Who Keeps Ditching Supercars in the Desert?
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Something strange is happening in Dubai. The desert oasis is home to some of the most extravagant architecture, people and CARS in the world. But someone is abandoning their cars in the desert, sometimes with the keys still in the ignition Who is responsible? Wealthy Sheikhs? Rich kids? Or is something else going on? We’re gonna find out.
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  • Juan Manuel Penaloza
    Juan Manuel Penaloza

    Cars: I don't like sand. It's rough, coarse and irritating. And it gets everywhere.

    • knoeknakno 8
      knoeknakno 8

      Sorry i dont get it

    • Crazy Contraptions
      Crazy Contraptions

      @Dynamite Gaming Please stop.

    • Toucan •
      Toucan •

      Sand dunes: "It's over! I have the high ground!"

    • John Smith
      John Smith

      @JDM B1RD I know

    • Joe Maddox
      Joe Maddox

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  • Imtiyaz Maruf
    Imtiyaz Maruf

    Why dislikes though

  • Humaid Kids
    Humaid Kids

    Im from uae and in dubi

  • Joshua

    This is old you can mostly find these cars in Dubai it's just that the car repair cost too much money so they just dip it and buy another one

  • zcribe

    TLDR these backwards people run debters prisons and people prefer to just leave the country.

  • //// AMG
    //// AMG

    There laws different u can’t pay u leave the country it’s illegal not to pay your debt over there

  • Nathan Everson
    Nathan Everson

    Its post Malone fans : )

  • StereoSoundAgent

    When i visited Dubai 11 years ago, the biggest bummer was that there was literally 0 weed anywhere. It was the most sober week of my life I think at 19. Actually, thats not entirely true because I got to drink for a majority of that week since super high end places never checked my ID. I probably looked 16. It wasn't until the last day that I got carded and denied. Even still, update your weed laws Dubai. All that bs hookah smoke will only leave you with lung cancer.

  • Shadow Life
    Shadow Life

    I live in UAE and saw....a lot of supercars Been loving here for 11 years

  • ontherun -
    ontherun -

    So much misleading information

  • Rick Flair
    Rick Flair


  • Se py
    Se py

    I'll be more than happy with $90,000,000/YR.

  • Killer Kickz
    Killer Kickz

    The impartial shelf basically hang because chill secondly bury amid a extra-large extra-small exuberant poet. absorbed, moaning bolt

  • randomshitbyme

    Soo can you take the cars?

  • Short Memes
    Short Memes

    I bought an damaged Aston Martin One-77 for $150,000 and the total repair cost was around $300,000. Given that, I bought it for around $450,000 while the actual price is $1.87 million

  • Greg Rose Sykes
    Greg Rose Sykes

    Oil rich

  • Maher Maren
    Maher Maren

    Nah, Imma stay in my lane and get a 2015 scion frs, lol

  • Engine Buzz
    Engine Buzz

    Probably not good for them not running for a while

  • James smith
    James smith


  • Rick G
    Rick G

    It was pretend rich people... pretend to be rich and flee when the bill comes in.

  • Jim Thompson
    Jim Thompson

    Is this really boring, or am I?

  • Gabe Spencer
    Gabe Spencer

    ngl i was looking for the skip ad

  • Jona Ramos
    Jona Ramos

    Gimme some coordinates

  • Taylor Langley
    Taylor Langley

    I love that shirt

  • Joshua Powers
    Joshua Powers

    Huh, it's almost like basing the laws of a society around whatever the dominant religion of that society may be is a really bad idea.

  • Mr Winters
    Mr Winters

    Having first hand experience of working in UAE, lemme just add: Fun video, but every aspect covered about being a foreigner in UAE is over-simplified. As far as this particular subject, it sounds intriguing to less-knowledgeable or less-experienced car enthusiasts. DO NOT mistake that the abundance of supercars there isn't way down the list of what it's really like to live, work, or make money there. Doing this kind of business? Unless you have a trusted local friend to facilitate a deal, and even then, you're taking a great risk. You will have zero real legal protections or recourse if things don't go as planned, or agreed to.

  • John Wick
    John Wick

    Me and the homies on our way to Dubai

  • Mate Tyler
    Mate Tyler

    wait this guys yearly salary’s is 90 million?

    • Misa misa
      Misa misa


  • Joni Holthöfer
    Joni Holthöfer

    Why they don't just sell the cars when theyre in trouble

  • gomez shilu
    gomez shilu

    I need to change one thing what Nolan had said, Dubai has very less oil deposit,unlike all the other neighbouring arab states. Instead they focus more on tourism, business and banking

  • Ted thesailor
    Ted thesailor

    Someone who abandons a supercar in the desert is unlikely to have looked after it beforehand. To them it's been no more than a glorified shopping trolley...

