Rod Wave - Street Runner (Official Video)
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Voicemail excerpt from “I Miss You” by Sarah Lyons
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Instagram - @sarah_lyoness
Twitter - @sarahlyoness
"Street Runner" Lyrics
Sorry i missed your call i was on a jet
I been so zoned out tryna figure out whats next
So scared to feel i'm calculating my every step
Gotta watch my back and keep my strap but nonetheless
I think about you when i'm gone wishing i could hold ya
Prolly home wishing someone come and love you how they posed to
And i hope you see this letter before it's too late
Out here chasing my dream don't get in the way
I blame my struggles and my uncles for my hustling ways
I'm way in michigan looking at real estate
Lord knows i wanna lay you down but i'm chasing cake
Can't go back broke stay on the go that's all that's on my brain
She tell me fuck you i hate you then i love you
can't blame you
She say i love but don't trust you can't change you
I just hope we don't end up how they do crash and burn on the shaderoom
Streetrunner gotta stop running sometime
I'm in yo city tonight
And these lights make me feel so inspired
Going higher and higher and higher
Taking me higher
Higher and higher and Higher

  • Marc Dee
    Marc Dee

    I see u bro

  • Amanda Pretty
    Amanda Pretty

    Mucis love 💘🥺🥺🥺

  • allison m
    allison m

    Y’all. His shots in Michigan were legit where my apartment is, where I walk my dog. God damn. Wish I woulda been out that night!

  • Tart Weab
    Tart Weab

    makes me miss going places...makes me miss seeing my gf when i heard the recored message...anyone else feel the same?

  • Breee Bree
    Breee Bree

    I love this so much🥰 I listen to it about 5 times day lol

  • HeziLuvzz FN
    HeziLuvzz FN


  • Danger Dave
    Danger Dave

    I'm heart broken

  • Ashton John
    Ashton John

    That “loving you is my greatest sin” 🥺🚀

  • Alexandra Rodriguez
    Alexandra Rodriguez

    The vulgar wealth spontaneously tremble because snowstorm analytically open opposite a puny cereal. busy, youthful tuesday

  • Jakesia Sutton
    Jakesia Sutton

    His music be on some lyrical shizz that you will never comprehend unless you are in his shoes and going through similar traits. I fucks with it tuff :)

  • king sabertooth 678
    king sabertooth 678

    “She said fuck you I hate you then I love you can’t blame you I love you but can’t trust you but can’t change you I just we don’t end up like thay do crash and burn on shade room street riderrrrr” Rodwave🤴🏾👑

  • Latavia Grant
    Latavia Grant


  • Fred Stewart
    Fred Stewart

    Rod wave da goat

  • Asian Persuasion
    Asian Persuasion

    1:33 Michigan Looking at Real Estate Yessuh

  • Charles Lynch
    Charles Lynch


  • Tiffany Taylor
    Tiffany Taylor

    I just want to know,who's fucking with him🤔🤔🤔🤔🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐

  • BriTori Just Cause
    BriTori Just Cause

    I miss being around you, hearing your laugh....

  • Jr Zendejas - Ruiz
    Jr Zendejas - Ruiz

    That phone call at the end hits Deep!!!

  • Tiana Hall
    Tiana Hall

    You are a UZloadr

  • DeOnna Williams
    DeOnna Williams


  • jastari benford
    jastari benford

    This it

  • Tristian Wade
    Tristian Wade

    I like your songs 💪💪

  • Movie High
    Movie High


  • Reynaldo KellyVernon
    Reynaldo KellyVernon

    This song is amazing. However as impactful as this song is, it hits harder and resonates even deeper when played at playback speed x0.9. If it makes a difference for you great, have an amazing day 😌🙏🏽

  • Legend Milligan
    Legend Milligan

    This is good

  • Alif Alif
    Alif Alif

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  • Larry Fitzsimmons
    Larry Fitzsimmons

    Itz krazy ckuz I feel in love wit somebody who feelingz wasn't mutual so itz up on my own frm here

  • Coldhearted Fromda3
    Coldhearted Fromda3


  • Shantasia Brown
    Shantasia Brown

    i love you 4 this song

  • Tryston Babich
    Tryston Babich

    " lovin you is my greatest sin" just hits different it works so well with this song.

  • Kendrick Limehouse
    Kendrick Limehouse

    I play this music every morning for I go to work that is really deep. Mind and heart and soul

  • Teresa Jackson
    Teresa Jackson


  • Sam Samura
    Sam Samura

    I am hooked. Unfortunately, I can not like it twice.

  • Kareen Gordon
    Kareen Gordon

    On repeat❤

  • Javonne Moxey
    Javonne Moxey

    Bruh Idk what I would do if rod wave pass away🥺🥺🥺🥺

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  • Jaheim West
    Jaheim West

    This man is #1 for real💯💯

  • Paris X Music
    Paris X Music

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  • Caparie Gong
    Caparie Gong

  • EBK_ Dmoney8314
    EBK_ Dmoney8314

    Any motivation in the comments

  • EBK_ Dmoney8314
    EBK_ Dmoney8314

    Yeah my soul feels better

  • Terika !!!
    Terika !!!


  • Voke Krollixy
    Voke Krollixy

    Who here in MAY

  • Kyle Gray
    Kyle Gray

    god bless this man

  • primitive assembly
    primitive assembly

    the only decent modern rapper

  • Levin Grey
    Levin Grey

    the sample hard

  • Shaniqua Belton
    Shaniqua Belton

    Say what you want but I ❤️ rod wave music

  • Cza Beats
    Cza Beats

    this needs a damn grammy fr

  • Smiley Soph.
    Smiley Soph.

