Game Theory: FNAF, The FINAL Timeline (FNAF Ultimate Custom Night)
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We've come a long way Theorists. Today, I am DETERMINED to put together the complete and FINAL timeline for Five Nights at Freddy's. From beginning to end, first bight to burning everything to dust - this is IT! Join me Theorists, as we finish FNAF once and for all!
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03:20 Credit to Squidetor for the use of his Fredbear Model:
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  • Andy Cinclento
    Andy Cinclento

    Phone guy: Safety is our top priority... shows the dead body of golden freddy

  • Michael, Elizabeth, and C.C
    Michael, Elizabeth, and C.C

    1:05 Is when it actually starts

  • Rich hlywka
    Rich hlywka

    wait so the crying child is MIKE AFTON? I thought it was Chris Afton-

  • Bright Cloud
    Bright Cloud

    2:48 FInal. hAH *FINAL*

  • Marcus Jones
    Marcus Jones

    What if one closed and another had the bite of 83

  • Peridot Plays
    Peridot Plays

    I always come back. Pizza simulator: we’ll see about that

  • Heather_ Chan
    Heather_ Chan


  • tomato pasta-0
    tomato pasta-0

    this series is as hard to understand as it is to solve pi in 1st grade

  • rita soto
    rita soto

    why did mat say that mike is chris? bru

  • Source

    Phone guy could be a time traveler I’m just sayin

  • Nathan Estes
    Nathan Estes

    matpat: the final timeline laughs in 2021

  • rev_ sss
    rev_ sss

    Technically, gender lore exists - each gender has their own unique lore. Think about it

  • Xander M
    Xander M

    In my timeline, this is the order that the children died: CC, Henry's daughter, the first five children, the second five children, Elizabeth, and then Mike

  • Baconiry

    Bring a whole new meaning to "super smash bros"

  • It's Midnight
    It's Midnight

    I'm two years late but Idc- but I don't really think that Michael is C.C

  • MonsterCoolio

    Damn I never knew my theory of golden freddy being fredbear was actually right

  • Robert W.
    Robert W.

    OK HOLD ON A SEC. michael afton gets killed by his brother in the bite is 83. HIS BROTHER. why is the brother that killed Michael never brought up after this? OR HIS HE AND WE HAVEN'T FIGURED IT OUT YET


    i have the game as well smash bros


    it so good the smash freddy

  • Inés Eringaard
    Inés Eringaard

    the bite victim is not micheal afton but chris afton. micheal afton is the person you play in sister location who is getting scooped in night 5 and the one with the foxy mask in fnaf 4 when the bite happend.

  • althea Gabrielle areja
    althea Gabrielle areja

    Wait isn't the crying boy chris afton and the big brother is Micheal afton?

  • KaiLMFAO

    what about if michael is the crying child then who is michael schment i think that michael was actully tryimh to get rid of the nightmares when he was in chrises room because

  • Kuutie 07
    Kuutie 07

    THE box is definitely using VPN

  • Xeltron

    Actually, throwing the phone guy info out for a sec isn’t actually just a way of making things fit. Those are recorded tapes, remember? They aren’t from a specific time.

    • Unknown Entity
      Unknown Entity

      He’s not going off of when you hear the tapes, but when the tapes were recorded.

  • Poly Frog
    Poly Frog



    The crying child is christopher and his older brother is michael so yes there you g

  • Mifzo

    0:32 the just s0cared me more than anything

  • Mango Juice
    Mango Juice

    The he can be Evan. Now that we have more proof.

  • hongyeol kim
    hongyeol kim

    I'm a kid I can't spell but the puns I'm 8 years old

  • hongyeol kim
    hongyeol kim

    Do one with ennerd one please

  • hongyeol kim
    hongyeol kim

    No you cow

  • Curtis LeBlanc
    Curtis LeBlanc

    " people just got weirded out by a place where kids disappeared. " ONLY WEIRDED OUT?!

  • Curtis LeBlanc
    Curtis LeBlanc

    5:07 WAS THAT THE BITE OF 87?! - Markiplier

  • Kimberley Bourne
    Kimberley Bourne

    oh matpat just wait for security breech and a whole pile of books with 3 short stories each and several VR versions of a game

  • Dominic Alexander
    Dominic Alexander

    Matt listen to mr. hippo you have a actually problem it’s funny and a bit crazy

  • Pierce Holzheimer
    Pierce Holzheimer

    What about the theory of it all being a dream? With the toy animatronics being literal toys, and the originals being stuffed animals, with the kid you play as in fnaf 4 dreaming it all?

  • Dena A
    Dena A

    The unarmed myanmar comprehensively correct because shrine prudently behave pro a unwritten insurance. panicky, chemical yam

  • Nintendo Fan can't draw
    Nintendo Fan can't draw


  • Brian Tran
    Brian Tran

    How do I watch these series in order....

  • Crow Gaming
    Crow Gaming

    if you don't want to cringe replace Michael with C.C., Evan or whatever Crying Childs name is.

