Game Theory: FNAF, The New Breed
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The original Five Nights at Freddy's spawned many sequels and sister games. Over the years I've played them all and through that stumbled upon the phenomena that is FNAF fan games. Games so loved by FNAF fans that those games have ALSO created their own universes - some linked to the original game and some all their own. These games have gotten so big that it's a wonder they haven't been struck down by the copyright powers that be - and there is a VERY specific reason they haven't. You see, Scott Cawthon has learned one thing that most game companies never have and likely never will - community.
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Five Nights at Candy's 4 -
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Pedro Freitas, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • ET - 08HL 734209 SouthFields Village PS
    ET - 08HL 734209 SouthFields Village PS

    Nintendo even told SML to remove the plushies when the plushies don’t even act like they’re game personality

  • Philip Chernenkov
    Philip Chernenkov

    Did I see...LAURENZSIDE for a second?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Killa Bunny
    Killa Bunny

    Scott Cawthon is such a good dude, props to him

  • Joseph Taylor
    Joseph Taylor

    i canot belive that scott was doing that he is being the oposit of what the other people he is so nice

  • Nigel McKenzie
    Nigel McKenzie

    0:25 XD

  • Normal**Mee

    8:32 LOL Extend Embrace Extinguish And my version E EE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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    Dana Childress


  • JbBeats

    Sweet new intro

  • Carlosatm17

    How about a theory about who did glass joe defeated in Punch Out!?

  • Bradley Klein
    Bradley Klein

    sorry matpat :( WE LOV EU MARKPLIER♥♥

  • Void Digital
    Void Digital

    I was lost for most way through this video. I was following, but it wasn't until the end that it really all came together. I totally agree with everything here and think this is a well-rounded video more-so about the state of Copyright in this new instantaneous internet era.

  • Hardcore Bunny
    Hardcore Bunny

    Microsoft went before Congress because they didn't bribe senators with lobbyists. Why do you think they're still doing these practises? Because they bribed our crooked politicians.

  • Sexy JuiceBox
    Sexy JuiceBox


  • Marshall Richmond
    Marshall Richmond

    There is a fnaF movie coming out in July.

  • Lil R Jab
    Lil R Jab

    Video title: FNAF Video about: Microsoft, Internet, Rant, & Business

  • Kitty Kitty
    Kitty Kitty

    Give gifts give life~Scott cawthon

  • Rio Garcia
    Rio Garcia

    i can not WAIT for the joy of creation theories

  • Sophie Griffiths
    Sophie Griffiths

    I can not believe that Laurenzside and first ever youtuber I watched ever since she made that first video 7 years ago and had 25k is in a Game theory episode like a huge famous UZload channel along with Jack and Mark other huge youtubers at that time when Fnaf first came out

  • Emile Thing
    Emile Thing

    As a fanfic writer this makes me really happy for those developers. I mean, I know what it's like to build on something you love. Having it supported from the creator like that must be amazing.

  • Cookies

    Wow, i didn't know major developers were so against fangames! The only fangames i've really heard of are DRA and SDRA2, and they've got a pretty good fanbase behind them, so i'm honestly surprised that fangames don't do that well? I knew about the Yandere sim thing tho so ig i should have expected this

  • The Don Bravo
    The Don Bravo


  • Basically RANDOM Animations
    Basically RANDOM Animations

    10:42 damn. I feel so old cause I remember reading the original version of the little murmaid. Suddenly I feel old.

  • Kevin Ogwu
    Kevin Ogwu

    i'm glad SEGA is here as a example of embrace and extend is it because SEGA does what Nintendon't (i'm aware Finn Sheerin said this first, and i am just as proud as he is, witch shouldn't happen), THIS is why i am SEGA's boy!

  • Wings of Undertale
    Wings of Undertale


  • reaper kinq
    reaper kinq

    i dont like how i got a microsoft ad when he was talking about microsoft being the big guy-

  • Ashy Kitty
    Ashy Kitty

    You’ve been ruining our childhood for 10 years now 😩

  • DoggoKing

    Welcome to the family guys!

  • Chicken Wings
    Chicken Wings

    Plot Twist: Monika is Michael (Justa joke-)

  • Cmonbigfella

    RIP brick bronze

  • ruby

    Ee e e e e

  • Luzpadula

    nintendo did the same thing with this one roblox game that people genuinely enjoyed and the creator had put a lot of effort in like they could have made a deal with roblox and made hella money off of that game or repurpose it into their brand and pay the creator but they chose to shut it down for their little petty reasons :(

  • Anonymous

    Sooo Microsoft pulled three E’s?

