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Father Son Video Game Time! This time we played Roblox Piggy, for my first time. It was a lot of fun! I hope you guys dug watching us to trying to not get killed. Anyone who checks out @Taco Game Time! ! Thank you! More videos are always on the way so stay tuned!

  • Nate Playzroblox
    Nate Playzroblox

    And space bar to jump

  • Nate Playzroblox
    Nate Playzroblox

    You can move by the keys WASD

  • Stephen Sharpe
    Stephen Sharpe

    Hippokrates ûntdekte doe noch 🖱️🖱️🖱️🖱️🖱️🖱️

  • Madiha Ijaz
    Madiha Ijaz

    Please play mincraft at night

  • Syed Mehboob ul Haq
    Syed Mehboob ul Haq

    Love ❤️ the game piggy so cool

  • Stephen Sharpe
    Stephen Sharpe


  • Rohaizad Zamzuri
    Rohaizad Zamzuri

    By then but instead at JL honey I’m high want exactly Ellie

  • Katie Hubbard
    Katie Hubbard

    Its eli not elfunini

  • Liliana Ramirez
    Liliana Ramirez


  • Liliana Ramirez
    Liliana Ramirez


  • Liliana Ramirez
    Liliana Ramirez


  • Liliana Ramirez
    Liliana Ramirez


  • Liliana Ramirez
    Liliana Ramirez


  • Liliana Ramirez
    Liliana Ramirez


  • Malik Anver
    Malik Anver

    Yay piggy

  • Esther Pulgarin
    Esther Pulgarin

    Yes I love taco game time

  • beckie lowe
    beckie lowe

    I play roblox its so fun

  • Anil Kharat
    Anil Kharat

    Are you are real and Ashok

  • blecky desain
    blecky desain

    you are not good to play piggy

  • Rowan Somerville
    Rowan Somerville

    Plz play among us

  • Alexa Aglibut
    Alexa Aglibut


  • nadeem nirvana
    nadeem nirvana

    i love yore

  • Alexa Aglibut
    Alexa Aglibut

    Its funnier than a roller coaster

  • Elisha Summers
    Elisha Summers

    Vxfgdv the only thing is here wet with you all the o the GC hxvf

  • Mereme Dervishi
    Mereme Dervishi


  • Erin Kajikawa
    Erin Kajikawa

    Yeah I know this game

  • Kendra

    Yeah I plan on mobile a lot of times but like you can earn characters of what you supposed to do is get key so you can unlock doors and get more keys and put them in the escape door so you can escape and try not to get killed by Piggy

  • Nicole O
    Nicole O

    Make it here is a dumb name Bacon here I meant to say

  • Domination Nation
    Domination Nation

    Can you guys do car dealership tycoon in Roblox

  • J M
    J M

    That is true what characters are you what is Ryan anyone is your name

    • Jose Jaime
      Jose Jaime

      Because I have ROBLOX 2

    • Jose Jaime
      Jose Jaime

      What is your Roblox characters name

    • Jose Jaime
      Jose Jaime

      Sorry I messed up

  • Noel Hendrix De Luna
    Noel Hendrix De Luna


  • Johnny gh
    Johnny gh

    I know how to play on mobile is so easy and fun so easy

  • Johnny gh
    Johnny gh

    I lie to play on mobile is so easy

  • Ava Trostel
    Ava Trostel

    I know your username now yay!!

    • Sara Vold
      Sara Vold


  • Dia Smith
    Dia Smith

    Wade Love your UZload channel

  • Marian Hutnan
    Marian Hutnan

    I love your videos Ryden

  • Columba Flores
    Columba Flores

    Games of

  • Columba Flores
    Columba Flores

    Eyelit talle

  • ginny todd
    ginny todd

    Tyler why are you being so rude to ryden

  • Massiel Reyes
    Massiel Reyes

    It's so Mega

  • Massiel Reyes
    Massiel Reyes

    It's a Super Awsome Mega video

  • Elijah Kim
    Elijah Kim

    It’s not nice to laugh at people

  • Hai Nguyen
    Hai Nguyen

    Piggy Roblox

  • Robyn Johnson
    Robyn Johnson


  • Mohamad Azlan
    Mohamad Azlan


  • Stephen Sharpe
    Stephen Sharpe


  • Niamh Rae
    Niamh Rae

    i. play. piggy. too!!