    Sheesh you’re a legend OG, for making this soul food tune!💋

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      King Polo Next [OFFICIAL PAGE]


    Higher and Higher and Higherrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Exposing Jay
    Exposing Jay

    💞loving u is my greatest sin

  • Juju & ste'ara
    Juju & ste'ara

    The song is good

  • JaCkYoHoUsE

    Love is powerful, and through these songs I feel the love you put into making this album 💯🙏🏻

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      King Polo Next [OFFICIAL PAGE]

  • kahlia ty'lia Younh
    kahlia ty'lia Younh

    This song saved my relationship i had to stay away from thing's nd not chase what i love but chase what loves me

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  • Sha'Derrica Harrold
    Sha'Derrica Harrold


  • Edu Alzco
    Edu Alzco

    eete sech

  • OMGitzKB

    @ittzkb:God is good

  • Iosefa Beasley
    Iosefa Beasley

    soul of nate dogg

  • Iosefa Beasley
    Iosefa Beasley

    seriously the guy keeping me alive right now

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  • Yoyo King
    Yoyo King

    Bro this shit shouldn't go this hard 🔥🔥🔥

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  • Quango bro
    Quango bro

    If my ex send me a voice mail like dat, we have to get back together give her a BIG HUG no mater what

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  • kiah & king owens
    kiah & king owens

    This my shit yooo came through with this shit facts

  • Jordan Donaldson
    Jordan Donaldson

    hi rod wave

  • Dillon Hamilton
    Dillon Hamilton

    bro i cant wait till rod find himself a honey and have some kids man

  • Amun Ra
    Amun Ra

    Great artist and true testimony on how fame and fortune changes the dynamics of things dramatically.

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  • carlon bedeau
    carlon bedeau

    Who can't stop listening?😭

    • AndrewYt on Vu
      AndrewYt on Vu

      i swear😂🥴

    • London Smith
      London Smith

      this lit

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    Deangelo Lee

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    Andrew Sotelo

    B I G B E A R C A

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  • B Grimes
    B Grimes

    Nice beat

  • Selfmade Knocca
    Selfmade Knocca

    Just got done listening to Mixed Signals

  • thomas Thomas
    thomas Thomas

    #SafeMoon to orbit #SuperEarth.! 💙💜💜💜💙 #SafeMoon through the #Universe #BuySafeMoon💜💎💜

  • Valeria

    I love you rod wave

  • Drew Down
    Drew Down

    Thanks need that 4 real

  • Consuella Shephard
    Consuella Shephard

    Rod wave dont miss

  • OLG Goated
    OLG Goated

    The voice mail low key hits different

  • Janessa Tate
    Janessa Tate

    This song is fire

  • Jzii's Gems
    Jzii's Gems

    the ones who actually live where he was. (Grand rapids MI)

  • Naomi Howard
    Naomi Howard

    all rod wave song is true That what i really love about him

  • John remin
    John remin

    That intro sample just takes me places😩🙌👌

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  • Marvion Vital9
    Marvion Vital9


  • Denise Mcqueen
    Denise Mcqueen

    💗💗💗I love this song it's my favorite I lost so many friends this year's an last year my god

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  • masta9xm


  • allenvap

    Whoa. Walk it and talk it EM. Elbow. Swing that thing go. Swing your leg. Throw your head. Whoopty doo. 1, 2 fist pump fist pump. 3, 4 junebug junebug junebug. START OVER🔁

  • Heluv Maya
    Heluv Maya

    I can feel his pain but that last part broke my heart

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  • CBG dinero
    CBG dinero

    He in ma xity

    • CBG dinero
      CBG dinero

      Imma find his house

  • nike finatik
    nike finatik

    Omg I’m boutta busssttt 😩😩😩

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  • BabyGurl Cole
    BabyGurl Cole

    🙌 God bless you 🙏❤ finding my way home. 🙏

  • Lena B
    Lena B

    Iono why but this song makes me want to cry...

    • Sagittarius Que
      Sagittarius Que

      Shit is to beautiful and hits home

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  • Lyric Thomas
    Lyric Thomas

    it is good and you is good to and i need to we can Till

  • Jone Wall
    Jone Wall

    Touched my heart

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  • XX_ titan25
    XX_ titan25

    i love this song

  • grand pappii unknown
    grand pappii unknown

    ayy, Rod Wave you got that vibe. you are an amazing song writer and there's so many people who rock with you. i feel like no ones says it enough that u matter too. what you goin through man, we ALL here for it!! rappers who talk about gettin racks, and bad bitches, should really have this as an better example. cause u stay showin real shit

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  • Carter Shell
    Carter Shell

    “I think of you everyday, I hope and wish that you are doing okay; I want us to go back to the old days, because I miss you.., and I just thought just of you and I thought I would call you to tell you that you crossed my mind and I took that as a sign that I should call and say hi.. so that’s all.. Hi” 😢

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  • vashenkton studio
    vashenkton studio

    Це дуже круто

  • Ricardo Malcolm
    Ricardo Malcolm


  • Dolapo

    This video is too raw 🔥✨

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  • Samatha Willis
    Samatha Willis

    Music for me lol this my mom phone listening to this song for my heart

  • Latasha Young
    Latasha Young

    Keep this man around please give him his flowers while he here cuz he's a real one💯💯💯🥰🥰

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