Escaping 100 Layers of Bubble Wrap! (UNBREAKABLE WALL)
We build a wall made of 100 layers of bubble wrap, and if I break through, I do a BIG GIVEAWAY! Things got so intense!!
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  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug


    • Robert Stone
      Robert Stone

      I don't have one and what you was INSANE bro!!!

    • Gisselle Resendiz
      Gisselle Resendiz

      I need it cause i do not have one mine phone is little crack

    • Lochlan Pearson-Mulvey
      Lochlan Pearson-Mulvey


    • totalfrenchoriginal gould
      totalfrenchoriginal gould

      Hey brian I love your content and you really inspire me to not feel shy and your are the best and funny UZloadr😊😘 my insta is Kelloggs

    • Monssy Hiracheta
      Monssy Hiracheta

      I have

  • Jessica Carter
    Jessica Carter

    can ihave one i phone plz i sub and liked and share post it on tik tok i love all your videos you are my fave youtuber keep the good vibes

  • Kitty Mew :3
    Kitty Mew :3

    I am you biggest fan I love you so much faze rug

  • Malaika Bapela
    Malaika Bapela

    My ohone is also broken cracked need it for school thanks

  • Cristina Czaykowski
    Cristina Czaykowski

    If you give me a a phone I will give you $10,000

  • Kennen Shaffer
    Kennen Shaffer

    He lose

    • Kennen Shaffer
      Kennen Shaffer

      Jk he won

  • jovani kamany
    jovani kamany

    Browadis man

  • Taylor Gilpin
    Taylor Gilpin

    i need it

  • Ro3kie75

    I dont have one

  • xiomara andino
    xiomara andino


  • Vicky Garcia
    Vicky Garcia


  • Bus Tibirius George
    Bus Tibirius George

    To help my brother he does have a phone but it is i phone5 so plz

  • Mikkel Kj
    Mikkel Kj

    I really need a new phone becurse mines broke

  • Anestis Ntinas
    Anestis Ntinas

    I want an iPhone because my on has broken screen

  • ella grace mcconnell
    ella grace mcconnell

    I want the iphone because my dad really needs a new one and its goin hard for him some of the Button don't even work

  • Abylay Amangali
    Abylay Amangali

    Hope he won!

  • coder boost
    coder boost


  • Darren Jarvis
    Darren Jarvis

    Can I have a iPhone 12 and the car

  • UwU

    The best thing to use would be youre body -_- you could just have junped throught it

  • Allison Miller
    Allison Miller

    Hi I would really want the I phone because me and my mom have been having trouble getting my grandpa a phone! Thank you!

  • crew es
    crew es

    I won't the phone because my phone broke

  • THR Slayer
    THR Slayer

    I have a rubbish phone and I am ur biggest fan plz

  • not_danikss

    Nice copying from JustDustin

  • Schuylar Garlisch
    Schuylar Garlisch

    Faze rug is my favorite UZloadr

  • Schuylar Garlisch
    Schuylar Garlisch

    I don’t have a phone 📲 I never have

  • Rafik Mishreki
    Rafik Mishreki

    I want the phone because I like phones

  • Deo Muheto
    Deo Muheto

    Please I need an upgrade with my phone

  • Ian Ontiveros
    Ian Ontiveros

    Yo rug him I don’t want to say if any kids go to your house or something you should put a little pool

  • Aiden Davis
    Aiden Davis

    Can I have the phone cuz I have a android

  • Iris Remsen
    Iris Remsen

    I need phone

  • Densor

    I had to ipods and ipads and three of them broke and im using an ipad rn and its cracked, also it would help my family get some positivity some of my family members are depressed

  • Drake Knight
    Drake Knight

    my phone is cracked

  • Abdalla Gamer
    Abdalla Gamer

    me pls i am a biggggg fannnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • Vins Vertommen
    Vins Vertommen

    I dont have a fone

  • Declan MacGregor
    Declan MacGregor

    “Claim your here before 1 million views” 😇

  • Nikhil Jeerjoodhun
    Nikhil Jeerjoodhun

    Because I am poor

  • HazDaSkills

    I need an iPhone because my phone is like 2 GB ram 16 GB storage and I always wanted an iPhone so thanks

  • Jana Ferran
    Jana Ferran

    I want the iPhone because my phones getting old and also I don’t have enough storage space for my pics so I really need one

  • Lupin K
    Lupin K

    i need iphone cuz we dont have money to new mobile and mine is broken this take me type 15 minutes

  • Андрей Илюшников
    Андрей Илюшников


  • Lil Caden
    Lil Caden

    Me pleaze

  • karma yonten
    karma yonten

    I need a I phone because my phone is old

  • Xianne Astaca-an
    Xianne Astaca-an

    Cus I want a ps5 to play fortnite

  • mr hamudi
    mr hamudi

    How?That was cool and the brown rice was really hard

  • Daljit Singh
    Daljit Singh

    Fuk u

  • JG&C Sladek
    JG&C Sladek

    I’m your biggest FAN

  • Aadhan N
    Aadhan N

    I want the iPhone because there is no reason

  • Oscar Jackson
    Oscar Jackson

    I would like the iPhone because I am using my mums phone and have been subscribe for more than two years

  • Arvin Mathew
    Arvin Mathew

    Funny thing He said it was hot outside And then the pool was cold????

