Godzilla vs. Kong - Official Trailer- REACTION and REVIEW!!! | MackeyFam
Godzilla vs. Kong - Official Trailer- REACTION and REVIEW!!! | MackeyFam
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  • MackeyFam Reacts
    MackeyFam Reacts

    Crew!!! We finally got a new trailer! Godzilla vs. Kong, what are you guys thinking?!

    • Yazmin Zaragoza
      Yazmin Zaragoza

      I just watched it I loved it

    • Iron Spider
      Iron Spider

      @Danny O'Hare I have Godzilla bs king I am going the movie

    • Super Yoshi Crew 2
      Super Yoshi Crew 2

      @Jimmy Carter mechagodzilla is in the first few seconds of the trailer soooooooo...

    • some Nederlands and en engels
      some Nederlands and en engels

      Team godzilla klonk nice

    • Joey Eliseo
      Joey Eliseo

      @Muriel Munzer Trying it out right now. Seems promising.

  • Jose Salas
    Jose Salas

    I've already watched this Godzilla won by the way

  • Jose Salas
    Jose Salas

    Team Godzilla won

  • Iron Spider
    Iron Spider

    And Godzilla vs kong

  • Iron Spider
    Iron Spider

    I have Godzilla vs rodan

  • Iron Spider
    Iron Spider

    Oooooo I like it I love it🥰🥰🥰 I love kong vs Godzilla

  • iskender Çoban
    iskender Çoban

    all day ender all day oh yeah 😂😂😂

  • Lara Wessel
    Lara Wessel

    IM on team both

  • Amer Sam
    Amer Sam

    Your girl son looke like joey king .old girl son

  • hatem galal
    hatem galal


  • マツイショウコ

    Godzilla won yay haha

  • Franklin Clinton
    Franklin Clinton

    6:52 🙂👍

  • li shixin
    li shixin

    King Kong needs to win in this movie because if Godzilla wins then it will be only Godzilla and no one can help

  • Sase Chandrika
    Sase Chandrika

    God's win

  • Ja3n Namdev
    Ja3n Namdev

    In movie Kong beaten is Ass off

  • Chuck Johnson
    Chuck Johnson

    I wanted Godzilla to win

  • Anthony Gonzalez
    Anthony Gonzalez

    Godzilla vs. Kong the bast movie

  • Anthony Gonzalez
    Anthony Gonzalez

    Team Godzilla

  • Anthony Gonzalez
    Anthony Gonzalez

    Team Godzilla

  • jackson Robert scott FANS
    jackson Robert scott FANS


  • Ghost Rider
    Ghost Rider

    Godzilla wins the movie was so good there’s even a mechagodzilla

  • Nairi gacha
    Nairi gacha

    Personally I want Godzilla to won because I like his movies more than kings movies

  • vanesa alejandra guerra
    vanesa alejandra guerra

    Gojira winer

  • Arely Murillo
    Arely Murillo

    No le entendí ni mergas no hablo ingles

  • Ryker Hamilton
    Ryker Hamilton

    Actually one Kong wait I’m gonna go to a put go to yank on contest him saved him and when you go to later in a beat up not doing almost say I’ve come destroys mega God

  • Ryker Hamilton
    Ryker Hamilton

    Godzilla is bigger than Kong

  • Ryker Hamilton
    Ryker Hamilton

    I want him go to UZload

  • MrBig s
    MrBig s

    I enjoyed this a lot. Watching a computer game .. “street fighter or mortal kombat “Round one FIGHT” “Round 2 FIGHT” Kong is “K.O”. GODZILLA WINS. Overall 9/10. It would have been 10/10 IF THEY REMOVED STUPID UNWANTED SCREAMS OF GODZILLA and Kong. My ears 👂 nearly popped. Other than that the best Godzilla movie 🍿 watch .. Godzilla still the king. !

  • Zach Aventures Plays Fortnite
    Zach Aventures Plays Fortnite


  • Jeff Ekisde
    Jeff Ekisde

    Estoy ancioso para ver la reacción de cuando ya estaban viendo la pelicula!

