A NEW KING * Quickest Production car EVER * McLaren 765LT 1/4 Mile Testing
We take the all new 2021 McLaren 765LT for its first run down the drag strip and set a new world record for the quickest production car down the 1/4 mile, dethroning the Dodge Demon.
765LT Street Testing: uzload.info/fun/jn2irGeq0rN-tGA/video
Gear we USE: goo.gl/4AczKS
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  • Ahmedaljoaibcars

    765lt WITH 765K VIEWS WOW !!

  • Tomoko Kishi
    Tomoko Kishi

    6:00 here we go

  • M_Alpha77

    12:20 liar

  • BoxingWave

    This man should have 10 million subscribers

  • Bob Johnson
    Bob Johnson

    What kind of magic is under the bonnet.

  • La Avidity
    La Avidity

    I'm in love with the sound

  • Arron Lowley
    Arron Lowley

    this thing is fucking ridiculous, wow

  • Frank Smith
    Frank Smith

    Insane Pinnacle of engineering Supercar with the best gear- 2 seconds Fat Tesla 4 door family Sedan...... 1.99 seconds

    • Mateo Kovac
      Mateo Kovac

      Tesla 1100+++hp 765LT 8xxhp... 765LT: consistent performance Plaid+: gets slower every run With enough hp, you can make a fortress go fast. Try again

  • One Truth
    One Truth

    Just got mine today. This thing is a beast. Better than my GT3

  • Trebron Librando
    Trebron Librando

    Awesome car.. I really like the looks. Is this street-legal???

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy

    Hell yeah. Run them expensive ass cars. This is what people want to see.

  • Mac Sixtyfive
    Mac Sixtyfive

    ...this youtube video aged well....Shmee150's friends 765LT just did a 8.916 1/4 mile today.........

  • John Moler
    John Moler

    Can i get some clarification on this? Isn’t the Tesla Plaid the quickest right now? And don’t they have the plaid+ on the way which will be even quicker?

    • Mateo Kovac
      Mateo Kovac

      The Plaid is not on the road yet, so no.

  • Alpha Anderson
    Alpha Anderson

    You’re an idiot.... Tesla can do 1.9

  • Jamian Wolfe
    Jamian Wolfe

    888’s are the way to go.

  • Cameron Liversedge
    Cameron Liversedge

    So it’s obvious that you know what you’re doing, breathe of fresh air on that alone, now can you please get a Koenigsegg and give it hell!

  • Beach Boy
    Beach Boy


  • Ckc dillpickle
    Ckc dillpickle

    Its amazing how a RWD car can achieve so much grip.. and the whine when it takes off


    Plaid + now.

    • Mateo Kovac
      Mateo Kovac


  • Daniel Marcantuno
    Daniel Marcantuno

    Only 765 McLaren 765LT’s were made. That’s hardly a production car. Also it costs over $350K. A Demon will only set you back $90K.

  • Theo W F
    Theo W F

    Second run 8.97 @ 151.33

  • Theo W F
    Theo W F

    9.157 @ 159.12

  • Speedy Pete
    Speedy Pete

    Beautiful car

  • Andreas Johnsson
    Andreas Johnsson

    Imagine a Koenigsegg Gemeras 1/4 mile time if this runs 9,47 sec stock tires

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Wow that mclaren looks so nice.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Wow that mclaren is quick.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Good video dude.😃👍

  • C.J.

    Tesla Model S Plaid "Hold my beer"

    • Mateo Kovac
      Mateo Kovac

      @C.J. obviously.

    • C.J.

      @Mateo Kovac Pretty sound argument there.

    • Mateo Kovac
      Mateo Kovac

      @C.J. imagine caring about 2025. Btw im not against EVs. Teslas are just gay.

    • C.J.

      @Mateo Kovac cool story,,, check back in 2025 and see how ICE is doing.

    • Mateo Kovac
      Mateo Kovac

      @C.J. except cars got accepted way quicker. Teslas will remain the weirdo choice lol

  • Tech Ninjas
    Tech Ninjas

    my dude what do you do for a living other than youtube you collection is worth more than a mill?

  • M 762
    M 762

    Well built sport car

  • Travis Ginyard
    Travis Ginyard

    Hennessy Venom fastest in the world


    Apart from the Ferrari SP

  • Racer X
    Racer X

    Laughs in EV

    • Mateo Kovac
      Mateo Kovac

      Laughs in modded ICE cars 🤣

  • R J
    R J

    full tank.... 2 seconds later "fuel level low"


      @R J just thought you don't know in the first place then I realized, my bad.

