Greatness never ends: The First Look 2021 | Samsung
Samsung is bringing innovative technology to screen experiences in a way you’ve never seen before.
At its 9th First Look event, the tech trailblazer goes digital to introduce its latest creations, technologies, and a new vision for a sustainable and inclusive future.
See it all for yourself in the comfort of home. Greatness never ends, it evolves. Meet the Neo QLED at The First Look 2021
00:00 The First Look 2021
00:15 You're invited
01:30 Opening speech from JH Han, President of Visual Display
05:40 Eco-Packaging and SolarCell Remote
11:10 Accessibility
16:56 Vision: Screens Everywhere, Screens for All
19:42 Neo QLED: Intro
21:20 Neo QLED: In-home Activity
27:20 Neo QLED: For enhanced experience
33:11 Lifestyle TV
44:56 Closing speech
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  • Constantine

    GREATNESS NEVER ENDS this is exclusively about CRTs. Perfect black level, natural colors, boundless viewing angles, unsurpassed dynamic resolution aaaaaaaand... IT STILL WORKS!!!!

  • Ch Zulfiqar
    Ch Zulfiqar

    Simply says wow greatness for everyone

  • Triển full free kamen rider
    Triển full free kamen rider

    My galaxy A10 phone die

  • Milot X
    Milot X

    They build this because there are so many dumb people fall for it, same way as they think that their phone or their watch will keep the accurate heart rate.

  • abadi alamor
    abadi alamor

    الحذر الحذر ثم الحذر من موقع سامسونج السعودية هو نفسه موقع عالم سامسونج لانه غير محترم ولا يلتزم بسياسة البيع المتعارف عليها ولايوجد عنده سياسة ارجاع واستبدال او حتى لوظهر في جهازك خلل راحت عليك الجهاز مورخيص حسبي الله عليهم ونعم الوكيل والله يسامح اللي نصحنا في هذا الموقع بدون علم.. الحذر يا اخواني واخواتي.

    • Samsung Saudi Arabia
      Samsung Saudi Arabia

      سلام اخوي عبادي، نعتذر منك على هذا الموقف و كيف ممكن نساعدك؟

  • Marco Betti
    Marco Betti

    I love Samsung's technology. I had and maintain a Samsung monitor (23 ") and recently purchased a new 28" 4K Samsung monitor. Fantastic! Amazing! So, I always like to be aware of what Samsung brings in technology. But I have a question: Why didn't you upload this video in 4K too? I think you could have shot it even at 8K. What a pity. I'm a designer and when it comes to "last word" in image, you need to give the option, 4K and 8K. Think about it. Anyway, thanks for this video. Marco Betti

  • Yangon Yangon
    Yangon Yangon


  • XSAVIER busy
    XSAVIER busy

    these cardboard box are so fun lol

  • Piotr Kosciolek
    Piotr Kosciolek

    No Family in Samsung Universum! Only slaves, singels persons ...

  • خدمات أحواض أسماك الزينة Aquariums services
    خدمات أحواض أسماك الزينة Aquariums services

    the serif👍🏻

  • Azmat Tayyab
    Azmat Tayyab

    hahha sony is better they use organic technology in 2016 amd sony doesnt need advertisement because sony is a daddy

  • Kokorikovaati

    This is simply why you continue to be my #1 provider of entertainment, innovation, inclusivity, and technology. Each year, year after year, you continue to erase the boundaries of constraints of technology that enable each and every one of us to seamlessly all be connected with no room for the chains that bound and limited us of the past. This is why I am a customer for life!

  • Uday Joshi
    Uday Joshi

    Truly Amazing 👏🙌❤

  • Uche Oji
    Uche Oji

    I'm not sold. TV makers have said their TV's are 'this much great' since at least 720p plasma TVs.

  • 망한귀

    이좋은 일을 삼성이 개발해내다니 ~~소외되는 사람이 없도록 이런 마인드~ 역시 삼성은 다릅니다 고객감동 ~ ❤

  • Albert Riera
    Albert Riera

    잘 했어 삼성과 다른 회사들

  • Joel Sep
    Joel Sep

    now let's talk about the cost.. how much is it??

