Girl acts sad to see how her horse will react.
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  • Cody Hurley
    Cody Hurley


  • Bass Galaxy
    Bass Galaxy

    Awe! That horse is so sweet. 😂

  • StormFire52

    wish my dog did this, my dog just gives me a look of "go away"

  • Fishing

    Animals are truly the best!

  • Sophie Filo
    Sophie Filo

    "Oh, no, the human's broken. Umm. Maybe this will fix it...?"

  • Zion Vas
    Zion Vas

    By his virgin birth,death on cross n ressurrection on the 3rd day God Jesus saved u frm all sins,hell,satan eternal death,stress etc is good him. C.jesus saves in google ....

  • Andy Andy
    Andy Andy

    Next time you see a girl crying take her a pice off hay.

  • Denise Mobers
    Denise Mobers

    We had a mare on our property, that slipped and fell on some ice, shattering her scapula. There was nothing we could do, but euthanize her. All of the other horses were lined up in their respective pens, watching the scene unfold. They all stood there for some time, until the body was removed. For a few weeks after, the other horses acted a little off, I think it was grief.

  • Tresha Shelton
    Tresha Shelton

    4,500 people who are jealous.

  • kareem ashbomb
    kareem ashbomb

    sits next to shit


    when I see a video of a horse my mind always thinking about the kick😂

  • Ishan Ojha
    Ishan Ojha

    Hays before hoes

  • Akhil Vatsa
    Akhil Vatsa

    Maybe hay does help

  • Black Rose Arts
    Black Rose Arts


  • Ram Ranch
    Ram Ranch

    There you go Play station Players. Let you name your horse then script kill it later.

  • Paivi Project
    Paivi Project


  • Rage Gamer
    Rage Gamer

    The horse said "Hey"

  • I Can't Believe It's Not Butter
    I Can't Believe It's Not Butter

    Cried and my pet rock didn't do nothing, didn't move one inch. Got a pet rock because store owner told me it's a lifetime pet.

  • Lainey Garner
    Lainey Garner

    Horses understand you more than you think

  • David Ballentine
    David Ballentine

    Beautiful animal and so graceful your a very lucky person to have this horse!! Just curious what the name of your horse??

  • Bill T
    Bill T

    I tried this in front of my cat. I started crying in front of my cat and I found out my cat could talk. He said "what's wrong with you human? And you call me a pussy?" Then he walked away. He did not give me a piece of straw.

  • lil bud
    lil bud

    I dont give a nay.

  • family matters
    family matters

    horse is clearly not emotionally available to her, and has trouble expressing emotions, and how to respond.

  • Seven Costanza
    Seven Costanza

    What do you think a cat would so if it's owner cried ?

  • radiohead4everrrrr

    they act so much like greyhounds, its weird

  • Omar Brown
    Omar Brown


  • Michael Sublet
    Michael Sublet

    It's not chocolate but it will do.

  • Salman Mujtaba
    Salman Mujtaba

    Now watch me whip whip Watch me hay hay

  • Scholarly Cat
    Scholarly Cat

    Horses are humanity's second best friend. They've been our means of transportation for thousands of years.

  • Tomboy Topic
    Tomboy Topic

    Girl: starts crying Horse: sigh* what’s wrong hooman? I got you some food

    • Old school 69
      Old school 69 LOL

  • A Murphy
    A Murphy

    Well that made me cry!

  • Ivan De jesus
    Ivan De jesus

    Girl:cries Horse:you’ll alright girl with Arthur voice

  • just a crow
    just a crow

    The animals understand way beyond what we imagine.

  • Matt Lister
    Matt Lister

    Horses hearts breaks when their owner is hurt or sad.

    • Old school 69
      Old school 69 LOLha ha

  • R Jo
    R Jo

    Now that she knows you're tricking her, next time you're really crying she gonna be like nah bitch you had your chance

  • S.W.93 1
    S.W.93 1

    whats new women crying to get what they want smh lol

  • Vin Smog
    Vin Smog

    Shii Human. Have some Hay. Dunno what to do with you tho

  • Sheree

    I fell off my mare and ended up in hospital. The next day I went to see her and she pinned her ears back and chased me away. I think she was scared she would hurt me again. So I started crying and she did exactly this, she came over to me and was like I am sorry! My heart.

  • Simple Wombat
    Simple Wombat

    Human eat hat, less sad.

  • Juan Zanatta
    Juan Zanatta

    Es pura mierda le reprimiste la dosis de recompensa

  • Mav F
    Mav F

    The horse must be an Italian, as they always giving you food doesnt matter what mood you are in!! lmao

  • Etigress

    I tried this with my horse and he pushed his head into my chest and let me hug his face.

  • Krystian W.
    Krystian W.

    I have to check this with my horse, but as I know my horse I do not expect much. EDIT: I've checked this. My horse surprised me. 😮 She came to me, and started to pet my neck.

  • Ryan Je
    Ryan Je

    Animals are so much more intuitive and compassionate than humans.

    • Old school 69
      Old school 69 LOL

  • John paul Tabilog
    John paul Tabilog


  • Justin Miller
    Justin Miller

    It *_reminds me_* of this video

  • Line Dallaire
    Line Dallaire

    I was doing a stressful job and my pressure went to 220..... my horse detected it right away, in a second.... I went to the hospital, she saved my life.....

