MGK and Yungblud perform their hit song, "I Think I'm OKAY."
Watch MGK and Yungblud perform "I Think I'm OKAY"!
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  • Debbi Claire Jackson
    Debbi Claire Jackson

    This ...🔥❤

  • Sandy Scuba
    Sandy Scuba

    Nice.. ❤️

  • These Endless Nights
    These Endless Nights

    Lmao MGK can’t play 3 chords and sing at the same time. What a fake ass musician. Props to Travis barker tho for writing a pretty dope album. Also to melodyne for tuning their shit vocals.

  • Hiroww Yuki
    Hiroww Yuki

    Mgk’s voice is really good!!!

  • Bobbi Sninchak
    Bobbi Sninchak

    Love this!!!! ❤❤❤❤

  • jackie stroh
    jackie stroh

    So in love... what a duo... what a song...

  • Kylie Tokaji
    Kylie Tokaji

    Love this song. Sounds Sooo good

  • Emily Bitonti
    Emily Bitonti

    Youngblood is such a good looking man. I love his style.

  • 027 Francis Malsawmsanga
    027 Francis Malsawmsanga

    Ava nalh vee😭👍👍👍🔥

    • 027 Francis Malsawmsanga
      027 Francis Malsawmsanga

      Nalh ber alom😎

  • Grant Bubnack
    Grant Bubnack


  • Allie J
    Allie J

    I love u

  • Allie J
    Allie J

    Oh my god unTr sexy MGK

  • R.D. Shelton
    R.D. Shelton

    Superfluous...simply forever!

  • Henry Fedrizzi
    Henry Fedrizzi

    I fink I'm alright innit

  • Nicky Pks
    Nicky Pks

    Me saco el sombrero con estos dos genios😎

  • Nando Coronel C.
    Nando Coronel C.


  • FlimsTV

    What would their mothers think. Sheesh

  • Amani Rodriguez
    Amani Rodriguez

    Machine Gun Kelly seems like one of those whities that gets paranoid when you talk about they past

  • Shai 69
    Shai 69

    I like youngbluds hat

  • Liza Aguilar-Argumedo
    Liza Aguilar-Argumedo

    Yungblud be looking like my Auntie.

  • Marcus Butler
    Marcus Butler


  • Meaningful

    No wonder they famous

  • Matthew Anderson
    Matthew Anderson

    Travis Barker wrote a Blink 182 song for some pretty dudes to sing. And expects 0 credit. He's the real hero!

  • Mia Manor
    Mia Manor

    i love then both but but everyone is like youngblud this youngblud that but sounds the same as the vid

  • George Aruino
    George Aruino

    I literally cant understand the words yungblud is sayig.

  • Ayden Barlow
    Ayden Barlow

    yungblud's voice is sooooooooo bad

  • Sarah C
    Sarah C

    Wow he's even more talented than I already thought. Good for him!! 🍀

  • Rhea Jewan
    Rhea Jewan

    It makes me angry when then dont swear

  • Markus Feljofsen
    Markus Feljofsen

    Atm I‘m watching this every day. The whole vibe is just awesome here.

  • Sarah Bannier
    Sarah Bannier

    Soooo fuckin good 🖤❤️🖤

  • Paul Schirra
    Paul Schirra

    Youngblood performed better than in the original music video! 😂

  • lll003

    it’s so weird without them saying bad words lol

  • zeid jemni
    zeid jemni

    Rihanna just hit me on a text

  • Raytesla26

    Shit Show Fuck MGIK for dong that... And i'm a Fan

  • Raytesla26

    Stupid he didn't acknowledge you/// He messed it up for the whole song doing that shit Song sounded like Shit after that

  • George Jacob
    George Jacob

    They sound so good live!

  • HomieLlama

    yung blood did so good

  • Bb's diys
    Bb's diys

    “watch me take a good thing and mess it up in one night” this is weirdest thing ever

  • Leah Johnson
    Leah Johnson

    I was confused at first cause I thought I was getting the lyrics wrong but they're doing a clean version it's weird 😂

  • True Alpha
    True Alpha

    If we don’t get a full album that would be robbery

  • NetGamer

    the yungblud voice OMGG

  • rebecca whitehead
    rebecca whitehead

    I love him He is so amazing

  • FenderBG3111

    how do i get the job of hitting a box?

  • -_-

    Is there something happen with yungblud sound? Or this is the normal way he's sing?

  • Mickey Shepard
    Mickey Shepard

    Yungblud and mgk better have millions of songs I can’t get enough I don’t want ifs with these 2 we need all they can give

  • Timmeh1k

    LOL we're supposed to think this guy is talented and he has to stop playing the riff so he can sing.

  • Gayle Gossett
    Gayle Gossett

    I love how he didn't cuss lol and why dose yungblud look like a lepord

    • Gayle Gossett
      Gayle Gossett

      How don't match but I don't ethier-

  • adam sears
    adam sears

    Young blood is this song truthfully

  • MrUmpaman9

    That fact you can’t say shit in a song is actually sad

  • Kyle Richey
    Kyle Richey

    Thanks for the goosebumps I needed to feel something again

  • bubonic mikey
    bubonic mikey

    Ian from shameless reminds me of yungblood, they kinda look alike as well? Anyone else

  • pielover1978

    is it just me or does yunglbud looks like the crossdresser from shrek

  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson

    I like it new MGK.... but Eminem made him change genres lol

  • Jacob De la cruz
    Jacob De la cruz

    The way they looked at each other when they were singing goodnight had to fix that is said wee istead of were

  • Allen Dawkins
    Allen Dawkins


  • Sammy Beats
    Sammy Beats

    Is it just me or MGK´s guitar is muted in the distorted parts???

