Year 6 is Changing Everything - Flores Revealed - Rainbow Six Siege
Today we finally learn about the upcoming season of Rainbow Six Siege and what changes to expect for year six.
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  • Vendettaa.

    I love flores but hes gay...

  • Felicity Halsey
    Felicity Halsey

    RC-X deployed

  • Steve-Exotic

    Siege is just dead tbh. I love the game but it feel so recycled and nonsensical.

  • JBUG0617

    Fellas, are we about to see a Thursday mailbox??!!??!?!!

  • Get_Spanked

    4:54 HELL NO, a full rework of border?? Bruh 5:12 yeah you better change yo mind.

  • Hugo Rodriguez
    Hugo Rodriguez

    low key a big hit to Goyo smh give my man his 3 shields back

  • Luko Duko
    Luko Duko

    Some of these changes are honestly laughable.. "We're going to let you drone even if you're dead!" Because we need to worry about the maestro AFTER we've killed him.

  • Ravioli Crabbioli
    Ravioli Crabbioli


  • A Mack Gaming
    A Mack Gaming

    As an old siege player who has dropped the game a few years ago, I gotta say I miss the old siege. And even if I wanted to try and get back into the game, r6 has changed way to much for it to feel like the same game. The charm is gone.

  • My Hentai Girl
    My Hentai Girl

    4 is too fucking many, give him 2 and let him keep the normal drone aswell


    Does he come with a keyblade?

  • coconut boi
    coconut boi

    LoL i knew it this think gonna happen bullshit drone

  • Aliyu Abdul-Kareem
    Aliyu Abdul-Kareem

    And on defense you should be able to do it too with like echo and such

  • Harrynewey

    Yes let’s help them get rid of defensive gadgets. Then bring back the original thatcher??

  • Alex C
    Alex C

    Twitch is still better. The Drones can be used in prep and retrieved if anything to balance out Twitch should get a extra zap or two on her drones.

  • Gavin Molina
    Gavin Molina

    WAIT, can mozzie take a flores drone ?

  • Reza Rahman
    Reza Rahman

    I'm just waiting for Warden rework My mans do be need dem reworks

    • Aiden Vinh
      Aiden Vinh

      He doesn't need a rework, just a buff to his gadget. Getting rid of the cool down, make it so he can move around while seeing through smokes, ect.

  • Ricky

    I'm just uninstalling

  • Questionable Life Choices
    Questionable Life Choices

    5:16 I literally haven’t even played the new skyscraper a single time in ranked or unranked this season. Kind of annoying to only ever be playing three maps.

  • Jacob Wood
    Jacob Wood

    Being able to switch ops in prep is pushing it but dead droning is too much unless they reduce the amount of drones you have from two to one so they are more cautious


    Couldn’t take too much more of them boys

  • vinay kumar
    vinay kumar

    Why don't twitch get a normal drone if flores get 2?

  • Stay Social
    Stay Social

    Imagine seeing echo spawn killing every game now, he can just sit back and be on his drones.

  • Eryk Zagozda
    Eryk Zagozda

    I wonder if they’ll add the feature of one shot headshots

  • Boris Müller
    Boris Müller

    5:38 damn near gave me a heart attack!

  • koolaidkiller31

    Castle rework when?

  • Patrick Barnes
    Patrick Barnes

    instead of making an entire gadget couldnt we just give back grenades to a couple ops and revert thatcher to original?


    RIP r6s

  • Datzsojay !
    Datzsojay !

    I hope they rework bank

  • PuSteighn44

    I feel like Flores is borderline useless and will be forgotten. 10 seconds after deployment, slow speed, long countdown to explosion, only going forwards, below average guns, the list goes on. I’d rather they took one or two and made the drones have a second explosion countdown and better maneuvering. He can keep his average guns to compensate for this change because he will no longer SUCK

  • The Super Viewer
    The Super Viewer

    Ive had this game for 6 years...

  • Prabhpreet Singh
    Prabhpreet Singh

    Idk why but i think unisoft will nerf him so that that his drone count will be 1 and will take 3 minutes in order to get the bomb activated and the operator won't have a gun he will only have a knife

  • Joophen

    literally everything that i didn't want siege to do is happening. esports is going to kill this game.

    • Ricky

      Exactly everything we love about the game is taken away to cater to esports smh

  • Mundi96

    game iis still getting more and more trash

  • Rusty Rogue
    Rusty Rogue

    who else remembers recommending an explodable drone in a mailbox and it was generally agreed as a terrible idea

    • Aiden Vinh
      Aiden Vinh

      That's because their idea didn't include a timer for the explosion which is the main reason flores isn't op.

  • TheKeyPit

    We need a Castle buff.

