I Survived 200 Days Of Hardcore Minecraft In An Ocean Only World.
I Survived 100 Days Of Hardcore Minecraft, In an Ocean Only World.
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  • PaulGG

    So how about that 300 days 👀

    • BadSytem49 BadSytem49
      BadSytem49 BadSytem49


    • Alex Hysing
      Alex Hysing


    • Lalita Shelar
      Lalita Shelar

      yes you are awsome

    • Es-Trader


    • Frederik Frisch Lybecker
      Frederik Frisch Lybecker


  • Capitalex

    Wither was easy cuz he had smite 4

  • Katie Brock
    Katie Brock

    3:45 😳😳

  • Pencat

    20:09 he broke his cd

  • yaqeen Arnold
    yaqeen Arnold

    1:55 regene

  • Brendan Johnson
    Brendan Johnson

    8:25 VOLCANO

  • Derrick Velez
    Derrick Velez

    Flying be like

  • Blah

    Yes I want to see 300 days

  • Sharyl Sternberg
    Sharyl Sternberg

    400 Days in Minecraft and 500 Days in Minecraft and watch this UZloadr fru

  • Sharyl Sternberg
    Sharyl Sternberg


  • Levi Aguilar
    Levi Aguilar

    Then I realized that a child escaped from the jai- I mean shake shack then sends him to hell 3:26

  • Levi Aguilar
    Levi Aguilar

    Then I realized that a child escaped the jai- I mean shake shack then send him to hell

  • Levi Aguilar
    Levi Aguilar


  • Mason Neumann
    Mason Neumann

    There was dirt in the cave get the dirrrrrrrrrrrrrrt the grass will grow on the dirt

  • Victoria Garcia
    Victoria Garcia

    R.I.P island chicken 🪦🥺

  • Liev Mendoza
    Liev Mendoza

    rip island chimkin shows as sandwich

  • Melissa Murrell
    Melissa Murrell

    if you have a silk touch pick and you mine nether gold an then you smelt it you will get a gold ingot

  • Brantley Sisterman
    Brantley Sisterman


  • Mason Neumann
    Mason Neumann

    Repeating words Repeating words

  • I am The King
    I am The King

    3:46 hey ummmmm what was that noise in the background Paul? 👀

  • Layla Universa
    Layla Universa

    You only need the main the shape of a beacon, you don’t need the inside of it.

  • Seraphim


  • TigerVeiw

    I cant beleive he have not reach 50 million uet. SUBSCIRD TO HIMMMM!!!!!!

  • Helen Street
    Helen Street

    Day 169 was not nice for the iron golems

  • Carson Passafiume
    Carson Passafiume

    This is the best hardcore series ever!

  • Ghost TM
    Ghost TM

    1:54 Trump is that you??????

  • Jokūbas Bagdonas
    Jokūbas Bagdonas

    xd you have 963 subcribers but views is 7mil

  • Cracker77

    If you got a charge creeper to blow up a stray you would get a wither skull to the summon the weather

  • Azure Skys
    Azure Skys

    Ender man far,

  • Wayne Reed
    Wayne Reed

    THhis vid sucks idiot

  • Rene Wiley
    Rene Wiley

    2:59 where did that arrow come from ._.

  • Megha Walia
    Megha Walia

    why not use sharpness 5

  • Luke Adrian Laresma
    Luke Adrian Laresma


  • Jessa Salamanca
    Jessa Salamanca

    You now that you can craft a notch apple you just 8 block of gold and 1 apple

  • The crazy Man Rishikesh
    The crazy Man Rishikesh


  • Lily Maxwell
    Lily Maxwell

    300 DAYZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (like if you agree!!)

  • Overlay Furniture
    Overlay Furniture

    You’re just like technoblade He loves loves potatoes

  • Overlay Furniture
    Overlay Furniture

    I luv yah continent!

  • Teddy Six
    Teddy Six

    Day 35327363943896475632785224956526436: I looked at my 6567 shulker boxes of stacks of potatoes and decided to go farm some more

  • Poginthechat

    Normal parents when their kids are bad: GO TO YOUR ROOM Not PaulGG: GO TO MINECRAFT HELL

  • chase Depression
    chase Depression

    You should meet the big boys like dream, I mean you deserve it and it would work

  • Larry Muterema
    Larry Muterema

    It's pretty good like a manson and 200 days are pretty cool

  • Naldo Garcia
    Naldo Garcia

    14:15 👀👀👀👀👀👀 Is that Gordon Ramsay🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Naldo Garcia
    Naldo Garcia

    Sand to cook what 2:50 & 3:00 OMG HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHH "More sand to cook" Well I didn't know that sand can be cooked HAHAHHAHHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • Mark Jephson
    Mark Jephson


  • Abhinand Nl
    Abhinand Nl


  • The better Duo
    The better Duo

    Why does like no one know there is literally a whole sponge room in the ocean monument

    • Overlay Furniture
      Overlay Furniture

      Ik about that’s the only UZload or that knows about that is JpeX

  • Pingi

    There was dirt

  • Rosealie Lycan
    Rosealie Lycan

    Why don't you use beds for TNT? No sheep

  • diamondsmasher0

    mmmmmm chimkin bergr

  • Prim Water
    Prim Water

    How about 1000 days instead of 700 800 and 900

  • greed yyy
    greed yyy

    😼😹👎bozo chicken died on the island bozo 🥱

  • Diana Diana
    Diana Diana

    Put carpets down to stop the iorn golim from spawning

  • Akg Sher
    Akg Sher

    He put a meme in this meme Pakistani flag reveal

  • Khalooo Al barnaoe
    Khalooo Al barnaoe

    wait... how do u get the wool for the villager spawner in I00 days

  • Reilly Forelli
    Reilly Forelli

    You forgot a grave for the first dead chicken

  • FireFlame

    "I started off by adjusting the platform with the beacon. I started off the day by adjusting the platform with the beacon." You just copy and paste your words there?