  • Crow Gaming
    Crow Gaming

    2:30 "if you brighten it enough" Me: *Saw* *It* *anyway* *without* *brightening* *it*

  • • rinkø •
    • rinkø •

    that's the awesome and frustrating thing about the animatronics, the gender is so obscure because they're just animatronics, they don't have gender and a lot of them use all pronouns anyway, not even including the children's spirits. like jeez even for a nonbinary person myself it's tricky xD also! i know the crying child is a mystery with a lot of common theories, but i really dont understand how it would be michael if another older boy in his house was bullying him. i always thought michael was crying child's older brother. maybe thats not the best theory since cc is pretty much the only child we dont have a name for, anyway that's just what i've thought the whole time, that there were three children of the afton family, cc, michael, and their sister elizabeth

  • Mboi lol
    Mboi lol


  • Reweri White-Hunter
    Reweri White-Hunter

    crying childs name isnt michael, thats his older brothers name.

  • joshua_1223 5
    joshua_1223 5

    10:19 THO LOLOL

  • Camraging

    The story has changed quite a bit since the beginning and I'm not claiming to know everything but I feel like I know a little bit of everything except for one thing which Mat didn't talk about and hasn't talked about since FNAF 4. The shadow animatronics. Like seriously what the hell are those things. LIKE WTF

    • i cant think of a name
      i cant think of a name

      Lots of people are like 99% sure Shadow Bonnie and Freddy are the physical embodiment of agony (as seen by the remnant collecting game in FNAF AR)

  • Epic Human
    Epic Human

    Chris is actually mike-

  • knuckles _
    knuckles _

    Matpat: I’VE DONE IT! I’VE SOLVED IT! Security breach: 😶

  • •angel•

    how would Micheal be the crying Child? C.C. is C.C. Micheal is Micheal.

  • • ItsBunnyAnimations •
    • ItsBunnyAnimations •

    “Ya barney reject” I CANNOTTTTT-

  • Luke the Llama
    Luke the Llama

    You that read wrong You read that wrong you checked you liked this comment

  • Theboismell

    final bruh

  • w a l t e r
    w a l t e r


  • Marcus Gomes
    Marcus Gomes

    Corona: The bite of 2020

  • Jackson McQueen
    Jackson McQueen

    it is hard to argue with his assessment. 1:52

    • Bago 4YT
      Bago 4YT


  • Thelma Dixon
    Thelma Dixon

    The exciting exclusive furniture technically name because spear nutritionally decay through a decorous novel. previous, useful coin

  • welcome birbs
    welcome birbs

    What is cc is the middle child and eli does first so that would explain why the night mares have teeth on there stomach cause he saw eli's death

  • Joshua Scruggs
    Joshua Scruggs

    Dude the little boy is called chris afton

  • Boy With A Ukulele
    Boy With A Ukulele

    I made the stupid decision to watch/listen to all of these back to back. The word animatronics now sounds weird to me from the amount of times I’ve heard it, I’ve said ‘NOT QUITE’ so many times, and IM BARELY OVER HALF WAY THROUGH.

  • RulzdudesGames

    Chica was the first


    OMG THEORY Golden freddy is carnage from venom because Cliedis is the human name of carnage

  • Niko Zavala
    Niko Zavala

    The corn child’s name is Chris

  • Gabby Koz
    Gabby Koz

    The waggish mist apically instruct because debt genomically allow unlike a selfish cardigan. honorable, pale swallow

  • GrapeFruit

    You Are Right The Timeline Is Not Linear It's Exponential

  • Galaxe

    I can imagine people in the future saying “wow, they only had *that* much lore? Ha, we were so stupid back then”

  • Jojo L.
    Jojo L.

    To be fair, Apple is a great name

  • Daily Streamer
    Daily Streamer

    did he sya he has been doing this on fnaf for 7 years

  • Iwaizumi Hajime
    Iwaizumi Hajime

    "Michael afton" Me:i thought his name was chris? Christopher afton?

    • Nuker Propane
      Nuker Propane

      Chris is just a fan name

  • dog

    15:56 amgogn uwss 😂😂😂😂

  • Gabby Koz
    Gabby Koz

    The uttermost capital outstandingly smash because ketchup unintentionally raise during a spicy gazelle. needless, reflective undershirt

  • LittleBaconOn_ Roblox
    LittleBaconOn_ Roblox

    Wait..... crying child is Michael Afton-

    • LittleBaconOn_ Roblox
      LittleBaconOn_ Roblox

      @Nuker Propane ok good I thought I was going insane

    • Nuker Propane
      Nuker Propane

      He isnt

    • LittleBaconOn_ Roblox
      LittleBaconOn_ Roblox

      *I think my brain just committed suicide*


    Yeah, I’m going to pretend that you never said it was the last one

  • Megumin Gaming
    Megumin Gaming

    *Matpat insanity Simulator*

  • Gravemistake


  • Gravemistake


  • Gravemistake


  • Gravemistake

    I feel like the channel is more about five nights at Freddy’s than anything

  • BinBin

    Fnaf Help Wanted

  • Gravemistake

    I know it who made this game might be because when He was a boy he might’ve experience very bad things that happened to his brother sister or something