  • that dude guy
    that dude guy

    killer queen

  • Charge Dolt
    Charge Dolt

    Oh boy, Goyo is getting deleted for no actual reason. Glad I didn't buy him

  • Golf Shaped Joel Skull
    Golf Shaped Joel Skull

    Seeing that the drone jumps, them give twitch drone more shocks or make it jump as well.

  • J4y_37____ _
    J4y_37____ _

    There should be a new map every year

  • Art Muradian
    Art Muradian

    Flores is gay

    • Silent3Killer

      And you dont have a pfp

  • Robert Bruno
    Robert Bruno

    Pick twitch, then during the prep-phase change operator, enjoy the free drone upgrade

  • wombatzzzz

    Man Matimio, can you start linking stuff in your description, it feels so useless.

  • Lucid Effex
    Lucid Effex

    i agree with varsity, who the hell asked for favela rework. A casual map..

  • Khaens

    And what about Nokk..... :(

  • Pokny

    im happy about everything expect the fact that they removed the year 6 pass im pretty pissed about that

  • King MufasaBTW
    King MufasaBTW

    Bruh wheres my black beard rework

  • MHRDarkman

    Community: Rework Tower Ubisoft: reworks Skyscraper Community: Rework Tower Ubisoft: reworks Border

  • 3k Baby
    3k Baby

    4 oh nah that’ll get changed to 2

  • björgvin karlsson
    björgvin karlsson

    well Flores welcome to the permanent ban zone no worries you have clash fore company.

  • Barak Gold
    Barak Gold

    R6 = moba

  • Selo Ceto
    Selo Ceto

    I can live with no new maps but i hate the fact that we don't even get new guns i mean why can't we get a new gun for the new OPs that is BS IMO

  • FrenchyFitness

    Siege is dead. Scrap it and give us a sequel.

  • BulletsFTW

    4 drones is a lot, think his the only operator with 4 gadgets, they're definitely gonna reduce it to 3, maybe even 2 depending on how strong it is during testing.

    • A Random Dark Souls Fan
      A Random Dark Souls Fan

      Kapkan? Zero? Zofia? Fuze? Bandit? Mute? Tachanka has 10 Sledge and buck only have 1 but can be used dozens of times Iana has infinite. Warden has infinite Vigil has infinite Cav has infinite Dokkaebi can have more than 10 camera gadgets (although controlling and abilities aren’t usable) I see no problem with this operator

  • Ethan Spencer
    Ethan Spencer

    Matt do you think I should move to pc or get a next gen console

  • Shayne Fuller
    Shayne Fuller

    The drone looks interesting

  • theput puter
    theput puter

    the season should have been called operation bunker buster with how much there is to fuck over anchors

  • Zombi Hunter
    Zombi Hunter

    What do you think about the idea of letting a twitch drone climb walls?

  • hajjan nabhani
    hajjan nabhani

    what if catle threw his gadget like Ace.. could patch reinforced walls on the fly

  • Alexander Velasquez
    Alexander Velasquez

    Bro if you die early then that’s ur fault you shouldn’t get rewarded by dying and then being able to drone around the map for your team. That’s just stupid. And the c4 drone thingy shouldn’t be able to jump because it’s a C4 the explosion will be big and high enough to destroy most gadgets and will make twitch useless

  • SilentShores

    Technically the offense side would have personnel outside while the 5 ops are infiltrating. So I get why offense can drone when out.

  • Kayy

    No news on crossplay...maybe i think about returning next year lol such a shame

  • Tommy Chong
    Tommy Chong

    A lot of changes they’re doing to attack are fine but I hate the idea of being able to change operator in drone phase and drones being able to be used while dead

  • duck time
    duck time

    I don't think Flores is gonna replace Twitch, first, off I'm 99% sure the boom drone cant open Mira windows. Two, Flores only has 4 while Twitch technically has infinite shots if you hide your drone.

  • DillonTaylorVA

    Ah yes, taking away Dokkaebi's grenades and her more controllable SMG is certainly going to make her more popular. Because now she can destroy one gadget with this new secondary! Which... she could already do with her TWO grenades.

  • Bradley Bisak
    Bradley Bisak

    IMO, they need to fix the old maps before making a new one cause the current maps were made for old utility and less. And you could argue that a new map will fix that, but thats one map to the rest.

  • Death Sandwich
    Death Sandwich

    Having full control of drones after death is what will finally kill my love for the game. It goes against the very spirit of R6S.