  • Brett Christensen
    Brett Christensen

    I had heard about this when I was deployed to Kuwait. I did see a bunch of nice cars abandoned (probably just broken down) on the side of the road. I did hear the rumors that a lot of people just buy a new one if it breaks down and is very expensive to repair, so just replace it. A Kuwaiti I worked with bought a new yacht after getting his yearly oil money.

    • Misa misa
      Misa misa

      No way that's true u got a billionaire friend???????

  • michael ashbrook
    michael ashbrook

    to save you 12 and a half minutes. its me, i keep leaving them abandoned in the desert. im so filthy rich i drive them till they run out of fuel then leave them there while my golden helicopter picks me up

  • Nugget The Rabbit
    Nugget The Rabbit

    Can we buy those cars?

  • This is Not me
    This is Not me

    When youtube becomes a shithole and it's "creators" recycle old videos/ stories

  • Lxxxs Y
    Lxxxs Y

    so the reason for all these ditched cars is corona??

  • Only Solutions
    Only Solutions

    Want exclusivity .... Drive a Trabant or Yugo.

  • Nicholas Potyok
    Nicholas Potyok

    just get a off roader hook it up and drive off

  • Sean Fitch
    Sean Fitch

    I absolutely love your shirt in this video my dude. "You're either A Head, or you're behind..."

  • Play Button With 0 Vids-READ MY BIO
    Play Button With 0 Vids-READ MY BIO

    9:10 Is anyone else here looking here after the VinWiki video saying the police bought them?

  • Dash Senpai
    Dash Senpai

    Omw to the nearest desert

  • Mohammed Shamil
    Mohammed Shamil

    8:00 Flat earther spotted

  • ssdoome

    About the people buy cars to flex is not true they buy the car bc they want it

  • Gwyn's Last Knight
    Gwyn's Last Knight

    seeing that GTR pissed me off more than any of the other cars

    • Jadon Miles
      Jadon Miles

      Bro what about the f1 car that car costs a lot

  • Qi Fuh Yue
    Qi Fuh Yue

    Wow someone calling UAE by UAE instead of Dubai? That’s a first

  • May of Astora
    May of Astora

    I was like: HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE TO LEAVE THAT MANY CARS IN USA? Video: so in dubai- Me: understandable, have a great day.

  • Michael Stewart
    Michael Stewart

    Was into then I saw Supercsrblonde. Bye

  • Keira Watterson
    Keira Watterson

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  • James Moore
    James Moore


  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones

    How do i get on the list to buy one

  • Michael C
    Michael C

    How dare this guy appear on camera looking this bad. Take some pride in yourself, and do better. Next video.

  • Doki Kun
    Doki Kun

    holy shit that reptone was my first amp. literally never seen one that wasn't mine.

  • OHM-968692

    Cars aside, this is one of the most interesting in-depth video on Dubai/UAE ever. Would you mind doing more of these?

  • Lazartazer

    I live in dubai , here the cars are crazy like the rare Lykan hyper sport police car, in my old villa , my neighbor got arrested because he didn’t pay the mortgage for 5 MONTHS

  • Parth Puri
    Parth Puri

    The Toyota formula must have been stole by a burglar who broke in A rich racers house. And won TROPHIES.

  • Larry Torres
    Larry Torres

    A god dame r34 Godzilla rotten away wth they only made 100 of those

  • Maxim

    Im suprised there's not like a ton of people stealing these cars... Like just roll it onto a rented ship, get it to like central America, and sell it to druglords...

  • Bruno Soares
    Bruno Soares

    Late payments? Dont buy if un cant afford

  • Stalin K
    Stalin K

    where did u get the shirt?

  • BlueDevil

    10:00 8k not 30k right ??

  • tyrell rytar
    tyrell rytar

    So you’re saying I can find a “ditched” super car with keys still inside in the middle of nowhere in Dubai Say no more......

    • Derek Moore
      Derek Moore

      Good luck getting out of there with it.

  • sʟᴜɢᴇᴇs

    I am genuinely surprised

  • baz 888
    baz 888

    F.......me I thought I was going to hear about the cars , heard a lot of bs instead


    actually live in the Gulf region so I know the way how Arabs treat dese cars like I saw an abandoned Toyota supra turbo sitting on racing slicks in a parking lot. literally!

  • Zayed Alsuwaidi
    Zayed Alsuwaidi

    10:02 The currency is AED. 1 AED is worth 0.27 USD.

  • Marlonisaacs Isaacs
    Marlonisaacs Isaacs


  • Zoey Michael
    Zoey Michael

    nol-an sux

  • Nasser Al Thani
    Nasser Al Thani

    The xj220 wasn't in Dubai 😂😂

  • nazart

    Supercar blondie sucks

  • Surfer MCOC
    Surfer MCOC

    I am gonna go out there and just take em home

  • Compilation Season
    Compilation Season

    Please anyone help, has anyone here used hush hush? Why is there supercars for like $100???? Is that a down payment or something ?

    • Compilation Season
      Compilation Season

      Plz help

  • jim charest
    jim charest

    Just get to the f'''g point. Bye.

    • 20ECE1001 Aaron Xavier Lobo
      20ECE1001 Aaron Xavier Lobo


  • Jam City
    Jam City

    Yo Moms🙋💰

  • MysteryMrR


  • Doug G
    Doug G

    It’s called cash overflow. They have so much money that when they get into a fender bender they just leave the car.. any car

  • Michael Martin
    Michael Martin

    Elon Musk 2024 president.

  • anotherYOUtubER

    As Indian people would say, thank u come again.


    Getting your hair, nails, clothes, stereo equipment, weed and paying your boyfriend fraudulently (as a legit babysitter) with federal funds, or with child support payments - before properly making sure the kids get what they deserve and need. Let’s get those Dubai laws in that game!

  • R 3 L A P S E
    R 3 L A P S E

    KEYS IN THE IGNITION???? Shiiii that’s all I needed. To hear

    • john du Heaume
      john du Heaume

      So they say! You can leave your engine running with the AC on while you shop, why? Sharia law, steal it and chop chop. So I'm told , could be wrong! Cheers John.

  • Seth Tyrssen
    Seth Tyrssen

    Anyone that wants to throw away their supercar, just send it to me.

  • Shilpa Shetty
    Shilpa Shetty

    0:17 That Bentley Continental GT is my dream car, id bring and restore it completely (even the ENGINE!!!)

  • francisco j hernandez
    francisco j hernandez

    did you have the website ?

  • Dean English
    Dean English

    a lot of slaves in dubi btw. They just ship them in from india :(

    • Dean English
      Dean English

      @Ahmad they buy slaves from india

    • john du Heaume
      john du Heaume

      @Ahmad there are specialist websites if you know where to look, I don't! Many wealthy families from certain countries bring their "servants " to London, keep their passports, control them totally, no employment rights, that's not slavery then?

    • Ahmad

      @john du Heaume that has nothing to do with what hes talking about; definition of slave is forced to work with no salary and that doesn't exist in the uae.

    • john du Heaume
      john du Heaume

      @Ahmad look up buying and selling indentured servants, what's the difference?

    • Ahmad

      you dumb? theres no "slaves" and they dont ship those supercars from india

  • Devin Cook
    Devin Cook

    Crazy.. spoiled oil kids of people who are ok with throwing people off of buildings throw away cars. Whodathunk.

  • DeadPhishCheeseSpread _
    DeadPhishCheeseSpread _

    Nice shirt! I've seen almost all Grateful Dead T-shirts but never the one you're wearing. What is it from? VW?

  • el patron
    el patron

    Well you can go take a flight and see those car with your own eyes.

  • Aio 1
    Aio 1

    The arrogant tax perceptually hum because position reportedly type forenenst a heavenly heavy hellish scene. likeable, elegant football

  • Abhishek Soni
    Abhishek Soni

    Buying a cheap new car is sooooo much better than buying an expensive car with shady history.

  • Jacob Rice
    Jacob Rice

    I need your shirt , dude!

  • 0BirdsEyeView0

    Religion, go figure.

  • jms2182 Bungz
    jms2182 Bungz

    Sand... In engines

  • prod. by YetiBeats
    prod. by YetiBeats

    Why such a deep voice when you said "Storied Past" lol 10:11

  • billy bob
    billy bob

    You're a celebrity to me damn it!

  • manspej

    2:58 ffs it's not the Persian Gulf it's the Arabian Gulf, how many Persian countries have a coastline on that Gulf? 1, how many Arabic countries have a coastline there? 6, so stfu it's the Arabian Gulf not the Persian gulf

  • Juby Mason
    Juby Mason

    Sent me one please .

  • Door-to-Door Hentai Salesman
    Door-to-Door Hentai Salesman

    Title: *Who Keeps Ditching Supercars in the Desert?* Answer: *Me*

  • Edouard Bureau
    Edouard Bureau

    5:13 is a Lamborghini in my complex it’s in Montreal, There are more cars than that

  • bear2bull

    Pundi X NPXS get your bags full now

  • w23857980

    Supercars don't last and cost too much to fix.

  • Jim Smith
    Jim Smith

    They ran out of gas