Reactors Reaction To Sub-Zero & Scorpion Head To Head Showdown In Mortal Kombat | Mixed Reactions
Reactors reactions to the insane duel between Sub-zero and Scorpion on the official Red Band Trailer for Mortal Kombat (2021)
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2 - 2:07 - Blind Wave -
3 - 3:16 - Late to the Party -
4 - 4:11 - unCAGEDgamez -
5 - 5:17 - ImStillDontai -
6 - 5:54 - The Movie Couple -
7 - 6:51 - Joseph Witty -
8 - 7:55 - The Reel Rejects -
9 - 8:53 - StruggleNation -
10 - 10:12 - AngryJoeShow -
11 - 11:30 - Jay-3 Entertainment -
12 - 12:32 - CashNastyPlays -
13 - 13:34 - Destroyer FGC -
14 - 14:48 - The Cyber Nerds -
15 - 15:58 - 2grownmen7879 -
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18 - 18:47 - Michael Angelo -
19 - 19:49 - Beyond The Trailer -
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  • Mark Talanquines
    Mark Talanquines

    Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa is the best shang sung in mortal combat..

  • IBeShackII

    Thumbs up 👍🏾 for Goro making the movie official.

  • IBeShackII

    I never get tried of the new generation to Mortal Kombat say “Ahhh! That’s how Jax loses his arms!”. That’s a rivalry most people sleep on. Jeez Sub-Zero how many enemies does this guy have?! Smh

  • Josh

    I love how everyone has a nerdgasm when Sub Zero freezes Scorpion's blood. HAHAHA 15:28 was one of the biggest nergasms I've ever seen, surpassed only by reactions to Luke Skywalker in the Mandalorian.

  • Wyrawan wahab
    Wyrawan wahab

    i watched it yesterday..and it was totally awesome Kombat..especially Sub Zero

  • RealKeepa Entertainment
    RealKeepa Entertainment

    my eggs are tingelin

  • daishinkan V.
    daishinkan V.

    Anyway that we can put Wolverine there? Lol

  • HydroReptile

    I swear the part where sub zero freezes the blood made everyone nutt in their panta

  • Андрей Иыанов
    Андрей Иыанов

    Бедняжки ещё не посмотрели а мы в России уже все позырили)))

  • OrdMonic


  • OrdMonic


  • kyle pacek
    kyle pacek

    I wish it had a guy popping up every now and then in the bottom right hand corner saying whoopsy

  • EKasis

    I love how everyone stays quiet right before Scorpion says "Get over here!". They knew whats coming.


    O like the sub-zero visual but the clothes are too bigger buuuuuut scorpion clothes🤢🤢🤢 the directors told there was bacause they create based in the japonese armors but they are not warriors they are ninjas they need to be letal and quite but with that armor

  • Tutu

    Actor sub zero is joe Taslim in indonesia

  • Nelson Curiel
    Nelson Curiel

    I can't wait...SCORPION🦂FOREVER

  • Александр Фёдоров
    Александр Фёдоров

    Всем уже по 100 лет а они блять как дети себя ведут .

  • kyra irvin
    kyra irvin

    HBOMAX is going to crash on April 23rd.

  • Aarosh Saiyed
    Aarosh Saiyed

    Bcoz that true one toxic kill another toxic thts true....

  • Aarosh Saiyed
    Aarosh Saiyed

    Bcoz one bad ass one bad guy is come to kill another bad guy covid virus

  • Aarosh Saiyed
    Aarosh Saiyed

    The beast r back to kill covid19 virus....

  • Aarosh Saiyed
    Aarosh Saiyed

    Finally the beast r back

  • Aarosh Saiyed
    Aarosh Saiyed

    My childhood memories r back.....the legends r back.......

  • Daniel Davis
    Daniel Davis

    If that’s the original sub zero. We might get to see Noob Saibot

  • style classic04
    style classic04

    Sub Zero best 💙

  • Adams

    The film is simply amazing. Russia has already had its premiere, I advise everyone to go to the film and support the film crew, we have been waiting for this film since 1995💪💪💪

  • Casual_Time_Machine

    I've watched the trailer about 19 times now and I like it more every time.

  • Assane Keita
    Assane Keita

    Scott Adkins gotta play Johnny Cage.

  • Daniel Keever
    Daniel Keever

    Sub zero will steal this movie hands down

  • Dark Kaas
    Dark Kaas

    If you watch reactions to fatalities, then people sometimes wrinkle, turn away, scream and more, and in the trailer of the film they scream, scream. It's all so stupid... ridiculous..)

