UFC 257: Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier Recap
See the highlights from UFC 257: Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier recap from Fight Island in Abu Dhabi.
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analysis provided by Jake Hattan
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  • univrsal Calamity
    univrsal Calamity

    This channel is a p.o.s bait click

  • sk das
    sk das

    Porrier will beat khabib also

  • Vierri78

    habib the Best

  • Saman Hmz
    Saman Hmz

    When Dustin was bold, he looked like Chester Bennington😃

  • pida siouy
    pida siouy


  • Bonjet

    "Evil cause, evil effect." - Japanese Proverb And yes, thats what happening to Conor McChicken MMA career now. LOL XD

    • Naruto Uzumaki
      Naruto Uzumaki

      Can you explain please....

  • doliio volay
    doliio volay

    Bummm!!! Bird spinning above my head😁😁

  • Michael F
    Michael F

    Conor is past his prime, move on.. Chandler, Oliveira and Gaethje are the new kings of that division..

    • pida siouy
      pida siouy

      Conor not honour

  • Andy Quiñones
    Andy Quiñones

    Mike Chandler is going to clean up the entire division in several weight classes. Been following his career for a while and this young man is a MAJOR problem for anyone seeking to derail him.

  • FinalEVO

    It could be inactive just as McGregor stated, but look how gsp came out of retirement 4 years later to choke out Bisping. Khabib hasn’t fought in a year since he last defended his title against Poirier, and look how he put Gaethje to sleep. I think it’s a matter of time before Conor realizes if it’s worth the shot. I hope he can get back on track, same with Tony

    • FinalEVO

      @doliio volay I think someone like Paul Felder, Tony Ferguson or Dan hooker who’s coming off with a loss would be compatible for McGregor. Diaz could be a good one too since he’s coming off with a loss over Masvidal, but the dude hasn’t last fought since 2019 so I think him and McGregor would make much more sense of a fight since they’re both coming off with a loss and they’re both a bit rusty from inactivity. Also, I noticed McGregor’s last fight before losing to Dustin at lightweight was with cowboy Cerrone, and in that fight it was in welterweight.. perhaps maybe aside from inactivity, does weight has a role to do with this? Should McGregor stick to welterweight instead? I think cutting to 155 doesn’t get any easier as these fighters age..

    • doliio volay
      doliio volay

      his game relies on timing and movement and he just didn’t have it. Throwing him vs another killer next is a bad idea for the UFC. Give him a good matchup to setup a Diaz or

  • toijg avnnr
    toijg avnnr

    Who was once a king, has been defeated by drugs and alcohol. Every athlete that goes down that road gets de-crowned

  • TwoPointOProductions

    WTF happened to the Pico guy?

  • annag cocl
    annag cocl

    Dana to Connor: This isn't a courier, it's just an opportunity after you lost.

  • zuygj bnsv
    zuygj bnsv

    "Greatness is still levels below me" - Some bald guy with a sore leg

    • toijg avnnr
      toijg avnnr

      That mick should give up fighting and stick to screwing potatoes.

  • Greg Brooks
    Greg Brooks

    Your voice is hella annoying. Just show the highlights and shut up.

  • misolou fout
    misolou fout

    They are such a mood

    • annag cocl
      annag cocl

      Bring up Diaz brother maybe?

  • Ahmad Arif
    Ahmad Arif

    Khabib 👍👍👍👍

    • zuygj bnsv
      zuygj bnsv


  • Titan Segundera 2.0
    Titan Segundera 2.0

    Conor will return...

  • nijuo joing
    nijuo joing

    Love this show, wake up early just to watch it ??

  • Wise Man
    Wise Man

    Dana to Connor: This isn't a courier, it's just an opportunity after you lost.

  • Draethar

    There's always a new fish that's hungry for it.

  • Jon Nojez
    Jon Nojez

    Conor not honour

  • Staticshock2233

    People who bet a lot of money on mcgregor 😱 😱 😱

  • Geo Leo
    Geo Leo

    FUN FACT: Conor always loses when he shaves his head bald.

  • jdm

    I just wanna say, if you hate Conor, that’s totally fine I can see why. But hats off to the Conor haters who atleast respect his skill. I give almost no merit to the people who are like “Conor sucks” but the ones who don’t like the guy but atleast acknowledge he’s a dangerous opponent Ill have a conversation with. As a fan it’s bitter but if anyone deserves it, it’s Poirier I mean what a fantastic run with some of the best fights I’ve ever seen. So hats off to Dustin. And not to pamper Conor but I think he needs a favorable matchup next, his game relies on timing and movement and he just didn’t have it. Throwing him vs another killer next is a bad idea for the UFC. Give him a good matchup to setup a Diaz or Poirier trilogy. Maybe have Poirier fight for belt next, if Conor wins his next have Poiriers first defense be the trilogy fight granted he wins. That’s all my opinions, respect to all the real fans whoever you support! I love the fight game!


    AssaLamu`aLaikum wr.wb

  • Superion 88
    Superion 88

    That mick should give up fighting and stick to screwing potatoes.

  • Firafira6261 qwert6261
    Firafira6261 qwert6261

    the sleeping king is back!!!