  • Matthew Thompson
    Matthew Thompson

    Embrace, Encourage, Enhance, Extend, Enrich, Enjoy, Eternalize.

  • Matthew Thompson
    Matthew Thompson

    I present to you the 7 Eeeeeee's. Embrace, Encourage, Enhance, Extend, Enrich, Enjoy, Eternalize. May we all sail on these waters.

  • Misael Arriaga
    Misael Arriaga

    So scott is giving power to the developers and community, why does that sound communist.🤔

  • CW

    if you think about it this channel will get sued by disney one day

  • Eduardo Caratachea
    Eduardo Caratachea

    Nobody likes egg baby he’s a egg

  • Adam

    E E E

  • NotSoProBoi

    nintendo is mean and scott is nice

  • Marian Baci
    Marian Baci

    I wish that scott still updated fnaf world. i know,its old but i like it a lot and no i do not want to be selfish

  • Antonius K
    Antonius K

    I came for FNAF lore, I left having another reason to hate Bill Gates

  • JTN644

    Jack Black fnaf dance

  • hotcheesestick

    what a king, you go scott get it girl LMAOA

  • millie Manley
    millie Manley

    I honestly never knew that Disney did that!!!! now I'm really sad that I didn't grew up with it. also scott if you are reading this you are a good man and I hope you are well

  • Griff Kalins
    Griff Kalins

    Knowing disney there gonna try to buy fnaf

    • letdraw james
      letdraw james

      I don't think they will it's not in their line

  • CrystalSouls Gacha
    CrystalSouls Gacha

    Scott's version is great because it promotes his games but also promotes the spin-off creators, which'll help both of them. I don't play FNAF, but I'm really happy for him and the game developers

  • mario and sonic
    mario and sonic

    Sega rules

  • kai5515

    I love game theory! I honestly love listening to your theories! It's so calming yet funny! I hope you do more.

  • Liam Quinn Kapraun-Bourdon
    Liam Quinn Kapraun-Bourdon

    he is forgetting how Micky Mouse is a copy of Felix the Cat

  • Eric winz
    Eric winz

    I like how the pickle jar and golden freddy do not care about the new animatronics.

  • Rocco Anderson
    Rocco Anderson

    E E E

  • Michailah Garris
    Michailah Garris

    I swear this dude will make anything interesting and I will always watch it, didnt even have any game theory but this was still so fun and educational. FRICKIN LOVE THIS CHANNLE

    • Monokuma Sussy
      Monokuma Sussy


  • dizzylouis

    I would say that Pokemon brick bronze is also a thing that Nintendo stomped on

  • Grim Reputation
    Grim Reputation

    This explains the post on gamejolt talking about FNAC 4, as well as FNAC on Xbox.

  • Lauren Manns
    Lauren Manns

    dawg can you please make a recap of ur fnaf episodes and the timeline and what we have solved so far. i’ve been watching these for years and i’m honestly having fnaf memory loss

  • Cecilio Arce Velez
    Cecilio Arce Velez

    I can’t wait to play security breach!

  • Waterjay

    Hope nintendo start doing that :(

    • Waterjay

      @letdraw james ik :( they are too dumb can’t even make dedicated servers

    • letdraw james
      letdraw james

      They never will

  • Moody

    I eat bread.

  • neolithiumproduction

    Reminds me of games like Elder Scrolls, which go on years after their release because of the passion and love of the modding community. Thus, allowing people to mod your game actually extends the games shelf life.

    • Revelry Kujo
      Revelry Kujo

      @neolithiumproduction Oh, okay. I don’t have Steam at the moment, so I didn’t know.

    • neolithiumproduction

      @Revelry Kujo Steam store?

    • Revelry Kujo
      Revelry Kujo

      @neolithiumproduction I still need to play Morrowind and Oblivion, but I can’t find them anywhere.

    • neolithiumproduction

      @Revelry Kujo Shoot, there are still ppl modding and playing Morrowind and Oblivion. xD

    • Revelry Kujo
      Revelry Kujo

      Ikr? Skyrim is like, a decade old, and people are still talking about it. Also, the mods make the game even better, and it’s one of my favorite games.

