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Swear to my Bones from Persona 5 (Outro): uzload.info/fun/qIyHqamTvLB-yGQ/video

  • PrimeTube

    wait Jaiden is in this? OMG

  • RiriChu

    Jaiden must feel so cool

  • Danger Doggo
    Danger Doggo

    Alpharads full name is Alfred Radians.

  • Ryder Huey
    Ryder Huey

    The video should be called "D O I T"

  • DevilDream // Devil Produtions
    DevilDream // Devil Produtions


  • Crazydog 1435
    Crazydog 1435


  • Heya Kiddo It's me! Your best bud!
    Heya Kiddo It's me! Your best bud!

    HOLEY SMOKES THAT _IS_ JAIDEN ANIMATIONS!!! I knew her voice was wayyy too awfully similar OWO

  • shanisgreat


  • Hønëy lëmøn
    Hønëy lëmøn


  • Regunes

    what a stacked team they have tho.

  • Munch KING
    Munch KING

    22:15 Michael is saying the Bible is damned by God? I don't think he gets how Bibles work. :p

  • FireBoy XD
    FireBoy XD

    Alpha and pikmin 4 are just the best comedic duo

  • Wizelf 402
    Wizelf 402

    Pikmin 4 would be much more effective if he just acted like that every round

  • ZachyDucky RBLX
    ZachyDucky RBLX

    The chosen one.. Like the video.

  • GuestFANS2 Gaming
    GuestFANS2 Gaming

  • EGN Videos
    EGN Videos

    I popped off when I saw Jaiden in the game

  • Quail Heart
    Quail Heart

    I love Alphas and Pikmin 4s relationship omg

  • James Larsen
    James Larsen

    Welcome to hell

  • The Bald Pizza Man
    The Bald Pizza Man


  • Jacob Lindsay
    Jacob Lindsay

    hey my name is also jacob

  • Saul Rascon
    Saul Rascon

    I actually never heard fail boat curse Wow

  • Swaddles The Great
    Swaddles The Great

    There are two people who don’t get to play every time. Ross who gets killed round one and PIKMIN 4 getting voted off round one by being PIKMIN 4

  • Warlock 3029
    Warlock 3029

    I dint know that you knew jainden from jainden animation

  • chase harrah
    chase harrah

    They got danganronpa music in the background lol

  • Superpikpik65

    Giant breadbug...

  • Ronan Shimmon
    Ronan Shimmon

    omg tierzoo and Jaiden animations.

  • oh nori
    oh nori

    “I would like to say I saw pikman 4 vent.” “...” “...” *“...no you didn’t”*

  • you FOOL,
    you FOOL,

    Ross: [exists] Jaiden: *Ross sus*

  • Sweet Dreams
    Sweet Dreams

    Did I hear Danganronpa music?

  • Sans The skeleton
    Sans The skeleton

    Everyone is here

  • SuperBro.BrawlerKart

    So like... it's funny seeing Pikmin 4 purposefully act like a dumbass in the video, siding with imposter Alpha even though he himself isn't another imposter, but I would NOT want to play with him because of that. I'm a pretty serious person when it comes to playing games, so having a team mate willfully fuck me over for content would piss me off to no end. I wouldn't even finish the game, I'd flat out leave and be done with it.

  • Isaac Dawson
    Isaac Dawson

    Is that jadien animations?

  • kyle humphries
    kyle humphries

    is mc Matthew coming back?

  • le Juan
    le Juan

    I can't tell if pikmin 4 is a fool or a genius

  • lauraliz82

    Its so weird hearing failboat curse

  • Rice To Meat You
    Rice To Meat You

    “Guitly”? Sorry lol

  • DarkFire Soul
    DarkFire Soul

    Aplha, Pikmin 4, & Jaiden all having fun. A wild body appeared! "Oh"

  • Firenado Official
    Firenado Official

    Jaiden was in this

  • NightFall X
    NightFall X


  • OneBiasedOpinion

    The sheer reverence in Pikmin4’s voice when he said “the Chosen One” while staring at Jaiden on the vent has me in stitches.

  • Joshua Galva
    Joshua Galva

    12:06 it's so jarring to hear Jaiden say the fuck word...

  • Cloutan

    pikmin 4 is just that agent of chaos that either makes or ruins the game fun by spamming "confusion" (It was super effective)

  • Lobo Guarah
    Lobo Guarah

    "Because i have pikmin 4 as the third impostor" god dammit i love this duo. XD

  • •Minty Kawaii•
    •Minty Kawaii•

    Failboat said the F word and my life is complete

  • Owen Wilkinson
    Owen Wilkinson

    0:28 can someone tell me what this is please I really want 2 know

  • debora ersado
    debora ersado

    For me orange will always be clobbah tbh

  • Claybirdsadoptme Yuriar
    Claybirdsadoptme Yuriar

    10:30 Welcome to the meat lair

  • A literal Caveman
    A literal Caveman

    Nobody expects the third impostor, just like nobody expects player four ness

  • Earlier Titan19
    Earlier Titan19


  • ashton houran
    ashton houran


  • 송윤상


  • Akari Rose
    Akari Rose

    “I didn’t see sh💩 but I’ll Believe it” Jaiden 2020

  • ZTerrafin55

    I heard the SMW game over remix and I thought, wait it’s over?