  • I am Human
    I am Human

    I thought it's same old corporate blah blah..But, i was never this wrong..Simply outstanding job by Samsung. The kind of R and D for some of the things they talked and mind blowing. Apple, Please take some notes :)

  • Kang-dong Kim
    Kang-dong Kim

    유튜브보는중 unbox&discover가 광고로 등장했지만 skip할수없었다. 삼성의 기술에 다시한번 감사와 찬사를 보낸다

  • michael mayer
    michael mayer

    Last year bought OLED 65 inch $1400.The Neo Qled old tec LCD?55 inch $1800.65 inch Neo Qled $3500?

  • Tarman tarman t
    Tarman tarman t

    Nice video...

  • feedflo

    BRAVO Samsung!!! My brand for life!

  • Hey

    한글 자막으로 이걸 보다니

  • Lorenz Abbas
    Lorenz Abbas

    Crcģ ybvyñn

  • Buff Barnaby
    Buff Barnaby

    QNED is revolutionary , makes OLED obsolete.

  • Buff Barnaby
    Buff Barnaby

    I thought they were called QNED ?

  • ADee SHuPA
    ADee SHuPA


  • 1984rockabilly

    I bought the SAMSUNG GQ75Q950T about 3 months ago. The display was already defective twice and had to be replaced. The picture quality is good, but there are many weaknesses. Stuttering in the picture because the TV only has native 100hz. This gets better with Motion Flow. But then there are ugly artifacts. Overall, I regret the purchase. Gaming mode is blurry. In my opinion, the upscaling doesn't work as well as Samsung portrays it in its advertising.

  • Tony Chalmers
    Tony Chalmers

    i challenge SamSung to fuse together a computer a projector with a projector screen. so the end product become a all in one projector screen that is also a computer. It needs to be able to project hd 4k 6k 8k And holographic images. It also has to be able to connect to another person driving a car via phone dial it must be able to contact another person while driving a vehicle and share the movie i am wacthing with the passengers of the vehicle.. plus chrome cast with wireless internet and buddy share. Buddy share is a name i give to ther share screen with a friend in another house. via tablet or phone or internet lets go Samsong make it happen. impress me.

  • Arnaud B
    Arnaud B

    05:40​ Eco-Packaging and SolarCell Remote : now i need a new TV for playing with the box ... i'm fiel like a cat cardboard trap smile :D

    • Arnaud B
      Arnaud B

      Does we need a cat to buy samsung product now? :D

  • Carpediemjr - Soluções em Web
    Carpediemjr - Soluções em Web

    very disappointed with the Samsung TVs (fear that it will catch fire)

  • JC

    Absolutely incredible showing this year!!!

  • Steffen Kleinheinz
    Steffen Kleinheinz

    70" Micro LED pls

  • Den Denis
    Den Denis

    Top Merci !!! 👍🏻😉

  • EUK007

    Samsung technology is so OP! Now i know which TV to buy.

  • Captain Morgan
    Captain Morgan

    Will these TV's suffer from Vertical banding amd Dirty screen effect as the previous Samsung models like Q80t, Q90t and so on? Or will these problems finally beeing solved?

  • ApplePieClub

    Props to JH Han for speaking in English. Although it was a bit hard to understand what he was saying, speaking a non-native language is always difficult. Edit: just watched the David part. So cool! It's like if John Wick was explaining cool new Samsung features

  • Muhammad Ja'far
    Muhammad Ja'far

    Wow amazing. I love neo qled. Hope the price will be affordable

  • Mike Workman
    Mike Workman

    My Samsung TV just died...My loyal friend...I wish this was out now so I could get it...I guess ill buy a cheap tv until this is out or just stick to my z fold 2...Miss my TV it was so worth the 4000 I paid for it...its alot of money but I have not regrets.

  • dra

    Have you heard of Realfiction Holding? A Danish company that develops a true holographic display technology they call Echo. Free-floating holograms that require no glasses, devices or other lenses between the human eye and the effect. With proof of concept and patents, they aim for the major display-manufacturers to have the technology in their screens for sale at low cost as early as 2023. Project ECHO represents the pinnacle of Realfiction’s dreams and vision, by symbolizing ”the holy grail of 3D” where 3D objects can be viewed and interacted with from different angles. ”the license package shall enable mass production of full-sized, high resolution multi-user ECHO 3D holographic display products at a price point affordable for a broad consumer base after scaling the production to meet the expected global demand.” In addition to being able to display holographic images, an upside is that the Echo-display requires 80% less electricity than ordinary displays resulting in huge savings of the electricity production equivalent of 56 TWh of electricity and 25 million tons of CO2 only in the United States. Small savings for each household but globally it would help achieve the energy saving targets Their technology is completely unique. "Realfiction previously announced that novelty searches from both Budde Schou and the Danish Patent and Trademark Office were carried out. Neither Budde Schou nor the Danish Patent and Trademark Office found any known techniques which challennged the novelty of the ECHO technology.