  • Kailen Murzycki
    Kailen Murzycki

    I now just realized why he said nice when there’s 69 I’m so delayed

  • Erin Schirra
    Erin Schirra

    More like ghast busters

  • Beckett Fenbert
    Beckett Fenbert

    I love these pictures to show his emotions! 😂

  • Toxic russian guy
    Toxic russian guy

    Busting this dragons sheeps sheeps isn’t a word.

  • xen0

    and one of the kids got too close to the clapper.

  • SeanPlayZ


  • Bodoga Bogdan
    Bodoga Bogdan

    3:36. What's that double iron crafting recipe?

  • It’s Yellow
    It’s Yellow

    bro the pterodactyl nugget is the best cus u can bite off it’s wings


    Is it rlly true that an hour is equals too seven years in earth?! That kinda confused me lol

  • Alisha Smith
    Alisha Smith

    instead of ghostbusters its ghastbusters


    20:06 huh?

  • ILeikPotatoz ,
    ILeikPotatoz ,

    12:09 say that to WadZee

  • ILeikPotatoz ,
    ILeikPotatoz ,

    11:43 true the trex just hits different

  • Minecraft Steve
    Minecraft Steve

    Baby kille!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mark McNicholl
    Mark McNicholl

    You can have channeling and RIP ride together you put the trident in the other box stupid boy

  • Catriona Flynn
    Catriona Flynn

    300days yay

  • Yo boy Daniel 55
    Yo boy Daniel 55

    What happen to your hard-core world

  • School Sage
    School Sage

    so we are NOT going to talk abt how he got hot stuff acheivemnt day 112

    • W.D gaster
      W.D gaster

      He NEVER picked up lava in the first 100 days, it only makes sense

    • School Sage
      School Sage

      maybe he cheated *_*

  • AddisonCrazy Gaming
    AddisonCrazy Gaming

    Paul: You can't get channeling and riptide combine Me: You put the book first u need to put the trident first then the book🤣😐🤣


    Can't wate too see 400 days but let's stick to 300 for now Ps u r so look cool And u enspird me to get back in to mincraft I still need to W ourk on me speed brig lol

  • rich grimes
    rich grimes

    The amount of times he got things wrong was too funny

  • Lauritz Rasmussen
    Lauritz Rasmussen


  • gauri h pai
    gauri h pai

    No one saw the kid village funeral

  • Kendall capia
    Kendall capia

    Island chicken 🍗🍗 did not even taste good

  • Kendall capia
    Kendall capia


  • بودكاست العالم الثالت
    بودكاست العالم الثالت

    Hahaaaaaaa, cupcake roof

  • Joanne

    Nooooo island chicken 2021-2021

  • Jennifer Olmos
    Jennifer Olmos


  • Noob Gaming
    Noob Gaming

    villager child abuse!!!!!

  • Polyu Nortolac
    Polyu Nortolac

    You should use charge creepers to blow up the wither skeletons because the wither skeletons might drop there head when a charge creeper blows them up

  • Alex Skocic
    Alex Skocic

    Use beds to mine for netherrite!! It’s way cheaper than tnt!!

  • nova tremblay
    nova tremblay

    Heuuu you stupid... 20:39

  • Random B S SCOOTERS
    Random B S SCOOTERS

    The fact that he messes up his lines make it soooo much better

  • Brian Wheeler
    Brian Wheeler

    So proud of Paul. He didn't mess up the circle this time

  • red blue
    red blue

    Why don’t you use the leftover seeds you get from the farm and breed the chickens

  • Bindie

    What happened to the first chicken u had that u name? Is he dead

  • Jeswin Joseph
    Jeswin Joseph

    23:37 I was wondering if i could buy a Mansion

  • Nenita Villacampa
    Nenita Villacampa


  • Nenita Villacampa
    Nenita Villacampa

    Hhaha 3 chiks died hahah

  • Connor Mcelwain
    Connor Mcelwain

    300 DAYS?!?

  • Connor Mcelwain
    Connor Mcelwain

    ;) By Hannah

  • Marcel Kolodziej
    Marcel Kolodziej

    you could add smite 5 to your sword that you killed the wither skeleton

  • Blazing Productions
    Blazing Productions

    he was searching for so long for a single grass block but didn't think to bonemeal the dirt

    • Shmuel

      @Akash Patel i wish it worked

    • Akash Patel
      Akash Patel

      @Shmuel it seems like it should work tho

    • Shmuel

      @Akash Patel ikr

    • Akash Patel
      Akash Patel

      @Shmuel yeah lol

    • Shmuel

      not how that works