I Made a Peaceful Safe House in Minecraft
For this Mumbo Minecraft video, I made a Safe House in Minecraft. Normally a Minecraft Safe House would have Minecraft Traps, Redstone Weapons, and TNT Cannons, but this is a Peaceful Safe House in Minecraft.. So it relies on passive methods of Minecraft security. Minecraft Peaceful mode is all about not causing harm, so that's our plan!
This build has redstone combination locks, a Minecraft self building bridge, a Minecraft redstone maze, and a Minecraft piston house all within the giant Minecraft Safe House compound!
Filming channel: uzload.info
Instagram: instagram.com/officialmumbo/
Twitter: twitter.com/ThatMumboJumbo

  • Tharaka Chamath
    Tharaka Chamath

    just broke the glass LOL

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith

    But when your in your house the combination is exposed so anyone can see how to safely access surely?

  • Tyster1919

    Could you imagine if Mumbo combined all of his safe houses in one, that would be the ultimate safe house.

  • Eev The Candle Seller
    Eev The Candle Seller

    shoulda added webs on da honey blocks

  • Deven Williams
    Deven Williams

    Pretty sure my last fortune cookie had one of those insults

  • Harris Hennington
    Harris Hennington

    ok mumbo jumbo rocking with the 10900k and 3090 I see you Mr. Rich man

  • Cool gamex channel
    Cool gamex channel

    i want this world downlaod link plz

  • Cool gamex channel
    Cool gamex channel

    u aslo get tortured when someones combination lock is rruiend and ur inside hosue tbh

  • Cool gamex channel
    Cool gamex channel

    build up and go😉😉😉😉

  • Mr Pixel
    Mr Pixel

    So is this the liberals version of a safe house?

  • Gamerguy

    emotionally painful safe house

  • White Light
    White Light

    .... so it’s just impossible to get into the house unless you have the combination... maze and everything else wasn’t needed

  • zeropsycho teeter
    zeropsycho teeter

    Use the create mod

  • SwapNekoKitten

    This is how Ralsei wants his safe house!

  • Sathvik Maddineni
    Sathvik Maddineni

    this is not that safe people can break grass easily

  • 刘远

    Please don't shake the camera so much, you are making me dizzy

  • Elizabeth Del castillo
    Elizabeth Del castillo

    The insults aren’t insults... When you’re part of a kid friendly server called Hermitcraft... and CANNOT swear...

  • Am Ber
    Am Ber

    Mumbo makes a terrible noise machine Me I don't play with the sound on in minecraft

  • Vincent Li
    Vincent Li

    Would'nt it be better if he made a maze that does not lead to anywhere? XD

  • Bashar- Al-Asaad
    Bashar- Al-Asaad

    It’s not a safe house if you show the combination lock.

  • AtlanticCube

    Evil tip: put cobwebs in the maze

  • Jill Torn
    Jill Torn

    So if the combination is wrong and you are home you couldn't stand the noise - having the right combination it's no longer a safe house. ??

  • Rare Flames
    Rare Flames


  • Alexander Pavlov
    Alexander Pavlov

    world peace wars be like: Peaceful pain

  • Downsideupsnake

    I feel like all these "defensives" wouldn't work, because they'd annoy me so much I'd just break right through xD

  • Kit Woodiwiss
    Kit Woodiwiss

    You say it's easy but I'm dumb can someone please just tell me how to colour combo lock in 1.16?

  • Jabro

    Slowness potions?

  • Sinéad Tippins
    Sinéad Tippins

    what texture pack did he use

  • movezig5

    I see only one flaw with this design: in order to keep the house locked, you have to have the noises on. You can't just lock the combination locks and leave without also making all the bells go off, which kind of gives away the surprise.

