Top 5 Best Guns in Cold War Multiplayer!
One of the biggest question I've been asked lately is "What is the best gun in Cold War?" so in today's second video, I wanted to share what I consider to be the top 5 guns to use based on their stats as well as their feel in game. What is your favorite gun to use so far?


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  • biglovin08

    Personally I love the stoner closely followed by the M60. LMGs🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾

  • Emmanuel M
    Emmanuel M

    Nice vid

  • I play ps5 games 4321
    I play ps5 games 4321

    Ak 47 is my gun it’s soooooo good and mp5 is good to

  • FreeSJ

    wheres the dual magnums

  • T. Baggins415
    T. Baggins415

    AK-74u all day

  • John Redcorn
    John Redcorn

    No love for the Stoner 63

  • Paul Playz
    Paul Playz

    The aug is so underrated my guy

  • David 1312
    David 1312

    What is the best set for m16

  • David 1312
    David 1312

    Love the m16

  • WilliamNPC

    The only guns I’m using

  • Lazy Sloth Gaming
    Lazy Sloth Gaming

    I think I like mw better bc my main guns in mw are mp7 kilo r9 and ak 47

  • Griffin Gatien
    Griffin Gatien

    my favorite gun is the MP5

  • Kikito Pendejito
    Kikito Pendejito

    Type 63>DMR

  • ツ1Tbug

    5. Krig 6 4.MP5 3. The tiny comrades 2. Mac 10 1. Ak74 u

  • Matthew F
    Matthew F

    I love the type 63, anyone else?

  • Fumbleweed Dumblecock
    Fumbleweed Dumblecock

    Don't know what you're talking about. I always get a 2-burst kill on the m16, even when going for the headshots. I guess you have to get all three hits on the head?

    • Fumbleweed Dumblecock
      Fumbleweed Dumblecock

      @Hdjenxjsbs Dheixbs Dk, had literally one game where I was getting literally just one-bursts, like all of you lads claim. Then, next 30 matches, 2-bursts at best. Maybe it's really because of the range(and therefore attachments, as you say).

    • Hdjenxjsbs Dheixbs
      Hdjenxjsbs Dheixbs

      Usually I get 1 bursts, attachments maybe?

  • Zac Devers
    Zac Devers

    I have max out AUG, MP5, AK47 and AK74U, and use the type 63 lol

  • muhammed green
    muhammed green

    I'm digging the Groza AR. Prob boones fave but it feels good to me.

  • Fat Person
    Fat Person

    XM4 is my favorite

  • Sami Charif
    Sami Charif

    ig in the only one who liked the krig 6 and the stoner 63

  • Slice 075
    Slice 075

    I love ak man

  • Ivan Dória Sant'Ana
    Ivan Dória Sant'Ana

    I like using the AK47 but lately I'm playing more with the M16

  • Trump 2021
    Trump 2021

    #1 akimbo magnums with 12 round fast mag. That shit can rapid fire and has more bullets than any shotgun and 1 shot kill!

  • Дмитрий Полубояринов
    Дмитрий Полубояринов

    The best gun is blade

  • DemonTobias

    Mine is the AK-74 u and the Bullfrog

  • Glenn Matthews
    Glenn Matthews

    The mp5 is broken in cold war because the mp5 is broken irl

  • stinky monke
    stinky monke

    havent watched yet but im guessing in no order 1. ak47 2. mp5 3. aug 4. m16 5. xm4

  • lil wound
    lil wound

    Im equpping my clasess with all these guns lol

  • lil wound
    lil wound

    Imma start using the m16

  • Kevin Thompson
    Kevin Thompson

    I use the m16 or the ak74u

  • Aaron Horne
    Aaron Horne

    and then the mac 10 came.

  • Cameron Kovatovich
    Cameron Kovatovich

    I like the M16 due to the accuracy and the firepower.

  • Dylan Chapman
    Dylan Chapman

    The stoner 63 is lowkey INSANE

    • Creek Dojo
      Creek Dojo


    • ChefGN

      stoner is a laser beam

    • Stratton Goodman
      Stratton Goodman

      i realized that after i highkey kept getting shredded by it lobby after lobby, i think its time i try it out


    Type 63???