  • Jacob’s Gaming Station
    Jacob’s Gaming Station

    Please stop yalling

  • Jacob’s Gaming Station
    Jacob’s Gaming Station


  • Jacob’s Gaming Station
    Jacob’s Gaming Station

    Piggy’s new update is a cool piggy

  • Jacob’s Gaming Station
    Jacob’s Gaming Station

    The new update is a good update

  • Jacob’s Gaming Station
    Jacob’s Gaming Station

    Green green is my favorite color

  • Arthur Jones
    Arthur Jones

    That's my favourite game to

  • Novlett Peters
    Novlett Peters

    I have the mr p skintrue ending

    • Tony Harper
      Tony Harper

      Al A

    • Tony Harper
      Tony Harper


  • Sunayana Upadhyay
    Sunayana Upadhyay

    I love this videos

  • Jillian Stockler
    Jillian Stockler

    I play roblox

  • Venom guy
    Venom guy

    Same I love this game!!!!

  • Connie Braziel
    Connie Braziel

    Pl k Jlo Okkk k

  • Elizabeth McGaha
    Elizabeth McGaha


  • Ritu Malik
    Ritu Malik

    I play roblox piggy

  • TipXlaza


  • Ayden Carney
    Ayden Carney

    It’s kind of a good player but he’s not good on computer right and it’s not good on computer

  • Josh Wilde
    Josh Wilde

    I played

  • ROY PETRIE Youtuber
    ROY PETRIE Youtuber

    SUPER DOPE VID!! Also Check out our Roblox Gameplay :) Also with my son It's so nice to have a game friend haha

  • RyBug Snow
    RyBug Snow

    Play piggy I love your videos so much

  • البندري محمد
    البندري محمد

    Inahyhk tw ka o oe sk

  • Kirsten Nelson
    Kirsten Nelson

    Do every single chapter

  • Kirsten Nelson
    Kirsten Nelson

    It’s basically granny and Pig mix together

  • Mariana Valdovinos
    Mariana Valdovinos

    Ryden got so big:(

  • roblox bacon
    roblox bacon

    I love playing piggy ryden and andy i love playing piggy

  • Peyton Robinson
    Peyton Robinson


  • bun bun
    bun bun

    Can you please play Roblox with me piggy riding riding

  • Rachel Andrews
    Rachel Andrews

    Andy sounds good

  • Shenka Robinson
    Shenka Robinson

    Me 🔧 tool

  • Shenka Robinson
    Shenka Robinson

    Andy and your team have been doing b

  • Billy gaming
    Billy gaming



    how old is ryden

  • Christian Arroliga
    Christian Arroliga

    I hate piggy but a lot of fun 😢🥲 😳 Cool

  • Tussy Junior
    Tussy Junior

    Ryden grew

  • Ali Hammoud
    Ali Hammoud

    I love piggy so much

  • Jessika Davis
    Jessika Davis

    I haven’t watch y’all since I was 5🥺🥺

  • Rovee Aquino
    Rovee Aquino

    Add a gadfly

  • Brody Coffey
    Brody Coffey

    Who are here in comet affer mom told me not

  • Tunga Kozan
    Tunga Kozan

    No actually are they infected and they are from peppa pig

  • Jordan reacts
    Jordan reacts


  • brandon bordner
    brandon bordner

    I love piggy please do more piggy videos please

  • John Lehrach
    John Lehrach

    I really don’t know anything about roblox but I know who piggy is

  • John Lehrach
    John Lehrach


  • Shawni M.
    Shawni M.

    I used to play that game with my sister

  • Shawni M.
    Shawni M.

    Be my sister used to play si

  • Sameer Abdelaziz
    Sameer Abdelaziz

    Alexis better so you can come Piggy I'm talking to your son

  • brandon bordner
    brandon bordner

    Do more piggy videos please 🥺


    Actually called father son video game time Roblox piggy

  • Adam Geiger
    Adam Geiger


  • brandon bordner
    brandon bordner

    Why are you not doing a round 2😕

  • Katerina Bordner
    Katerina Bordner

    This video is the best

  • brandon bordner
    brandon bordner

    Are you real because I have a deam about l was with you at your house playing Roblox with you.

  • Mariana Garcia
    Mariana Garcia

    VI want my name to be Victor Victor

  • Selda Reid
    Selda Reid

    That was so funny

  • Selda Reid
    Selda Reid