  • Souha Waseem
    Souha Waseem

    The way the horse slowly turned around tho...🤨😝

  • Ruby White
    Ruby White

    Aww animals are beautiful and so caring

  • Ankur Shah
    Ankur Shah

    Horse: Food make me go from sad to happy everyday. You try.

  • LuminaryPrism75

    “What was- oh she’s just goofin...wait you good? You hungry? You want hay?”

  • Sapna Barman
    Sapna Barman

    That's why I love animals ❤️, they are pure hearted lovers.

  • David Goldwyn
    David Goldwyn

    Has there already been a “Hay now, you’re a rockstar” joke?

  • Rob Simpson
    Rob Simpson

    Wow. That’s pretty cool!

  • a peaceful world
    a peaceful world

    masha'Allah! Horses are a gift for us humankind from The Creator ♥️🌍☝️

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith

    Excuse me I'm not very happy with the quality of this hay.

  • Prinz Eugen
    Prinz Eugen

    Tried this as a male.Horse came to me, kicked me in the teeth and told me to grow some balls.

  • Anmol Nag
    Anmol Nag

    Manipulators by nature


    It made me remember that scene from Lord of the Rings, when Aragorn is unconscious and the horse picks him up.

  • lulz Sec
    lulz Sec

    Horse: eat this hay. It'll make you feel better 🤣

  • Michael Shelley
    Michael Shelley

    that was so sweet......but the poor horse probably was then sad too....:(

  • Yin Lin
    Yin Lin

    C o m f o r t f o o d

  • Toha Hawlader
    Toha Hawlader


  • David


  • Sighphi

    The horse is like," she's crying cause she's sitting next to poop. I'm going to bring some hay so she can clean it."

    • Old school 69
      Old school 69 LOL

  • Scubaguy007

    Animals can be awesome! ...They can also be terrifying.

  • Lauren Hulton
    Lauren Hulton

    My horse would tell me to get a grip😔

  • Joe Liq
    Joe Liq

    All animals are souls. Remember that. Amen.

  • Brightdxisy

    Everyone making jokes Me : Dead from how cute this is

    • Old school 69
      Old school 69 LOL

    • Justin Miller
      Justin Miller

      It *_reminds me_* of this video

  • Arnold Kim
    Arnold Kim

    God damn it, I’m too high for this.

  • Fknrage913

    Girl crying. Horse: You need more fiber.

  • Sebastian Urena
    Sebastian Urena

    The horse is so smart and kind, it slowly approached with an offering

  • N goddess
    N goddess


  • Joshua and Priscilla Akuffo
    Joshua and Priscilla Akuffo


  • Red Man
    Red Man


  • Maxime Reiser
    Maxime Reiser

    This video gave me a different level of admiration for horses

  • Chris

    horses are precious

  • Tähtilaivan kapteeni
    Tähtilaivan kapteeni

    True love.

  • Indomitus Veritas
    Indomitus Veritas

    A horse with more empathic ability than most humans.

  • Lamborghini Cyan
    Lamborghini Cyan

    They good horse

  • Jonny S
    Jonny S

    0:24 Horse:"Oh no.. I'm not good with this kind of thing.." "!" "Hhhaayyyy there, buddyyy.. you okay?" :D

  • Gary Jagger
    Gary Jagger

    Wow beautiful

  • mehak singh
    mehak singh

    All the jokes aside, lets appreciate how sweet and understanding the horse is💚👏

  • ayush kumar
    ayush kumar

    May god keep them together forever ❤️

  • Francis Pitts
    Francis Pitts

    I love girls like her. Natural, no BS, no filters or makeup, takes care of her horse and is just normal. She is more beautiful than any model especially on Instagram. Just real and decent.

  • Ananya Surya
    Ananya Surya

    Its was his way of saying "Hay!!"

  • Zinyuz Hiri
    Zinyuz Hiri

    incluso los animales pueden sentir empatía :")

  • Friedrich Schulze Harling
    Friedrich Schulze Harling

    And then me and my family had a great evening eating lasagna

  • Satan

    *This is wholesome*

  • shalem roy
    shalem roy

    Human logic got the horse tamed.. “Hors-ian “ logic jus won all our hearts...!

  • B3ny Thomas
    B3ny Thomas

    Girl: Cries Horse: GURRL u need some Fiber.

  • S- Tale
    S- Tale

    "And that's when I never trusted her again"

  • Vincent Murolo
    Vincent Murolo


  • seEvhAnxz aR
    seEvhAnxz aR


  • liam crawley
    liam crawley

    Hay, why the long face

  • Moonlight Shadows
    Moonlight Shadows

    I freakin love animals. If only humans were as nice, just think how awesome this world would be.

  • Hannah Sophia Binaoro
    Hannah Sophia Binaoro

    Awhhhh 💪❤️

  • The Doggo
    The Doggo

    Dogs : *Finally a worthy opponent!*

  • FormerHumanX

    I wish I had a horse :(

  • it is all lies
    it is all lies

    Damn what an amazing life. You have to ACT sad.