  • Adolf Drippler
    Adolf Drippler

    Man, I’m honestly surprised the DMR-14 isn’t on here. That’s what everybody abuses in my lobbies and it’s so overpowered.

    • Adolf Drippler
      Adolf Drippler

      @RealismMadeObsolete Again exactly bro for real

    • RealismMadeObsolete Again
      RealismMadeObsolete Again

      I'm glad to see someone else say this! Jesus, it's like it outguns you at every distance, it's nuts.

  • Shock_Cynnx

    Dmr is pretty good

  • TXPatriot 70
    TXPatriot 70

    I like the stoner 63. Probably not the best but it is fun.

  • Jaylen Anderson
    Jaylen Anderson

    You have gave people like me the powers to sweat in cod😎😎

  • AlmightyTriggerer

    Ngl kinda hate the mp5

  • Javier Lorenzo
    Javier Lorenzo

    My best guns choice: 1. M16 2. XM4 3. 1911 4. Hauer 77 5. AK47

  • Chasen Ben
    Chasen Ben

    I like the mp5

  • Adam Frazer
    Adam Frazer

    I'm so late to the party, but off the bat I'm thinking Santa needs to haul ass back here and give me the AUG H-BAR

  • Joseph R.
    Joseph R.

    for some reason I do well with the grig 6 and I thought I was the only one who gave the type 63 a shot

  • Adrian Armez
    Adrian Armez


  • Fishy Tiko
    Fishy Tiko

    Best gun mp5 2 best gun m16

  • Bob windsloo 123
    Bob windsloo 123

    I like the XM4 and MP5

  • Fortinator88

    Thank you really helped 🙂

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow

    1 month later and the mp5 def isnt king anymore, the aj74 took its place

  • CFour-

    M16 and XM4

  • OhAstro

    Mp5 is siiiiiiiiiiiiiiick

  • Logan

    Duel Diammatis

  • Bryan Torres
    Bryan Torres

    Mac 10 is killer 🤙🏼

  • Alex Nowak
    Alex Nowak

    Anyone else in love with the xm4 but didn't see it on the list

    • Otis Fotis
      Otis Fotis


    • This is starhead8806 alt acount Ps
      This is starhead8806 alt acount Ps

      Nah I think your just weird ak 47 is the best o my experience

  • God's Soldier
    God's Soldier

    Finally something for multiplayer

  • AR KING 5464
    AR KING 5464

    Milano killer ‼️‼️‼️

    • VVV TTT
      VVV TTT

      @AR KING 5464 ?

    • AR KING 5464
      AR KING 5464

      @VVV TTT the gun on the game, I like that max 10 too 😆

    • VVV TTT
      VVV TTT


  • Itz_Lil_Lizard

    On cold war there are not the modern warfare weapons too, right?

  • krastavichkaYT

    Let’s fast forward 1 month later: People are constantly headglitching The Mac-10 shreds everything The ninja perk is broken Slow ttk and almost impossible to hit clips

    • krastavichkaYT

      @leatherface pepper yes quad feeds and stuff

    • leatherface pepper
      leatherface pepper

      Hit clips?

    • Shitposter#51

      Bro bless you, sbmm and the Mac-10 have been shredding me, I think they did something to the shotguns as it’s a 2-shot kill for body shots and such.

  • Aaaayy Vib
    Aaaayy Vib

    DMR only gun i use.....sttaight beast....powerful,no recoil and range all around. Not an automstic but i like it better since its no recoil and aiming is just like butter...if your aim isnt thay good like me...

  • C B
    C B

    Krig6 all day

    • VVV TTT
      VVV TTT

      Got nerfed to the ground

  • Vurstile1x

    Another Year Of MP5...

  • Asten Regis
    Asten Regis

    My top 5: 5. MP5 4. M16 3. Mac 10 2. AK47 1. AK74u

  • Thineus Thaddeus
    Thineus Thaddeus

    I like all 3 LMGs, the m4 was my go to for a while. I like using every gun tho as much as I can. I’ve been maintaining a pretty solid k/d so might as well have fun and try them all

  • Austin Edwards
    Austin Edwards

    Bruh I used the mp5 before this vid the right attachments and without them it’s op

  • Comrade Brezhnev
    Comrade Brezhnev

    I usually just use the classic Vietnam weapons, M16, M14, M60, and M79.

