My mom has a crush on famous rapper YG, so I decided to surprise her with him!
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  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug

    Subscribe and I’ll come surprise you at ur house ;)

    • Pradeep chainwala
      Pradeep chainwala

      Then u would have to come all the way to the other side of the world coz I live in India!😀

    • KK'S YT
      KK'S YT

      I would love the car or ps5 for my brother or the car for my mon cuz a 1yr ago my mom's car got taken away ans she recently got it back but its all broken and its expensive to fix it i well tell you in the next text about my brother

    • Zyrix

      I wish because i always wanted to meet you!:)

    • Santana Martinez
      Santana Martinez

      Bro i just want a ps5 😭

    • Mr.RedTech

      I subscribed.... dhar Mann told me to

  • Axella Andrade
    Axella Andrade

    Can’t wait for you to hit 20 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS 🎉🎉🥰🥰🎉🥰 faze rug i follow ur whole family but if u see this please please help me out with that Nissan it will be a blessing and it would really help me out but 😢 ik you will NEVER SEE THIS LOVE YA 😍😍Stay Positive

  • Axella Andrade
    Axella Andrade

    Can’t wait for you to hit 20 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS 🎉🎉🥰🥰🎉🥰 faze rug i follow ur whole family but if u see this please please help me out with that Nissan it will be a blessing and it would really help me out but 😢 ik you will NEVER SEE THIS LOVE YA 😍😍Stay Positive

  • Gacha all the way
    Gacha all the way

    Hey faze rug, I just wanted to let you know I would love an iPhone 12 but if I don’t win that is absolutely fine, I want to wish you, G fuel and everybody reading this a very good day or night 😄

  • Tariq Shamir Raja
    Tariq Shamir Raja

    How can i win the give away

  • Ian Ciobanu
    Ian Ciobanu

    I subbed now I liked the vid and I've been watching you for 4 years

  • Ian Ciobanu
    Ian Ciobanu

    Done I want t.hat ps5

  • Asaadboy

    Done, we're not just telling stories we're changing life

  • JotJap Singh
    JotJap Singh

    Wow yo good

  • Ruby Navarro
    Ruby Navarro

    Omg I really need the car please 🥺🥺 I really need it

  • vTemptations

    LMAO imagine taking Dhar Man's quote smh

  • Aastha Sharma
    Aastha Sharma

    We’re not telling stories, we’re changing lives✊🏻✊🏻

  • Madsteel Z12
    Madsteel Z12

    Done ✅

  • Beast Gaming
    Beast Gaming

    I have never had a Playstation i am 10 and me and my family are low on rent so pls can you give us 1000 dollars i live in SA south Africa so i cant get it😔

  • Shamicah moore
    Shamicah moore


  • mavario zoma
    mavario zoma

    The fact that I’ve watched every single one of his videos for the past 3 years

  • Ramiro Chaves
    Ramiro Chaves

    I just sub

  • Meerasahib Hameedaumma
    Meerasahib Hameedaumma

    If yall win I'll be happy for yall

  • Meerasahib Hameedaumma
    Meerasahib Hameedaumma

    "Done, we're not just telling stories, we're changing lives PLS LET ME WIN PLSSS 😭😭😭😭 I'VE NEVER WON A GIVEAWAY PLSSSS PLSS PLSSS

  • Dream mobile Games
    Dream mobile Games

    done,good luck everyone

  • G Twizzlers
    G Twizzlers

    Love how he always stays positive

  • FaZe_ thomas
    FaZe_ thomas

    Can I plz have it because my mum crashed plz can I plzzzzz have it

  • Ragib Ishrak
    Ragib Ishrak

    Done, "We're not just telling stories... We're changing lives"


    mehn brian you are a blessed man on GOD

  • Callum Tweed
    Callum Tweed

    literally if iw on the car i would give it to my dad no joke he has wanted a new car for ages

  • Raquelle Marie
    Raquelle Marie

    What if we already been subscribe??

  • BigrWXXD 420
    BigrWXXD 420

    one b one 11 points try beat me 6'7 and 271 stack @faze rug

  • Tiago Santos
    Tiago Santos

    Your my favourite UZloadr in the world

  • Tiago Santos
    Tiago Santos

    I want 1000

  • Brian Stone
    Brian Stone


  • Tiago Santos
    Tiago Santos

    I want.

  • Tiago Santos
    Tiago Santos

    I live in wales

  • Jessica Morman
    Jessica Morman

    You are the best youtuber

  • pulse g
    pulse g

    he looked like drake

  • Panda Lover
    Panda Lover

    “Done, were not just telling stories were changing life’s”❤️

  • Dee Bro
    Dee Bro

    Done good luck to whoever wins the giveaway

  • JJ on YT
    JJ on YT

    If I get the car I’m gonna give it s Away

  • JJ on YT
    JJ on YT

    Yo I’ve been subbed Sence like 12mill

  • Johny Sekhonyane
    Johny Sekhonyane


  • Ronaldo Bocanegra
    Ronaldo Bocanegra

    If I were to win I live in GA

  • Alfredo Alonso
    Alfredo Alonso

    I’ve always wanted that car lucky you even get to sit in it

  • Emory Marshall
    Emory Marshall

    Wassup gold digger kylaen

  • Oscar Berg hovde
    Oscar Berg hovde

    We Are not just telling stores we Are changhing lives done

  • Cocinando Con Kathia
    Cocinando Con Kathia

    We’re not just telling store , we are changing life . DoNE ✅

  • Chachi Chooch
    Chachi Chooch

    I'm in Australia, what if i win the car, can i pick it up from our local Nissan dealer?