  • Alex Bonnington
    Alex Bonnington

    Not hating on Yungblud or anything but Mgk is so much better

  • Syahna Maudi Regina
    Syahna Maudi Regina

    Watch me, take a good thing and fuck it all up in one night Catch me, I'm the one on the run away from the headlights No sleep, up all week wasting time with people I don't like I think something's fucking wrong with me Drown myself in alcohol, that shit never helps at all I might say some stupid things tonight when you pick up this call I've been hearing silence on the other side for way too long I can taste it on my tongue, I can tell that something's wrong but I guess it's just my life and I can take it if I wanna But I cannot hide in hills of California Because these hills have eyes, and I got paranoia I hurt myself sometimes, is that too scary for you? Watch me, take a good thing and fuck it all up in one night Catch me, I'm the one on the run away from the headlights No sleep, up all week wasting time with people I don't like I think that something's fucking wrong with me Roll me up and smoke me, love And we can fly into the night Roll me up and smoke me, love And we can fly into the night You take drugs (take drugs) to let go (let go) And figure it all out on your own Take drugs (take drugs) on gravestones (gravestones) To figure it all out on your own Watch me take a good thing and fuck it all up in one night Catch me, I'm the one on the run away from the headlights No sleep, up all week wasting time with people I don't like I think that something's fucking wrong with me You'll find me alone at midnight Inside my mind, tryna get things right (something's fucking wrong with me) They want to keep you calling So you don't wake in the morning (something's fucking wrong with me) Goodnight, goodnight Goodnight, goodnight, yeah Find me alone at midnight (goodnight) Inside my mind, tryna get things right (goodnight) They want to keep you calling (goodnight) So you don't wake in the morning (goodnight)

    • KaSpEr369 1NeNiN3
      KaSpEr369 1NeNiN3

      Legend thank you 😇😎

  • BigDaddy FatSac
    BigDaddy FatSac

    Does MGK make more music like this? His rap is ok, but damn this was great.

  • Jessica Tapper
    Jessica Tapper

    Can we just respect how they missed out the swearing

  • Zach Wilkins
    Zach Wilkins

    MGK is completely in the zone then you got YungBlud just vibing

  • Celena L
    Celena L

  • JBMcC

    Wake me up when September ends

  • Edgar Hernandez Mxd
    Edgar Hernandez Mxd

    The worst performance i'd ever see about this song

  • ItsGursaiv

    Is no one gonna mention the fact yungblud sounds the exact same live, as be did in the studio version!

  • Suryansh Dhiman
    Suryansh Dhiman

    mgk 😎🤩

  • Nana Ebbi
    Nana Ebbi

    Yungblud is so damn talented

  • yagmur akyol
    yagmur akyol

    i really wanna fall asleep while they are singing the goodnight verse

  • Hamurai

    mgk is talented, im curious if the eminem diss was just an inside job to get publicity for both parties, also yungblud is an unreal singer

  • Kyle Hay
    Kyle Hay

    M ruined his rap career

  • joe


  • Hope Scott
    Hope Scott

    ok yes they are bloody amazing together and apart BUT did Colson get in a fight or what happened above his right eye?

  • ha.dassah

    YungBlud or MGK don’t need auto tune they sound exactly the same

  • Mélissa St-Hilaire
    Mélissa St-Hilaire

    Name ONE duo better than this one. I'll wait.

  • Tonya H Gilbert
    Tonya H Gilbert

    Do not let me wear those face implants anymore lmfao from mia fiero

  • weirdxmee

    No one: LITERALLY NOT EVEN A BUG: Me:Watch Meh take a good thing and MESS it all up in one night😊 Edit:MGK not cussing is the weirdest-

  • Danielle Roberts
    Danielle Roberts

    why is no one talking about this

  • Banker Lyngkhoi
    Banker Lyngkhoi

    Get well soon Rook❤️

  • Tess

    Mgk made this song but yungblood MADE this song

  • Orion Warner
    Orion Warner

  • Lee4d dBrewer
    Lee4d dBrewer

    Oh my god. Bro they just absolutely obliterated the stage.

  • Red Hood
    Red Hood

    The censorship is real lol

  • Nøva

    ok but yungbluds personality!!!

  • Lydia Hitchcock
    Lydia Hitchcock

    They sound so good together 💗

  • Drew

    Why edit it??!? Least punk thing ever. -100 punk cred. Which brings him up to -1,000,000 punk.

  • Finn Draper
    Finn Draper

    I love how rook is just back there wailing on the cajon The cajon is definitely the instrument that you give to your little brother cuz it's quiet. No disrespect to rook tho he's an amazing drummer

  • YounesV

    Who else watched this thousand time?

  • Strahil Steve Kamenov
    Strahil Steve Kamenov

    Kells is a real rock star!

  • David Glenn
    David Glenn

    why does yungblud sound british?

    • Reaper SF
      Reaper SF

      Because he is?


  • Trevor Allen
    Trevor Allen

    M E S S it up

  • Rozwell Jones
    Rozwell Jones

    This is dope.

  • shrek

    I choked on my water when I heard him say mess it all up

  • Adam Mckenzie
    Adam Mckenzie

    Hate mgk that yubgblood can sing man shit!!!

  • Mostly Insects
    Mostly Insects

    WoW Dom’s voice is so much better live!! I can’t wait till this lockdown is over so I go to a live show!!!

  • LuckyLotus

    why would you choose to like youngblud lol. dude needs to re evaluate his shit style

  • Six Addams
    Six Addams

    wtf. that dude is like the embodiment of emo. haha i think its cool tho.

  • Jonathan James
    Jonathan James

    What is the guitar that mgk uses in the video?


    Yungblood has some talent he almost sounds exactly like he does in the song

  • Mats

    Can we maybe get this one on Spotify