  • LuCy NataS
    LuCy NataS

    That I AM (pause) Sub-zerou Was soo beautiful ❤️

  • StepC 300
    StepC 300

    The live action mortal combat redeemed itself with this lol

  • Yodhie Aprillian
    Yodhie Aprillian

    First one so dramatic for no reason

  • Jimmy Campos
    Jimmy Campos

    😒 son unas nenas

  • Teague Vox
    Teague Vox

    That's not how Jax lost his arms, canonically.

  • n30n n30n
    n30n n30n

    Sad to see how most reactors are overreacting and clearly people who are not into mk since mk11 the game... Yak

  • Азамат Бугубаев
    Азамат Бугубаев

    Kano brilliant of this film

  • Sub-Zero

    18. 🤣

  • LORD

    Best part Kano Wins 🔥🔥🔥

  • Margret Vala
    Margret Vala

    it's funny that people react in mortal kombat make me wanna laugh😁

  • Margret Vala
    Margret Vala

    is mortal kombat movie is a fiction or nonfiction or mythical😁

    • Acting Up
      Acting Up

      I'm willing to just let you continue to believe that it's possible this is non-fiction

  • Terry Hiền
    Terry Hiền

    I just watched the movie (my country started the on April 9th). If anybody would wants to know how it went, you guys can ask me below this comment

  • Luis Avina
    Luis Avina

    #14 is pretty much how I will react 😱😱😱😱😱

  • Haris Gtr
    Haris Gtr

    I'm not understand why Scorpion fight with sub zero. Sub zero and Scorpion have make peace at mortal Kombat X and mortal Kombat 11

  • Sriram R
    Sriram R

    This is the only franchise which gets a movie that doesn't have any visible hate or dislike comments in the section Lets all take min and thank WB for making this possible

  • Samy cher
    Samy cher

    "Subzero "The best character ever.

  • Mangiwet Terrence
    Mangiwet Terrence

    Well... Ermac was the one who tore up the arms of Jax but I guess they can't show it there sooooo...

  • Benjamin

    My mate mentioned dragonball movie and Avatar movie now I'm nervous hope it's good lol.

  • Matthew Mayhem
    Matthew Mayhem

    12-19 more days, my peeps! This is going to be sick!

  • Nicholas

    Kind of mad how they made sub zero take Jax’s arms not ermac meaning ermac won’t be in it sadly :(

  • Madfox 12
    Madfox 12

    Man I can't wait for this I hope it doesn't fail like the 90s ones

  • Evaristo Martinez
    Evaristo Martinez

    This ultimate awesome mortal klmbat movie 2021 it should be winning an oscar 5 oscar atleast so awesome and pleast pleast let this movie win a oscar just like titanic please

  • h mofid
    h mofid

    That sub zero is bi Han not kuai Lang

  • XxscorpionXx


    • Acting Up
      Acting Up


  • Manager Mag
    Manager Mag

    Let’s make this film concurrently to marvel films together, by our views, guys!!!

  • Адиль Касенов
    Адиль Касенов

    joseph witty best reaction 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Tee Ohbee
    Tee Ohbee

    Caboose had the best reaction because he is a real fan of Mortal Kombat.

  • jason Gabriel
    jason Gabriel

    @5:50 his face..lmao 😬

  • Rob Smith
    Rob Smith

    Some of these reactions are super annoying lol

  • james

    Detective pikachu Sonic Good video game movies Maybe next mortal kombat?

  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson

    The first guy who was reacting to it was kinda annoying ngl

  • Руслан Лысенко
    Руслан Лысенко

    Streamers: This is how Jacks lose his arms! I:where's the f*cking Ermak. And Sub-Zero...ARE YOU A SCARLET OR WHAT?

  • Fauzan Zulfi
    Fauzan Zulfi

    I here just because joe taslim,😅 Proud for him

  • Esther Stvil
    Esther Stvil

    The fire dragon it's it's mortal Kombat

  • RurouniStarchild

    I guess the Mortal Kombat trailer was... ARRRIGHT.

  • reconsoldier135

    I really hope we didn’t just see all the best parts

  • kostasviper

    The way everyone reacts when Scorpion says the line is so freaking wholesome!! As someone who has mained Scorpion in every single game, I get the chills every single time I rewatch this!!

  • Noxx3000 D.
    Noxx3000 D.

    Sub-zero + Icebloodcycle ❄️💉 = 🦂

  • Sam Manco
    Sam Manco

    I don’t know what the haters are saying, that “Get Over Here” is badass

  • Jayrad CJ
    Jayrad CJ

    Despite the world we see is all going to hell, we can appreciate The movies That are coming out this year. lol

  • Hector Arizaga
    Hector Arizaga

    Way better than JUSTICE LEAGUE

  • jason voorhees
    jason voorhees

    SUB ZERO: *makes knife with blood* SCARLET: am i joke to you?

