. I doubt countries just allow people to buy, sell, or possess radioactive material without any oversight or strict regulations..?

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    "...and these are my balls" *shows his huge mutated green balls*

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    Hahaha... The fact that you have a radiation cabinet!

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    This is uranium glass. It has uranium but it’s not that radioactive. This is, however *pulls out Demon Core from his closet*

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    Regular show the movie

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    Human Bean

    Am I the only one who could feel the radiation thru the phone?


    So aren’t you getting hurt by handling them?

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    that sure is a nice green colour

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    “This is my radiation cabinet” -Said no one ever