2000 Days - [Hardcore Minecraft]
This video is intended for audiences 13+ years old for the following reasons
Fantasy Violence
Violent References
Suggestive Themes
Crude Humor
Minecraft Hardcore Mode is the HARDEST version of Minecraft without a doubt. Creepers spawn more often. Skeleton arrows do more damage. And Zombies can call upon the horde. Most notably of all though, if you die in Hardcore Minecraft, you die forever. Your world is deleted. *Minecraft theme plays at MAX VOLUME*
Please do not re-upload any of this content
C418 - Minecraft
Daniel Rosenfeld

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Thumbnail Art - Maeder
Editor - Tors
0:00 Introduction - Sub to LTN
0:22 Day 1000-1100
13:40 Day 1100-1200
24:16 Day 1200-1300
35:52 Day 1300-1400
47:31 Day 1400-1500
1:00:31 Day 1500-1600
1:07:32 Day 1600-1700
1:20:49 Day 1700-1800
1:32:22 Day 1800-1900
1:45:13 Day 1900-2000

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      Why he does so good

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      harambe2586 games

      Hey luke if your sound keeps dissapearing put a resource pack on and take it off it happens to me sometimes too

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      The Boys Rad

      I DID

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      Luke at 100 days:my goal is to go to 2000 days Luke at 2000 days: after all these years finally I’m the king of hardcore

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    Loralie Alscher

    Me on day one ded him on day 2000 alive lol 😆😂

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    The comments sooo new

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    Soo cool

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    I have been always a fan of your videos and wouldn't miss a single one especially the superflat world and the 100 days with the tors please do two hundred on both videos

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    How Can Ou Survive?!

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    build a law firm

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    The last video I watch before I die “ I survived one million days in hardcore Minecraft and this is how”

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    Landon Carnes

    3000 days this is a good series

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    Callum Edlin

    you can use a respawn anchor in the nether only I think the end but Idk but what I do know is that you should never build it in the overworld

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    Please do 3000!!!!!!!

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    Please do 3000 days!!

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    I've put of watching this video for two months now cos of the 2 hours to watch

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    Luke thenotable..... You are amazing!!!

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    if he dies, he would probably be relieved

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    Electric Force Community

    To be honest you should do a 3,000 day hardcore Minecraft, I think everyone would enjoy it, and it would be a great video idea (for the video respawn the ender dragon) but I would also enjoy at 3,000 day hardcore Minecraft!

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    he isnt making 3000 days

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    Luke TheNotable: Survives 2000 days in hardcore Me: Still discovering you cant make horse armor

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    the dophfin that wronged me btw im on my moms work computer lol

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    Anyone else hear basket insted of bastion

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    Imagen if he dies on day 9999

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      shreks son2

      on twitter he said that he wont do 3000 days

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    all comments are in secconds and minutes

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    3,000 pls pls pls

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    all comments are in secconds and minutes

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    all comments are in secconds and minutes And i know this

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      @All I feel is pain k

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      You can change that

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    Lone wolf2000

    all comments are in secconds and minutes

  • Lone wolf2000
    Lone wolf2000

    all comments are in secconds and minutes

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    Landon Carnes

    I found pig step in my first chest

  • Lone wolf2000
    Lone wolf2000

    all comments are in secconds and minutes

  • Lone wolf2000
    Lone wolf2000

    all comments are in secconds and minutes

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    You know its gonna be a good episode when its 2 hours long

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    Abdelhak winston

    don't kill librarian just give him a new lectern table and the beds r better than tnt just put a block in front of you

    • Dan Stoisor
      Dan Stoisor

      Beds leave fire everywhere, smaller blast radius, and are unstackable. You should use TNT whenever possible but beds are a good alternative if you don't have a large supply of gunpowder and/or have a creeper farm.

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    Version: 1.16 The clouds: 1.0

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    Lillian Pong

    You'll need 3.45M signs to do that.