  • nhojemon

    watching michael go in so hard only to grip the L so tightly was good for my soul

  • Pawsomegirl 12
    Pawsomegirl 12

    2:18 Love the Danganronpa music

  • Matt Grunza
    Matt Grunza

    how did you win that i zoned out

  • Beerman

    “Hit the subscribe button if you saw pikmin 4 vent” hmm unsubscribe from alpharad? Ok if you say so

    • Beerman

      Don’t worry I subbed back

  • Derek Gaming
    Derek Gaming

    10:20 from the meat lair video

  • GameNinjaC

    I love how it actually wasn’t boat in that room,

  • Grizzly

    0:30 I subscribed immediately

  • UnknownScript

    *D o I t*

  • SpuukiNightmares

    Gotta appreciate the addition of Danganronpa music in the background

  • Jocelyn Moore
    Jocelyn Moore

    Pikmin 4 3rd impostering like a pro

  • Callum's Common Sense
    Callum's Common Sense

    love the danganronpa music

  • Woa There
    Woa There

    LMAO Hacker

  • Steve Glenn
    Steve Glenn


  • Sparky 2_0
    Sparky 2_0

    I want you guys to play with Karacorvus and break her faith in strategies

  • guy guy
    guy guy

    altrive is my favorite among us character

  • Hyunsung Kim
    Hyunsung Kim

    W E L C O M E T O M Y M E A T L A I R

  • Donovan Hu
    Donovan Hu

    10:20 for meat lair

  • Napsta Blook
    Napsta Blook

    i hear the failing four in here cursing-

  • YouTube GUY
    YouTube GUY


  • Sketch Productions
    Sketch Productions

    22:22 ari.mp3

  • General C
    General C

    Wait, you skipped over the round Vinny played? That's mean.

  • breads

    0:30 Song Please?

  • The Man
    The Man

    jaiden really went nein nein nein dopamine

  • RenRen

    I see the sad one shoutout to Vinesauce for playing one game.

  • Sonia Butler
    Sonia Butler

    Really alpharad plz do not do that again

  • ChamitoEmpire

    "Everyone is here!"

  • Gamer Face
    Gamer Face

    Altrive is a homie

  • Thelma Dalaguit Almaas
    Thelma Dalaguit Almaas

    Can i get jaidens POV

  • Chilly Burrito
    Chilly Burrito

    I say this respectfully I don't like michael..... .,.

  • noahhound1

    Pikmin 4 is my fav person in this game. He is chaos

  • Blink Fayz_z Mystical
    Blink Fayz_z Mystical

    Tbh Michael is kinda dumb I replayed the clip of where alpha killed tierzoo in reactor multiple times and Michael claimed he saw alpha kill tierzoo HOWEVER He was never nearby when alpha vented in reactor So michael legit tried sorta randoming alpha when he was "technically" cleared by pikmin 4 Kinda dissapointing of how Michael plays he did not listen to alpha earlier and that's how they lost

    • Blink Fayz_z Mystical
      Blink Fayz_z Mystical

      @Lerre might be possible tbh

    • Lerre


  • strikersub

    pikmin 4 is my spirit animal

  • aiden

    Jaden: It’s Ross. Everybody: oh well we can’t disrespect the gamer girl she deals with our shit..

  • Ant:D Gameplay
    Ant:D Gameplay

    10:29 The meat liar starts 11:05 meat liar says Good bye guys lol

  • ShadowWraith 47
    ShadowWraith 47

    7:19 For politics

  • Check Goat
    Check Goat

    The fricking Kahoot music is just *mwah*

  • Sparky 2_0
    Sparky 2_0

    Maybe the real imposter was the Pikmin 4 we made along the way

  • Justin Reissner
    Justin Reissner

    19:39 i actually saw this while fighting sans I’m scared now

  • Davi Vaz Dos Santos
    Davi Vaz Dos Santos

    "roses are red violets are blue i just wanna say, i saw pinkmin 4 vent"

  • Davi Vaz Dos Santos
    Davi Vaz Dos Santos

    10:29 he's just standing there... MENACINGLY!

  • Stew Boi
    Stew Boi


  • Joshua Friend
    Joshua Friend

    Why does pikmin 4 remind me of Nagito from D2: gbd

  • Comrade Blue
    Comrade Blue

    pikmin 4 is just a wildcard of among us

  • Itistodaymydudes

    im surprised no one's talking about Jaiden's vehement grudge against mr RubberRoss.

  • amitcp

    Pikmin 4, the Among Us personality *Third Imposter*

  • Leila Laureta
    Leila Laureta


  • papawumbie

    so youre gay