Jaden Smith Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex
Jaden Smith goes Sneaker Shopping at SoleStage in Los Angeles and talks about his collaboration with New Balance, creating his own sneakers, and giving footwear to homeless people on Skid Row.
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To purchase the hoodie Jaden is wearing and help support 501CTHREE, click here: www.501cthree.org/product/but-this-carbon-negative-hoodie-give-people-safe-water
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      Tyler and travis

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  • Sey Shin
    Sey Shin

    Jaden is awesome

  • Jackson Smith
    Jackson Smith

    Wanna get shoes to people who need them? Go out and buy $20 shoes and hand them out to thousands of people, instead of buying $100+ name brand sneakers and giving them to hundreds of people. That, is truly helping people out. This is just helping people get better shoes. So technically it just depends on what your goal was. If it was to get more shoes on more feet, you failed. But, if it was to get nicer shoes on some feet, then you succeeded. Lol. Its true tho. I dont think homeless people are going to complain about a brand new pair of $20 unbranded sneakers when they were previously wearing old wore out shoes that could talk to them because they were falling apart. Helping people get nicer shoes is indeed a good thing too tho. Still a good gesture.....I just think cheaper shoes on more feet that need them, would have been a better one. But still, you're doing more than I am, so I dont really have any room to talk, I'm just stating my opinion :P And don't give me the whole: "cheaper shoes don't last as long," because I got a few pairs of cheap shoes that would beg to differ, that lasted me for years!! Named brand may be a little bit better. But that like saying how named brand food is a "little bit better" than non name brand food. Yes thats true, but that doesn't mean the other one is good too.

  • Gabbar Shah
    Gabbar Shah

    Will Smith raised his son well.

  • Jelisa Miller
    Jelisa Miller

    That’s what’s up go jaden 👏🏾💪🏾🙏🏾

  • Deniz GUNGOR
    Deniz GUNGOR

    Is that Collin Sexton

  • Mannan believer
    Mannan believer

    My style icon is Justin bieber

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    Максим Шпедт

    Какой же Джейден лютый! 💔

  • Yrneh Henry
    Yrneh Henry

    God bless him.


    1:28 I can't lie those are the ugliest shoes I ever seen 🤮

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    Adam Mokdad

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  • Yahya Bensouda
    Yahya Bensouda

    Man, how come Fred Durst still haven't made it to Sneaker Shopping?!

  • Vaar• Gat}
    Vaar• Gat}

    shorts are so deam good i want it🤨😎🤔😌

  • Halo Doei
    Halo Doei

    Fake Gay rapper

  • Carlos Moisés
    Carlos Moisés

    Change the word

  • Carlos Moisés
    Carlos Moisés


  • 77Brainfreeze

    Vision racers look like they put a sneaker in a life raft. I just can't get away from that image.

  • Cedric P
    Cedric P

    Wow, didn't even mention the price for all those shoes. Mad respect bro!

  • Badge 99
    Badge 99

    If he buy from a small and cheap shop there will not posted on media so he came in an expensive shop for the homeless man for shoes crazy bro.

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    Ke Hu


  • KOMO

    top tear acting

  • Michael.

    Can we get money man on the show ?

  • ejissajk

    Kids this day look fragile

  • Hey Che
    Hey Che

    I love you Jaden; watched you grow up. People are jerks so judgemental. I wonder what you would say if you and your parents grew up in the spot light being criticized for every little mistake how would you feel. Way to shake off the haters. Keep moving forward!

  • leishimi ngangbam
    leishimi ngangbam

    I think he hasn't hit puberty

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    Chris Kat


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    michael m tubmam

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  • jwalkhc

    who dislikes this?

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    Kelly Kent


  • Maurice Fuller
    Maurice Fuller

    I really look up to Jaden he is a great inspiration to me

  • The Lone Wolf Hunter
    The Lone Wolf Hunter

    I would love to be in an episode on sneaker shopping. What do you have to do?

  • miguelp1993

    9:08 the host looks salty that jaden ain’t going to buy any shoes for himself

  • HaVe_SunQ

    This dude instantly earned huge amount of respect when he donated that amount of sneakers. The world needs more ppl like him. True icon living

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    :[ he is so humble

  • frankie santana
    frankie santana

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  • malo chipoperwa
    malo chipoperwa

    gotta respect the social distancing

  • OOF Fibonacci
    OOF Fibonacci

    Jaden is amazing man major props for the youngin

  • Kuro -Desu
    Kuro -Desu

    I'm gonna be honest, I'm a little bit disappointed because he didn't follow Jackie's advice and stop persuading to learn more about Kung Fu that might help him in making action films. But, I'm glad that his heart didn't changed despite having tons of money in such a young age and have a heart big enough to care enough to give homeless people new shoes, water, etc and doing charities as well. We should not judge people by their looks but by their hearts. I hope there's more people like Jaden Smith, who follows what their passion, never forget to be humble, and always help others if you can.

  • Paulo Paulo
    Paulo Paulo

    Se compro puras weas

  • Peaches Johnson
    Peaches Johnson

    Charities are they really real if there was I don't think we would have homeless people starving and dying on the streets they ask for donations to give for Charities but reality is it to scam they're stealing people's money and put it in their pockets

  • Peaches Johnson
    Peaches Johnson

    I know the truth that money is not going back in the community its going your pocket all that donation stuff is all a scam and if any of it was true we wouldn't have homeless people starving and dying on the street

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader

    These guys are promoting New Balance, How are you all not getting this ?!

  • Sterling Malory Archer
    Sterling Malory Archer

    It's lit.

