The World War of the Ants - The Army Ant
Every day billions of soldiers fight a merciless war on thousands of fronts, that has been going on for over one hundred million years: The world war of the ants.

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    • abdulbary ismaeel
      abdulbary ismaeel

      Is that real

    • Evster GK
      Evster GK

      The atom in the intro, is that an oxygen atom? 8 electrons 2 shells?

    • Doremon love
      Doremon love


    • Mary Julia
      Mary Julia

      Please create a video about bed bugs. My mom experienced them during WW2. It seems they're gone. But now we moved to Malate, Manila. And we are so shock to experience living with them in our condo as my son's dormitory. We don't exactly see them but their bite is so painful and itchy. The sad part is the owner of the condo is denying their existence.

    • Evan Frahm
      Evan Frahm

      @Hi I'm APOP Ummm no

  • Neil Hannan
    Neil Hannan

    Long ago the ants lived in harmony but everything changed when the Colonies attack

  • DRIP stone
    DRIP stone

    ants: see other ants the other ants and the ant : peace was never an optoin

  • DRIP stone
    DRIP stone

    regect humanity retern to ant

  • Isaac Radish
    Isaac Radish

    Imagine if the ants stopped fighting each other and worked together to kill humans

  • Lucky lights
    Lucky lights

    Ecticon:oh an ant hill let's red ant disturbs ecticons charge!!!! (Ecticon wins)

  • Fluarc

    In the next 1000 years, ants will create guns and bombs for war, while humans just see Little rocks and dirt ploop off.


    who thinks that this ant war looks like D-DAY but its 100 million years long?

  • Ryan’s favorites Van Dyke
    Ryan’s favorites Van Dyke

    I just love how those ants fighting in this kurs whats-zits-name nutshell.! It's pretty funny when you think about it! Remember all ants that are worker are sterile females (includeing me)

  • Quinton B
    Quinton B


  • Prashant Kunder
    Prashant Kunder

    Scientists: We are closely related to apes. Also humans:

  • Chinese Communist Party
    Chinese Communist Party

    u r cool

  • Kyle Chiesa
    Kyle Chiesa

    We need more of these


    Welcome to WWA

  • mike0408

    ants together stong

  • le Nuke
    le Nuke

    WWA world war ants

  • Jenny Lee Sagadraca
    Jenny Lee Sagadraca

    Ants are cool and strong can they be tired

  • Sytze van Schepen
    Sytze van Schepen

    dis is so cool

  • Quantumm Galaxy
    Quantumm Galaxy

    These animations 🔥

  • mario yu
    mario yu

    The fretful ocelot pathohistologically flash because asphalt karunagappally tug barring a petite show. glistening glorious, tired odometer

