Famous Dex Hottest Upcoming Rapper From Chicago Interrupts Rich The Kid Interview
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  • Durtty Daily
    Durtty Daily

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  • Right Througghentt
    Right Througghentt

    Vybez kartel

  • Knick Affairs
    Knick Affairs

    Damn look how happy Dex was you can see it all in his energy


    Idk why dex give me mater from cars or ed off ed edd eddy vibes🤣 🤣🤣

  • Blayyze Inferno
    Blayyze Inferno

    Eeeyea... Dat Way!!

  • Njivice Njivice
    Njivice Njivice

    Back then when he could actually talk

    • Jarius Thomas
      Jarius Thomas


    • Tm King
      Tm King

      @ArixSage his voice been raspy but the drugs fked it up even more

    • ArixSage

      Now his voice sounds raspy as hell and he mumbles a lot

  • RemaS Beats
    RemaS Beats

    Man i miss this dex,all this shit he been trough and all of this i can't stand it anymore bro it is very sad for real🥺

    • datboi Is lookin
      datboi Is lookin

      Fax bro you could tell he was happy asf, just watching this interview made me genuinely smile for the first time in awhile

    • TannerPlaysinHD

      We have to help him

  • souleymane SIDIBE
    souleymane SIDIBE


  • souleymane SIDIBE
    souleymane SIDIBE


  • Bullhead Berry
    Bullhead Berry

    You no waa i sayyn you no waa i saayn

  • Mick Jenkins
    Mick Jenkins

    The energy these niggas had was so genuine smh

  • Mick Jenkins
    Mick Jenkins

    Smh bro dex was hotter than rich 🤦🏼‍♂️ what happen now 2019 brobro

  • Lucky Dragon
    Lucky Dragon

    These 2 niggas is the same nigga

  • G5

    Mad tittie action man “4:45”

  • Totalbitch__

    Dex x pump PLEASE

    • ArixSage

      Already happened twice

  • marisha wright
    marisha wright

    Nope 🤐

  • Buu Frmdalou
    Buu Frmdalou

    Yoooooo 😭😭😭😭😭 his fave when he tovhed his lip to da Mf Sprite

  • Max Colowick
    Max Colowick

    How many times is dexter going to say "you know what I'm sayin"

  • Royal Indigo
    Royal Indigo

    Always got some shit in the corner of his mouth lmao

  • Zaherul Huda
    Zaherul Huda

    Wow, so many lil wayne clones...

  • 1996PURE

    Man said I keep a Maggie on me like I'm homer😭

  • Hamma2Dope

    uzload.info/fun/hISwmmq8pKmT05s/video (Prod. Nonbruh)

  • QuarantineRadio

    Dex opened his mouth wide to drink dat sprite

    • ArixSage

      And it still touched his lip



  • Kina W.
    Kina W.

    flash salty lol

  • James P
    James P

    thats a great interviewer

  • Bleezy Show
    Bleezy Show

    That way!

  • iNeedurBandz


  • Justin Blythe
    Justin Blythe

    I love how ppl think migos started that way when dex n rich obviously did

  • Ski Mask
    Ski Mask


  • YaBoy_ George
    YaBoy_ George

    Dex a goofy as nigga 😂😂😂

  • ThuggaLugga 21
    ThuggaLugga 21

    I later realized Dexter low-key copying sauce walka bruh

  • iNeedurBandz

    Dexter is all like ahh ahhh uhhh 4:43


    My nigga dex on anotha level

  • DanielW

    3:09 lmao when u need a sipp but dnt wanna spread the germs

  • christian c
    christian c

    Dat lil bih in the back was tryna get dey attention gah damn. She ain't even hea what dex said & she runnin round the room & shih 😂 6:25

    • ll.angell


  • Phily Daddy
    Phily Daddy

    why cuhh look like the dream 😂😂 falsetto head ass

  • ralph benoit
    ralph benoit

    do u guys spot famous Dext girl in the back

  • De Shad Bostic
    De Shad Bostic

    0:35 when u think sain in your mind gin sound cool but then it actually doesnt

  • BookPHX

    Uh Thank God for dat...

  • Zeus Low kicks
    Zeus Low kicks

    Why dude in the back looking like a fucking woman smh

  • Moonsquad Ent
    Moonsquad Ent

    The dream do radio interviews now ?

  • Stahlz_XI

    oh man god dam

  • Nicola R
    Nicola R

    Rich the kid doesn't have any face tattoo

  • Reuben Samuels
    Reuben Samuels

    Man Famous Dex Gott His Own Flow Respect That

  • kolp jane
    kolp jane

    He put his lip all on rich shyt😂

  • josh i dont have a last name
    josh i dont have a last name

    yeah you know what im saying ?

  • Avant Narde
    Avant Narde

    If they put these 2 on XXL, it's bound to be hella entertaining 😂

  • Jason Lebrun
    Jason Lebrun

    Lol @ 3:10 Dex wouldnt drink off the sprite bottle but im sure they share the blunt

    • A1 ASMR
      A1 ASMR

      Jason Lebrun bc atleast the blunt gon be dry

  • Shvy4n

    Rich Looks fuckin high

  • Teddy Terezis
    Teddy Terezis

    Dex the type of nigga to talk and laugh real close to your face and be spitting on you

  • HeyJesse

    Dexter look like the skull emojii


      judad 💀

  • mike karamike
    mike karamike

    in the end i didnt unterstood how they meet

  • Devin Taylor
    Devin Taylor

    All I heard Rich The Kid say was, "Yeah, that way,"

  • Shay Crawford
    Shay Crawford

    This interview low key will make you love dex ugly ass!

