I Made One of EVERY BEACON in Minecraft Hardcore
In my previous two videos I made a FULL DIAMOND beacon in minecraft & I made a FULL NETHERITE beacon in minecraft, but in today's video after I make an iron, gold and emerald beacon I can say I Made One of EVERY BEACON in Minecraft Hardcore and I have finished my beacon collection!
My journey of making every beacon in minecraft started 6 months ago when I began making a full netherite beacon legit, check that video out here:
Following that I spent 3 days making a full diamond beacon in minecraft hardcore, which in comparrison was much easier, check out that video here:
And today I made every beacon in minecraft, making an iron and gold beacon out of resources I had already collected in my time playing in this hardcore world, and quickly trading villagers for emeralds to make a full emerald beacon in minecraft really easily!
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  • Milky Eagle
    Milky Eagle

    I cant even make a nethrite beacon in creative mode lol Thia will have so many likes in the futre mark my worlds i will come again after 1 year

  • Nevaeh Trejo
    Nevaeh Trejo

    did anyone els read it as bacon or was it just me lmao🤣😂

  • laser tags
    laser tags

    damn I got this add talking about how these nurses are missing their mom and dad damn I've been missing my mom for 4 years and its only been 1 year for them wow and i hate being with my dad because i was not that much as a fatherly son

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  • Elated Elitist
    Elated Elitist

    2:40 so no head?

  • August Schultze
    August Schultze

    How the hell does this video have more views then the Netherite build?

  • jankecprogaming

    1:00 lazarbeam strats

  • Septrillonx


  • Guka

    4:25 *iron and gold crying*

  • Louis RC
    Louis RC

    Imagine him dying in hard core by a creeper

  • sdf elite
    sdf elite

    apparently, the key to sucess is slavery whether its survival or hardcore or skyblock, you always profit off of slavery kinda makes you question Minecraft, doesn't it

    • [S]


  • Pranay Goyal
    Pranay Goyal

    Everyone show off- a netherite sword Wadzee- netherite beacon

  • Mitch Kiman
    Mitch Kiman

    There’s actually techniquly 5 gold beacons

  • Noah Beilman
    Noah Beilman

    sorry wadzee i can here your mouse not a problem but maby fix i

  • Rune Bjerregaard
    Rune Bjerregaard

    Anyone who now how he colered the beacons without glass?

  • Joela Stefi
    Joela Stefi

    I think you forgot the one that goes like iron gold diamonds and then emeralds

  • lein

    now do the copper

  • Mikael Hero
    Mikael Hero

    You didn’t do coal becon

  • gamesfordays

    WhT about a coal beacon every1 disrespects coal beacons

  • Shova Pandey
    Shova Pandey

    That's a world record not someone has make neitherit bacon of 12345617 blocks

    • Shova Pandey
      Shova Pandey

      From a boy

  • sdf elite
    sdf elite

    when ur friend is like ima go to the nether roof and you secretly already spawned a hundred withers up there

  • sdf elite
    sdf elite

    after fightint the wither in rlcraft, it makes people fighting the wither in vanilla mc look stupid cuz the wither is like a 10 hit at most, probably 7-9 hits

  • sdf elite
    sdf elite

    it feels like every youtuber finds a way to become a deranged pycopath like lets game it out spends like 40 hours constructing a conveyor belt tornado and weave, u make full netherite beacons, technoblade farms potatoes by hand for 11 hours a day...

  • sdf elite
    sdf elite

    minecraft should add a beacon beacon

  • sdf elite
    sdf elite

    i played skyblock and used slavery to get a full beacon in a day used 1 miner minion

  • sdf elite
    sdf elite

    i came here to find how to get stupid amounts of emeralds

  • Christopher

    change the stairs

  • DogeFireIce

    What i’ve learned Iron, sticks, and coal ARE EXTREMELY EXPLOITABLE Also you could’ve made quick money if you were by a desert, super smelters are so quick and you make around 600 emeralds if you have 10 glass pane traders.

  • BedwarsGamer

    Why he wont get looting yo get so many skulls.. bruh you fail

  • Hananiah Tsubasa (Hananiah) Mata
    Hananiah Tsubasa (Hananiah) Mata

    i love the Pokemon music when was beating the wither

  • CJ on mobile
    CJ on mobile

    Next episode in the bacon saga 😭

  • Matthew

    Can we just appreciate how much editing this man did for this video

  • Пажылой

    What about beacon beacon?

  • Broken Dreams
    Broken Dreams


  • bluewind 4571
    bluewind 4571

    Maybe you should make a melon beacon

  • Jack Regan
    Jack Regan

    Wait what if they realise a copper beacon lol

  • wait what
    wait what

    i know how to get infinite wither skulls, not sure if it works on java but it works on bedrock,do it before they patch it if its a glitch. so go to the ice biome when it is thundering, get a channelling trident and make a creeper a charged creeper then get it explode a stray and it will drop a wither skeleton skull!

