The Todt Family Murders
Tony Todt was a well know physical therapist in Colchester, Connecticut. While he worked there, his wife and three children lived in Celebration, Florida, and life was good. Until, in late 2019, no one could contact the family. Welfare checks went by, calls unanswered, until the FBI get involved and something horrific is found in their house.

  • Pam O'Oconnor
    Pam O'Oconnor

    Do all these men who kill their family read the same how to manual, they all blame the wives and then they have to kill the wife out of anger. Come on man let’s get your own story.

  • Pam O'Oconnor
    Pam O'Oconnor

    He was a born criminal just like his dad. Teachers and chiropractor’s can be born killers too. Look at the adulterous behavior and the theft of the son, that’s the escalation of a criminal. I think his employees were involved in the medicare fraud, no one is going to stay on a job like that and work for nothing.

  • Mackenzie Reed
    Mackenzie Reed

    well now I'm going to definitely going to have to keep up to date with the trial

  • helen smith
    helen smith

    I love your humorous commentary on these serious topics-thanks!

  • Ginna Danny
    Ginna Danny

    It’s looks like he wanted to be like Chris Watts BUT he was thought I make it better than Chris I kill the dog too

  • Edgar

    Killed the dog too?? Smh now I’m upset

  • Gravity SIave
    Gravity SIave

    2:27 Busch Gardens is on the west coast of florida. It's not near Disney World.

  • lilamybigworld

    This guy should make a podcast, maybe less of the bad scripted jokes

  • T Dog
    T Dog

    24:26 well I guess the world is starting to end

  • Moroni Jimenez
    Moroni Jimenez

    the way the officer pauses just brings tears to my eyes

  • Bee Irving
    Bee Irving

    I wonder if Tony’s dad is happy he exceeded his attempt and ending his marriage with Tony’s mother, or if he’s disgusted with him because of what he did? Can he say how sickened with Tony he is, if he tried the same thing (minus harming his kids)?

  • accards92

    I’ve just found his channel and I am literally bing watching all of his stuff! This has got to be one of the best true crime channels on UZload. Good information and visuals.

  • Pixote Renton
    Pixote Renton

    Why breeeezzzyyyyy lol the reporter, like if he can answer with a sane answer lol he murdered his family

  • Melly Killahkatze
    Melly Killahkatze

    That "sigh" of his sister after he said it was him on the line...She did not want to talk to him, but stayed polite because of family. I feel bad for her. She even tried to tell the police that something was wrong...And now he is telling her this bullcrap.

  • Kaveek Jimmy
    Kaveek Jimmy

    love the show .. it's almost like you look to report on articles with the number "thirteen" just to shock the rest of the world with your accent ;) Nothing wrong with it .. Regards from South Africa

  • TriumphOverDeath

    Oh god Florida. The third world country section of america.

  • EK. L
    EK. L

    Has he had a ct scan? He could have developed something that caused some of the behaviour

  • Marcello Scarpino
    Marcello Scarpino

    lemme tell you its weird to see the area u live in used as B roll at 5:40 lmaooo I never heard of the Todt thing and this happened like 20 minutes away from me

  • ToXicJuiceBoX 07
    ToXicJuiceBoX 07

    Not the tree children 😣

  • actionjackson2234

    Creepy I am from CT and my girlfriend family lives in colchester smh

  • kenneth kamau
    kenneth kamau

    okay,why the dog though???

  • MrRM

    Could you look into the Bible John murders in Glasgow?

  • Shadow The Omg Doll
    Shadow The Omg Doll

    I'm addicted to this... And yes he's the best!!

  • Gerb McNuggets
    Gerb McNuggets

    17:58 Justice for Breezy!!

  • Tereasa Devenport
    Tereasa Devenport

    Mike, you're the man. You are by far my favorite on youtube. The officer choking up on the little girl choked me up too. So sad. I'm glad they charged him for the dog too.

  • Fred Varao
    Fred Varao

    47 pages because he don't remember everything!

  • Chris young
    Chris young

    I can’t count the days or episodes in a row I’ve binged but it seems I’ll never see them all

  • Danni Wolfe
    Danni Wolfe

    Dont call the cops to do welfare checks

  • OneBadAss MoMo
    OneBadAss MoMo

    ThatChapter, MrBallen, TrueCrime Recaps and (recently) Coffeehouse Crime....... they make my week tolerable and I always learn something new about the case.

  • ✦ƑŁᗩƧЋỶ✦

    Disgusting human. As father you’re job is to protect you’re family, an this monster murdered his. I can’t imagine the fear they felt seeing the man that was supposed to protect them killing them. Ugh Stuff like this just makes me so disappointed, some people can’t even have children.

  • Pain Less
    Pain Less

    Hmm - coming back to this channel after a while - fame has made you snarky; the very reason I watched your channel over other crime channels; you would not judge things not in facts or make snarky morally superior comments. Guess I;m in the minority and you have a good business going :)

  • Hawxxy

    Chris Watts already tried the"wife did it" thing.