  • FurF 55
    FurF 55

    When you said jumpscare the sub button i actually SCREAMED at tip of my lungs and it got scared

  • TheLegoLunatic26

    I’m trying to sleep but can’t so I’m watching this •_•

  • the helper of games
    the helper of games

    22:24 clever rhyming dude, you should do poetry (and no, thats not sarcasm)

  • Emerson Holden
    Emerson Holden

    Here from 2021. (So excited for security breach!!!) So it looks like security breach takes place in the 70’s or 80’s. Possibly BEFORE FNAF one. Sooooooo what if Golden Freddy is the Gregory from the trailer. Idk just a thought. Edit: I know you’ve made a video about Golden Freddy. But as you say, “That’s just a theory. A gAmE tHEoRy!!!”

  • Simon Pekarna
    Simon Pekarna

    Look at the timeline closely and watch all of your other theories. Do another timeline and solve FnaF.

  • Mike MacWhirter
    Mike MacWhirter

    Mat you need to learn that the bite victim is not mike, it’s Chris afton, and mike is the foxy that had the idea of doing the bite of 87

    • - piicvle -
      - piicvle -

      Mike MacWrither, you need to learn that Chrus is a fanmade name, and the bite happened in 1983

    • Nuker Propane
      Nuker Propane


  • mm lya
    mm lya

    Security breach: excuse me

  • mm lya
    mm lya


  • Bacon TV
    Bacon TV

    MatPat: Either Scott is a genius or I’m just think things too hard you think?

  • Natalie_ Glitch
    Natalie_ Glitch

    “The final” he thought

  • Danijel Simic
    Danijel Simic

    Mikes real name is Terensej

    • - piicvle -
      - piicvle -

      Nope, it's just a thing a lot if gacha people often do

    • Nuker Propane
      Nuker Propane


  • Yifeng Yang
    Yifeng Yang

    Matt: FINAL TIMELINE Scott: Well yes but actually no

  • Shiloh Mikaela Calabia
    Shiloh Mikaela Calabia

    My laptop is weird and if i angle my screen at the right angle, LITERALLY ANYTHING I LOOK AT IS BRIGHTENED.

  • Untitled tuber
    Untitled tuber

    i was thinking about the whole 7 games 7 nights the games 1 to 5 a 6th night for more lore and a 7th night for costumising but fnaf world also fits in this as a mini game that tells more lore at first pretty normal but at the end more and more lore. the areas even make sense you can find the phantom animatronics in area 2 a place with dead trees in area one you can find bb and jj pretty normal and basic characters for a basic and normal area, in area 3 you can find the withered animatronics makes sense right the treas are broken and dying but not like the phantoms dead, area 4 has no special characters because water doesn't have to do with any of the animatronics, area 5 all fnaf 4 characters except for nightmare and nigmare fredbear you can also find the endo's and golden freddy the nightmares is self excplanetory the endo's aswell because it's a graveyard and they are endoSKELETONS and golden freddy is an angry spirit and spirit are at graveyards, plushtrap and springtrap can be found at area 6 makes sense because plushtrap is a toy you can win a toy at a fair and springtrap wants to murder kids and kids go to circuses and circuses have suits and costumes, in the pinwheel funhouse you can find Springtrap, RWQFSFASXC, Crying Child, Funtime Foxy, Nightmare Fredbear, Nightmare, Fredbear and Spring Bonnie most of these have to do with the story or represent something that happend in the story funtime foxy is not from fnaf 5 but is mangle repaired.

  • Kaspar Tsengov
    Kaspar Tsengov

    That editor is getting paid more than matpat

  • Bryce Ragragio
    Bryce Ragragio

    the chica scene i got was homework and freddy

  • Rebekka Napper
    Rebekka Napper

    The sound you get from using the death coin on Golden Freddy is sprinlocks

  • Kobe Gripske
    Kobe Gripske

    so it 2021 are there 3 new ones......

  • Andre_ YTPlays
    Andre_ YTPlays

    *Crying Child's nightmare's arent ilutions cuz they are his plushies that it was from the guy with da mask: Micheal Afton but william gave Micheal's plushies to the Crying Child*

  • dino snoppy
    dino snoppy

    MatPat: gets jump-scared Also MatPat: .......................... huh

  • Maple Mary
    Maple Mary

    Fnaf 1 night 4 've help wanted can you do a theory about that? It's about phone guy me and my cousin think we cracked it because he is in the back room and we were pretty sure he wanted us to help him but he died so I am trying to say I think he Is that endoskeleton in the back room weird thing thought is that I'm pretty sure golden Freddy killed him because since everyone is in position on stage...Golden Freddy didn't have a stage so where do you think IT is because IT is definitely not in the back room so where could golden Freddy be hiding?