The NEW Season 6 Update UNLOCKED! 🤯 (Modern Warfare Warzone)
The NEW Season 6 Update UNLOCKED! 🤯 (Modern Warfare Warzone)
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  • Kirstine Moise
    Kirstine Moise


  • person8203

    bored with seeing so many people running around with the new rifle

  • Idle Glider
    Idle Glider

    Wait you guys are in s6? I’m in s9😅😤😳😳

  • Harambe Inc.
    Harambe Inc.

    1 second picks up Cash next gulag

  • LePotato Gaming
    LePotato Gaming

    Yo i just got the notification lol

  • Rosemary Percival
    Rosemary Percival

    I'll add mfam when I get on 🙏❤️

  • Rosemary Percival
    Rosemary Percival

    Like pancakes hahahha 👉🥏🥞💥

  • Rosemary Percival
    Rosemary Percival

    ✌️☮️&&👾❣️ 🍭 Glad I can play it finally. Loved the video and liked it of course!🤙

  • Zello Master
    Zello Master

    yo nick do you know how to bring back the team leaders like i dont even know if an enemy is dropping into the area and if theres a UAV

  • DL Ali
    DL Ali

    it said *looks right* , editor thats his left stoopid jk 😂

  • Bill

    I find it hard to maintain focus watching this guy, his head seems to bounce around like a bobble head.

  • Ethan Van Schalkwyk
    Ethan Van Schalkwyk

    So If I support the code MFAM can I get the battle pass

  • Jessica Dye
    Jessica Dye


  • iTz VibezZ
    iTz VibezZ

    Nothing better than watching people play a free to play game cause i cant :'(

  • markthecuttysark

    Where’s all the Que Pasa’s gone!?!?!?

  • Marcos Viniicius
    Marcos Viniicius

    Kk achei q fosse fortnite


    cringe, plays with cheaters and roleplays in warzone.. Console Kids have hit a new LOW

  • John Gabrielle Palabay
    John Gabrielle Palabay

    That classy mean stare with a coffee is real shit.



  • Barci Covington
    Barci Covington

    Dude stop the sound effects! Lost me here

  • Bigsteppa

    Damn 6 ads

  • Owen Lolakis
    Owen Lolakis

    what is the best SA87 class

  • Marco Villagomez
    Marco Villagomez

    Yo why the MFAM on the battle pass doesn’t work huh ? Wtf it’s wrong? I did exactly like this video, it’s something I did wrong ? Someone answer me please

  • TheBlits2004

    when you just fineshed the training for warzone yesterday and you had to get of than you suposed to be doing school and you come acros this video andthis dude looks fcking awsome to watch im going to sub

  • Diamond Sej
    Diamond Sej

    LOL give me your moneeeeyyyyy!!!!!!

  • JustABike

    Why do they change things that aren't broken but don't fix the problems that are broken!!!!

  • Don Brown
    Don Brown

    Fmnggfgh, before we do that!

  • Straw242

    "Are you talkin to me?"

  • Adam


  • Ayman Rawageh
    Ayman Rawageh

    يالله يالله

  • Beastly Bruno
    Beastly Bruno

    I fucking live this guys

    • Beastly Bruno
      Beastly Bruno


  • Dustin Salazar
    Dustin Salazar

    I miss the dr d booms 💥

  • Cheyne Ishikawa
    Cheyne Ishikawa

    LMFAO at that golem skin 3rd teacher getting drafted haahahhahaa

  • LukasRossiOfficial

    U remind me of Robert deniro bro. Awesome !

  • Royal 52
    Royal 52

    BRO Creator code doesn’t work “MFAM” ???

  • Ginger Snap198
    Ginger Snap198

    Paying to skip all the tiers? Where is the fun in that? :S

  • El chapo ._. Yt
    El chapo ._. Yt

    I’ve wasted over 500+ bucks on the store and never supported a creator💀

  • Anthony P
    Anthony P

    Vehicle controls kinda blow and wish the game sounded and played a little more realistic. Think I'll go to BF

  • carson broadfoot
    carson broadfoot

    they ruined the c4

  • Random dog with internet access
    Random dog with internet access

    Some retard at Activision: hehe yes let's be annoying retards and nerf the c4 lolololol

  • Noah Giger
    Noah Giger

    Watch nicks intro without sound and imagine what he is saying, it's too funny😂👌

  • Aiden Rodriguez
    Aiden Rodriguez

    some guy thought that season 6 was part of his life

  • toa alaiasa
    toa alaiasa

    And B-df sf BEFORE WE DO THAT!

  • YGA070

    How did nick complete the whole battle pass when he just purchased it?

  • gnarlymusic

    nick should play some italian mob boss in a movie

  • Stephen Ackart
    Stephen Ackart

    Use creator code MFAM, doesnt matter if it's capital or not. Note below box: Codes are case sensitive


    Kinda random but I feel like you would be great at stand up comedy.