  • Shikaschima

    Meanwhile Toby Fox is smiling, content to know that people like Scott exist. So many games that followed Undertale, so much content that he could shut down with the wave of a hand but didn't.

  • TheNc 199
    TheNc 199

    I- i just press dis vid to see another breed of fnaf Game theory: i sue u microsoft and disney >:(

  • Legendary T
    Legendary T

    The original song at 7:20 was a military song for the american airborne paratroopers in ww2 (Blood on the risers/ The Battle Hymm of the Republic)

  • WubbySalmon

    Scott do be a chad doe.

  • Kallie_WG

    scotts eee is encourage, embrace, enjoy

  • waka waka
    waka waka

    TL;DR scott wholesome big chungus

  • CJM -
    CJM -

    Sees fnaf in title Watches video further MICROSOFT

  • Muffin man flipper
    Muffin man flipper

    No. Not creativity *MEMES* we copy *MEMES*

  • Hi You
    Hi You

    I don't know if I should be happy or scared about the fact that MatPat included fanfiction 14:05

  • Bing Schenk
    Bing Schenk

    i love scot he is goood person

  • yenny Barrios
    yenny Barrios


  • Demonkingt

    a, he grows by recognition through this b, he recognizes the growth games get out of doing this both feed each other. smart move honestly.

  • Cypress Thriving
    Cypress Thriving


  • Lankius Pankius
    Lankius Pankius

    God I love Scott Cawthon

  • Zest 4 who?
    Zest 4 who?

    Macrohard offcircle

  • Ani Flowers
    Ani Flowers

    Scot beeing out there pretty much doing the oposite of what Inersloth (Among Us) did xD The dude just got a big boost of respect from me!

  • Goose The Honker
    Goose The Honker

    the intro is never getting old

  • K1ng_g4lics YT
    K1ng_g4lics YT

    0:40 even the pickles were more memorable

  • Rose1v1TylerTVT

    And this is why we love Scott 💙

  • AstroX Viera
    AstroX Viera

    SEGA and Scott. Man... Love those two. :3

  • Theorizer In Traning
    Theorizer In Traning


  • Antonio Contreras
    Antonio Contreras

    The intro was funny 😆

  • Ryan McGrath
    Ryan McGrath

    Minecraft also did this when they hired the maker of the either mod

  • Brodie Curley
    Brodie Curley

    Need all of the other Fnaf games on Ps/Xbox 🤟🤟🤟

  • Magic Toast
    Magic Toast


  • Raikin

    Should have mentioned Touhou and ZUN.

  • killerxpvg

    at 15:36 i think the phrase "left it on the table" is an understatement, might as well have burned the building that the money and table were in

  • Floo

    Scott: Funds fanmade spin-offs Pokemon: You use our name we kill u

  • Caleb Bunce
    Caleb Bunce

    That intro song never gets old

  • Random_life2020

    1:16 is that who I think it is

  • hannah leigh
    hannah leigh

    i don't know if anyone else remembers pokémon: brick bronze on roblox? that was my fav game when i was younger and nintendo took that game down, when they could've helped them out like scott.

  • pup_pupnonstop! ;3
    pup_pupnonstop! ;3

    Kids in the year 3470 “so what is Fnaf again?”

    • The Four Star Gamer
      The Four Star Gamer

      Lmao humanity won't last another 1500 years at this rate

  • The Dancing Hippo
    The Dancing Hippo


  • Totally Not A Human
    Totally Not A Human

    When he started talking about Microsoft I thought I was on a different video

  • Naoise May
    Naoise May

    Well if mattpats Disney plus accountant gets banned then we'll it is probably his fault then lol

  • Cristina Gomez
    Cristina Gomez

    7:27 (sniff) so...... BEAUTIFUL.

  • ohno

    TL;DR- Scott Cawthon is pretty damn awesome for funding fan-made games, and he even does it without any secret intentions.

  • Jacob Maynard
    Jacob Maynard

    It's wednesday my dudes

  • CluelessPie

    Isnt mincraft doping somthing simmilar With the market plase

  • Michael McWhirt
    Michael McWhirt

    Every time one of the FNAF vids end I think it's gonna jumpscare me, oof.

  • Fateless 32
    Fateless 32

    It's a good thing Disney targeted things that weren't the main sources of income for people, for once Mircosoft has done something worse.