  • Jose Bojorquez
    Jose Bojorquez

    Bro FaZe rug hope you are doing well bro but guys I need you guys to do me a favor please like, subscribe, and comment, and don’t forget to share thanks guys if you did that you are apishly awesome love yo guys bye 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥰🥰🥰🥰🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽👍👍👍👍😷😷😷😷😇😇😇😇

  • Jazzmyn Magallon
    Jazzmyn Magallon

    I subscribed faze

  • Jazzmyn Magallon
    Jazzmyn Magallon

    Come to my house brother aziizii i need a new car

  • Desiray Kellum
    Desiray Kellum

    Mama rug is so cute 😊, best part of the video was her love for YG😎

  • Dylna Kerrugan
    Dylna Kerrugan

    I wanna say everyone have an amazing day 🙏🙏

  • Niere Marie
    Niere Marie

    I need a car so badly hope to win it love you faze rug

  • Niere Marie
    Niere Marie

    Stop playing with faze rug let’s get him to 20m

  • Mathew Avalos
    Mathew Avalos

    Respect for mama rug📈

  • Trace Love
    Trace Love

    I have 9 years till I can drive

  • MAHAMED Mohamood
    MAHAMED Mohamood

    faze rug come on man

  • PZ 999
    PZ 999

    Done with your Instagram and I meal

  • Kayak Uprising
    Kayak Uprising

    Never heard of him, but I also don't listen to rap/hip hop so lol

  • Galal Jumako
    Galal Jumako


  • Johnathan Melendez
    Johnathan Melendez

    That’s lit

  • Sam nauman
    Sam nauman


  • Cindy Cherry
    Cindy Cherry

    I love your videos

  • Ronald Sanchez
    Ronald Sanchez

    Done we are not just telling stories we’re changing lives 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Crystal Huffman
    Crystal Huffman

    Fazerug a long time subcriber

  • Jessie Hernandez
    Jessie Hernandez

    Rug rug rug rug !!!!!!!!!!

  • Jaren Cooper
    Jaren Cooper

    "Done, We're not just telling stories, we're changing lives".

    • Meerasahib Hameedaumma
      Meerasahib Hameedaumma

      Hope you win

    • FaZe_ thomas
      FaZe_ thomas


  • Jeet Sunny
    Jeet Sunny


  • Jr Aguilar
    Jr Aguilar

    “we’re not just telling stories, we are saving lives”!! Done

  • Bel A
    Bel A

    This video was so messy😭 love you rug

  • natalie common
    natalie common

    Your the best pirson ever


    I subscribed

  • Maryam El halabi
    Maryam El halabi

    me please

  • Sophie Hounschell
    Sophie Hounschell

    I hope I win a iPhone bc I have been watching you for 5 years

  • KRQ11

    I’m really poor @faze rug I need a car please!

  • Shannon JENKOFSKY
    Shannon JENKOFSKY

    I'm in the dark tryna make a babeyyyyyyyyyy

  • Hurleys96

    Bruh fuck you and your clickbait. I don’t care or know who Ryan is. You literally put drake on your thumbnail. Fuck off

  • Andre Family
    Andre Family

    I subscribed

  • Andre Family
    Andre Family

    I am A huge fan Think I’ve watched it for about five years if you get this comment mean the world to me

  • Yehya Fattah ahmad
    Yehya Fattah ahmad

    I only need a visaa

  • Fredrick Adjin
    Fredrick Adjin

    I pray i get a playstation 😭🇬🇭

  • Manoj kumar
    Manoj kumar

    i have 7plus , hoping to win 12 .

  • Harleyweeny

    Why are most the comments so botty and dry and just dead...

  • Lynette Smith
    Lynette Smith


  • Fabian Patino
    Fabian Patino

    Imagine actually getting that car man what are the chances god bless rug

  • Christian Rodriguez
    Christian Rodriguez


  • Erma Heredia
    Erma Heredia

    I would love ❤️ to win the Car love ❤️ u rug never missed a video 📸 u have a nice heart ur very caring

  • Thierry Louissaint
    Thierry Louissaint

    Imagine the winner of the GIVEAWAY isn't even that active to the channel 🙂😇

  • benitez pg3d
    benitez pg3d

    For me the lifetime supply of chug rug is a day supply of chug rug I’ll finish it Quick!! ⚡️

  • KingK _1000
    KingK _1000

    Dude me thinking the nissan was going to be a GTR 😂

  • KingK _1000
    KingK _1000

    “Done, we’re not just telling stories, we’re changing lives”.

  • Aubreigh Burley
    Aubreigh Burley

    that car is beautiful!!

  • Noe

    Love you bro

  • Metal Head
    Metal Head

    Yah it should be Lil rugy 😉🔥

  • chris2567

    done, were not just telling stories, wer're changing lives

  • Juh Pad
    Juh Pad


  • jurgita nauckūnienė
    jurgita nauckūnienė


  • Jimmy Man
    Jimmy Man

    I wish i win the iphone but it does not matter if i dont get it i will still be part of the rug fam

  • John Partlow
    John Partlow


  • franchette sulogaol
    franchette sulogaol

    i wont expect much cause im from Philippines its too far

  • Kunashe Mundondo
    Kunashe Mundondo

    We love u Bryan ❤

  • Mo Bo
    Mo Bo

    just go i wil give you support