  • Anthony Mohr
    Anthony Mohr

    It's good you will like it I think it would be even better in bluray 3d

  • Veronica Pastrano
    Veronica Pastrano

    Godzilla is hurting people because he's trying to destroy Apex because they're making a mega Godzilla so he can stop what's coming

  • Veronica Pastrano
    Veronica Pastrano

    So I technically nobody won but I think Godzilla won because he made King Kong King Kong didn't try to fight back

  • Veronica Pastrano
    Veronica Pastrano

    And technically King Kong lost a fight but they kind of stopped their ancient rivalry and Godzilla swims off in the ocean

  • Veronica Pastrano
    Veronica Pastrano

    How they're controlling it they're using a mega Ghidorah school and there's a guy that he's inside of it and he controls the mega Godzilla

  • Veronica Pastrano
    Veronica Pastrano

    Apex has skull crawler eggs

  • Veronica Pastrano
    Veronica Pastrano

    Godzilla almost kills King Kong by just scratching on his chest and when God's King Kong went to go hit Godzilla in the head with the battle ax he almost destroyed the battle ax and everything exploded and they both flew back and none of them died only mega Godzilla died when they teamed up with each other

  • Veronica Pastrano
    Veronica Pastrano

    King Kong almost drowns and then Godzilla thinks he wins but then he once he gets to Hong Kong he sees that he didn't win

  • Veronica Pastrano
    Veronica Pastrano

    They have to have King Kong go to the center of the Earth and that's how they get their battle ax hollow Earth and then they see a bunch of weird creatures and then Godzilla shows up to Hong Kong and blasts a laser beam through the whole freaking ground and he make he gets to the hollow Earth

  • Veronica Pastrano
    Veronica Pastrano

    They fought mega Godzilla and killed mega Godzilla together Godzilla use his laser beam to light up King Kong's battle ax

  • Veronica Pastrano
    Veronica Pastrano

    Godzilla and King Kong never died

  • Mathy Don
    Mathy Don

    wow, the kid seems really troubled that Godzilla might be bad! haha! I just finished watching it on HBOmax and was curious to see what people were thinking about it

  • Isaias Chavarria
    Isaias Chavarria

    Kong team

  • Teli Teli
    Teli Teli

    Please react baaghi 1,2,3 & commando 1,2,3 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Madison Whitledge
    Madison Whitledge



    I'm speak portuguese

  • meow meowplayz1
    meow meowplayz1

    Im in kongs team its so cool it costs tho i haven't watched it yet

  • Bushcraft And Astronomer.
    Bushcraft And Astronomer.

    They will probably team up eventually in movie! How can kong be as big as Godzilla? Kong is meant to be smaller than Godzilla. Last 2 Godzilla movies were good but you never saw him in day time. It was always dark. Hopefully it'll be great!

  • JoJo0505 x
    JoJo0505 x

    Godzilla is probably hurting people because he’s the king of the monsters and he feels too powerful?

  • parveenpathan 1234
    parveenpathan 1234

    who likes godzilla

  • Вячеслав Стельмашок
    Вячеслав Стельмашок

    Я один тут руский

  • Fleegle the Beagle
    Fleegle the Beagle

    Did u put the volume up loud cause those movies are good when the volumes up and it will feel like your there

  • Cool Pops
    Cool Pops



    Hi there, I'm from the UK. I recently came across your channel loving your reaction videos and positive vibes. Please could you react to "Five Star-Can't wait another minute" they were a British family group who were dubbed the British Jacksons, hugely popular and successful. They were Grammy nominated and were the first black/youngest group to win a brit award and top the UK album chart.

  • Gavin Garbovits
    Gavin Garbovits

    Godzilla and King Kong teamed up on mega Godzilla

  • Gavin Garbovits
    Gavin Garbovits

    They both won

  • Ancient Aliens
    Ancient Aliens

    Kong Kong 💪👽

  • Luiz Adolfo Chura Perez
    Luiz Adolfo Chura Perez

    Y los niños ni se inmutan!!

  • Arsenio Segovia
    Arsenio Segovia

    So you are using the avengers to simulate godzilla vs kong GREAT LOGIC!