  • You So CuteDaddy
    You So CuteDaddy

    Flores: RC-XD inbound

  • Captain W
    Captain W

    They will have to buff twitch’s gun to make people to play her again

  • Dirpysheep

    I think twitch should get her drones back

  • UnPokemon

    Allowing offense to change ops during the prep phase completely negates the point of picking unexpected bomb sites. When we played on the stadium with friends we would usually ignore the top floor and meme around in showers or the kitchen. that lead to many people making bad plays because they weren't prepared for it. I feel like this change is going to just make people pick the same sites even more often because there's no point in meme picks to throw the offensive team off.

  • Flixzz

    u know they said what they gonna do with finka fuse mira and maestro in the dev table

  • DetectiveMcGee

    They should make it so you can pick up your dead teammates phone and control their drone.

  • Kota Kimura
    Kota Kimura

    Dude looks like Beck from Cold War

  • SteezMachine355

    What Matt didn't mention was that bulletproof cams will be able to turn and can shoot an EMP dart to disable attacking gadgets and drones, but will come in a later season of year 6

  • Jordan Salvary
    Jordan Salvary

    This game is dead

  • Tyler

    I dont think a season has made me this nervous yet. The strange operator the secondary gadget that negates operators strange reworks and the ridiculous time it takes the devs to implement anything cough cough sound rework ugh

  • Jared Kurp
    Jared Kurp

    Cant destroy my deployable shield if im hiding in a corner holding it out :P

  • pedro aldrete
    pedro aldrete

    Am I the only one who fucking hates reworked maps?

  • myagiification

    So instead of buffing twitch we're just getting a dude who's gadget is better in every way...

  • IShadeZzl

    This drone can even jump!! Damn they took a MASSIVE dump on twitch. :(

  • Riky Song Su
    Riky Song Su

    Mailbox: I feel like the Gonne-6 could have been an under barrel attachment like Buck's skeleton key for some attacker weapons taking the place of a fore or angle grip. Then give it two charges.

    • Riky Song Su
      Riky Song Su

      @ShapelessShark well it would just be on select characters like how the gonne-6 is just for certain ops.

    • ShapelessShark

      nah. that would just be way overpowered. imagine jackals A.R. with an underbarrel 2 charge explosive that completely wrecks utility. defense would just be stupidly underpowered and siege wouldnt be funny anymore

  • Julius Barratt
    Julius Barratt

    dont nerf maestro :(

  • Jaxx Amick
    Jaxx Amick

    The BB nerf is ridiculous. At this point please just rework him. Ubi has literally made him useless. I could deal with the shield health being lowered again, but nerfing the MK17 was stupid

  • Feronanthus

    It seems like Ubisoft just didn't want to come up with a new operator for season one so they punted on actually addressing the real problem of defensive gadgets till later in the year.

  • Operator D
    Operator D

    They should remove the jump from the c4 drones, and give twitch’s drone the ability to jump.

  • Kapow Gaming
    Kapow Gaming

    Instead of magicking up some stupid sci-fi special forces operators. Why don’t they just add more operators to the special forces we already have in game.

  • jeremybu3

    isnt mira getting a rework too soon?

  • Brandon Giordano
    Brandon Giordano

    I see him getting nerfed to 3 and maybe even 2 drones very quickly lol

  • KingAli305

    So if everybody drop they drones at the beginning of the map Nd leave one in spawn there’s 5 extra drones on the field in a 1v1 situation.... I think they should jus scrap the idea😂

  • SmokeScreen _YT
    SmokeScreen _YT

    So year six is pretty much operation health again

  • Lethal Bacon Jews
    Lethal Bacon Jews

    6 years!?!? i feel old now

  • Psalm Neal
    Psalm Neal

    "Defense has an advantage." Ubisoft: Let's make an operator that destroys a bunch of utility (that isn't Fuze or Twitch or Zero). Let's give some attackers a secondary that can destroy bulletproof utility. Let's allow attackers to switch operators in the prep phase. Let's allow attackers to move their drone after death. Doing the most. Hopefully it works out.

  • Goofy Triad
    Goofy Triad

    Defense gets the droning while down buff as well

  • IBLizZaRD

    Y6 and still no solo queue ranked playlist. Do better ubisoft

  • TK

    The new op sounds great but the stuff I heard after that are atrocious.

  • Jubaer Khan
    Jubaer Khan

    Combo of Flores, Lion, Dokkaebi, Ying and Amaru would be great for rushing

  • bennett

    Reworks are such a trash, devastating idea and they’re full on sticking to it. 😂😂😂🤣🤦‍♂️. This will be the last year the game is alive

  • Oscar S
    Oscar S

    Using drones after dead is just too OP. Please don’t do that Ubi.

  • Oscar S
    Oscar S

    Nice Ubi. Nerf twitch then release an operator who makes her completely obsolete. Real nice.