  • Ahmad Emranian
    Ahmad Emranian

    A Game Changer

  • Maya Gmal
    Maya Gmal

  • Fernando Martinez
    Fernando Martinez

    What is the song name from 18:10?

    • Epický Hráč
      Epický Hráč


  • R VW
    R VW

    All lies you guys. Samsung used to be so good. Now just as bad as Apple. Sad really.

  • Dunroi DeParmir
    Dunroi DeParmir

    21:20 the best part of this presentation....credits to production designs, creatives and directors team...the guy presenter should be in Netflix or Hollywood movies...😎..👍

  • Aragbaye Adekanmi Sean
    Aragbaye Adekanmi Sean

    apple is nothing

  • Rehan 24
    Rehan 24

    *seccreens for everyone*

  • Vĩnh Đức Lê Huỳnh
    Vĩnh Đức Lê Huỳnh

    So gIad they put in the TimeStamps 😁

  • Henrique Soares Correia Rodrigues
    Henrique Soares Correia Rodrigues

    Going green

  • Vivek V
    Vivek V

    One thing some apple people can't accept is that their screens are built by Samsung

  • Trio LOL Gamers
    Trio LOL Gamers

    Solar panel on the remote control: 2000s remotes had that... Also Samsung: on the back... Why?

  • Alan Chen
    Alan Chen

    can we have a neo qled phone

  • angel jesus
    angel jesus

    The sign language guy looks like he is in mr. Larrusso class

  • angel jesus
    angel jesus

    Dang this feels like im living in the future lol

  • Moises Silva
    Moises Silva

    Podia mover o mundo com bateria 🔋🙏 solar assim nois podemos desenvolver uma saudade boa e mais energia esplorar o espaço etc atrans de sol e planeta usando bateria carregável.

  • Moises Silva
    Moises Silva

    E agradeço os fucionario da empresa que solda e cria um mundo sem eles não avera empresa tecnologia tamos vendo mas uma evolução.da tecnologia

  • Moises Silva
    Moises Silva

    Tá de parabéns Samsung 👏😁👏 só falta parceria com outras cima como Asus e claro e comprar a empresa philips e LG para ser uma empresa avançada essa e a ideia reaproveite e melhorar .

  • Moises Silva
    Moises Silva

    Bora mudar o mundo mais não desmatando a flores mais ajundando ela

  • Fawaz N
    Fawaz N

    David Neo QLED introduction is Amazing /colorful and Simple And Direct to the point Great Job Samsung

  • Gergely Haga
    Gergely Haga

    Just one queston: WHAT IS THE INTRO MUSIC??

  • moonlim33

    I do support the ideas of go green. COVID started by destruction of environment by human being. Hope, human can fix this problem before too late.

  • Samiha Afsara Ibnat
    Samiha Afsara Ibnat

    Yes, Samsung is always great and achieving more good features day by day. But when it is about processor "EXYNOS'' then it's a bug thumbs down 👎 . When it's about camera's sharpness.....oh...again thumbs down. Samsung is only for those people who has enough money to buy it and not for those people who are saving money to buy it.

  • Badhan Ahammed
    Badhan Ahammed

    Samaung can you give me note 21ultra ❤️❤️ Love You samsung

  • yousef cook and tech vlogs
    yousef cook and tech vlogs

    Whats the name of the song that they used... its so calming

  • Vijayalakshmi Vengatraman
    Vijayalakshmi Vengatraman


  • Vijayalakshmi Vengatraman
    Vijayalakshmi Vengatraman

    மணக்க மணக்க மணக்க

  • Pranta Md hazrat
    Pranta Md hazrat

    I applaud Samsung for using technology and innovation to help create a better world. ❤

  • Uche Oji
    Uche Oji

    This all reminds me of the original 2010-ish Samsung Galaxy S presentation, when all our lives would become perfect, thanks to technology. Here we go again.

  • Leandro Cayao
    Leandro Cayao

    Samsung: "We make technology for all, we don't want to exclude anyone". That is actually true considering I've gotten a lot of technology from Samsung at good prices. They definitely don't exclude.

  • Pongsakorn Buranakarn
    Pongsakorn Buranakarn

    Great tech!! Bravo!