  • Maximus

    U know what I sayin

  • Lil Hxntai
    Lil Hxntai

    I will sub to anyone that subs to me and like this comment

  • Miaa Miaa
    Miaa Miaa

    dex talk like he got spit in his mouth😂😂?

  • internet thug
    internet thug

    Rich hairline is fucking outta here

    • ArixSage

      That way!

  • Ronaldo114

    Dex need to be on Sway

  • WhoTf isCed
    WhoTf isCed

    He prolly do be spittin and shit! Wet mouff ahh

  • Jay Wicked
    Jay Wicked

    dumb and dummer

  • Eli-akad

    1:04 talkin bout he always been different. No nigga😂 u did drill back in the days, and when he noticed that aint work, u took up the sauce style. Dex never was different

  • Multi Beats
    Multi Beats

    this man dex is disgusting oh god dude looks like a 40 year old junkie from down the block

  • taliban

    the saliba on the edges of dex's lips make me uncomfortable

  • The Other Side Of BOSTON 617
    The Other Side Of BOSTON 617

    Groupies in the cut boy.


    Mufkcers looks like brothers😂😂

  • Ron Gotti Bogus Boy
    Ron Gotti Bogus Boy

    Is the DJ the dream

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne

    lol rich on the hunt for shorty in the back

  • NadoeBeats

    0:13 with captions on " you got a micrometer dicks yeah " Lol 😂😂😂


    Dex is hella smart

    • A1 ASMR
      A1 ASMR

      PALM TREES BURNING he getting played

  • xL0stKIlah

    Dex actually pretty well spoken

    • 12345 h
      12345 h

      xL0stKIlah no I can't u understand what he is saying wtf

    • Luddaaa

      right , he aint as dumb as some of these other rappers when getting interviewed

  • uhh hh
    uhh hh

    famoua dex fucking trash

    • uhh hh
      uhh hh

      jovaughn stephens sad to know the truth right

    • Egg MCMUFFIN
      Egg MCMUFFIN

      Julio Jimenez lmaooo keep the hate to yourself nigga

  • Real Slick Ro
    Real Slick Ro

    0:16 with caption "micrometer dicks'

  • kyra jones
    kyra jones

    if you dont catch me im a catch yo ass after the show " ohmangoddamn"

  • Mello Da Raider
    Mello Da Raider

    They both needa make a mixtape...They dope and compliment eachother

  • Dripp Swankk
    Dripp Swankk

    needa wipe that mouth crust off

  • GG Allin
    GG Allin

    Rich the kid at 4:14 looked a little xannied out lol

  • Troy Stancil
    Troy Stancil

    another one of these dance diffrent style yal need to give thug credit he created a generation of mumble


    They wild 😂koo asf man

  • Enoch Hart
    Enoch Hart

    How come all these new rappers sound like they took remedial classes their whole lives?

  • ibrahim konare
    ibrahim konare


  • Jenky Show
    Jenky Show

    Notice how famous Dex snatches his sprite

  • Ski

    The interviewer is so chill and really funny too. Dex and rich the kid looked like they were having the time of there life.

  • Wan Hundo
    Wan Hundo

    Atlanta changed Dex for the better and worse

  • Kanyeschild

    They keep movin the damn camera every two seconds hold that shit still!

  • dinerøø

    Say it.... 6:20 😂😂

  • dinerøø

    2:50 😂😂 Rich was passed after he said that

  • llClassifiedll

    Dex look like his breath stank idky

    • Junie Mathurin
      Junie Mathurin

      llClassifiedll haters

    • llClassifiedll

      Nicholas Jones cool

    • Nick !
      Nick !

      llClassifiedll cool

  • llClassifiedll

    I'm surprised dex aint turn out like keef n dem

    • Obj Beast
      Obj Beast


  • Outwest Breezy
    Outwest Breezy

    Dexter ass look like a Ghoul wit dreads 👹👺😂

    • Prometheus Castles
      Prometheus Castles

      Rolling Indo im fuckin dead

  • Ant Tha Goat23
    Ant Tha Goat23

    dex lip touched the godamn bottle😂

    • ジョンソンカール


  • Southside

    dexter is full of vibez though

  • Yk Varr
    Yk Varr

    That was childhood memories when dex did that waterfall sprite

    • D Wolf
      D Wolf

      Lavarr TM you seen that too lol

  • Truly Makel
    Truly Makel


  • migos ontime
    migos ontime


  • Thaal Sinestro
    Thaal Sinestro

    i think that's the guy from love and hip-hop

  • eazyymoney jrod.
    eazyymoney jrod.

    Turn on closed captioning at 0:18

  • ya boi
    ya boi


    • I'm not a reptile, trust me.
      I'm not a reptile, trust me.

      Cal Chuchesta Dexter dexter dexter he's the bester

    • I'm not a reptile, trust me.
      I'm not a reptile, trust me.

      Cal Chuchesta Dexter dexter dexter he's the bester

  • los Getmoney
    los Getmoney

    He just took rich da kid sprite lmao

    • Glass Gzz
      Glass Gzz

      los Getmoney DAT way lmaoo