I Built a GIANT CITY in Minecraft Hardcore (#34)
Today I Built a Giant City in Minecraft Hardcore, welcome to episode 34 of WadZee's Hardcore Minecraft Let's Play. In this episode I will be building a city in minecraft, as well as building skyscrapers in minecraft! Enjoy!
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  • Arie


  • wilmer almazan
    wilmer almazan

    I love the cars their so cute

  • abhishek

    Whin will he die in hardcore minecraft 🤣🤣🤣

  • 360memer

    Make a train station in your city that you built

  • zackgames ho
    zackgames ho

    Me:SUBED LIKED notificationS ON

  • Frustrated Prince
    Frustrated Prince

    in this all video it goes like CUT COPY PASTE 😂

  • Hasanthi Dayarathna
    Hasanthi Dayarathna

    are u jelly crainer and slogo's builder

    • Hasanthi Dayarathna
      Hasanthi Dayarathna

      Im asking from WADZEE

  • Lucas Zardini
    Lucas Zardini

    i dont have tweeter or instagram :(

  • Derp Da Ducky
    Derp Da Ducky

    Wadzee: We have made a city. Me:A 4 house city?

  • John Aaron Santos
    John Aaron Santos

    I can do the math you spend 2000years building a city with 4 buildings

  • Manuel Courtois
    Manuel Courtois

    20:34 did he just gave himelf some blocks?

  • katten sture
    katten sture

    Wha wha

  • Yoyo star
    Yoyo star


  • Ulfur Stefan
    Ulfur Stefan

    Good idea for the trees... BURN THEM

  • King Blood
    King Blood

    With your love for circles in Minecraft I'm surprised you didn't make a circular tower maybe you'll come back to it one day and extend the city I have been watching this hardcore series start to present day.

  • Ashutosh Agrawal
    Ashutosh Agrawal

    you should add a market in your city

  • Matthew Klug
    Matthew Klug

    i like nomber 3

  • Sadeer Aisan
    Sadeer Aisan

    Wadzee:ima build a city. House:I feel so offended

  • •TeddyBearZ_Studio•

    21:14 "doofenshmirtz evil incorporated~"

  • Michael Alcantara
    Michael Alcantara

    Build a big clock

  • STARS048

    "I built cyberpunk in minecraft" yeah but better quilty BOOM!

  • StrikeRecorder

    0:23 what is that bgm??

  • Kiopoc

    can you add an bank?

  • Jonathan Kowatch
    Jonathan Kowatch

    you should put floors in there and let villagers live there


    And who will drive the car




    Where r the people in the city


    *the city you don't want to walk on* (there were no cross walks)

  • C00L C0L3
    C00L C0L3

    24:15 there's a skelly in the window

  • Sophia Cai [Student]
    Sophia Cai [Student]

    AMAZING !!! w(゚Д゚)w

  • Haydn Cartridge
    Haydn Cartridge

    🎵He built that city He built that city on a haaaarrrdd coooorrreee wooorrllldd🎵

  • Shilpan Shah
    Shilpan Shah

    When he had haste 2 it looks like he breaking block as fast as you break blocks in creative

  • Leah Park
    Leah Park

    whats the gold thing he holds in his off hand

  • OCE sweatz
    OCE sweatz

    Make a round about

  • Zhylex YT
    Zhylex YT

    Name it... wadzity

  • GUNmaskHURO

    24:15 has a skeleton in one of the windows.

  • Aiden Blackler
    Aiden Blackler

    he should fill it in i think it will look much better that way


    me seeing wadzee drawing : WOW better than my brain!!

  • Eckster17

    UZloadrs be like I minded off cam and billt this 😆😆😆😆😆


    I think building 3 would be better if it was all like the top half

  • Azmeer Siddiqui
    Azmeer Siddiqui


  • Pratmaster

    My favourite building was the first building made of bricks as I just love old-school fashioned buildings. It felt like some sort of monument ngl

  • Bijoya Bhowmick
    Bijoya Bhowmick

    3rd one is my fav

  • Christian Prunty
    Christian Prunty

    He was flying in a two block high tonels

  • Christian Prunty
    Christian Prunty

    He goes in creative watch

  • Chloe Lorback
    Chloe Lorback

    Wadzee: I might just play around with it a bit Me: PLAY AROUND WITH A SKYSCRAPER!! 🤣

  • AntonSen YT
    AntonSen YT

    i think he has no problem on making the grand canyon

  • Black Hole
    Black Hole

    me in minecraft: i blown up a village and killed all the villagers me irl: a bee im gonna die

  • Sad Boi Slok
    Sad Boi Slok

    for a sec i thought you put the road line the wrong way but then i remembered you're Australian

  • CidYoshi

    My favorite building is the plain, "boring" one. I much preffer that traditional style of skyscrappers over the more modern dedigns.

  • XxfadedcloudxX

    i only have one word that word is none

  • Tertu Ndokosho
    Tertu Ndokosho

    The traffic lights are actually my favorite part.