  • Caitlin B
    Caitlin B

    "Peaceful safe house" yes the deafening bells and trapdoors are so peaceful 💕😂

  • Rober 123
    Rober 123

    This is not practical as that can just brake the glass

  • NinjaMagic

    To be truly evil and cause passive pain, put cobwebs over all of the honey blocks. If I remember correctly, the slowness of the honey blocks will make the cobwebs even worse, somehow.

  • Juliana Caton
    Juliana Caton

    Bro I watched Mumbo 1 time yesterday, and this is now the only thing appearing on my recommended

  • rekaSHADE

    "I made a Peaceful Safe house" My friend has a daughter which is a girl.

    • Scarlett Schofield
      Scarlett Schofield

      I have a rice bag that contains rice

  • Rotary God
    Rotary God

    Bruh i had captions on and it said music at one point

  • Derp Queen
    Derp Queen

    Can’t they just build to your house

  • Tammys Kids
    Tammys Kids

    Well the person can just turn off the sounds

  • Suckers Productions
    Suckers Productions

    Or you could just break in jk

  • Walter St
    Walter St

    Had me laughing man😂love you and love this you should do minecraft vegan challenge

  • WowThatsFair

    Mumbo Jumbo: We are building a peaceful safe house Also Mumbo Jumbo 3 mins in the video: 3:36


      Gottemmmmm true too

  • Bret Braddock
    Bret Braddock

    You can make the maze so much worse if you only add a switch at the end which actually opens the entrance. Means they go all that way, just to have to go all the way back.

  • Siddhant Kakad
    Siddhant Kakad

    Everyone: *Makes toughest traps to protect their house* Me: Haa! i'll just dig till bedrock level and the dig up in the center of the house!! LOL

  • EiraPlay

    But how are you going to live in there? I don't see a way you can lock it from the inside, so that you can live safely inside and the access is still blocked. Even if you manage to create a way to lock it from the inside, since the state of showing a wrong combination triggers the alarms, you would have to live in total noise in there. I don't get it. Also if you leave the house and set the combination to a wrong state, the neighbors and the server admin won't be impressed by the noise coming from your building...... There has to be a way that the sounds start only with a wrong action and end at some point so that they don't go on 24/7 until you turn them off.

  • backyard jumpers
    backyard jumpers

    you should get people to try to get in and make videos out of that

  • Jacob SNAITH
    Jacob SNAITH

    You could just mute when your going through the maze

  • Andrew Curtin
    Andrew Curtin

    Tbh im ashamed you didnt put splash potions of slowing in those dispensers XD

  • Franchesca Mia Reves Tortoza
    Franchesca Mia Reves Tortoza

    "i don't like hurting anything" *shrieking in wandering trader*

  • Joyce Koh
    Joyce Koh

    Mumbo puts down wool and redstone Me:ok Im gonna zone out

  • Random Whisperer
    Random Whisperer


  • Brandon

    Forgot about chorus fruit but most players do, so I don't count that against you. Still an interesting idea, I would try to create peaceful traps using cobweb pits and slime block launchers. Instead of making the path time consuming to get in, I would re-direct the player anytime they failed a puzzle.

  • Riley Lewis
    Riley Lewis

    It’s not that peaceful because what if ur just sitting watching tv then someone tries to get in and there’s bells ringing for like 5 hours

  • Haiden

    Me pulls up with pickaxe

  • Ahmed Badreldin Abdelghani Ali
    Ahmed Badreldin Abdelghani Ali


  • Anisa C
    Anisa C

    Mumbo: I don't know how anyone can stand this (Hears bells ringing and doors swinging) Me, who plays Minecraft with sounds off and uses captions: :P

  • chocfacephil

    no no no its YOU that's confusing lol

  • Scott Hays
    Scott Hays

    I was hoping when he pulled out the redstone that he was going to make the maze change itself occasionally. That would be real torture.

  • william wong
    william wong

    Mumbo, what if the person just climb on the roof and break the glass and get to the house

  • william wong
    william wong

    Mambo 2021:”What if you commit harm to the person CONTROLLING the other player.”