  • hassan_ nrg
    hassan_ nrg

    I need an iphone because i have a really broken phone and get bullied for it. Its a j5 prime

  • Nosor Ali
    Nosor Ali

    Why you want the iPhone


    Iliked and subd and beld can I get ps5 and I phone becuas my dad birthday coming plsssss

  • Aysha Ziya
    Aysha Ziya

    Please I want a phone cause my phone broken and I can't buy a new one pleaseee🙏🙏

  • Zubair Boussaidi
    Zubair Boussaidi

    i want the iphone cis im your biggest fan`

  • Ashley Kipgen
    Ashley Kipgen

    I wanna win that iPhone bcz I can't afford it..

  • Brextyn Magouirk
    Brextyn Magouirk

    I want the iPhone because I don’t have one

  • edgar tapia
    edgar tapia

    I want a iphone plz I have a old one.

  • Noah Strickland
    Noah Strickland

    I want the iPhone because you’ll be my first iPhone it will be amazing every day I watch all your videos and you’re my favorite UZload at all UZloadrs

  • Magic Nel
    Magic Nel

    For my maid

  • Yo Chupo Culo
    Yo Chupo Culo

    I want the I phone for my mom

  • chris jurae maestro
    chris jurae maestro

    I want a iphone 12 but its not ganna be me

  • Esther Hernandez
    Esther Hernandez

    It’s so nice

  • Christ Tlaxc
    Christ Tlaxc


  • Nora Sosa
    Nora Sosa

    I need it cuz mine in broken

  • Banessa Gomez
    Banessa Gomez

    Hello faze rug I am a kid I'm on my moms phone and I just wanted to say that I am a big fan and I always wanted to be in your videos and I wish you get this message

  • Mariko Kubuya
    Mariko Kubuya

    I want the IHOP’s be us i don’t have a phone

  • QA Mahmood
    QA Mahmood


  • Jessica Saravia
    Jessica Saravia

    Y E AH

  • Ashley Linson
    Ashley Linson

    I. Really want the iphone because so i could give it to my mom she has a old phone and im your biggest fan

  • Aubrey Garcia
    Aubrey Garcia


  • Gabe Trejo
    Gabe Trejo

    Because I really just like to watch your channel

  • Blake Hamman
    Blake Hamman

    Love you

  • Vu Dao
    Vu Dao

    I want it pls

  • Hockey bros 123
    Hockey bros 123

    may i please have the iphone i have never had a phone in my life please brian

  • Chicken Gang
    Chicken Gang

    i want iphone cuz im crackked at fortnite my guy

  • Margaret Hinojosa
    Margaret Hinojosa

    I want the iPhone 🙏

  • Baylor Betschart
    Baylor Betschart

    Are you sore

  • Baylor Betschart
    Baylor Betschart

    I bet

  • Jon _Ar
    Jon _Ar

    I need a I Phone because my Phone is broken

  • BLIND shadow BLind
    BLIND shadow BLind

    i want that iphone 12 because i dont have a phone

  • Chloe Kim
    Chloe Kim

    I want an iPhone bc I don’t have one....

  • TheAwsomeWander YT
    TheAwsomeWander YT

    Cause I don't have enough money for one

  • Louise P
    Louise P

    I want to iPhone so I don’t have to use my iPad

  • Adrian Gordon
    Adrian Gordon


  • Hoodie clan
    Hoodie clan

    I want the iPhone because I never had a phon

  • Sabrina Surman
    Sabrina Surman

    I need the iPhone plz because I have no phone this is my table

  • Tik tok kid #1
    Tik tok kid #1

    Logan is trash

  • TheDragonlord_163

    i need iphone 12 becuase i dont have a phone love you Faze rug

  • Ksenija Miskulin
    Ksenija Miskulin

    I feel bad that he did tis just for us

  • Christian O. Carrasquillo Cepeda
    Christian O. Carrasquillo Cepeda

    I'm a super big fan pls pls give me one this is my moms phone everybody has one exempt me so pls

  • prospector Nathan
    prospector Nathan

    I won't to give a phone to my brother

  • prospector Nathan
    prospector Nathan

    You did so good

  • Daksh Manocha
    Daksh Manocha

    I want the PS5 because I love you you’re the best and you’re famous you are the best person on UZload you’re so famous I wish I was a part of your crew love Daksh ...

  • Daksh Manocha
    Daksh Manocha

    Wanna PS5 because I’ve got the PS4 No I’m giving it to you because you’re the famous UZloadr and I wish I was a part of your crew but you are in America I love you

  • eric yeboah
    eric yeboah

    Cause my bro needs a phone to learn

  • Alvi Ibi
    Alvi Ibi

    I want it because i dont have a phone😓

  • The Thompson’s
    The Thompson’s

    Hey the challenge with the hot sauce I could of changed that bottle btw

  • Goku

    I dot have one

  • William Santiago
    William Santiago

    God bless you♥️, i nide the phone for schol my phone is broken and you dont nide to shos me but i rilli nide it i dont now how to rite in igles so much😂😊💗

  • Timothy Stevens
    Timothy Stevens

    can I please get a phone pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaasssssssseeeee