There's No Place Like Rome (Blacklands, Somerset) | S14E02 | Time Team
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The team are in Somerset to investigate the remains of a small Roman villa, dating back to just after the time of the Roman invasion in 43 a.d. But previous excavations suggest it was occupied by local inhabitants rather than Roman invaders. Could it have been built on the site of an earlier, Iron Age settlement? The team are joined by Roman specialists John Creighton and Tom Moore; and Claire Ryley makes an authentic period garden. Members of the Stranglers put in a surprise appearance.
Series 14, Episode 02
Time Team is a British TV series following specialists who dig deep to uncover as much as they can about Britain's archaeology and history.
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  • Kelly Baird
    Kelly Baird

    one of my favorite time teams. so often shows say they are family friendly, yet quickly you find out that is not the case! Here is the answer to true family shows. thank you time team. wish you had more shows from across the world.

  • Stephen Williams
    Stephen Williams

    Mick Aston just makes me smile everytime he's on screen..

  • Kim Vibæk
    Kim Vibæk

    Did Phil get a new hat for Christmas?

  • susan nicolai
    susan nicolai

    Thank you.

  • Steve S
    Steve S

    Curious as to what those coins where made of. Silver, likely?

  • Napoleon Hercules
    Napoleon Hercules

    Thank God i got an adblocker

  • Kristopher Small Sr.
    Kristopher Small Sr.

    The Original geek squad !

  • alex ramirez
    alex ramirez

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  • jody shepard
    jody shepard

    How many miles do John and his crew walk on any given three-day project? I'm starting to get very attached to the archaeologists! I see a new baby and would love to know how everyone is in 2021. Delightful experts. Thanks so much TT!

  • James Celliers
    James Celliers

    This is my favourite episode because the garden centre and stone masons they go to is literally around the corner from my house.

    • James Celliers
      James Celliers

      I saw them filming at the stone masons.

  • N. Orange
    N. Orange

    Hillary and Monica....where’s Bill?

  • Marcus Alford
    Marcus Alford

    Shout out to phil and his iron age coins 👏

  • Stephen Baginski
    Stephen Baginski

    phil and tony were much more interested in helens exposed trench even before geo fizz got back with the results of the data

  • julie finlayson
    julie finlayson

    Never have I seen anyone with Micks love of stripes! RIP Mick. RIP Victor. Such talent.

  • Drino Zhao
    Drino Zhao

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    Drino Zhao

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    jas bhanga;

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  • Sara Barnes
    Sara Barnes

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  • TrollmeisterGeneral

    At 24:15; Tony Robinson -"So this is before the Romans have arrived?" What an inane, stupid comment. He is looking at an Iron Age coin. Of course it was before the Romans arrived.

    • michael stamper
      michael stamper

      To a certain extent at least, that was Tony's role. He represented the viewer who knew nothing about archaeology, and deliberately asked the kind of questions that "a Beano reader" as he once described it would ask. So the experts didn't just spout jargon, but explained everything in ordinary English that everyone could follow without needing any specialist knowledge.

  • Lucis Ferre
    Lucis Ferre

    Excellent job making history with your unique coinage. Congratulations, Time Team!

  • Vi N
    Vi N

    A great series that might still be running today had they not tried to attract a younger audience by dumbing down and getting rid of several experts and bringing in 2 silly presenters, all without telling co creator Mick Aston. Mick left in disgust, the show never did get its younger viewers but alienated many of its existing ones, including myself.

  • Jokester He
    Jokester He

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  • Bessie Wells
    Bessie Wells

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  • Andy Martin
    Andy Martin


  • The Knave
    The Knave

    Mick Aston was only four years older than Phil. But, Phil always teasingly called Mick the 'old man'.

  • Phil Chen
    Phil Chen

    The adamant winter immunophenotypically lick because look experimentally include apropos a loving moustache. snotty, stupid improvement

  • Claudio Saltara
    Claudio Saltara

    Little finds a lots of talk.

  • Metal Detecting UK With Metal Detectives of Dorset
    Metal Detecting UK With Metal Detectives of Dorset

    Awsome tv program love timeteam ...we find roman coins in fields here ..and two silver durotregies tribe silver coins too makes you wonder what they were doing in the fields all those years ago! Thanks for shareing.

    • Tiger Lilly
      Tiger Lilly

      Probably dropping coins 😄

  • Nunya Bidness
    Nunya Bidness

    Hillary and Monica? LOL!

  • Clark Leopold
    Clark Leopold

    The free pentagon endogenously injure because quart consquentially imagine qua a unnatural sideboard. fat faulty, secretive jeep

  • Hunted

    Drinking game: Take a shot every time one of them says Geophysics/Geophys

    • crowned_cat

      @julie finlayson 😂😂😂

    • julie finlayson
      julie finlayson

      Good heavens, you'd be plastered by 15 minutes. Lumps and bumps is Tony's line.

    • crowned_cat

      And the phrase "tipping down rain" One of Tony's favorite phrases

  • Journal List
    Journal List

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    • Journal List
      Journal List

      @Dave Wayne democracy is evil is doomed

  • Dr Shyho
    Dr Shyho


  • Jean Martin
    Jean Martin


  • dave murphy
    dave murphy

    No place like Frome.

  • Jason 0
    Jason 0

    I can't get enough of Time Team it feels ageless.Thank you to all involved in the making of the original, and to those presenting this channel and its sister channel all these years later.

  • Jess Stuart
    Jess Stuart

    When was this originally aired?

    • si


  • Bill Cooper
    Bill Cooper

    Prove to me you're not stupid. Watch my video and rip it apart.

  • Stephen Baginski
    Stephen Baginski

    After Phil & Bridget had gone into Helen's trench the story had shifted

  • Phil Johnson
    Phil Johnson

    Few things are more comforting than Time Team. Makes everything feel ok.

    • Gwenhwyfar Tarot
      Gwenhwyfar Tarot

      Me too! Reminds me of my dad, we used to watch it. My morning coffee and Time Team 🌸

    • crowned_cat

      I agree. It's on in my headphones at work. They make more sense than my coworkers, for sure.

    • cncshrops

      Oh, yes. The worserer reality gets, the more I cling to comforting presentatations of the past.

    • Everett Keithcart
      Everett Keithcart

      Indeed. I find myself putting it on in the background when I'm not sure what else to watch / listen to. Good peeps.

  • The Flying Squirrel
    The Flying Squirrel

  • Jeff Burnham
    Jeff Burnham

    Those coins can't be from the iron age. The earliest forms of writing ever found in Britain date back to the times of the Roman Conquest, and not before. You wouldn't find coins with the letters "ED" on them in Iron Age.

    • Hogwash McTurnip
      Hogwash McTurnip

      You might like to recheck that one. Do you really think these experts got it wrong? But of course You know better! Lol Iron age 700BC -50AD So that would overlap early Romans. Plus there is a load of stuff online explaining why you Would find coins with letters on them in the Iron Age. Mostly because they have been found! But again You know better. Give it a go. then you might realise that you don't know better!

  • flyingfox

    you had me at "roman villa garden" my only goal now in life is to have a Hortis

  • John

    All that wonderful work by Victor Ambrus, and not one mention of him by name.

    • Napoleon Hercules
      Napoleon Hercules

      well, he was in every episode since day one. I think he made the show as much as Tony or Phil

  • Melicoy


  • Pablo Hawthorne
    Pablo Hawthorne

    Why is Tony so negative? He’s so impatient and expects results an hour after digging starts! This show would have continued for years to come with a more enthusiastic host. Just my opinion of course!

    • Hogwash McTurnip
      Hogwash McTurnip

      That was his role. He was supposed to represent the average viewer, knowing zilch but wanting instant answers. The show's decline had nothing to do with Tony! try looking into the politics and behind the scenes stuff.

  • Susan Robertson
    Susan Robertson

    Hilary and Monica?? Pretty tasteless to include them frankly.

  • tubularAp

    30:43 - Stuart has a doubt and a new thought ... in so many episodes this happens, great suspense.

  • Anthony Tindle
    Anthony Tindle

    I really enjoy the Time Team programme but looking back over its time I've come to the conclusion that with all the roman villas and dwellings that it has rediscovered the Romans with the number of people the had over here in the uk they had a mass exedus of people out of roman Italy into the UK, roman emperors didn't have any Romans in Italy to rule because they where all here building towns city etc with villas, Bath houses, and homes, I'm surprised we don't speak Italian.

    • Hogwash McTurnip
      Hogwash McTurnip

      The 'Romans' weren't actually Romans. They had a policy of forcing conquered peoples into their legions etc. But, and this is the clever bit, they did not leave them in their home country, they moved them hundreds of miles away. So they could not rebel and eventually became absorbed into the Roman system. The 'real' Romans were actually a very small elite, manipulating all those below them. Sound familiar?

    • George Dorn
      George Dorn

      It is very likely that the majority of people living the Roman lifestyle were not incomers but were the local ruling elites who adopted Roman ways. Once the Romans had arrived the choice was either fight and be destroyed or collaborate and maintain, or even enhance, their power, wealth and status as long as they followed orders. The ability to absorb and utilise existing power structures was a major part of why the Roman empire was so successful.

    • Lesley Hawes
      Lesley Hawes

      You have to take into account that the Romans didn't all come at once, they were here for hundreds of years. Plus they brought in troops from all over the empire, they didn't leave Rome entirely empty.

  • Old O'Murchu
    Old O'Murchu

    Or the location was used to learn about iron age Brits.

  • Christy Martinez
    Christy Martinez

    The squalid line consistently fade because day historically refuse until a earsplitting animal. snotty, decisive fall

  • Linda Heikel
    Linda Heikel

    I love your show hi from canada

  • Juliana Flowers
    Juliana Flowers

    Matt, with his fabulous wind-blown hair, digging in the dirt. Swoon :)

    • Katerina Kemp
      Katerina Kemp

      Lol whatever rocks your socks🤣

  • Julie Ball
    Julie Ball

    I loved Phil's excitement at the coin find 😄

  • RR Extra
    RR Extra


  • Graeme Brumfitt
    Graeme Brumfitt

    Nice find from Phil! TFS, G :)

  • therealjaxon

    Those pigs are the spitting images of their namesakes. Monica's face was a bit messy.

  • Dick McShan
    Dick McShan

    "...Hillary and Monica...", eh? That wouldn't have been reference to Mrs. Clinton and Ms. Lewinsky by any chance? ;) Cheer, Dick from Vancouver.

  • jeffrey bail
    jeffrey bail

    Hi guys these stone markings in rocks are imprints from deterirated items the rock has petrified or melted and fused these imprints. wtach the channel called: wise up. it makes so much more sense than the narrative we have been fed since schooliing.

  • qatsimo

    Phil must have some kind of sixth sense, he hardly can see the coins but he finds them all.

  • Chen Fawn Meng
    Chen Fawn Meng

    Great!More work for archaeologists means happier times.

  • Thomas Moeller
    Thomas Moeller

    Mick: what a nice person. So pleasant and loveably I wish more people would be like him. Including me !!!!

    • Sage Nicholas
      Sage Nicholas

      dunno if anyone gives a shit but yesterday I hacked my friends Instagram account using InstaPortal. You can find it by Googling for InstaPortal account hacker if you wanna try it yourself

  • M Thiede
    M Thiede

    Nicely done, time team

  • Steve darcy
    Steve darcy

    Bloody awesome video.

  • jim connell
    jim connell


  • James Lawrence
    James Lawrence

    Time Team and Somerset are a match made in heaven

  • A. Westenholz
    A. Westenholz

    Great episode as always, but I do agree with Stewart that there was something iffy about that gatehouse. While I appreciate that it wasn't the main focus of the team and the goal for the dig that they set themselves, I do wish that the structure itself had been redug, considering all the questions raised and that it was this zonking massive structure in the middle of the site, to take a second look at it.

  • John Grytbakk
    John Grytbakk

    Amazing finds of those ancient coins. Love the pre-Roman era. Would be amazing to travel back in time and look at the tribes as they lived their lives.

  • Steven Jones
    Steven Jones

    I aways wonder if the team were put out by stuart just destroying their beautiful theorys. Hahaha. Best program to come out of Britain up there with Attenborough...

  • Mr100741


    • Mel B
      Mel B

      England is proverbial for it's mild weather with occasional heatwaves. Scotland is proverbial for it's wet and cool weather - the equivalent of pnw USA. A "heat wave" is anything above 30 C for England. Further to this, above 25 C already feels very warm to hot because of England's high humidity levels.

    • Mel B
      Mel B

      @Julia JS England is proverbial for it's mild weather with occasional heatwaves. Scotland is proverbial for it's wet and cool weather - the equivalent of pnw USA . A "heat wave" is anything above 30 C for England. Further to this, above 25 C already feels very warm to hot because of England's high humidity levels.

    • Mel B
      Mel B

      Well, depending on which part, that's because it does NOT rain that much in England. Areas like the south and east are actually rather dry, and prone to semi-arid conditions with not much rainfall whatsoever. Take note of the 'it seems like almost every episode' part of your comment, which actually isn't accurate as most episodes it's usually mostly dry. Although again, to stress this point that the episodes in any series would have been filmed across all seasons of the year, including winter, before editing and broadcast in the following year.

    • Julia JS
      Julia JS

      England is proverbial for its wet and cool weather. A "heat wave" is anything above 25°C.

  • Skuzzy

    Dont think id ever go to sleep without timeteam on thanks for the uploads guys

  • Mark Warchus
    Mark Warchus

    Really do miss Mick Aston.

  • Randy Pischel
    Randy Pischel

    At 35:34 - What is that giant horse on the hill?

    • Wayne Clayton
      Wayne Clayton

      Just looked it up. It's the Westbury White Horse in Wiltshire.

  • Han Lyu
    Han Lyu

    Sign up for their patreon ya wanks!

  • PtolemyJones

    Gator is such a useless, arrogant bell-end.

  • Maxsdad 53
    Maxsdad 53

    You can't look at any of the drawings without thinking about Victor Ambrus... rest in peace. 😢

    • tommy fred
      tommy fred

      he was a very good artist. its a shame he is gone. but we do still have his work.

  • Chris Buchaniec
    Chris Buchaniec

    At the beginning I expected him to say like in the Python Holiday sketch: "and their bottles of Watneys Red Barrel " lol

  • Robert Billings
    Robert Billings

    Why can't we have a show like this in the US?

    • Kathryn McBeath
      Kathryn McBeath

      @Roger Hearn I don't know if you're ignorant or plain stupid, but the Americas have plenty of archaeology. Human settlement going back tens of thousands of years. Seems a lot like you're disregarding anything before the Europeans settled there.

    • wolfnipplechips

      @Sam N. Sorry Sam, just read your comment. Agreed - as someone in the UK, I find some of those areas of the US far more enticing than an Iron Age smudge on the ground, as is often the case with Time Team. Although those coins were impressive! I would love to visit the US one day!

    • wolfnipplechips

      @Roger Hearn , I would love to have seen Time Team visit the Arizona/New Mexico/Colorado border. Slightly white-centric view of history there, Roger? Ever heard of Mesa Verde? It puts some of the UK's dark age/early medieval archeology to shame. As does most of the Chaco park area. Plenty of other sites going back thousands of years too.

    • Sam N.
      Sam N.

      @Roger Hearn Given I have personally visited a dig with 3000 year old archaeology, I think maybe you need to reevaluate your ideas of "history worth digging." Maybe our ancient archaeology isn't Roman, but we have our share of stone, timber, and brick buildings; mounds, stone tools, pottery, trade networks, even manmade canals. The site I got to visit was one of those "we are gonna build a road, gotta do the archaeology stuff first" sites and they found an irrigated field watered by canals from the river (which was a viable river then but is now only seasonal). There was evidence of clay plugs used to change where in the field the water went, specific planting mounds/holes within irrigated squares (if you have ever grown squash you know why they had little mounds). Best of all, there were footprints preserved in the muddy field of two adults (seemingly a man and a woman) a toddler, and some manner of canine (whether a coyote or a domesticated canine is uncertain, but either way it probably dealt with rabbits). I have been on many archaeology-related field trips in school, and this random dig was the one that excited me the most, even though some (like Casa Grande National Monument) are far more impressive in scale and fame. Though Casa Grande is very much worth looking up, as are the cliff dwellings in Arizona/Colorado/New Mexico like Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde. I have also been to a Spanish mission (San Xavier del Bac) which was founded in 1692, and the current building was completed in 1797. Not super old in European terms, but the oldest intact European structure in the state, and it is still in active use as a church (and as a historical site, of course). I could be at most of the sites I have listed by lunchtime if I left after breakfast (some I could be there before I finished breakfast), and the furthest are a 4-6 hour trip, which is a day trip if I leave early enough.

    • Roger Hearn
      Roger Hearn

      What history do you have worth digging up,? I mean your not likely To be able to unearth a Roman period, or life a thousands of years ago are you,?? I mean we have (still working I might ad) village clocks older than your 400 year old history

  • Moe Horowitz World
    Moe Horowitz World


  • markspc1

    Bad English at 0:11 "43 A.D." "B.C." stands for the English phrase "before Christ," but "A.D." stands confusingly for a Latin phrase: anno domini ("in the year of the Lord"-the year Jesus was born).

    • Hogwash McTurnip
      Hogwash McTurnip

      @markspc1 Actors?? These people are renowned professors and respected in their fields! And I don't mean the ones they dig in. I think if anyone does not know what they are talking about you need to look in the mirror for that one. 'Homeless looking guy' Give us a break! Do you even have a clue what you watched? I think scumbaguk has explained why you are a total dork by explaining AD and BC for you. Most of learn this in junior school. Maybe You weren't paying attention?

    • markspc1

      @scumbaguk You are right :)

    • scumbaguk

      @markspc1 Erm. I think you might want to look that up. BC counts backwards. AD counts forwards. 100bc = -100ad. 1st century BC is -1AD to -100AD so at the extremes that’s 120 years before than 20AD. Clearly not “the same”.

    • markspc1

      @Maxsdad 53 You are not confused because you are not paying attention: at 33:29 the man wearing blue jacket said "10 20 A. D." and the homeless looking guy wearing white shirt said "first century B. C." As I explained above B.C. and A.D. are the same, so you and all these actors don't know what they are talking about either.

    • Maxsdad 53
      Maxsdad 53

      None of us are confused, Slick.

  • azureprophet

    This is so awesome.

  • Jill Berry
    Jill Berry

    Was wondering why Phil looked different, then I realised he is wearing a new hat, lol.

  • Keith Staton
    Keith Staton

    Hello from America. Somerset County in Maryland, USA is as low and marshy as this area seems to be. Jumping ditches is good sport. Be safe y'all.

    • Metal Detecting UK With Metal Detectives of Dorset
      Metal Detecting UK With Metal Detectives of Dorset

      @mer8771 Hello when we were kids here in England we used to go brook jumping ..which you guys call a creek was allways fun and many times one of us would fall in and get wellies full of water ..!

    • wolfnipplechips

      It wouldn't surprise me if it took that name because it was low and marshy - and Somerset (UK) was it's namesake. Central Somerset in the UK was pretty much constantly flooded marshland up until relatively recently.

    • mer8771

      I live in the "deep south USA" swamps as well, I can confirm and do profess that you Sir are correct that ditch hopping is fun. I do prefer to use my Jeep for such activities these days.

  • Adrian Rouse
    Adrian Rouse

    Yes victor was great. Quite. Modest. Clever. And so patient when he had to change his drawings. Thanks victor

    • Michael S
      Michael S

      I hope they gave him a heads up before putting him on camera.

    • Adrian Rouse
      Adrian Rouse

      @lavillablanca yes . Thanks I knew victor had passed away. It's such a shame the team is getting old. They leave such big shoes to fill

    • lavillablanca

      You may already know: Victor passed a couple of weeks ago.

  • Sofie Sunde
    Sofie Sunde

    Mapnerd here: I always try to locate the digsite on Google maps and tried to find Blacklands in Somerset. There are two, but both are far away from Bath. I couldn't search for Roman villa in the area either. Can someone please help me locate this one?

    • Sanction H
      Sanction H

      @Keith Staton Much the same here. Ancestor left England late 1620's to early 1630's as an indentured servant.

    • jppagetoo

      LOL. I thought I was the only one who did that! I usually find the exact spot on google earth. It's part of what I enjoy about the show.