    • R J
      R J

      @NABIL KHOSYI RITZANJUE so why are you explaining it to me then? We all know there's very little fuel in the tank to begin with. Lol 🤦🏼‍♂️


      @R J ik it's a joke

    • R J
      R J

      @NABIL KHOSYI RITZANJUE I think you missed the joke


      It was not full tank in the first place tho, He purposedly filled just a little amount of gas to save weight

  • Outside Duh Box
    Outside Duh Box

    Gonna be crazy when the new tesla plaid plus beats this car by a lot...

    • Mateo Kovac
      Mateo Kovac

      Lol no Tesla will beat this car 'by a lot'

  • Performance J
    Performance J

    Tesla plaid + only cost you $100k to get you to 2.1s

    • Mateo Kovac
      Mateo Kovac

      Tesla plaid is just a Tesla tho. One trick pony.

    • Sleazy Miguel
      Sleazy Miguel

      Can it get you 9.3?

  • Tank

    Aint worth it compared to a tesla LOL


    HAHA Just wait for Tesla plaid and the record is destroyed

    • Mateo Kovac
      Mateo Kovac

      As always, we will have to wait for Tesla to catch up 🤣

  • Rene Hernandez
    Rene Hernandez

    What’s the purpose of the helmet to save your life if you crash going 150mph. Yah ok.

  • David Duarte
    David Duarte

    If this was all wheel drive it would be insane

  • Audi 1
    Audi 1

    I like audis i seen tuned rs7,s run high 9,s and tuned rs3 or tt,s do 7 or 8 secs.

  • Audi 1
    Audi 1

    Have to say you atleast drive it like its meant. Turbo that puppy im sure someone can get it done.

  • Audi 1
    Audi 1

    Bagg that hurricane or sell it to me plz

  • Audi 1
    Audi 1

    Id buy a r8 v10 turbo it they can get insane hp out of the insane . We watched one that had 2100 hp that car was stupid fast 1320 has vids on it its orange. He set records with it. Cool car but for the money get a modded car like a r8 or bag your hurricane .

    • Hasan Genc
      Hasan Genc

      R8 Biturbos run 7s in the quarter. Wicked fast

  • Zukiwi1

    Plaid plus says... hold my battery

    • Mateo Kovac
      Mateo Kovac

      @Hasan Genc he went silent. Typical Teslafanboy with no clue about cars 🤣

    • Hasan Genc
      Hasan Genc

      @Zukiwi1 Show me a vid of a Plaid doing sub 9s real quick.

    • Zukiwi1

      Plaid will do sub 9s sleaz

    • Sleazy Miguel
      Sleazy Miguel

      @Zukiwi1 Why is it that, no one talks bout electric and you just keep saying stupid shit. Tesla can never do 9.3 on drag strip stock

    • Hasan Genc
      Hasan Genc

      @Zukiwi1 lol oldschool is better anyway. Screw the new vegan stuff 😊

  • High Ridge Handyman
    High Ridge Handyman

    Tight like a tiger bro!!

  • Michael L.
    Michael L.

    Cool car but he's wrong... Koenigsegg has two cars running quarter miles in the 8s... That was in 2019. The Jesco Absolut is mere fractions over 8 and under two to 60.

    • Hasan Genc
      Hasan Genc

      @Baba Boolie he is right tho. Koenigsegg doesn't make prototypes, they are still production cars.

    • Baba Boolie
      Baba Boolie

      @Michael L. uzload.info/fun/aK2ulnaq1o6dmHE/video a 2014 copo ran an 8.91, you dont think they could hit 7s with 6 years newer tech?

    • Michael L.
      Michael L.

      @Baba Boolie None of those are going that fast. Lol.

    • Baba Boolie
      Baba Boolie

      but lets assume any car that you can buy OEM from a dealer or car maker counts, koenigsegg still wont be the fastest because then you have the dodge challenger drag pak the chevrolet copo camaro or the ford shelby cobra jet running 7 or 8 second quarters factory stock,

    • Michael L.
      Michael L.

      @Baba Boolie Koenigsegg makes production cars. And in the video he says "and I don't think koenigsegg makes a car this fast.". They have several that are faster.