  • shinya

    I hoped to see the dual wield magnum but it's not here and thats alright considering its a secondary but holy that gun is overpowered

  • jixing bian
    jixing bian

    wut about my GROZAAAAAA


    Getting the Cold War for Christmas and thank you for the tips on the guns

  • Jordan


  • Owen McGuire
    Owen McGuire

    Mines the m16 but i dont have the aug yet just got the gams so low level haha but im hype to try it

  • sage kopecky
    sage kopecky

    Type 63 because I level it up at least 2 times a match shuffling classes

  • ReaperSound

    Ive always been the type to conserve ammo so in MW I used the 5.56 and so in this one I use the AUG

  • Savage Dragon
    Savage Dragon

    Honestly I think the ak74u is better than the mp5 if you put on really good attachments.

  • Jamar Sloss
    Jamar Sloss

    I like the MP5 cause it's easy to control with good handling & I don't really notice a difference in time to kill between most guns. As long as I outsmart my opponents and stay prepared for gun fights I can win with any gun.

  • Max

    “how the gun feels in my hands” bro you’re playing a video game

  • megachef04

    Ak47 is the best in my opinion

  • Karolis Kocius
    Karolis Kocius


  • Pain.

    I better not see any campaign spoilers this year

  • Samurai

    Ak74u is not a SMG call of duty is Wrong.

  • Nolan Riley
    Nolan Riley

    I’m rocking the stoner lmg

  • J Man
    J Man

    Finally realised I’m getting to old for cod online, reactions have faded. Been here since cod 4. (The best cod)

    • Harry Noriega
      Harry Noriega

      Played since it came out for computer.those where the best call of duty games

    • Grant Nabit
      Grant Nabit

      yeah im 21 started with MW2, the 13 year olds rule us now

  • Ecky

    "if ur confident with ur aim" Who isnt rlly? on a FUCKING console KEKW

  • Shawn G
    Shawn G

    I just started using the 74u and yeah it rips. Unfortunately though, SBMM caught wind of this and after just a few games of having nearly a 3.0K/D, I got thrown into ULTRA sweat lobbies and got spawn killed, head glitched and everything else by kids that haven’t showered since the game launched....

  • mnicholas2

    Mikeknickzz on Xbox come get some

  • Alexander Diggs
    Alexander Diggs

    The xm4 is definitely the best assault rifle for me. Smg handling, tactical rifle recoil, and assault rifle damage

  • chaos top 10
    chaos top 10

    Stop dude stop dude

  • Josh Day
    Josh Day

    4:54 See he didn't kill himself.

  • Ari Volchenboum
    Ari Volchenboum

    Why do console players try to decide what is best. Auto-aim makes any gun good....

  • 1 Hour Songs
    1 Hour Songs

    My favorite AR is the QBZ favorite smg is the bullfrog favorite tac rifle is dmr favorite lmg is..i don’t use lmg’s favorite sniper is pelington favorite pistol is Diamatti and favorite shotgun is the Hauer 77

  • Anthony Garofalo
    Anthony Garofalo

    Am I deadass the only one that likes the Milano?

  • JD Davis
    JD Davis

    i think the last stop variant of the hauer is best

  • Pixel Pickle2456
    Pixel Pickle2456

    I jokingly grinded with the MP5 cause I wanted to show my friend I was a “Pro” yeah I think I have every attachment...

  • Wes Harrison
    Wes Harrison

    M16 is my favorite

  • Coldey

    1. MP5 2. XM4

  • TheGamingAffiliate

    Love the MP5

  • Skittyzz -.-
    Skittyzz -.-

    I use the krig 6 and ak 47 and the most overated THE MP5

  • Kyser

    and call of duty devs still don't know how to classify weapons.

  • Spooky time Scary videos
    Spooky time Scary videos

    Mp5 and ak74 are shit

  • On God
    On God

    Y’all sayin mp5 was da best gun last year like have you heard bout Mp7 ?🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Lenson

    Love the krig 6

  • John Blaze
    John Blaze

    The ak47u is my fav so far, I like the MP5 but lacks the fire power