Building a CAKE Factory in Hardcore Minecraft (#19)
Building a minecraft cake with my Sister!
Today I decided to build a cake factory in hardcore minecraft so I could have INFINITE CAKES! Why? Because I can! Who doesn't want unlimited cakes in minecraft? This is my very own design for a cake farm in minecraft in therefor it probably isn't the best!
Welcome to episode 19 of my Hardcore Minecraft Let's Play, playing in version 1.16. In today's episode I decided to make a cake factory, building a giant cake, an automatic, sugarcane, milk, wheat & egg farm! what should I do with my unlimited cakes?
*watch the whole series here!
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  • Kid Perfect Trickshots
    Kid Perfect Trickshots

    u look like wilbur soot a little

  • Jack Simcox
    Jack Simcox

    I love how he actually looked at the cake I just got a google image on my second monitor

  • Jan Vozelj
    Jan Vozelj

    @Alex Ace

  • Gladaxzi Gaming
    Gladaxzi Gaming

    I think wadzee made it for Steve birthday party 🥳🥳🥳

  • TC

    The cringe that I gain from this video is astronomical

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    Sariah Weller

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    Maysam XD

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    Kanye North

    Wadzee: saying it looks awful me: not even being able to make a cake

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    Jay Jay

    hi wadzzee

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    Natalie Davis

    viewers and the cake factory!

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    Gavin Lerch

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    Garvvhs show and Tell

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  • SamuelZ

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  • rorydblade

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  • Lyolik M
    Lyolik M

    0:44 why is he walking backwards?

  • Aiman The gamer
    Aiman The gamer

    Wadzee i love All your video can i have a shoutout please?

  • Abinash Thapa
    Abinash Thapa

    I saw herobrine when you go to the nether(real)

  • messi niyomjanSans
    messi niyomjanSans

    CAKE 35 CAKE me you me CAKE 100000000000000000000000000

  • Solomon Tong
    Solomon Tong

    I also made a giant bakery in Minecraft, the grind be tough man

  • Panda vloger
    Panda vloger

    You and Luke the note able should do a hardcore series together

  • alex 999
    alex 999

    Name the cows like Bessie or CowZee

  • jing ye
    jing ye

    wheat instead of flour bc mojang is smart and they have em brains and they know that flour is from wheat

  • pink mouse
    pink mouse

    he said the sugar can farm design was not copied from a tutorial but that the only design that's not zero tick so we would never know if he secretly copied it

  • Gamer dude McLemore
    Gamer dude McLemore

    Am i late watching the hardcore video cause I’m bored 😐 so I came back to watch :)

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    Hyper Yuva


  • Ajza Chy
    Ajza Chy

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    Ryuu Taidji

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    Dmitriy Nikitinskiy

    im unsubskribing

  • Dmitriy Nikitinskiy
    Dmitriy Nikitinskiy

    dam you f*cker building a giant cake copying ME i have a enormes cake in my hardcore world

  • •Blox Burg•
    •Blox Burg•

    At the start it looks like those videos for 3 year old babies

  • Garv Arora
    Garv Arora

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  • hyun seoul
    hyun seoul

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  • Kurt Angle
    Kurt Angle

    Wadzee: Sugar,Eggs,Milk and FLOUR Me:I think he is in real life

  • Braiden Harrington
    Braiden Harrington

    YoU cOpIeD pEwDiEpIe, hE mAdE a CaKe LaDdEr FiRsT

  • Gaming with the Epic gamer
    Gaming with the Epic gamer

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  • Gaming with the Epic gamer
    Gaming with the Epic gamer

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  • Dream Awesome
    Dream Awesome

    Wadzee: I'm too lazy to send promote Also Wadzee: Literally building a cake factory

  • Kavitha Hawaldar
    Kavitha Hawaldar

    No need for any more food now

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    IZY nome

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  • Filip Gil
    Filip Gil

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  • Ovindu Undugoda
    Ovindu Undugoda

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  • Isabelle Hewlett
    Isabelle Hewlett


  • Isabelle Hewlett
    Isabelle Hewlett

    Me but can you eat it WADZEE *MILK EGG SUGGER rush

  • Yu Rebecca
    Yu Rebecca

    It’s just so great to walk backwards on a bunch of cake ÔwÔ

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    hyun seoul

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    Hi I'm Chungus

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    Hudha Faris

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    TrUsT Pookie

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  • konaseema village life
    konaseema village life

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    konaseema village life

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  • konaseema village life
    konaseema village life

    For you have no virus detection techniques including

  • Cyber Dragon
    Cyber Dragon

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    Building a USELESS factory in Hardcore Minecraft (#19) I Is that alternative title


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    Mr Night Bat

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    Michael McMillan

    I love when he sed it’s a water checkpoint

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      Ben Mountain Gangster

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      Ben Mountain Gangster

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    Scott Stephens

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  • tHe moSt pRoffEssiOnaL mAn
    tHe moSt pRoffEssiOnaL mAn

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    Johannes von Held

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  • Leonie

    You know that you can use villagers to care for your weed farm? Haha If you but hopper wagon with rail under the farm and villagers on the soil you can harvest the weed without pulling a lever and plant weeds everytime. But you have to make sure that the inventory of your villager is always full with seeds. Easiest way to harvest.

  • Napkin Knows
    Napkin Knows

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    Luukie Lightning

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    DellaRae Ballejos

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    Mahmoud Mostafa

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    Family Bari

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