  • gabb05

    a ferrari SF90 would be a good competitor...

  • Do One
    Do One

    Yeah BS. They do 10sec on the button the fastest one at santa pod ever was 9.91. Do one you liars.

  • Crypto Hammer
    Crypto Hammer

    My lord man, first time I’ve seen your video. I love your garage. Beautiful 🤩 💪💪🤘

    • DragTimes


  • juvee yung
    juvee yung

    daughter as so satisfied with that selfie

  • Bouland Motors USA
    Bouland Motors USA

    Great video, man that car runs !

  • Brewzer NM
    Brewzer NM

    I can't wait sf90 stradale on this drag strips vs 765LT, the battle would be legendary

  • epoxeclipse

    Hol up yall need a v8 to do that? Why not a turbo 4cyl?

    • Sleazy Miguel
      Sleazy Miguel

      Dude that's a fucking production car, it wasn't built for drag racing. It's a freaking track car you idiot. Whether v8 or not. It doesn't matter.

  • Dannial Hayes
    Dannial Hayes

    Well this won't last long.

    • Hasan Genc
      Hasan Genc

      Mclaren will come up with another special edition this year probably that runs 8s all day 🤣

  • antony

    Not the quickest production car. Slick tires and track full of rubber would allow a chiron or to get probably 8.9 seconds quarter mile. Even a sf90

  • Gerhard Hoenecker
    Gerhard Hoenecker

    Good god, these Mclarens are just too fast.

  • ghaleon128

    "Money doesn't buy happiness" This video:

  • David Addington
    David Addington

    With a tune and downpipe this beast is in the 8 second range 1/4 mile rediculous

  • Alex Rodriguez
    Alex Rodriguez

    Elon musk is gonna be like “hold my flamethrower.”

  • Brad Spears
    Brad Spears

    Runs faster on pump 93 than race 100 octane...


    The Mclern are cheap and faster.

  • lightning9

    765 vs SF90 will be WW3 in the comments section..throw in a Tesla S plaid & Porsche 911 S & all the fangirls will make it doomsday..💥🌋🤣

  • Tiny purple fishes Runlaughingthruyourfingers
    Tiny purple fishes Runlaughingthruyourfingers

    Funny but an 85 Yamaha V-max does 0 to 60 in 1.9 seconds. An 83 Honda 1100 Sabre does it in 2.0 seconds. Approx 2000 bucks or less used. If raw acceleration is yer bag.

    • Artan Sadiki
      Artan Sadiki

      Motorcycles are more fun than cars anyway. Not comparablr

  • BravioSS

    *Dodge has left the chat:*

  • DRIVER46

    Just amazing , have to love McLaren. I also love that you are driving the wheels of your cars , great stuff.

  • Mustang Flyer
    Mustang Flyer

    A 9.4 at 148 mph in a production car, DAMN that's impressive!!!!!!

  • Franc Gride
    Franc Gride

    Thats his home garage ...wow legit

  • Ryan Burke
    Ryan Burke

    That thing sounds so insane after the Toyos go on. I love it!!

  • Billy Rose
    Billy Rose

    Would love to see this smack a Tesla

    • Artan Sadiki
      Artan Sadiki

      It will smack every Tesla in roll/highway races.

  • nnn

    i'll guess 9.8 stock and 9.7 with tires, now to continue watching

    • nnn

      ok that was ridic for a stock car

  • Nathaniel Zulkanycz
    Nathaniel Zulkanycz

    Almost running with those rs3.. jk

  • Bob Costas
    Bob Costas

    What do you do to afford all of those cars?

  • Johnny The Conqueror
    Johnny The Conqueror

    How did u make your money bro?

  • Yo Mama
    Yo Mama

    And.... It needs fuel again

    • A H
      A H


  • Swish Cheetah
    Swish Cheetah

    I'm loving the different camera angles! I enjoy the angle at 7:42. One little thing which is mainly just my opinion: putting a microphone by the exhaust never works that well. You just get "SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS" which drowns out the engine noises. I've yet to see it executed well enough to justify doing over having high quality microphones inside the car's interior, or mixing with microphones internal to the engine compartment (which is definitely harder to access on a 765).