    • Keith Staton
      Keith Staton

      I do that too. It shows a lot and is a nice challenge never having been to the UK. My Ancestors probly left Bristol as indentured servants in the 1630s

    • Sofie Sunde
      Sofie Sunde

      @anna zaman Thanks

    • anna zaman
      anna zaman

      The field is here: 51°17'07.5"N 2° 20' 10.5W

  • S.O.S. Exploration
    S.O.S. Exploration

    It would be quite a good idea 2 send out the geophysicists to do a lay of the land the day b4 when permitted so they have a chance to have more than a few minutes to assess the area which should help give u a better possibility to make those 3 locations a chance at a better find. Your technically not starting because nothing is being penetrated. Only scanned. 🤔

  • GordonjSmith1

    Excellent episode.

  • Manny Calavera
    Manny Calavera

    This was brilliant!

  • Tina Corford
    Tina Corford

    Goolge Maps location is here:,-2.336733,571a,35y,2.49h/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x48722a54d09a02e5:0x4e5663840e5c7720!8m2!3d51.2824038!4d-2.3387866!5m1!1e1?hl=en

  • Julia Stephenson
    Julia Stephenson

    Phil's coins, how amazing 😀

  • Peter Knowles
    Peter Knowles

    A great episode and so good to see Mark Corney again

  • Jim Campbell
    Jim Campbell


  • Tina Harrison
    Tina Harrison

    Well done Phil WOW

  • kjbirby

    3.13 - "The British summer doesn't hold for long . . ." They are in Bath, so he should say "The English summer . . ."

    • Andy H
      Andy H

      @Andrew Shaw112 sshhhhhh

    • OG geezer
      OG geezer

      Well it's a figure of speech / turn of phrase regardless. Owing to the fact that it almost certainly was filmed in one of the shoulder seasons either side of winter.

    • Andrew Shaw112
      Andrew Shaw112

      @Andy H still is

    • Andy H
      Andy H

      @Adrian Wynne-Morgan It was in Europe not too long ago and look what happened

    • Adrian Wynne-Morgan
      Adrian Wynne-Morgan

      England was in Britain the last time I looked.

  • Dallas Johnson
    Dallas Johnson

    R.I.P Victor :( he could always bring the past to life again. Pure talent.

    • Dallas Johnson
      Dallas Johnson

      Time Team channel just a tribute for Victor a couple days ago. But you're welcome. And they are 3 of my favorites to including Tony and Stewart and Jon Gator.

    • mer8771

      Damn! Sad I found this out from you. I live in the USA so it was not news here. Thank you for spreading the word, I'm grateful to you for letting me know. Mick, Victor, and Phil have always been my favorite on the show. We lost Mick some 8 years ago so the team will be gone forever at some point and that makes me sad. Really great people, so much knowledge lost.

  • Kim Jameson
    Kim Jameson

    Is it coincidence that the pigs are named "Hillary" and "Monica?" Where have I heard those two names used in the same sentence before? Hmm...

    • Shawn Sisler
      Shawn Sisler

      @Debra VanAusdale Yes... 1000 times yes. Why no one seems to get this is beyond me. She literally said to multiple friends that she was going to "have' him...and she did.

    • Debra VanAusdale
      Debra VanAusdale

      @Keith Staton Monica was and remains a grown woman who can expect to be treated as such. She knew what she was doing, and did it to aggrandize herself.

    • Keith Staton
      Keith Staton

      Monica was set up and Hillary had been called the most cheated on woman in the world.

    • heith Doty
      heith Doty

      @Jacky Ryan 🤭🤭😁😁😁

    • Kim Jameson
      Kim Jameson

      @Jacky Ryan If so, I applaud his sense of humor.

  • Frank Lowe
    Frank Lowe

    This was a very nice dig Thank you.

  • Sonia Hamilton
    Sonia Hamilton

    This was a fabulous episode. What a fantastic find for Phil!! That pre-Roman coin from the Dubbuni tribe!! So exciting.

    • David Evans
      David Evans

      ..great to see phil so happy and excited 🙂

  • Range Patriot
    Range Patriot

    More please. 😁

  • Range Patriot
    Range Patriot

    Is it just me, or did I hear the opening instrumentals for startrek tng? Around 1:30 into the video. Lol