  • cat lol
    cat lol

    ok so, to get netherite, just make beds. u go in, put the beds in the sides, and blow 'em up. theyre easy to make, and they waste a lot less than tnt

    • DryBlade

      @Ankush Vasireddy I do agree but I think hes doing it because 1. It doesn't create fire and 2. The chain reaction when you like TNT up

    • Ember AshTalon Animations
      Ember AshTalon Animations

      @Ankush Vasireddy He could use both for double the productivity!

    • Ankush Vasireddy
      Ankush Vasireddy

      @DryBlade i would argue that he has more wool

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    • DryBlade

      But he has plenty of TNT/gunpowder

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      *Confused Confusing Confusion*

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    day 12406 Herobrine killed me

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    Luke day 1000000 I got an ender dragon in a box as a pet and a wither make them fight

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    the Luke theNotable rap 7:49

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    day 35890238904: I finished replacing all blocks with emerald blocks

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    27:05 just kill me

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    He should create a water stair case with magma and soul sand, to go up and down his house

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    We are literally watching him slowly descend into madness over the 2000 days

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    Adrian Carper

    In day 1744 Luke was about dead

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      Jim the quagsire

      used a totem i guess

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    You have lived in this world for 5.8 years

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      o k

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    do one million days in hardcore minecraft

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      nice :)

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    I’m a op I e been subtractive for a long time can I pls be shouted out pls

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    person who likes anime

    i just watched 2 hours of this guy playing minecraft while procrastinating on my own world, nice.

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      I died when an enderman and trident drowned decided to ruin my day

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      I just died on mine at day 35 from a creeper falling from the sky... furthest i've gotten so far

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    Day 19283747472736: I replaced all minecraft world with emerald blocks

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    Im just rewatching this while playing skyblock lol

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      @The Craftifier King Ayyo thats cool 😲

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    Why are all the comments from a few minutes or hours ago this came out more than a month ago

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    1:31:15 That’s what she said!

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    When will 3,000 days come out

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      In a long, long time

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      i know

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    I beat your sheep toungtwister.

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    1:53:21 My Unc was born in this year

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    Luke is so powerful now it’s pretty much impossible to die

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    2000 days?!?! I think your the first one do that

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      @Mystic Scorpio yes

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      nope he is not someone survived 5 real years in hardcore minecraft

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    ,,They didn't want freedom, so I forced them into freedom" - unknown Marine landing in Iraq

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    DOPE films productions

    Credit to Luke the notable for the idea idea


    WhAT the hell 1:44:53

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    1:56:09 Christopher Columbus once he found America “I see it! My land! My land!”

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    3000 days

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    Next Up: I spend 1 hour in a therapist's room

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    1:41:16 PAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUSEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! fit into his deep black hole, ahh why does it have to be so hard... oh god what is wrong with me

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    It’s not hit it’s spanking there’s a difference

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    Banana Plays

    all i want to say is Luke TheNotable is the best and has inspierd me to do my own hardcore survival world

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    watched the whole thing, epic video

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    Joseph Cotton

    You need to continue this thing

    • Joseph Cotton
      Joseph Cotton

      You could start 3000 days at the cliffs and caves update!!!

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    was it just me or i thought he was go die to a baby zombie at the end

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    Imagine if he was celebreting at every 365 days pretending to be a new year

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    Luke make a minecraft skin

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    Can we just appreciate how this video is exactly 2 hours

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      his 1st video is 30:01 r/mildlyinfuriating

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    "wouldnt want to die by a baby zombie" ......

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    Banishment 4life

    Do 4000 in next video sense you all ways do more days then the last video

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      @Matt Shive Funny you say that when you also made some grammatical errors in your previous comment. Besides you should also be old enough to know that you shouldn’t be making assumptions on a persons life over a UZload comment.

    • Matt Shive
      Matt Shive

      @annette v who cares. He probably spends too much time on UZload, which is why he can’t spell correctly.

    • annette v
      annette v

      @Matt ShiveI understand what you mean, but telling a literal child to go back to school is a very pointless and unnecessary comment to make.

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    • Matt Shive
      Matt Shive

      @wtm DAISY I completely understand that. But also even children should be educated enough to not misspell “since” and “always” and “than”. He’s also grammatically incorrect.

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