  • Minchun Yang
    Minchun Yang

    Bring up Diaz brother maybe?

  • Rahmah Ramadhani putri
    Rahmah Ramadhani putri


  • xXDSTN lXx
    xXDSTN lXx

    My name is dustin thats why I am here

  • Hj. Halifah Artin
    Hj. Halifah Artin

    Wkkk...wkkkk mc. Duck..... wkkk wkkkk


    Conner was just not ready 😫 😩 😭 been gone too long i think...he could have had him!! God bless you McGregor

  • Zaheer Hussain
    Zaheer Hussain

    Khabib broke Connor now everyone beats him

  • Ultimate Asshole
    Ultimate Asshole

    Time to retire *The Pretender*

  • Original


  • Team Khiladi
    Team Khiladi

    Bring back Ido portal to your camp

  • Y'all Way
    Y'all Way


  • montague218

    Conor is finished now he has sucked for a while now and kinda reminds me of ronda rousey

  • Habibi Gl
    Habibi Gl

    Conor macgregor+

  • Ed Palomin
    Ed Palomin

    Rematch Justin vs Dustin... Justin is a really good fighter now.. that’ll be a good chest match

    • Neal Lyons
      Neal Lyons

      couldn't agree more, #1 ranked vs the #2 ranked for the belt. Olivera fights the winner

  • Headstash Music
    Headstash Music

    And still to this day Rolls Royces and expensive suits do not win you fights. His swagger now resembles a geriatric piss tank, his wide armed Jesus pose a sad display of a legend who cant see that his time is done. Taking too much time off, and making so much money has taken away that primal hunger. He doesn't need to win anymore, he just wants to, and thats not enough.

  • Sahish Hassan
    Sahish Hassan

    Connor is shit

  • Sergio Andrés Zuluaga Florián
    Sergio Andrés Zuluaga Florián

    Nate or Oliviera

  • Left Hook Larry
    Left Hook Larry

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to choke himself to fall asleep.

    • Adolf Hitler
      Adolf Hitler

      Ohh stop 😂 stop 😂

  • Aditia Hevin
    Aditia Hevin

    You lose McGregor 😂

  • BossmanHGuru

    Conor always looks gased. He has no stamina at all. Its his physical limitation, diet or both. Maybe he drinking too much. I dont understand why conor isnt in better cardio health. Adaptation if opponent goes for legs then change fighting style, its that simple. Conor has all the millions he doesnt have the hunger. He wanted a rematch with khabib what a joke

  • AlienEntity1

    Conor's mouth is way too big, we all know that, but I will say he was super gracious in defeat, so props to him. Great job by Dustin, that's they way you do it - come back stronger from a loss, and don't make excuses. I get the feeling Poirier will retire as soon as he can, because he's got a life outside the ring; Conor is more of a 'need the attention/limelight' person so will probably try a few more fights - I hope he finds a good life after retirement, because I can see it going badly for him with the size of his ego. Cheers

  • Suraji

    Makan tuh gregor 🤣

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    The Messenger

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  • Fendi Daniel
    Fendi Daniel

    Anyone told u you sound like jonah hill

  • FaDe

    So like when we talk about conors past wins u guys will say it doesn't matter cause its in the past but u wont shut up about conor losing to khabib. Khabib is a great fighter but holy hell you need to give it a rest

  • Koussee Amichia
    Koussee Amichia

    Mc Gregor you I’m dann

  • John Wilson
    John Wilson

    The LW division is now much more exciting since Conor McFake has been knocked out of the top four. My money is on Oliveira getting the belt after two more fights

  • Ari W
    Ari W

    Mcchicken just like a stupid losser

  • Zio Hero
    Zio Hero

    Congratulation to dustin...!!! MC gregor is the real fucking loser. Hahaha.. Lols.

  • Left Hook Larry
    Left Hook Larry

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to choke himself to fall asleep.

  • J R
    J R

    MORE STORIES Floyd Mayweather brands Conor McGregor 'Con Artist McLoser' insisting 'that bum will never be me or be on my level' and blasts 'racist' critics in explosive rant on Instagram

  • Kartini 20
    Kartini 20

    Yutup ngebug

  • Elihuhmebaby Yah
    Elihuhmebaby Yah

    I hate when they be punching the same spot like bitch

  • Underrated Comment
    Underrated Comment

    Gonor McGregor.

  • Halim Haddadi
    Halim Haddadi

    I never ever wish anyone to loose as much as for Conor. Thanks Mr Poirier

  • Josanne Fromin
    Josanne Fromin

    McGregor was to much for his good Poirier, I am so gland that McGregor is out................Yeah...........

  • Cicada 3301
    Cicada 3301

    I don't understand why people even like/d Connor in the first place.

  • Sticky Fingers
    Sticky Fingers

    Connor is washed

  • Only Jesus Can Save Us
    Only Jesus Can Save Us

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  • Dancam

    Stfu we wanna see highlights

  • Haku

    what is corona and the pandemic

  • Olmec ST
    Olmec ST

    Recap or kneecap?

  • Sirish Sew
    Sirish Sew

    I think the heads shaving is unlucky like dustin shaved his head the last time he lost and now conor.. I mean am just saying..