  • Natalie Parsons
    Natalie Parsons

    I have recently found Mike and this channel. I’m very au fait with the true crime genre in all its many formats. I would like to say that Mike has really made a fantastic impression on me with witty,acerbic and pointed presentations. I for one will not be missing any of his future

    • Natalie Parsons
      Natalie Parsons

      Damnation my finger slipped before I finished the final word! I always like to get the final word. It was.....episodes. Actually that was the problem, I was unhappy with this and slipped as I mused over a more appropriate word. Still Mike you are doing a great job and as a Welsh woman it is heartwarming to hear a next door neighbour expressing such talent. 🏆

  • Lude Zooted
    Lude Zooted

    “Florida” Ah yes, of course.

  • Ron

    “Tony, what about the dog, what about Breezy!!!”

  • Art Forst
    Art Forst

    You are good! Love the stories! Keep up the great work!

  • Fedora Man
    Fedora Man

    What’s terrifying is that there are people out there who would do this to their own family. Like, killers in general are terrifying because they have no regard for human life. But how can you raise kids, be with a girl since highschool, and then just kill them. Think of how cold blooded you would have to be to do that

  • Snacks Two go
    Snacks Two go

    For all those whom need it, read it. I'm a sinner JESUS please forgive me for all my sins I know you shed your Blood for me on the cross at Calvary. Thank you JESUS for my salvation and for shedding they Blood for me. I love you JESUS. Romans 10:5/10 ct...❤️k JESUS Is Lord! Amen💕💕💐

  • Angels Among Us
    Angels Among Us

    I took a “Utopia and Dystopia in Western Civilization” class when I was in college and we studied Celebration, Florida. Way too many rules for me. EDIT: Bodies in the house for that long? There’s not enough Fabreeze in the world to cover that smell! 😳🤮

  • ky godley
    ky godley

    i got chocked up when the cop did, such a sad horrific occurrence

  • Marie T
    Marie T

    A bit coincidental that there was an American man who killed his family in 2020 due to Corona and talked about releasing their souls...seems like somebody got an idea after the fact..

  • Jordan Williams
    Jordan Williams

    So like I'm from Florida lived here my whole life.i don't understand why people over exaggerate about what happens here

  • Am


  • 06hatter

    "Tony what about the dog? What about Breezy?" lmao

  • VortexFlame8623

    It’s hard to watch tho

  • Boosted Pastime
    Boosted Pastime

    Tote in German means dead. Celebration is the last place you would expect anything like this. It is a beautiful and quiet place. Very upscale.

  • michelle blacklock
    michelle blacklock

    This guy is the only one I have ever clicked subscribe too, Love the way he describes all these.

  • Pill Pusher
    Pill Pusher

    That cop giving the press conference almost lost it there for a min. People just expect cops to be like machines but reading off a list of people you've seen decreased ain't easy, whether you'd ever met them when they were alive or not.

  • Jacqueline Dirk
    Jacqueline Dirk

    Huge Fan !!!

  • Puppy Love
    Puppy Love

    Love Mike and his content!!

  • Colbee

    He lived in the house with the bodies for like two weeks and then goes on to say he’s innocent

  • hulkcrusher69

    But what about the sister saying on the recording asking for the wellness check for the second time, she said she was putting it together about the end of the world thing. That was way before any of the details of the case came forward. That gives a motive as to why he did what he did, he was delusional. That was something that had to be told to her by either her brother or his wife before the events unfolded. Maybe it was a case of Folie à deux or shared psychosis that lead to this horrible act.

  • Andrew Mitchell
    Andrew Mitchell

    So he didn't want to get caught cause he didn't want to go to jail for fraud and decided to murder his family so he could go to prison for longer.

  • Kimberini

    Tony looked like the Stay-Puft marshmallow man in that dumb white jump suit! I keep having flashbacks of "Ghostbusters" movie

  • Alex Santos
    Alex Santos

    Bro i went to celebration highschool lmfao, this is crazy, im graduating this year

  • GrumbleGamer 18
    GrumbleGamer 18

    “5 big ones a month” Wait... mike are you telling me these people paid 50k a month? 😳

  • tha Real Mike Zee
    tha Real Mike Zee

    "Todt" is German for "dead." They're named "the Dead family."

  • Cindy Troy
    Cindy Troy

    Tony was to much of a p***y to take his own life and instead killed 3 innocent children, his beautiful wife and the family dog. Hope he rots in prison 😠

  • Cozzy

    COWARD needs putting down.

  • Miriam Manolov
    Miriam Manolov

    I choked up along with the officer when he started naming the young victims. It probably hit close to home...

  • kenneth carroll
    kenneth carroll

    Whats with the accent?

  • mikeshow1016

    This was like the second time something like this had happened in Celebration. The first time was like in 2013, military tanks were involved

  • StuG Life
    StuG Life

    That officer struggling to finish the statement about the family’s murder digs in deep. He had to stop, the shaky ness in his breath. God. This is heart breaking

  • Road house
    Road house

    January the Turdteens

  • Zee

    Normally I would say that this case is a slam dunk and that he's crazy for thinking he's going to get away with this... But then I remember that this is *FLORIDA* and that Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman are free so who knows.