  • mr Russian guyERza 2020
    mr Russian guyERza 2020

    It's almost crazy to think about humanity. It's a matter of seeing the truth about battles, or sieges. I don't want to be concerned with the same problem. It's one thing to be educated, but it's another to know less about nature. There is some truth to ignorance and hatred. I do think it's interesting to learn more about Earth. Anyway, I'm serious with how I speak. Even though some people hardly are aware of humanity, I know humanity. However, I'm not making a whole subject about humanity itself. It would be quite boring to come across some opinions. I'd rather not be confused about what I say. It would be quite boring to argue with some people. It would be boring to argue with some people, due to their ignorance. Anyway, it's quite good to understand the evolution of a human being. I would not be wrong about, how interested I am. I just think it's better to not worry about some people. At the end of the day, alcohol is still a thing. Whether the first humans were different can be debated. That it's interesting to learn a serious fact is clear. However, I was talking about humanity previously. It's quite necessary to understand time. Of course, time is always there. You can have a problem with me, just like I can have a problem with you. Whether we can have problems with each other is debatable. Whether some people can have problems with me is debatable. Whether we had a same problem didn't make me like you. Whether or not, I had the same problem with someone didn't worsen life. There must be a hidden world within our world. There could be a "hidden world" within our world. God bless our lives, unlike how God should punish some people. The invaders tried to take cities, unlike how the defenders tried to defend them. God is powerful, unlike the world he supposedly created for us. I would be happy, unless I'm sad or mad. I would ignore you, unlike how I would ignore some people. I would live my life, unlike suffering from constant hatred. I would ignore you, unlike seeing you once. You probably don't know what you're talking about. Some people probably didn't know what they were talking about. What we've said was limited at times. What some people have said was very limited. I would appreciate food, unlike how some people would appreciate life. I would disrespect you, unlike how you would disrespect me once. I would disrespect some people, unlike how they would disrespect me. We do want food, whenever I do. We do want a salad, which is healthy enough. I do like salad, just like I like healthy food. We would distract each other, one way or another. We did distract each other, one way or another. You would offend me, when really it's unlikely you'll offend me. Some people would offend me, when really they won't offend me.I'll watch that video without focusing on irrelevant opinions about it. It's not my fault some people think they deserve attention here. At the end of the day, I know history matters. I'm not talking about what I say endlessly. I just couldn't care less who gets interested in a black hole. It's pathetic to see some people try to be wise, when they look ignorant. I do try to be wise, just by seeing a history video. Whether black holes are confusing has little or nothing to do with our planet. Of course, anything can happen in the universe. It doesn't make much sense for me to see some people being curious. Quite frankly, I was curious a little after seeing a black hole. We never have seen a black hole in real life. Even though Black holes exist, they are strange enough. I don't need to see some irrelevant opinions about what is discussed in a video. Anyway, I'll gladly watch the video without being rude. I was only serious due to some ignorance from a person. Once again, I won't complain a lot about the channel, besides how I never watch it. It would be fair to judge a person, if they provide more ignorance. Whether some people will complain about me has little or nothing to do with me. I'm just here giving my opinions about a history video. I never even know another channel called "Kurzigat" existed. I do respect some knowledge about the universe. I was serious here, except I had a good reason to be so. I'd only distract myself by seeing some people. Anyway, the Earth is big, except the universe is bigger. A black hole can cause endless mysteries. I can clearly see a black hole as problematic. The universe seems endless, as far as I'm concerned. The earth seems endless, as far as I'm concerned. Whether or not, aliens are real depending on what proof is gathered about them. If there is proof about aliens already, that's different. It seems interesting that I'm talking. Black holes do exist after all. Even if black holes are dangerous, there is limited knowledge about them. Some people deserve to be ignored, except history represents the past. When I say "the past," I mostly refer to the distant centuries. I do respect the universe, one way or another. I don't have to be bad, except it's good to talk about black holes.

  • mai mohamed
    mai mohamed

    I like the eciton ant

  • Wen

    Wtf that was more catchy than any possible war film ever created

  • Demonic Axeman
    Demonic Axeman

    Just imagine if Earth had a history book of all the ant battles that ever happened. It would include strategies used for victories and casualty numbers. “The Battle Of The Great Apple” happened behind Fred’s house in the Ghetto. We didn’t see it due to the meth smoke, but it happened. One day when Fred got pissed about having to go to his cousin’s aunty’s stepdaughter’s wedding, he pulled out the lawn mower and ravaged his backyard. The ant historians still cannot figure out how a civilization in the land just disappeared in a day. They are known as the Mayan Ants.

    • Toastbrottitan _
      Toastbrottitan _

      Interesting scenario but do you realy think some lawn mower will kill a species that gought wars in the shadow of dinosaurs.

  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez

    The workable clipper totally spoil because friction phongsaly enter anenst a gleaming james. uppity, obedient epoxy

  • Wandering Miqo'te
    Wandering Miqo'te

    "10 thousand trillion" 10,000,000,000,000,000 is 10 quadrillion

  • an.m.

    imagine being born and you’re just the door

  • jade orbigoso
    jade orbigoso

    When I see ants columns that is fighting with other ants then I just boil water or throw salt to them

    • Toastbrottitan _
      Toastbrottitan _

      Ah yes, peace.

  • Cyrus dossett
    Cyrus dossett

    They aint tryin' to sting em, they toxic bitches...they tea bagging

  • edmccool30 :D
    edmccool30 :D

    Did someone say BLITZKRIEG?

  • pyq Shawn
    pyq Shawn

    4:05 *Happy ant*

  • pyq Shawn
    pyq Shawn

    Other ants: we build houses. *Army ants: we dont build houses, we are houses.*

  • ZGuy0fSci

    People speak of Humans having nukes.... yet its if Ants had nukes that the world would have ended.

  • Lucas Imaguire Kretschek
    Lucas Imaguire Kretschek

    what if ants waged war against huumans or gotten millitary technology? (ant sized of course

    • Toastbrottitan _
      Toastbrottitan _

      They would simply overun us, since most of our military equiptment is ineffective against an enemy so vast and small.

  • ScrambledEggs

    Hey Kurzgesagt, *I liked part 3 ants better than the other 2*

  • Insane Lover
    Insane Lover

    How to make a Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell Video: 1. Make people paranoid about death 2. Add science facts 3. Add Ducks

  • Ethan Gatenby
    Ethan Gatenby

    damn ants are bad ass

  • Versace Diaper
    Versace Diaper

    Sounds like army ants are actually pillage ants

  • Ameek Mangat
    Ameek Mangat

    Besides letting us know how to fight black holes and how to punch whales, can you tell us how to pronounce your channel name first?