  • Lone Abid
    Lone Abid

    Bring khabib the eagle back plz

  • Tank The Pitbull
    Tank The Pitbull

    For a while I actually thought McGregor had this in the bag.

  • Dévine Aj
    Dévine Aj

    I knew conor would *eat his words*

  • UGot Trolled
    UGot Trolled

    Conor doesn't belong in the LW division, no hate. Also he's a one trick pony , not at all a MMA fighter. He got exposed many times as a one dimensional fighter. Boxer or kickbokser but no ground game or submissions.

  • Rizky Wishnu
    Rizky Wishnu

    Dana's boy got wrecked and smashed.. Hahaha

  • Yanz Clet
    Yanz Clet

    Letssss goooo Dustin💪

  • MAR Jo
    MAR Jo

    We all know that conor was good in striking.. but he need to be good as well in grappling... If he do that like khabib.. im gonna be speachless and be proud of him

  • MAR Jo
    MAR Jo

    If conor want's to beat dustin in rematch? He need to be strong like khabib the technique of khabib was great and amazaing... I think conor need to learn on how to be a great grappler like baki the grappler...

  • joker z17
    joker z17

    Wtf Ithought conor mc gregor was retired

  • V M
    V M

    Cornor patut nya itu buat di hajar sampai merangkak hhhhh

  • Raffi Ali
    Raffi Ali

    Mcchicken is a con artist, am I the only one who sees this?

  • Sean Mclean
    Sean Mclean

    Tony Ferguson v McGregor next!!

  • Kakambo Candide
    Kakambo Candide

    It is so stupid that washed up Guy got 5M while Dustin got 1. McGregor will have to face rape accusations now, and honnestly I would not be surprised if he had done while sniffing coke

  • Johannes Wehrmann
    Johannes Wehrmann

    Don’t get sick from too much humble pie Conor. 😁

    • Ogiljon Shokirova
      Ogiljon Shokirova


  • jamiejack 69
    jamiejack 69

    Every fight Conor has gone in bald he's always lost a fight

    • Sameer Saud
      Sameer Saud

      The second Diaz fight is an exception.

  • ? Doherty
    ? Doherty

    Conor less parting more training getting soft

  • Brandon Bogott
    Brandon Bogott

    Consistent fighting, versus inconsistent fighting. What did you expect?

  • Shavkat Omonov
    Shavkat Omonov

    Maglubyatni ham tan olish kerak sportichlar.

  • Albert Fitzgerald
    Albert Fitzgerald

    McGregor needs to sit down and hot box with Tyson. He really needs someone who's been where he's at right now.

  • Mas Imo
    Mas Imo

    Conor there is no honor, he's only a big mouth

  • ゾーフィン剛


  • たな


  • Bas Muis
    Bas Muis

    And conor mac druggie

  • em kay
    em kay

    Never trust a hooker

  • ras bri
    ras bri

    Glass jaw and no ground game, the hype is about to be over

    • Seven

      @ras bri Strong jaw, if we're being honest. And his style has always been to defend against takedowns and escape being held down. And before you think I'm a Conor fanboy, let me be clear that I'm trying to be unbiased here. I was rooting more for Poirier to beat Conor.

    • ras bri
      ras bri

      @Seven glass jaw and no ground game

    • Seven

      Conor doesn't have a glass jaw, he went down because he couldn't stand on the leg Poirier smartly busted up. You can actually see Conor try to stay up and fail when Dustin was hitting him with that final barrage, then Dustin caught him on the chin while he struggled on his bad leg.

  • Dandan Hamdani
    Dandan Hamdani

    Hahahaha...dustin win

  • Bernie

    C'mon the fix was in.

  • Nick Morris
    Nick Morris

    If connor keeps training he will be on top again. Never liked him, but for a come back against a tough opponent. He looked sharp. Was the leg kicks that ruined him. If this was a fully fit and conditioned connor, would have won in that first round.

  • Zer0nite

    If Connor wasn't such a prick I'd be upset about such a raw talent being dethroned again.

    • Zer0nite

      @Neil O Connor I just don't abide bullshit. He shows respect after, but what does that matter when he doesn't every other time? This guy sucker punched a pensioner for no reason.

    • Neil O Connor
      Neil O Connor

      @Zer0nite well you clearly don't watch him close enough he always shows respect to opponents following a fight and what is with your attitude no need for the aggression

    • Zer0nite

      @Neil O Connor Dude, I've been watching him fight since he made his UFC debut. Don't try and bullshit me. He's a good fighter but he acts like a prick, and you've chosen to ignore his behavior outside of the UFC which says everything.

    • Neil O Connor
      Neil O Connor

      @Zer0nite no but he was always humble before and after fights except khabib because he really didn't like him and money and fame really got to him but then again that's no excuse for hitting anyone

    • Zer0nite

      @Neil O Connor Why does the build up to this one fight matter? Does that magically erase him sucker-punching a pensioner, or all the other shitty things he did? Spaz.

  • Just Here
    Just Here

    Start using clips, and stop using pictures, and take away the constant noise of your voice plz