  • Shishir Vasanth
    Shishir Vasanth

    Can you drag race this and tesla model s plaid+? Really want to see winner

    • VT - 06KS 801639 McCrimmon MS
      VT - 06KS 801639 McCrimmon MS

      That will happen at around the end of the year. Tesla does not really give out there testing cars to car journalists

  • Robbbyg

    Thats almost as fast as a Tesla family car!

    • Artan Sadiki
      Artan Sadiki

      A 1100hp AWD family car.

    • Chad Mueller
      Chad Mueller

      And as fast as a modded Trackhawk, a giant SUV.

  • Hell Hound
    Hell Hound

    Dodge : put the demon back in production with 850 hp 910 on race gas 🥴 bye bye mclaren ! Demon : ......... hold my beer 😈🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Chad Mueller
    Chad Mueller

    We reached the point where stock cars are too fast.

  • bosssho

    McLaren 765LT vs. New 911 Turbo-S please Brooks

  • scoobydoo99

    Hybrid or electric powered car the only things that's going to beat the 765lt

  • Mr. Anderson Sr.
    Mr. Anderson Sr.

    Perfect car....damn!!!

    • Chad Mueller
      Chad Mueller

      True. Even sounds good for a modern engind

  • Cesar Braga
    Cesar Braga


  • Boost Leak Channel
    Boost Leak Channel

    The gearing is very short considering it's weight and power , but on prepped track it makes a big diffrence !

  • Matthew Maneri
    Matthew Maneri

    i can't imagine being this kind of human. what a life.

  • Freedom Finance
    Freedom Finance

    Elon: hold my beer

    • gav com
      gav com

      @Chad Mueller if you can’t appreciate all types of cars, then you’re not a true enthusiast. also seriously embrace your future ICE cars are leaving soon might as well get used to it now

    • Taylor Schultz
      Taylor Schultz

      Eh. if you can’t see competition is good for seeing the pinnacle of the combustion engine, you don’t like cars enough.

    • Chad Mueller
      Chad Mueller

      Yuk, with his electric shopping carts.

  • Jeziah

    Nice one bud the newest quickest launches is Tesla Model S Plad Plus and New 2021 Tesla roadster

    • A H
      A H


  • Joe g
    Joe g

    What do you do for a living, to have millions of dollars in cars....??

  • 13SS LOL
    13SS LOL

    Awesome! She wasn’t ready for that g-Force. Good stuff.

  • Potato Avacadonion
    Potato Avacadonion

    The demon has been dethroned, by a car that also has a v8

  • Chris Rodriguez
    Chris Rodriguez

    Lol I think it's funny how the McClaren's display makes racing look like a video game

  • GWS HD -
    GWS HD -

    Lamborghini could never

    • Chad Mueller
      Chad Mueller

      @GWS HD - then you wouldn't ask that question. I don't believe it haha

    • GWS HD -
      GWS HD -

      @Chad Mueller yes?

    • Chad Mueller
      Chad Mueller

      @GWS HD - you ever had a ride in one?

    • GWS HD -
      GWS HD -

      @Chad Mueller what's so special about a Lamborghini then?

    • Chad Mueller
      Chad Mueller

      @GWS HD - as if anyone with a Lambo cares about a Tesla lol. There are Golf 3s faster than a Lambo, who gives a shit.

  • Richard Hunter
    Richard Hunter

    New Model S Plaid, 0-60, 1.9 sec

  • Kiran Burra
    Kiran Burra

    Mclaren 765lt vs mclaren senna

  • Juan Alatorre
    Juan Alatorre

    This video shows up on my recommendations "0-60 in 2.1 sec quickest production car". Right underneath this video: "2021 Tesla model S refresh 0-60 in 1.99" .

  • Verbiest Maarten
    Verbiest Maarten

    That will be short lived. Next month Tesla’s model s plaid is starting deliveries. 0-60 in 1.99 sec.

    • Eddie L
      Eddie L

      @Verbiest Maarten it looks like a Mazda from 20 years ago though

    • Verbiest Maarten
      Verbiest Maarten

      @Eddie L never driven a model s? It’s awesome as a daily.

    • Eddie L
      Eddie L

      I can’t understand why they are so popular in the US. They have zero style.

  • GRP GregsRaceParts
    GRP GregsRaceParts

    Time for an M-Eng tune! 8’s all day

  • Gg Ez
    Gg Ez

    Thats was Hypercar !!

  • Julio Perez
    Julio Perez

    Dodge seeing this