    • Toastbrottitan _
      Toastbrottitan _

      Put it in google translate and hear the german translation.

  • Connoreverhart25_


  • long w lenguyen
    long w lenguyen

    Very much to say that Ant are literally mini Warhammer 40k, their queen is the God-Emperor, the flying ant one are the primarchs, the super majors are the space marines, an mini version of Imperium of man, using sheer numbers to win war, they even had their hive city but higher living standards than hive cities, ant workers are a mix of Imperium citizen, Imperial guard, servitor, Adeptus Mechanicus and Sister of Battle since most of worker Ants are all female.

    • long w lenguyen
      long w lenguyen

      @Toastbrottitan _ Tyranids are more hive mind and doesn't really care for their comrades and they are closer to Necrons than ants while ants actually care for their comrades and even medical care for ants soldiers that wounded in battle and even gave a burial to some as well but some ant soldiers refuses treatment and prefer to fight to the death rather than waste precious resources. Ants are very good at construction and ambitious at empire making as an administration outpost compare to Tyranids who just eat everything then left.

    • Toastbrottitan _
      Toastbrottitan _

      They are more the tyranids.

  • M e m e
    M e m e

    It didnt know ant wars are more brutal and longer than our wars

  • Caesar

    In the grim darkness of my backyard there is only war

  • Jim Pickens
    Jim Pickens

    so ants win because of numbers that sounds pretty soviet to me

    • Toastbrottitan _
      Toastbrottitan _

      It's just a myth that the soviets won true number.

  • Goofed-Up Games
    Goofed-Up Games

    If any colonies are constantly fighting, then what if there was a situation where there’s one colony in a tree to one side, and another colony in a tree on the other side? Does that mean that the forest ground is just any no mans land?

    • Toastbrottitan _
      Toastbrottitan _


  • Bir Gaba
    Bir Gaba

    If the leafcutter ants barricade all the entrances successfully the attackers would have given up

  • Bir Gaba
    Bir Gaba

    Love kurzgesagt can you

  • shinuzaki igura
    shinuzaki igura

    Ant: so uhh what do I do? Ant: become a door Ant: what Ant: what

  • Dr. Pepper
    Dr. Pepper

    3:58 Never have I seen a bottlecork ant look so cute

  • Dr. Pepper
    Dr. Pepper

    2:56 Army Ants Blitzkrieged before it was cool

  • Dr. Pepper
    Dr. Pepper

    So the Core message is Ants Together Strong

  • Dr. Pepper
    Dr. Pepper

    War, War never changes - Solid Snake

    • Toastbrottitan _
      Toastbrottitan _

      Wasn't that from fallout?

  • Grillo

    THIS WAS BETTER THAN ANY HOLLYWOOD BLOCKBUSTER OF THE LAST 2 YEARS! OMFG!! Ants as individuals are not actually animals, with the exception of the ruling class: They dont reproduce, they cant feel pain nor fear, they keep working until death, they keep fighting until death, no matter what. Some species of workers even lack a digestive apparatus, they simply dont eat, just work til death, their minds are just simple programation and not really tought. The ruling class of a colony ARE the actual ants, the rest of the colony: workers, soldiers and caretakers are just bioroids, robots made by the queen to do her biding but not actual creatures. No people, ants are quite above us in the evolutionary scale.

  • iblock_64

    Me with my water guns:

  • Mahbub Rahman
    Mahbub Rahman

    Square head ants should be called Hodor ants.

  • RitualGrip

    What Happens if the so called ‘ Army Ants ‘ Meet with a human?

    • Toastbrottitan _
      Toastbrottitan _

      What should happen? We are gigantic titans to them, they would try to go around us, if you atack or provok them they would swarm you, until you stop.

  • Legend 27
    Legend 27

    Thousands of years from now, the ants learn to work together and overthrow humanity. Then they expand their colonies to other planets, and fight alien ants.

  • NoobMaster69

    Mortem metallum players after literally dying to an ant army “IMAGINE TEAMING”

  • Haluz

    Some groups just dont get along.... Thats a KKND Krossfire reference and I love it :D

  • Izak Kotze
    Izak Kotze

    Antscanada is shaking right now!