  • JustARegularGamer

    it clearly worked???? no it is just cos i like mumbo

  • 5hadw

    It would be twice as painful if the maze had no correct path

  • TheNumgetLad

    pure suffering

  • Sarah Miller
    Sarah Miller

    I can tell you genuinely love the game. And your builds are so creative! So fun to watch :)

  • Bethany Jones
    Bethany Jones

    this torture but non painful torture

  • Wolfy Tes
    Wolfy Tes

    at 4:11 Mum: What is he doing? Me: *Building a torture machine in minecraft*

  • Graysen Giddis Lel
    Graysen Giddis Lel

    someone totally cant just build up and break the glass

  • Armedsteel Studios
    Armedsteel Studios

    9:45 The house is kinda' sus here...

  • Ian Bell
    Ian Bell

    Mumbo: "I wouldn't hurt anyone!" Me: *sees leather dropped from the wandering trader llamas* Uh huh


    if i were mumbo i would do miner fatigue bec they could break


    What is people break the glass slab and enter

  • Snake Birb
    Snake Birb

    You can break the leafes

  • Yellowgamer1622

    Why not cobwebs instead of honey??? Or both!?!?

  • Blue

    Imma make a compellation of every time you stabbed people and animals.

  • Nakrenjam

    Yooo, you got a 3090 🥺

  • TheRoboLemur

    Only thing I would change is that the noise machine only starts up when the intruder is a quarter of the way through the maze via pressure plate.

  • FenderShredder

    It’s a shame that noise machine can be brought down by my volume knob…

  • Keldor314

    It occurs to me that the alarm will go off continually as long as the door is closed.

  • Tambis Robert Rey
    Tambis Robert Rey

    are u playing on bedrock ore java minecraft ?

  • Camaroni

    Should of put turtle master potions when your on the honey blocks imagine how slow you would go

  • Yong Zhao
    Yong Zhao

    Pickaxe: I'm about to end this whole man's career

  • radmila romanelli
    radmila romanelli

    nobody absolutely nobody ; lover fella yes we Do D’s things

  • gm3gaming

    yeah just going to sleep with my door open because if i close it then its super loud

  • Glass mug Sus
    Glass mug Sus

    Everyone gangsta until you break the system

  • Keegan H
    Keegan H

    Mumbo: who ever lives in this house... Me: You can not sleep now there are bells and trapdoors ringing and banging nearby.

  • T Edits
    T Edits

    When you realise you can literally just break one block and enter the base

  • Kyler

    You should try out item combination locks

  • Belrevan

    Okay... Now build it in survival

  • bonetower

    "I feel like i'm being too mean" - somewhere in the void Vechs cackles.

  • Bustablox

    I love your vids mumbo jumbo!

  • Midget Fidget
    Midget Fidget

    I would’ve loved a pit with an elder guardian yo give miners fatigue

  • killthissonny

    make a maze that changes with redstone every couple mins

  • Jennie Karter
    Jennie Karter

    imagine if Mumbo added elder guardians

  • Kyle Tague
    Kyle Tague

    ah yes. The art of the silent fist. Let your enemy fight themselves. Let them tire themselves. and eventually, you win.

  • gecko

    imagine geting in nether and you forgot that one thing in your house

  • Poonam Sabharwal
    Poonam Sabharwal

    The noise machine he made was actually a good music to my ears

  • Sonny Day
    Sonny Day

    Can someone please tell me how to make that exit thing

  • Eyo

    U dont need to kill the griefer because he will kill himself

  • woobat99

    I don’t care about the thumbnail I care about the title

  • James Bradford
    James Bradford

    That one guy that breaks through the roof

  • Sean Wilson
    Sean Wilson

    4:47 IF I GO DEAF, MUMBO, I'M GONNA KILL YOU! >:-( (just kidding.)

  • Ludivine Salon Gk
    Ludivine Salon Gk