  • Marcus Danchision
    Marcus Danchision

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  • Windows 10X
    Windows 10X

    A wise man once said: Finally s21 will launch so that the prices of s20 will get lowered To buy a s10e


    Toba toba 😴😴

  • Dheeraj Sumda
    Dheeraj Sumda

    Beacuse I like Samsung

  • fiw ngai
    fiw ngai

    Chromecast Support Please

  • Bhanwar Lal Meghwal kuliyana
    Bhanwar Lal Meghwal kuliyana

    I want galaxy S21 for my brother.

  • piyush patel
    piyush patel

    It seems the electronics industry has taken several progressive steps since the video produced about 10 years back showed the state of e-waste back then. But the big problem is still technological obsolescence. In this Samsung video, we see them taking little steps on the packaging and remote but they only thing about sustainability they mention for what is the elephant in the box (the TV itself for example), they only talk about durability. Problem is that when they make it obsolete so quickly, then how is durability going to help? If they want to continue to innovate in terms of features/size increase etc they need to think of hyper recyclability (and lowering energy use for recycling itself). They have some recycling programs but it is not clear how much %age of the TV is truly recycled and at what energy cost. Electronics companies want to flood every wall and space in your home (and now they are also going outside in your backyard as we see with the water proof TV shown in this video) so they can keep growing bigger and bigger in revenues and profit. It was interesting to see while showing how organic LEDs have lower life (again, the durability argument) the videos they were showing was all organic (nature). The do clever marketing to reduce your guilt of damaging the environment when shopping their products.

  • The Kenyan Dutchman
    The Kenyan Dutchman

    they're still cutting trees to make the boxes , not sustainable

  • Rehaan Rashid
    Rehaan Rashid

    Samsung battey 2050 battery 200%

  • Chic Rondon
    Chic Rondon

    The clean pull roughly follow because stick immuhistochemically lock a a pathetic geometry. amusing, marked bait

  • Nguyen Ngoc Duy
    Nguyen Ngoc Duy

    Thanks Samsung, I Love Samsung

  • Kan Son
    Kan Son

    I'm waiting to see Samsung Galaxy S30 series 🤩🤩🤩

  • AGlan

    Amazing!!, I really want The Sero!!!

  • Hanns Manuma
    Hanns Manuma

    Please please please please provide update for to the galaxy note 9 and s9 please please please I know you can pull this off

  • Ryan Jones
    Ryan Jones

    4:06 what a cool tech

  • Nope yop
    Nope yop

    they even have sign language which apple can’t do im hard hearing and has accessibility

  • B Ntagkas
    B Ntagkas

    too much corporate marketing talk, i watched all of it and i saw 0 numbers that prove these new tvs will be noticably better than last years tvs...some of the ''features'' are literally true for my 20 year old tv

  • Adrian from Falkirk UK
    Adrian from Falkirk UK

    Micro led tv’s are the Future,cant wait to buy one in few years,well done samsung✌️✌️✌️

  • Anter Bennoui
    Anter Bennoui

    My love s21ultra

  • Kenned

    fix hdmi 2.1 on samsung tvs in 2020. cant get 120 hz with ps5 on samsung tvs. false marketing. fix it

  • Andrew Conn
    Andrew Conn

    Samsung re-invents split screen multiplayer in the internet era...

  • MckyBlu

    Beautiful, Green World

  • кит прон
    кит прон


  • Gordy Fit
    Gordy Fit

    Wer kann Dolmetscherblendung verstehen? Omg Warum soooo niedrig. Man kann Dolmetscherblendung kaum die Hände lesen was der übersetzen will. Samsung mach doch besser.

  • Vanessa Gong
    Vanessa Gong

    hum, how funny this start with flying, since the battery literally been banned on plane for so many years~

  • Nicollas Rychard
    Nicollas Rychard


  • Ariel Lezcano
    Ariel Lezcano

    Congrats to Samsung for improve to Green I want to all tech companies to do the same¡¡¡

  • Mahdy Fouad
    Mahdy Fouad

    7:20 we will charge you double the price for our product $$ and give you the opportunity to create cardboard donkey.

  • RQN

    So Samsung - did you perhaps add the ability to turn the screen off while keeping the audio this time? Ambient Mode is nice but how can it be that you don't have that basic function?

  • Inspector Cluezo
    Inspector Cluezo

    I feel terrible for saying this but I can’t understand the narrator