  • Cody Parker
    Cody Parker

    i almost bought the battle pass without code mfam, it was a close one

  • Francisco

    They banned 20000 players

    • Francisco

      For cheating

  • Dakota Whalen
    Dakota Whalen

    Had no idea nick was related to De Niro until I saw this intro

  • Spider_69

    Did you not see when you both hopped over that brick wall

  • Samuel Alcantara
    Samuel Alcantara

    Tried the add support to get all the tiers and it didn’t work

    • Samuel Alcantara
      Samuel Alcantara


  • Charles Conley
    Charles Conley

    WTF I thought he was giving us 100 Tiers NOPE

  • God's Emissary
    God's Emissary

    What guns were nick using

  • Da Boomchakalaka
    Da Boomchakalaka

    he always says it doesn't matter if caps lock is on or off for the creator code, when it legit says right next to it that the codes are case sensitive -_-

  • The varity gamer
    The varity gamer

    what is that ar class setup

    • Random dog with internet access
      Random dog with internet access

      Here it is: -Tempus Marksman -Commando Foregrip -VLK 3.0x Optic -60 Round Mags -Monolithic Suppressor

  • Utu Be
    Utu Be

    Ummm sorry nick but I didn’t know that there even was a support a creator and I bought the battle pass without a code

  • brandon celske
    brandon celske

    project veritas

  • Jamie

    I’m getting the battle pass this week, gonna support the man the myth the legend

  • Demetrius Allen
    Demetrius Allen

    What is your name on war zone

  • The Ohio Beast
    The Ohio Beast

    Skip to 1:20 so you don’t have to waste time with the cringe

  • pro master god lord
    pro master god lord

    nick i have class set up is godly first as val barrel vlk 200mm osa or 150mm sova or stovlsdf and vlk200mm with 30mag zero same with other barrel same mag zero same no mag 200mm with spp sound like hbr and power onehit sppmag with 150 sound dragunov stovlsdf with sppmag sound fal hit like it with they barrel and mag add optic dragunov next stock vlkstrelok next add underbarrel commando forgrip that my as val class and all attachment sound like alabaster and divide and evey m4a1 zero that sound it spit faster than finn lmgandbruenmk9 next gun spr208 is 725 2.0 and hit kar99k it better than 725 dag range accuracy better than all sniper in the game attacchment add monolithicsuppressor and barrel add spr 26 next optic variable zoom scope next underbarrel commando next ammution 300magor 338 lapua mag broken this class broken all the way.

    • pro master god lord
      pro master god lord

      and dont like mag asval try tac laser

    • pro master god lord
      pro master god lord

      and barrel try xrk 208 with 338 mag same optic same underbarrel and bolt kr 800 deadeye

  • Amanda Backhaus
    Amanda Backhaus

    Add me

  • Amanda Backhaus
    Amanda Backhaus

    My name on ps4 is ChEEtah-MasTeR77

  • Amanda Backhaus
    Amanda Backhaus

    Can I play with you

  • Cody Taylor
    Cody Taylor

    Uhhh gayyy.

  • Junaid Prania
    Junaid Prania

    nah origin nerf haha lool y watever

  • Waxierplague 69
    Waxierplague 69

    When u said "Armor off on the other guy " i thought u said "Armor off a la verga" cx my spanish speakers will feel me

  • Mario Torres
    Mario Torres

    That boy that boy susss

  • Charles Brattain
    Charles Brattain

    Low-key looking like Deniro

  • Ruben V
    Ruben V

    Oh my gosh please stop with the annoying Mafia Italian voice.

  • Mubeen Peeran
    Mubeen Peeran

    I got a challenge for you.. you play on M&K and Cloakzy and Tim play on controller

  • Ricky Rosario
    Ricky Rosario

    I love that he says "peace and love" and yet has the most toxic gameplay I've ever seen.

  • Finn L.
    Finn L.

    Why is he headglitching the whole video?

  • Chowbaccca

    c4 nerf :(

  • Augusta Silva
    Augusta Silva

    watch Nistaf and baba yuki playing on the twitch! father and son, very funny! Nistaf is very good, he always makes more than 20 deaths! Play call of duty warzone, please follow.thanks guys!

  • Augusta Silva
    Augusta Silva

    watch Nistaf and baba yuki playing on the twitch! father and son, very funny! Nistaf is very good, he always makes more than 20 deaths! Play call of duty warzone, please follow.thanks guys!


    I like how he said the bloody car came from the zombi apocalypse and tit said word for word the same thing


      That Tim said in his battle pass video

  • AndyJ_.

    Go back to fortnite war zone is ass, nick u will like fortnite again

  • Cookie Monster
    Cookie Monster

    Use the iso

  • Cody Silk
    Cody Silk

    In the into i could see nick doing a little Dinero thing. Looking like he's pissed off at Focker lol

  • Paul Barker
    Paul Barker

    I went too of store and put code...........,....................jackfrags lol.

  • Ae Rayo5007
    Ae Rayo5007

    I’m about to support my boy nickmercs on COD! Who else is with me ?! Season 6 here I come.

  • eXplayZ

    He sounds familiar

  • KOT Gaming N Reactions
    KOT Gaming N Reactions

    Nick is your vision good because you keep blinking😂

  • iliketorng

    Nick, please consider uploading an armored quads game? It's fun and pretty intense.

  • Xd mcluke
    Xd mcluke

    Nickmercs is nicemercs

  • Honest Truth
    Honest Truth

    I died when u hit the DMX voice 😂 💀

  • Honest Truth
    Honest Truth

    I hate the C4 now 😕

  • SLAVIK #
    SLAVIK #

    8:42 is how I feel when I miss the bus

  • T Bright
    T Bright

    Pistols only no loadout would be hilarious


    15:57 origin nerf much


      Nick u that goat keep up the good work

  • Roy L
    Roy L

    Nick, you allready play with the rtx3000 series?

  • Demetre Serrano
    Demetre Serrano

    anyone notice he's using the new 3090....hes getting 240 plus frames at one point!

  • Peppie109

    He is a almost no neck nick 🤣

  • REC0N YT
    REC0N YT

    It hits different

  • REC0N YT
    REC0N YT

    Nick use the gi mini on the m13

  • REC0N YT
    REC0N YT

    Nick use the gi mini on the m13

  • REC0N YT
    REC0N YT

    Nick use the gi mini on the m13

  • REC0N YT
    REC0N YT

    Nick use the gi mini on the m13