  • Juan Islas
    Juan Islas

    Caboose your clearly older than me and let me say your not a mortal kombat fan if you don't know how Ajax lost his arms

    • Acting Up
      Acting Up


  • The Grim Critic
    The Grim Critic

    I think what seriously helps the trailer is the music. That’s honestly the reason I keep on rewatching it is because that drawn out and orchestralized take on the theme is genuinely beautiful to listen to.

  • Антон Impressionist Марченко
    Антон Impressionist Марченко

    12:33 lets talk about how an actual Jacks watching his hands geting ripped off, giggling and screaming "I like this I like this!!!" LMFAO

  • Matthew McLaughlin
    Matthew McLaughlin

    Yo! Where's my team Scorpion at!!!!

  • Matthew McLaughlin
    Matthew McLaughlin

    Who else has never been so hyped for a movie ever than for this movie!?!?!? Let's go!!!

  • Landon Moore
    Landon Moore

    I luv the "GET OVER HERE" part but I hope they make him sound more evil like a real revenant from the game

  • loc dogg tv
    loc dogg tv

    Reaction on goro lol

  • loc dogg tv
    loc dogg tv

    Everyone glad to c goro

  • Jose Roberto Bogarin
    Jose Roberto Bogarin

    4:35 RIP EARS :(

  • Oculus Midnight
    Oculus Midnight

    0:50 could use a bit more, "oomph,"

  • Тихон Алексеевич
    Тихон Алексеевич

    Обожаю ваши реакции😆

  • WastedGTAZ

    I like how Uncaged is all about MK yet he called Liu Kang...Ryu...

    • Acting Up
      Acting Up

      I think he said "Who are you"

  • Marika Aiello
    Marika Aiello

    My favourite reaction are n.4 unCagedgamez, the cyber nerds and Micheal Angelo!! I was almost crying too!

  • Princess Azula
    Princess Azula


  • Kankles the Sloth
    Kankles the Sloth

    Though it can be kinda childish sometimes, I’m so glad my generation is so open and willing to embrace their inner child and the nostalgic things that used to, and still do, bring us joy. Thinking you’re too old to play anymore is the quickest way to a dull, uninspired life.

  • Brian Webb
    Brian Webb

    Subzero looks weird af

  • Panos Lezi
    Panos Lezi

    No ermac destroyed jax's arms but they changed it, still dope though

  • Crazie Ghost
    Crazie Ghost

    I like number 16 when he prematured Scorpion's line 😂LOL

  • kareem Thompson-Jones
    kareem Thompson-Jones

    Damn shawty shoulda stayed in her own room

  • mr niceguy
    mr niceguy

    This is the movie we need most right now

  • Brandon Orozco
    Brandon Orozco

    some of these reactions, i mean all of them, are so over the top for no reason whatsoever.

  • Shail Thapa
    Shail Thapa

    Everyone : Goro!!!

  • David Foster
    David Foster

    Scorpion all the way

  • razer steel
    razer steel


  • Tommy Jommy
    Tommy Jommy

    Why sub zero is not really blue und scorpion not really yellow? Thats not so good i found

  • Nisa PDX
    Nisa PDX

    The showdown between Sub-Zero and Scorpion looks so dope and authentic because the actors portraying them have years and years of real martial arts training. The actor behind Sub-Zero is a real life professional Judo athlete with several gold medals in Japan and Scorpion is a prodigy of Sonny Shiba... If you don't know who that is, just look him up and you'll get a sense of how good his martial arts and fighting skills are. Their fight scenes are going to be freakin AMAZINGGGGGGG, I seriously can't wait.

    • Daniel Stoner
      Daniel Stoner

      I have to agree that this showdown and fight between the 2 characters and actors is going to be freaking epic!!! I'm so looking for to seeing this movie, and what they do, especially in scorpion and sub-zero's scene as well.. Thanks also for that bit of knowledge by the way. I didn't know the actor playing Scorpion; was also a prodigy of Sonny Chiba.. I can't wait for this movie!!!

    • AEC

      You aint bullshitting! I cant wait for the showdown between Sub vs Scorpion and more importantly cant wait for the movie entirely. Never been so ready for a movie to be released. Waited 20+ yrs for this. And we finally got it and they did it amazingly!!!

  • deshawn buckner
    deshawn buckner

    It's enjoyable to see we ALL had the same reactions for Jax losing his arms and Sub Zero and scorpions fight

  • amilahbray25

    I love this shit