  • Gavin Moore
    Gavin Moore

    I like that you threw in the Pokémon Trainer Red Theme lol

  • Joshua Villalobos
    Joshua Villalobos

    It’s easier to fight the wither if you go to someplace underground

  • Kartof4o_BG_pro

    can u make mega ultra hardrcore video

  • Manisha Singh
    Manisha Singh


  • SherxAzaan Gaming
    SherxAzaan Gaming

    who is the best minecrafter everyone: Dream

  • SherxAzaan Gaming
    SherxAzaan Gaming

    WadZee : hi guys my name is WadZee Me : your name isn't Wadzee your name is Jesse Wadsworth everyone : i didnt know that me (again) LOL

  • Prime Senpai
    Prime Senpai

    Boy forgot coal

  • Yeet zels
    Yeet zels

    Ill be honest, im making a house and anything i need then ill make it survival. Then i always forgot food ☠️

  • Soğukçikolata

    bro... I can't even find diamonds in hardcore

  • Halim Beqiri
    Halim Beqiri

    love ur vid bro

  • Cristian Negru
    Cristian Negru

    Coal, Redstone, lapis and when the new ore( copper) you can make beacons with these ores so it isn't as a clickbait #HardcoreIdea

  • Šarūnas Prieskienis
    Šarūnas Prieskienis

    You should build a redstone block beackan

  • Henri M.
    Henri M.

    These platforms look so, that u went into creative mode and don't know, what u do.

  • French Dream
    French Dream

    1:10 whats the song?

  • alfredo plays
    alfredo plays

    And coal

  • alfredo plays
    alfredo plays

    What about a lapis beacon

  • Matthew Davidson
    Matthew Davidson

    Dirt beacom

  • Akram Subandar
    Akram Subandar

    you have 164 levels

  • that guy
    that guy


  • MrBronx Gaming
    MrBronx Gaming

    So much unneccecary work but good job if not creative, cheats and hacks!

  • Kryptex

    imagine he dies in this world

  • Kelly Gable
    Kelly Gable

    I feel bad for the guardians they’re just trying to protect they’re valuables :(

  • ĴúŁįăň Ãćé
    ĴúŁįăň Ãćé

    Wadzee's just making it look easy

  • colin dougherty
    colin dougherty


  • strawberry crafts
    strawberry crafts

    You use meme in serious time

  • Fried Jellyfish
    Fried Jellyfish

    I’m not sure if you can but you should do a lapis beacon

  • Eric Matthews
    Eric Matthews

    The grouchy cover conjecturally plug because monkey phytogeographically search midst a stiff grade. whimsical, far level

  • BEpIs_e

    how did you make the beacons have color without stained glass?

  • Jack Ace
    Jack Ace


  • Michael Vlogs
    Michael Vlogs


  • xdflabbypatty

    This is an old video but you can just right click villager trades and it’s much faster.

  • amaizix

    YoU fOrGoT aBoUt CoAl bEaCoN

  • Gityura22

    “He WeNt InTo CrEaTiVe AnD uSeD cHeAtS” bruh the netherite and diamond ones are so so hard but the other 3 aren’t all that hard.

  • FGツAli

    What about quratz beacon is that even a thing!!

  • Wiccan

    what about redstone or coal

  • Deivi Albanian Mapper
    Deivi Albanian Mapper

    He hasn't builded a redstone beacon.

  • Pratyush Singh
    Pratyush Singh

    He is using creative mod

  • Dianawaty Saleh
    Dianawaty Saleh


  • Yug A.
    Yug A.

    redstone??? lapis???? Quartz???

    • IanTEB

      None of those beacons exist, I'm pretty sure

  • Francis Icoy Pangilinan
    Francis Icoy Pangilinan

    you didnt make a coal beacon!

  • lilsad_moment 1
    lilsad_moment 1

    U make me wanna make a netherite beacon

  • Aarav_ware777

    Oh guys come on you think he didn't go creative ohh pls

    • RedEndermanDJ

      @Aarav_ware777 lol that’s with mods and such you idiot, there’s so much videos on how to go in creative mode in hardcore tutorials that use mods and/or people using texture backs

    • Aarav_ware777

      @Resolex no we can

    • Resolex

      You can't go in creative in hardcore

  • IamNotDarkness

    I'm waiting for Mojang to add rubies, this man will get every chance he has.

  • blipblop

    5:50 so I did some mining off-camera

  • Snailo Filliasis
    Snailo Filliasis

    The thing is..what he built in hardcore survival is what I cant even build in creative...

  • Mitchell BURGESS
    Mitchell BURGESS

    Should’ve made a emerald beacon of only mined emeralds

  • Darius Magsino
    Darius Magsino


  • Brexis Binegas
    Brexis Binegas

    the wither effect don't give you a damage

  • CK Badminton
    CK Badminton


  • Vaun Luncio
    Vaun Luncio

    “We’re just so damn rich” Me: *Stripmines for hours and finds 2 diamonds*

  • Kai Akers
    Kai Akers

    This guy copyed lazarbeam!

  • Tiano GM
    Tiano GM

    Can you make it out of lapiz?

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  • Tubess boy
    Tubess boy

    You forgot redstone

    • IamNotDarkness

      There isn't a redstone beacon idiot 🤦‍♂️

  • Kabir Singh
    Kabir Singh

    What about coal??

    • Kabir Singh
      Kabir Singh

      Y'a I'm dumb

    • IamNotDarkness


  • idk


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    Khushi Keyal

    bro lapiz lazuli

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  • Blanca

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    dirpy 863

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    6.9M views nICe

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    Maho LetsPlay

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