  • Andrian Cudlea
    Andrian Cudlea

    Romans 10: 9 [9] If thou therefore confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved

  • Thando Seonyane
    Thando Seonyane

    Jaden is the real king The girl in the picture is my celebrity crush zendaya

  • Louis A. McCaII II
    Louis A. McCaII II

    No one with feet has ever cared what this kid has on his.

  • Real_Boxing_Stories

    Didn't want to watch this, thought it would be a rich kid giving it the large slice.....how wrong I was. Fucking sound dude.

  • A Wrecked Isle Dysfunction
    A Wrecked Isle Dysfunction

    Srsly though, does he also still practice karate on his free time?

  • Gtn72khuptong Khuptong
    Gtn72khuptong Khuptong

    U don't give Jaden time to look shoes😮😆😆

  • Michael Costa
    Michael Costa

    Really cool

  • slobmobb

    Get westside gunn on the show

  • Zahit Donmez
    Zahit Donmez

    Jaden probably the best, well behaved kid among all other celebrity kids

  • Pablo Riland
    Pablo Riland


  • Obyson

    and i even drew ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  • Christian ZG
    Christian ZG

    ¿Alguien habla español aqui?😓

  • AfgOmar 619
    AfgOmar 619

    Dang i used to hate on Jaden, but he is a real geniune good dude. Respect.

  • Jozi Rhino
    Jozi Rhino

    Never liked Jaden till now, his really grown and has a good head on his shoulders. Keep it up

  • Anthony Lentini
    Anthony Lentini

    Super cool guy

  • Bless Me
    Bless Me

    каратэ пацан выбирает себе новенькие чиривички

  • Estevan Pulido
    Estevan Pulido

    Jaden a GOAT🐐 for real for real my guy is humble and is one down to earth dude🙏🏽✌🏽

  • Izak Nepo
    Izak Nepo

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  • Darian Költzer
    Darian Költzer

    not hating on them kid but that shoe is wack

  • Dr. D. GI
    Dr. D. GI

    Thought he was a stupid attention seeker from all those interviews of him growing up in the public eye, but now he looks like a smart, motivated young man with a good set of goals. Respect

  • Dwaipayan Datta Roy
    Dwaipayan Datta Roy

    Agey deki, barir dosh ki nah, tar por toh, BABA MAA onnaye korley ami same as for me, naye k oh jhukea dih ,na korley bhalo ami eh justice GOD OF GODS, but ami toh jhuki naa, that was my inability for the moment, but that too me the rod !

  • Dianne Mason
    Dianne Mason

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  • erick otieri
    erick otieri

    Why joe la Puma wear Nike at times?

  • Hanhan Radiana Kurniawan
    Hanhan Radiana Kurniawan

    Jaden rocks

  • Sanba

    Jaden is so awesome men

  • La_chica Prima_Donna
    La_chica Prima_Donna

    I can say he has done the best complex so far!!!! Salute young King 🤴🏽

  • La_chica Prima_Donna
    La_chica Prima_Donna

    He is very articulate.

  • Melissa Thomas
    Melissa Thomas

    I LOVE THE SMITH KIDS!! I LOVE THEM!!! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH, GOD BLESS THEM! Jaden is an icon. He bought 300 pairs of shoes and donated to people who need them. Other celebrities bought a few just to brag on how much they spent on shoes. How to identify a real one: When they get the bill. They don't hesitate, blink an eye, make a comment, or ask questions. They just do it, because they can. The moment you see that...you gotta real one next to you. Thats what I call, A Keeper. 😘

  • Christian Hirwa
    Christian Hirwa

    Damn this guy jaden is smart

  • Hygor Gamer over
    Hygor Gamer over


  • Jay Cox
    Jay Cox

    this episode sucks

  • Mike 82
    Mike 82

    This is the best episode great to see that there are people out there who care and to have a celebrity who seems to care so much about less fortunate people and trying making a difference in the world respect

  • チャン

    they aren't wearing masks so i 👎

  • Taco Face
    Taco Face

    Jaden has that corona hair

  • unkev

    Remember when we use to make of him for the tweets and wearing the batman suit/skirt. We've came a long way I love it

  • Nafis M
    Nafis M

    Jaden = G.O.A.T

  • Chelsea Playz Robloxxx
    Chelsea Playz Robloxxx

    Wanna buy some sneakers? Step one: have the money to afford it

  • Edmilson Santana
    Edmilson Santana

    Jaden is very simple

  • Collin

    Will Smith is such an OG

  • Jose Aviles
    Jose Aviles

    Jaden was raised right!😌

  • paul junior
    paul junior


  • Kelly Kim
    Kelly Kim

    So much talk about his parents but I’ve always liked Will Smith and Jaden is so humble and kind

  • Karlmeister Babasoro!
    Karlmeister Babasoro!

    Jaden smith is The live action miles Morales

  • Sharif Saeed
    Sharif Saeed

    Hey friend

  • Lovejoy Santina
    Lovejoy Santina

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  • Alexander Watkins
    Alexander Watkins

    Absolute legend.

  • Brandon Roberts
    Brandon Roberts


  • aay


  • Carl Li Chang
    Carl Li Chang

    I'm glad that his hair is not Gold anymore 🙂

  • Jeymale Toledo
    Jeymale Toledo

    dude jaden is the real deal for him this is a small help but for the people that he help this means a lot to them GOD bless you jaden your dad raise a man with a heart

  • Alyssa Robinson
    Alyssa Robinson

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  • Joshua Graciano
    Joshua Graciano

    Bro this whole beginning of the video I had my eyes on the bape dreamville’s👀 I wanna cop that shoe one day