  • Luna Moon
    Luna Moon

    Wadzee: We’re gonna need a little bit of concrete Me: The entire sky scrapers are made out of concrete

    • Luna Moon
      Luna Moon

      I mean none of them -_-

  • Luna Moon
    Luna Moon


  • Luna Moon
    Luna Moon

    I love when he makes the little plants

  • Glitchygamer

    me when wadzee filled the floating land in middle and decorated middle of temple 0: City and filled in land: Am i a joke to u?

  • 𒊹︎𝙱𝚞𝚣𝚣𝚢𒊹︎

    For building number three I swear it’s a pokeball-

  • Fornite Challenges
    Fornite Challenges

    Mr beast isn’t gonna be about all those trees

  • Tiger boy
    Tiger boy

    I am making the world

  • ShadowGamer Tanishk
    ShadowGamer Tanishk

    Me loved all buildings😋 U should have built a store too..

  • Karen Robson
    Karen Robson

    i vote more water checkpointssss

  • zane.dwyer006

    #HarcoreIdea add a sky scraper to your city but build it out of netherite blocks or instead change the road to netherite blocks

  • Marek

    You should make them look abandoned!!

  • Turtled

    im going to entertain myself with bingewatching all of wadzees hardcore vidoes until he uploads another one, then rinse and repeat

  • Jaren Lucas
    Jaren Lucas

    I can’t even make stuff like this in creative lol

  • ava cons9
    ava cons9

    Tip: Make it out of concrete powder and the put water over it :)

  • Nyle Webster
    Nyle Webster

    Wait, you’re Australian? POG

  • Herobrine

    Ooooooh fancyyyyyy

  • Guus Jebbink
    Guus Jebbink

    Episode 581: I Built a copy of The earth

  • Totally Bearz
    Totally Bearz

    24:15 Looks like there's a skeleton that moved in already XDD

  • Lisa C
    Lisa C

    Just in case don't forget that you are amazing and you builds are a amazing😔😁

  • Its Random
    Its Random

    Nothing to say just 'I LOVE WADZEE'

  • Konrad von Hollen
    Konrad von Hollen

    I drank 52 ounces in 4 hours

  • Trom_world

    thanks for making videos keep it up!

  • Dragon Lord
    Dragon Lord

    Amazing build

  • Hindol Sinha roy
    Hindol Sinha roy

    Sir,you are awesome.

  • MastercraftMe

    My favourite is building number 4 because it’s the only one that doesn’t look too shot for it’s width

    • Amiel28boyz2020

      Wow 23 min ago wow lol

  • Miranda Carlson
    Miranda Carlson

    I joined the wah wah army

  • Andrew Tabberer
    Andrew Tabberer

    How do you get hardcore mode on ????

  • Mithun Senthil Kumar
    Mithun Senthil Kumar

    wadzees intro music is sooooo gooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gaming with Priyanshu
    Gaming with Priyanshu

    I don't know why but the stone building is almost like "Empire State Building" for me.

  • Vidar Lans
    Vidar Lans

    Me: what have you done today? WadZee: Aaaah, i've just recreated the sims 4 in minecraft. Not a big deal you know...

  • varun choubey
    varun choubey

    is it just me or anyone else also drinks water with wadzee

  • clowdsy

    Been here since 60k and the content just keeps getting better, love it

  • Binx YT
    Binx YT

    I like the old stone building the most!

  • Darth cookie
    Darth cookie

    Wadzee You need a stonecutter

  • Joe King Sword
    Joe King Sword

    Man said he built cyberpunk 😂 bro this is what cyberpunk would be if it was good 😂🤣😂

  • Meme Shop
    Meme Shop

    My fav is #3 ❤

  • Meme Shop
    Meme Shop

    Stone one is better than building number 2😂

  • jamie epstein
    jamie epstein

    u can buy quartz And if u don't have emeralds sell ur iron 👁👄👁 (Love ur vids tho)

  • S4RA

    What’s with Aussie MC youtubers and melons?

  • william kleinberg
    william kleinberg

    Red and white

  • Unnikrishnan BHASKARA KARTHA
    Unnikrishnan BHASKARA KARTHA

    Wadzee: The 4th building is a bit boring. Me: It looks like a bank

  • Sav

    i like the yellow building the most because i thought it wasn't going to work, but it did. you smashed it

  • Fastpixel 1
    Fastpixel 1

    What happend to water break

  • Kasper Amtorp
    Kasper Amtorp

    Anybody else just watches this video more and more and then you just cant stop watching it

    • Wryeth Hunt
      Wryeth Hunt

      I’m on a week two binge on this series. Also the first I’ve seen of this guy.

  • Raheen Ul Eman
    Raheen Ul Eman

    Make wonder of the world

  • An epic Vincent's games
    An epic Vincent's games

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  • Beef Fed Cows
    Beef Fed Cows

    Make a end city in the over world

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    Totally Rad

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