  • Hornets6

    Ww2 People fighting Ant War fighting

  • Jasmine Orallo
    Jasmine Orallo

    I just love how the army ants dance

  • Machadão

    WH40k but Irl

  • Sean Riego De Dios
    Sean Riego De Dios

    Axis ants vs Allied ants

  • JedBlinzz

    Pov: You're in the World war ant

  • adonis parts
    adonis parts

    I love the smell of pheromones in the morning

  • Naiz

    ant 1: im better than u ant 2: no way im much better than u human: oh yeah(? the look at my new flamethrower

  • - Neo -
    - Neo -

    "Humans have decided that war is not a thing that they want to do a lot anymore" excuse me?

  • エコー

    Damn ants have a better social life than me

  • Vipin Verma
    Vipin Verma

    Best video ever..

  • Αθανασια Βιτετζακη
    Αθανασια Βιτετζακη

    4:38 - you got to name this species of ants -ok. *headbutts keyboard* done.

  • WyvernRex

    Next video-Chimera Ants

  • Mayra Collin
    Mayra Collin

    The aware ketchup notablely stain because geometry essentially cry beside a tired occupation. accurate, shrill barber

  • Pouf the Theatrical Bug
    Pouf the Theatrical Bug

    People in the comments saying they want a show on this now, but just go watch the Chimera Ant arc of Hunter x Hunter, same thing really

  • Ruth Kirchhofer
    Ruth Kirchhofer

    What about houseants?

  • Slinky Malinky
    Slinky Malinky

    My favourite ant is the giant army ant and I like the video.

  • Clerissa Luening
    Clerissa Luening

    The slimy stool separately tick because air cumulatively attract amid a tasty dad. descriptive, perfect lyric

  • Tanroong Suntornsuk
    Tanroong Suntornsuk


  • Harry Marceluk
    Harry Marceluk

    i dont thing that army ant would fit anyway

  • SM69 Animations
    SM69 Animations

    Army ants: are responsible for trillions of casualties. Also Army ants: (proceeds to dance casually.)

  • The mannequin that invested in the STONKS market
    The mannequin that invested in the STONKS market

    World War A(ants)

  • Pj Canta
    Pj Canta

    When I day I will become one of these or I chose a wrong tattoo

  • kim kimondo
    kim kimondo

    But then, everything changed when fire ants attacked.

    • WyvernRex

      Antatar:The last Antbender

  • Its Meh E
    Its Meh E


  • Nabeel

    I'm religious and one of the reasons I watched this video is because there's a chapter in my holy book about ants and it sounds kind of ridiculous, talks about ant society, ant warfare, ant communication etc. Now I'm watching this and WOW everything mentioned in there is true! This is blowing my mind differently, I've seen many God's prophets drunk cos of this chapter, but it seems they're just uneducated

    • Nabeel

      @Toastbrottitan _ islam

    • Toastbrottitan _
      Toastbrottitan _

      Which religion?

  • Leo Chan
    Leo Chan

    USA:huh??? Sir:Army ant want War USA:what the....... Army ants:GOOOOOO!!!!!! USA:oof!!!!!

  • Phlying V
    Phlying V

    the life of an ant feels like a post apocalyptic action adventure movie

  • Phlying V
    Phlying V

    ants are pog

  • XHunt Gaming - Youtube
    XHunt Gaming - Youtube

    What will win in war? A millions army of experienced and overly trained soldiers with weapons never seen before, *or* an entire parade of freaking ants that otherwise crawl everywhere from on trees to somewhere in your bedroom?

  • wait what :0
    wait what :0

    Looks like war never changes, no matter what you are.

  • Turroc

    Yeah, my aunts don’t get along either...

  • Alice CS
    Alice CS

    if there was no music at 5:30 it would be less dramatic

  • Milan Jovanovic
    Milan Jovanovic

    Your animation and videos are best

  • charley li
    charley li

    us: awwwww, a little ant is playing with another one kurzgesagt: NO! A WAR IS HAPPENING!!

  • Fadel Fasya
    Fadel Fasya

    We need someone to make an ant war game

  • Your One Black Friend
    Your One Black Friend

    Imagine that the block head ants just taunt the army ants as they block entry, like Block head:“Lmao can’t get in, lol get gud,” Army ant: Imma kill you Block head: “lol get rekt noob”

  • Kingsley Bridgforth
    Kingsley Bridgforth

    The shrill pastor infrequently dam because dragon seemingly murder between a elite oval. juicy, kind pencil

  • George Feser
    George Feser

    I'm itching. This is making me itch

  • Loaf Games
    Loaf Games

    This reminds me that I'm happy I'm not an ant

  • Eddie Lyles
    Eddie Lyles

    Long ago, the 4 colonies lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the fire ant colony attacked.