  • Arfin Khan o.01
    Arfin Khan o.01

    This movie earned 130million already..!





  • Dario Duarte
    Dario Duarte

    Team Godzilla all the way win or lose

  • Jan Miller
    Jan Miller

    I know I Godzilla is pissed, it took a year to get the freaking trailer

    • Jan Miller
      Jan Miller

      Godzilla still has storm trooper aim

  • Ilyaas Hanif
    Ilyaas Hanif


  • Timothy Aaron
    Timothy Aaron

    Kong every day all day



  • Jailson Geraldelli
    Jailson Geraldelli



    is it just me or is kongs ax made of one of Godzilla's dorsal plates

  • wolf nateweyes
    wolf nateweyes

    Yes!!! yes!! yes!! 2 more days until Godzilla vs Kong!!!!!!

  • Docheadshot Team
    Docheadshot Team

    We already watch n yes ik why you are team Godzilla because he....😏 n king kong 😅

  • Lalchungnunga Khiangte
    Lalchungnunga Khiangte

    monke :b

  • brian thompson
    brian thompson


    • Ήøภey ßøy • 14 years ago
      Ήøภey ßøy • 14 years ago

      Finally today released in india

  • Caterina Brown
    Caterina Brown

    They are going to team up on mecha godzilla

  • Angel Uriel Garcia Dominguez
    Angel Uriel Garcia Dominguez


  • Dario Duarte
    Dario Duarte



    But... reaction all tv spots


    I am team kong

  • Brad Young
    Brad Young


  • Roman Tyrell
    Roman Tyrell


  • Gary hewhowalklikeagod Green
    Gary hewhowalklikeagod Green

    Crazy Godzilla been around for 70 years kong around here and there. Godzilla has over 36 movies.kong has 9 or 8 movies stop it you ain't no Monsters fan

  • Hash Slinging Slasher
    Hash Slinging Slasher

    I say Godzilla

  • troy crowe
    troy crowe

    I love kong skull island. I hope your family is doing good. Team king kong

  • Godzilla king of the monsters
    Godzilla king of the monsters

    I’m not the bad guy I just feel that Monster Zero is still here if you look really close at the beginning of the trailer you see Mecha Godzilla

  • Venkatesh Balivada
    Venkatesh Balivada


  • anthony wright
    anthony wright

    what a good family

  • Francesco Macchi
    Francesco Macchi

    You are so great guys, I love your videos and your family, you are so cool, I can't wait to see Godzilla Vs. Kong, 'cause I'm a huge fan of Godzilla since I was 6 years old and my heart and my brain, after I've seen this trailer are explodes xD. I really hope you'll always be safe and that this damn virus can be stopped and destroyed. Greetings from Italy!

  • General Kenobi
    General Kenobi

    Team Godzilla

  • Dsss GAMING
    Dsss GAMING

    team godzila

  • Godzilla141

    Godzilla was a bad guy in the first movie

  • Daniel Rosales
    Daniel Rosales

    Team kong for life

    • Juan Arceo
      Juan Arceo

      For the monkes

  • Jose Barros
    Jose Barros

    Team kong!!!° top!!

    • Juan Arceo
      Juan Arceo

      For the monkes

  • Ulissa Music
    Ulissa Music

    Godzilla is no a bad guy because Godzilla and king Kong are gonna team up with magagodzilla

  • Amz_Daredevil

    Here, cmone sound like King Kong

  • Harris Miller
    Harris Miller

    Camera angle remainds a lot of Pacific Rim

  • Gamer Guy
    Gamer Guy

    After watching this trailer I am so willing to see transformers vs Pacific rim

  • Gamer Guy
    Gamer Guy

    I am team kong but after seeing many hero vs hero movies like bvs, civil war and others I know they will team up fight a bigger monster

  • Cris Reyes
    Cris Reyes

    Team godzilla

  • edwin francisco
    edwin francisco

    React to trailer 3

  • Juana Barranco
    Juana Barranco

    Godzilla: giant lizard with radioactive beam King Kong: giant gorilla with amazon stormbreaker