  • Rafaela Paiva
    Rafaela Paiva

    The police officer reading the statement could barely hold his tears back when talking about Zoey That hit different

  • TheMystkFox Commentary
    TheMystkFox Commentary

    “she killed them then herself” ya know sounds like something as ridiculous as Nagito killing himself by tying himself up, stabbing his legs and arms, impaled his hand, then impaled himself with a spear. crazy and bullshit (the game it happened tho) but yeah bullshit

  • Scott Matznick
    Scott Matznick

    Florida does have capital punishment, in case you were wondering/hoping.

  • Frog Mommy
    Frog Mommy

    It's sad to see what happens to folks when they have super untreated depression. I dont condone his actions at all!! But I do see the depression.

  • capt rodgers
    capt rodgers

    this is some top next level documentary skills here

  • Toni Epperson
    Toni Epperson

    It’s so weird to watch this because my name was Toni Todt. (My last name) Before it was Epperson. Both of my kids have the last name Todt. It’s such an odd name that I didn’t think anyone but my ex husbands family had the name until I Googled my name one time & this story came up! Crazy!

  • Aitor Garcia
    Aitor Garcia

    I don’t like this guy he is telling a dramatic history like playing down and making ironic jokes 👎🏻

  • bloodydove5718

    Covid was definitely known about in December 2019. I know I read about it and caught a number of deeply concerning mentionings of it back at the end of October, and was considering not participating in an artshow i was in, in November because of it.

    • Janny Smart80
      Janny Smart80

      Same thoughts. I was sick in December, the worst flu-like feeling that I've ever experience due to breathing difficulties. I was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection, only because Covid was not predicted at the time in the U.S. and Europe.

  • Dragogosi


  • michael hammond
    michael hammond's "tree turdy" time for Mike and "That Chapter"

  • bone lord
    bone lord

    the only memorable thing to ever happen in or around colchester ct

  • Fabio Puphuhlotti
    Fabio Puphuhlotti

    You and mrballen run a tight race

  • Prince Du Ciel
    Prince Du Ciel

    Why in the world is he in a hazmat suit? O_o

  • Michael Beasley
    Michael Beasley

    8:59 does this dude know what a 'turd-y' is? 💩

  • StephMars

    He can lie all he wants about not remembering and also blaming his wife, the truth is hiding in all those chins.

  • Rick Something
    Rick Something

    Looking forward to part 2.

  • Tabitha K.
    Tabitha K.

    "She had a vision of the world ending due to a virus and she killed the family to release their souls." .... Didn't John List murder his whole family when he lost his high-paying bank job and then say he killed them to release their souls and prevent their corruption? What if that was Tony's motivation to murder as well, and then in an attempt to deflect blame, said no it was his wife's belief?

  • Corinne Buraks
    Corinne Buraks

    He looks like the Pillsbury dough boy in that white suit.

  • nightboi

    this world is crazy "how someone is capable of killing they own childs I can't thinks about it, that's so cruel he killed even the dog I always left a tears on cases where innocent childs are involved cause they have been murdered and beaten to death our reality is just sad

  • OozBuba Gunez
    OozBuba Gunez

    She predicted wuhaun

  • June Sunny
    June Sunny

    In regards to "The Chris Watts Defence", I think we should not popularise the murderers by calling anything in their name.

  • Terri Caton Art
    Terri Caton Art

    That's the craziest, most convoluted "no I'm not guilty" letter I've ever heard.

  • White Lives Matter
    White Lives Matter

    Dude needs a tan.

  • Brandie

    This story really got to me. I feel so so bad for that family and those poor kids. It’s so horrible.

  • MJ Bug
    MJ Bug

    Fun fact: tony todt is elvish for cheesepuff

  • Austin T
    Austin T

    Fun fact, “Todt” means dead or death in German.

  • Sarah Crowley
    Sarah Crowley

    Weird! I'm from this town in Connecticut! My primary care doctor is right next to that guy's practice. This was such a crazy sad case for everyone in Colchester when this happened. A lot of people in town knew them and were friends with them.

  • Calvin Don Rose II
    Calvin Don Rose II

    Worth giving it A "GEW" "BRA"!

  • NuxVom

    Now that's one body not made for the prison jumpsuits. He looks like a garden gnome minus a pointy hat.

  • Brian BigBoss
    Brian BigBoss

    The utter defeat of the officer announcing the deaths.

  • ihopetowin

    Todt means "dead" in German.

  • Usama Shyd
    Usama Shyd

    This guy is the GOAT of crime documentaries.

  • Elle Pedds
    Elle Pedds

    “Who was 4 years old born July.....” the cop had to stop reading to gather himself. I guess seeing the birth year hit him hard.

  • Nixer Doyle
    Nixer Doyle

    If you removed the flippant attitude and the attempts at humour, you'd have yourself a proper deal

  • Jamesfisher0000

    hes not funny and his commentary is subpar at best, I think he should just stick to telling the facts and leave out all the extra cause hes so aggy and boring the only saving grace is i enjoy true crime and he picks very good cases.